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  1. Hi A colleague received a telephone call from an enforcement agent who had got their employers details from the council regarding a council tax debt. They are trying to sort this out but the enforcement agent was very aggressive and unhelpful (and asked if we knew where their partner works). Has the council breached data protection by giving these details to the collection company?
  2. Hi all, first time poster so please bear with me and i will do my best to make sense. I moved in to my current property in October, in December I received two letters regrding non payment of council tax for my previous property informing me that a liability order had been made against me in June 2016 and June 2017 and that all their efforts including council enforcement officers had failed and they were looking at getting an attatchment of earnings. I ignored the letters as i was happy for them to have an attatchment of earnings. After speaking with my work I
  3. Hi all, hope you can shed some insight into this situation for me! I'm currently abroad on holiday but received word from a friend minding my car that it had been seized by Newlyns in regards to a previous owner's fines. I've thankfully managed to have it released and it's currently at a friend's. I don't understand why they seized the vehicle, as when they encountered it, it was already in my name (i.e. I was the registered keeper) according to the DVLA. To the best of my knowledge, the registered keeper is the one responsible for any tickets, fines, etc., not the owner (unl
  4. Dear All, In the Courts and Tribunals Act 2007, it is suggested that once a warrant is issued against the debtor for a parking offence, then the vehicle cannot be sold or disposed of prior to levy or removal, until the debt is cleared. This of course leaves innocent people like Ethel and Albert two pensioners, having purchased a vehicle from London with outstanding parking tickets in a terrible and disgusting position. Along comes a bailiff with ANPR and removes the vehicle. The bailiff then states that the vehicle is subject to outstanding parking tickets, they will not return the
  5. Hi there.. I have recently been dealing with NEWLYN debt collection agency due to my council tax arrears that has already been to court and they have a liability order to take my belongings etc.. I am in a large amount of debt to many companies, agency's. Had my head in the sand for a while but finally got myself back on track and dealing with it all. NEWLYN is one of my smaller debts only 500ish left now, as it was court ordered and a government debt I decided to sort this one first... Which has now left me wanting to just bury my head back in the sand again. .they woul
  6. Hello all. So todayI received a “CONTROL OF GOODS” letter at my house from Newlyn. It was for a PCN which I had received, whilst the car was registered in my mum’s name. Since this January, the car has been registered in my name. Also, the house is in my name, but the car has always been registered at my home address. Cut a long story short, my folks split their time between our house in Spain and the UK. When in the UK, they are based at my address. They wanted £248 paid by the 11/07, but the letter wasn’t received by them until the 22/07, as my folks were away until then
  7. Hi wondering if you can help me. Ive received a court order regarding a bus lane ticket offence took place October 2017 and it was a hired car. I also moved address before and have not received any correspondence to my new address regarding the bus lane ticket usually £30. It was from Coventry city council and Newlyn is dealing with the order. The fine is £198. As I have not received any correspondence can I appeal this. I have received correspondence for the tickets to my new address after October from Coventry council but don’t understand why it has taken
  8. I really need some help. Back in May I got an enforcement notice for unpaid Council Tax of £949.70 from Newlyn I rang them up and agreed to pay £125 a month. I paid June and July and I rang August to be told that I'd already paid and to call in middle of Sept. Today I had a visit from a bailiff whilst I was out saying they came to remove goods and also added £235. I can pay £125 but I feel I've been conned. I work
  9. Hi everyone, I would appreciate your advice on this matter. I received a letter from Newlyn about a month ago regarding an overpayment of housing benefit from Newham Council, amounting to around £2200. I contacted them straight away asking for details, as the council has never written to me at my new address. Newlyn said they didn't have any details, as they had only held the account for several days. I then started getting phone calls every couple of days. When I couldn't come to the phone, they would leave me a voicemail and I always returned their calls.
  10. I had outstanding council tax to Harrow council from a court hearing in May 2014. The liability order was passed to Newlyns Bailiffs who issued a Notice of Enforcement on the 19/08/2015. I paid the council direct in August 2016 and only the bailiff fees were outstanding. The council have confirmed that the debt has been settled and only £310 bailiff fees are outstanding. Made up of compliance £75 + Enforcement £235 Newlyns clamped my car on the public road then removed it 10/2016, they said they had sent a Notice of Enforcement 19/08/2015. This has also been confirm
  11. Hoping someone can help. just got a 'notice of enforcement letter' through the door saying I owe £270 for a driving in bus lane violation LAST JULY. This is literally the first time I've heard about it. I moved house last June, so they must have been sending the letters to the wrong address. But wondering why they're only sending letters to my new address now? Is there anything I can do here? Or do I have to bit the bullet and pay? Many thanks.
  12. Today out of the blue we got a visit from Newlyns, we were not home so they posted a letter saying we owe £440 for unpaid council tax. I have no idea how we got this debt we have had no prior letters from the council or from Newlyns. He has visited my home and posted this letter saying he has come to collect goods and if i fail to contact him he will be back in 48hrs. I would like to contact the council and find out where and why this came about but my main worry is this bailiff and his threats. Me nor my partner are currently working and i claim job seekers
  13. Hello Everyone. I'm new here. After days of being frustrated, I have finally joined the forum to share with you all, my recent experience with Newlyn, with regard to parking tickets, to seek advice. Please help. I recently corresponded with Newlyn plc., who were pursuing a payment from me last March. I was unsure why; I’ve subsequently been explained by them that the vehicle, the ownership of which I transferred to now an unknown man with the mobile number of ............ on 12/04/2013, had contravened a parking regulation and received PCNs (11 of them!)
