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  1. I've received nothing at all from this lantern people. Would bank statement/wages prove I could have paid it at the time?
  2. And if it is mine but sent to an address Ive never lived at I'm stuck with it for 6 years because I couldn't meet the default deadline I knew nothing of
  3. Well given ive never dealt with lantern and found it by chance on my credit report and the wrong address is against it I couldn't inform them of wrong address. I merely want the fault sent to my address so I can pay it within the limit. Perhaps I should write to lantern explaing all this. I wasnt sure if was any grounds I had given it wasnt sent to old address it was an address I've never used
  4. So what's the point of a default if a DCA can just send it to any old address if the "address is irrelevant really" I'm not saying I dont owe the debt as I'm assuming it's a PDL as it seems that is what lantern are known for collecting. But how does anybody comply with a default notice of it can be sent to any old address and defended by the notion of "the address is irrelevant really" That's like me saying well I've sent a cheque to cover the debt to an address you're offices have never been based at and as far as I'm concerned that covers it as the address is irrelevant really so not my issue you haven't cashed the cheque"
  5. Sorry I must clarify. The other defaults aren't for PDLs they are for various debts when I was younger and foolish. I don't dispute the debt and I don't mind paying it off, was just wondering if I could dispute the default etc with it going to an address I've never lived at as I'm stuck with it on file for another 5 and half years
  6. July 2019 (I moved in to my current property October 2018) I'm not sure what it's for but I thing probably some form of payday loan/quick quid/wagedayadvane something along those lines It only says lantern on credit report
  7. Hi I have decided to work kn my debts. Looking at my credit report i have 8 defaults with various dates. The one I'm asking here about is o e Lantern has placed on my report in July of this year. The default is registered as my current postcode but my former street name and the wrong house number so I have never had any correspondence. What do i do other than paying it off and having it on my file for 6 years Thanks
  8. Apologies I've not been online, still no Reply from the council (email sent 6 days ago) I haven't contacted newlyn but have been receiving texts, today's being "REMOVAL TRUCK BOOKED TODAY AT 3PM as per COURT ORDER to TAKE CONTROL OF GOODS, to AVOID ACTION CALL 07.... Quoting REF *******" To which I ignore. I'm unaware if a NOE was sent to previous address but if it was it was certainly after I had moved out. Point I have noticed is that my credit report was trace searched on the 9th and 10th of October by a company called UK search limited which seems to perform this searches on behalf of debt collectors. I had already registered in the electrol roll and for amenities etc at my current address by this point and as I have no other debt I can only assume it was on behalf of Newlyn
  9. I emailed the council this morning and await a response. I haven't contacted Newlyn
  10. Well I'm basically thinking I need to contact Newlyn ASAP so I think I will write explaining I have no NOE and that they need to send the correct paperwork before they can take any action
  11. thats the million dollar question. it certainly hasnt come to my house. it is the same council. so i'm not brking up the wrong tree? - - - Updated - - - Think I shall invest in a new keyboard!
  12. forgive my naivity but a complaint about what exactly? tbh i thought i would need to contct newlyn as a priority given tht they have said they will return and i dont wnt the kids scaring etc
  13. the local authority which i assume is the council wrote to me at my current address at the beginnin of December. Newlyns posted by hand a letter 8th January (dated 2nd january) As i registred on the electrol role and registered the council tx for this property in October I assume that counts as informinmg them of my forwarding address. I don't understand why they can claim its ok to post the NOE (IF THEY DID) to my previous address when it is clear they both have my bew address as they have both used it to deliver correspondance
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