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  1. Agree entirely. 10 calls a day amounts to harassment. Claim back these insurances and keep a diary.
  2. Result. Tax band reduced and given Carers assistance. This means I have no council tax to pay this year.
  3. Oh, and they have refused to reply to my MSP. This means there might be merit in considering the Ombudsman.
  4. Nothing much happening due to variety of reasons. Harrow ignored every formal request made by me to escalate my complaint to a higher level. I ended by giving them a further 14 days and they ignored that. Weird bunch at Harrow. ICO is working on my case and I need to find out the current situation. Newlyn replied to data request but refused to provide a breakdown of costs. We all know why that is. Oh and Susan Hall and the Tories are no longer in power. That result fair cheered me up.
  5. I want to be quite and honest about my own case. At the outset, if Harrow had admitted a mistake, apologised, taken the action they promised they promised they would and not allowed Newlyn to be so aggressive and be guilty of misrepresentation, I would have accepted that. They did not however and that allowed a catalogue of issues to arise. They then compounded that be ignoring me. I can't walk from that as it is important to others.
  6. And I assume they made no attempt to alter their means of communication to suit your particular needs. The baiiffs are supposed to highlight these issues to the Council. Same thing happened with me re bipolar and acute clinical depression. Like you they have not kept to their timescales. You have just provided me with ammunition for my case- many thanks, as I had not considered that.
  7. Looks like the Information Commissioner is going to take up my case on my behalf as I have just received the following email. There are five interesting issues which I will raise with the ICO at a later stage. Harrow Borough Council wrongly forwarded my personal data to The Traffic Enforcement Centre. They wrongly obtained data from DVLA when they should not have requested that information, which I regard as a misuse of my data. (Indeed, should the DVLA have passed my personal details to Harrow, in view of my Scottish post code?). The next is that Newlyn PLC bailiff's have confirmed to me by email that they will hold my personal data for 6 years. Now, bear in mind that this results from an admitted mistake made by Harrow (I was not guilty of anything) so why should a private firm of bailiffs hold any information on me at all? (Yes, I know they want to hold it so they can protect themselves in the event of possible legal action by me. But, that is irrelevant and they should be required to delete all reference to it, once I have a copy of everything they hold). Additionally, Harrow have confirmed in writing to me that all files were returned to them. Thirdly, Newlyns issued me with grossly inflated invoices for approx £430 and despite repeated requests from me, they have not provided a breakdown of costs, to which I am entitled. Even a fool knows that the charges were wrongly and grossly inflated, possibly fraudulently. In a previous email to me, Newlyns tried to explain this away by stating that a mistake had been made which had been picked up by their audit team. (I wonder how often they try that on poor unsuspecting people and then threaten and hassle them?). Fourthly, Harrow have not complied with my SAR, in any way shape or form. They failed to supply any information from Newlyn. They did not even bother to contact Newlyn. Having a copy of their tender, I know that they have full access to the computer systems at Newlyn PLC about my case. Once I raise these issues with the ICO and hopefully, they resolve them, I shall ask that all information relating to me at Harrow and Newlyn's is entirely deleted as they have no reason to hold it. Once that is achieved, I can then progress further action against them at my local Sheriff Court.
  8. My MP has just written to me to inform me that he has met with a wall of silence from London Borough Of Harrow and that they have not replied to 2 letters from him on my behalf. He is going to write to Susan Hall, who is the leader of Harrow. She's a bit of nasty stuff with horrid publically stated views on immigration and people on benefits.
  9. I find what happened to you absolutely staggering and morally reprehensible. It is a misuse of public role and money. You should pursue that. There was a definite breach in the procedures of Harrow, which Harrow have admitted. The 3 main ones are- They should have accepted the evidence I provided them with, that I was not the driver or owner of the offending vehicle, based on DVLA info, photo's, etc. They should not have entered a continental style number plate, captured from their camera's, onto their ticketing system data base. They should not have entered the details of a registered owner with a Scottish post code into the Traffic Enforcement Centre's computer system seeking court action.
  10. Eric'sbrother, can you prove this? Do you receive any type of benefit or Council Tax Benefit, that may on the face of it appear to give them some ulterior justification or are you stating they are being malicious? This is entirely wrong.
  11. Since Harrow did not respond to my email indicating that they had not complied fully with my SAR I gave them 7 days notice detailing what information I required, then informing them that if the information was not forthcoming that I would request the ICO to intervene. True to form, Harrow did nothing so I have emailed the ICO who have acknowledged my email. The Information Commissioner has requested a copy of my original SAR to Harrow, the chase up letter and the last email. All of these have now been submitted to together with details of the broad information I require ie all personal data, including DVLA, Northampton Traffic Enforcement Centre, everything to do with Newlyn's, including a breakdown of all charges/ invoices issues by Newlyn's which I have never seen. I know the total amounts but not the detail of what makes up the charges. Tomorrow is the deadline for Harrow to reply to Stage 3 of their complaints process for every complaint I have raised with them. As I indicated earlier, I am not reminding them of this date or that they need to reply. This inaction plays entirely into my hands. Lovely stuff. I hope they do not respond and then I can quietly devote my time to preparing a small claim action against them. I am interested in anyone's opinion as to whether they think I should go to the LGO first or leave them out of the equation. I have noticed on the LGO web site that as regards parking the LGO very rarely finds in favour of appellants.
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