  14. Hi, I have received a PCN back in October from Barnet council on Sunday evening 20:53. I only stopped for about 10 minutes to go into a shop and had no idea I had to pay on Sunday evenings. I kind of forgot about it and moved addresses now I received a letter from Newlyn PLC that I have to pay the multiples of the original fees. I never received any letter from Barnet council probably because I moved addresses. By the way there was pitch dark in the street I parked and it was raining heavy so there was no way to see the parking sign. Is there anything I
  15. I had a bad few years from 2011 onwards after getting Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (which left me bed bound), and subsequently losing my job, having a child bereavement and all the anxiety and depression that came with all that. Prior to that I had a decent job and my OH and I had divided up the bills accordingly, with me paying Council Tax amongst other things. Unbeknownst to my OH, when the proverbials hit the fan, I just 'switched off' ignored my payment responsibilities (hiding bills etc ) until things got out of hand and the CT bill got passed first to Newlyn PLC. Long story short
  16. Hi There Everyone. Newbie here so please be understanding. Can anyone help or advise? Four days ago I received an Enforcement Notice from a company called Newlyn Enforcement Agency. The notice was addressed to my daughter, saying she owed £779 to the local council for council tax. Also said they would be calling in a few hours time to 'attend' the premises and gain entry by force if necessary to seize goods to the value of the debt. I rang the contact number to explain that my daughter did not live here and has not done so for 14 years. She has been off
  17. I unfortunately got a couple of tickets in my partners vehicle. She's been away for the past 6 weeks and hasn't been able to deal with the letters that have come in and have now received 2 notices of enforcement from Newlyn stating that we need to pay a total of around £350 or items will be taken from our home. After reading tons of stuff on these guys I'm worried about my situation and what I can do. I rang Newlyn today to set up a payment arrangement. They said I would have to pay 50% of the debt today and the other 50% of the debt by the end of the month, money I just don't have.
  18. Hi, everyone! I'm new on here......and not sure if this is the correct place to post this question but here goes. I wanted to know if anyone knows if there is a time limit on complaining against a certificated bailiff with a Form 4? And if there is it is it possible to sue the bailiff directly? Through county court?
  19. I have not posted in a few years. Since then I have had to retire due to ill health after suffering further bouts of severe acute clinical depression and being diagnosed with pretty severe bipolar affective disorder. Counselling and medication have helped to a large extent as has the love and support of my family who suffered from my illness as well. I will post on that in another thread. The hassle caused by both Harrow and Newlyn has severely impacted on my health with further refeerals to cpn, etc and changes to medication. This relates to a catalogue of errors and
  20. Hi, Im not sure what it is im looking for in asking the question whether Newlyn are fixing prices. They say i owe £324.54, giving their breakdown that i asked them for the said as follows; TOTAL BALANCE INCLUDING FEES £835.04 TOTAL PAID £510.50 BALANCE OUTSTANDING £324.54 i asked for the breakdown of the balance and they said VISIT ONE £24.50 VISIT TWO £18.00 LEVY FEE £42.16 (they say they levied the car outside my house, but they gave me the wrong details it was not my car ) ATTENDANCE/VAN £136.00 Their fees come to £220.66 Leaving £103.88 I asked the council for the t
  21. Hi! I sincerely hope you will be able to advise me in a very stressful situation. I had an outstanding penalty charge notice of £130 for clipping into a bus lane, issued by the Harrow council. I've made my complaint to the council arguing that the bus lane was not correctly and adequately indicated. I have not received any further communication after that, and most certainly have not received the Rejection Notice of any kind. Soon after, I've suffered a heart attack followed by two surgical procedures in April last year and since have been unemployed and on jobseek
  22. Firstly a big thank you to all who post on this forum. I have been a lurker for a while garnering information which has helped me win my case against the over charging by Newlyn bailiffs. My story is below, but I am looking for information from others (particularly where Newlyn have been involved with council tax collection) as I have a meeting with my Council's Head of Council Tax, myself and a representative from Newlyn's Client Management Team to attend following and I quote 'the grave concerns that the Head of Council Tax has' and would like me to raise the issues directly with Newlyn
  23. my council tax account was passed to the newlyn but i have cleared the councill tax account but battle with bailiff is going on they trying to charge £162.50 . i covered my self by sending them proof that my car is private hire but they keep saying they still can clamp my car but can not take it . i also told them not to visit my house as my wife has mental history and she is till seeking some counseling for it and they said we will visit tell your wife not to open the door where before they was sending me the letters with both our names now they only start sending letters only st
  24. Hi I wondered if anyone can help me. I had a ticket which I was unaware of and it went to Newlyn Bailiffs. I fillied out the statutory declaration and submitted and they have passed it to the local council to stop anymore activity until they assess it.Because I was panicking when they were on the phone i paid 100 pounds towards the debt. They are now texting me saying they are coming back tomorrow because i have not paid the rest. this case is still with the council so im not sure what i should do? Can anyone help me please? peter
  25. Hi I received a liability order for last year's Council Tax back on 31st May 2013 from Three Rivers District Council. I have been suffering with quite severe depression due to various financial and health problems (diabetes, frozen shoulder, thyroid deficiency, asthma). I have a son aged 17 with an autistic spectrum disorder and a daughter of 19. Unfortunately this depression has lead to me burying my head in the sand with my various problems, and I did not respond to the liability order letter. I do realise this is entirely the wrong thing to do and I
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