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  1. It’s not about the money iv obviously fitted one my self. My point was if it was someone else vulnerable who moved in and don’t know much And if there was a fire.
  2. hi we moved into a house association property when we Received the property there was no fire alarms in property. Who should have been responsible for this as a company is renting out the house With my knowledge there should have been a fire safety check done and they should have fitted them as before I moved in someone else was living here and surprise when they renovated they did not fit fire alarms.
  3. Okay thanks every one for your replies I will find out if they received my old records yet and also contact old surgery to have it sent
  4. From my previous doctor who diagnosed me said I do and directed me to consultant and so did they. Just told me to stay on a gluten free diet. I had moved just 6 months after. I had moved 2 surgeries then he maybe don’t have my records from the first one.
  5. Can I claim charges for a account I closed down due to lots of charges
  6. Hi wondering if you can help me. Ive received a court order regarding a bus lane ticket offence took place October 2017 and it was a hired car. I also moved address before and have not received any correspondence to my new address regarding the bus lane ticket usually £30. It was from Coventry city council and Newlyn is dealing with the order. The fine is £198. As I have not received any correspondence can I appeal this. I have received correspondence for the tickets to my new address after October from Coventry council but don’t understand why it has taken this long for them to send me not a normal council letter request regarding payment instead received a court order for £198 from newlyn.
  7. I recently moved town nearly a year ago and joined a new doctors surgery. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease by my previous doctor. I attended my new doctor for a problem with my skin and I told him it must be connected to my celiac problem. He said he doesn't have that on record which was odd and he did another blood test Assuring me I have not got celiac and can eat anything. instead transferred me to a demonologist. So did eat anything and my skin condition also went worse. I was told that 100 percent I have celiac and had been to specialist in hospital and they agreed in the town I lived previously. have gone back to gluten free diet and that’s improved my health I’m still waiting for the skin appointment which is this year. My point is once you have celiac you have it all your life you just goto stay gluten free. I presume the blood test came clear because I have been on the gluten free diet over a year I guess it’s right it wouldn’t show on new blood test I went back to doctors and said that he just ignored me and said wait for skin appointment. I don’t know what to do with the doctor who I believe has not done his job properly which has made my health worse.
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