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  1. Apologies I've not been online, still no Reply from the council (email sent 6 days ago) I haven't contacted newlyn but have been receiving texts, today's being "REMOVAL TRUCK BOOKED TODAY AT 3PM as per COURT ORDER to TAKE CONTROL OF GOODS, to AVOID ACTION CALL 07.... Quoting REF *******" To which I ignore. I'm unaware if a NOE was sent to previous address but if it was it was certainly after I had moved out. Point I have noticed is that my credit report was trace searched on the 9th and 10th of October by a company called UK search limited which seems to perform this searches on behalf of debt collectors. I had already registered in the electrol roll and for amenities etc at my current address by this point and as I have no other debt I can only assume it was on behalf of Newlyn
  2. I emailed the council this morning and await a response. I haven't contacted Newlyn
  3. Well I'm basically thinking I need to contact Newlyn ASAP so I think I will write explaining I have no NOE and that they need to send the correct paperwork before they can take any action
  4. thats the million dollar question. it certainly hasnt come to my house. it is the same council. so i'm not brking up the wrong tree? - - - Updated - - - Think I shall invest in a new keyboard!
  5. forgive my naivity but a complaint about what exactly? tbh i thought i would need to contct newlyn as a priority given tht they have said they will return and i dont wnt the kids scaring etc
  6. the local authority which i assume is the council wrote to me at my current address at the beginnin of December. Newlyns posted by hand a letter 8th January (dated 2nd january) As i registred on the electrol role and registered the council tx for this property in October I assume that counts as informinmg them of my forwarding address. I don't understand why they can claim its ok to post the NOE (IF THEY DID) to my previous address when it is clear they both have my bew address as they have both used it to deliver correspondance
  7. well bottom line is no NOE has ever been received at my current address and thats the basis of my letter bsically
  8. i will also compose a letter for newlyn pointing out the lack of NOE meaning the control of goods letter is invalid/unenforceable (isn't it?)
  9. Thanks, i will compose some dort of letter for the council. I am however concerned this baliff will rock up when I am at work and my partne/kids are home. Can i mke the baliffs bck off given the situation with the letters or lack of letters etc
  10. The only correspondence I have had from Newyn is the control of goods letter through the door yesterday nothing else (except a text tonight saying "You IGNORED our Removal Notice the REMOVAL UNIT is operating in **** ***. Call NEWLYN NOW on 01604633001 to arrange. Ref: *******") I had two letters in December to my present address from the council so they obviously have this address as my last known address. The charges must total £353.43 as that is the difference between what the council told me the debt amount is and the total on the newlyn letter
  11. Eveidently they know my new address as they posted a control of goods letter through the door yesterday (dated 3/1/19) So surely tracing me to my new residance means they have that address to send correspondence to given a lack of reply frok correspondence that may have sent to previous address. Seems to me they've just rocked up and posted a control of goods letter through the door and that's all I have and the letter itself looks like a template I could knock up. So I have no options as they've followed the correct procedures even though this is first contact I've had from them?
  12. should they not have sent a notice of enforcemnt or some other form of correspondance to my new address (which they clearly have) before just turning up with a control of goods letter? whats my options regrding this
  13. would i be right in thinking that due to them tracing me to my new address tht that proves they havent given me notice of enforcement, as in, if they found out i hve new ddress then they cnt argue they unknowingly sent it to a previous address and tht notice of enforcement is still valid? re they not in breach of the following? Paragraph 7(1) of Schedule 12 of the Tribunals, Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 states; (1)An enforcement agent may not take control of goods unless the debtor has been given notice. Regulation 6(1) of the Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 states; Minimum period of notice 6.—(1) Subject to paragraph (3), notice of enforcement must be given to the debtor not less than 7 clear days before the enforcement agent takes control of the debtor’s goods
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