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  1. Hi there guys, I really appreciate the speedy response, must apologise for my reply speed. Using a terrible tablet. The bailiff hasn't entered my home no.. Im working 6-7 days a week long hours. Was also wondering if they can break in to my home to gain entry.? That is my main worry as they would leave the property vulnerable and I have a expensive dog coupled with living in a less than desirable area of the country. The court date was on 13.6.18 an was 322.82 Notice of enforcement was on 18.7.18 an was 397.82 then. Control of goods letter 7.8.18 then was 632.82 Removal of goods letter 28.9.18 Then another removal notice on 12.10.18 Have been talking on the phone to the enforcement agent and he is less than reasonable. Saying that I have a van which I sold a couple of months back. Threatening with gaining forceful entry when I said I wouldn't be home. Thanks again for your replies Tristan Yeah the fees seem right to be honest then
  2. Hi there.. I have recently been dealing with NEWLYN debt collection agency due to my council tax arrears that has already been to court and they have a liability order to take my belongings etc.. I am in a large amount of debt to many companies, agency's. Had my head in the sand for a while but finally got myself back on track and dealing with it all. NEWLYN is one of my smaller debts only 500ish left now, as it was court ordered and a government debt I decided to sort this one first... Which has now left me wanting to just bury my head back in the sand again. .they wouldn't accept my repayment amount which I could afford. They scared me into accepting a payment which I really couldn't afford. I struggled and made the first 2 weeks payment. But could only pay 40 on the third week rather than 50. They have told me now that I have broken the agreement and want it all In full otherwise a removal truck will be at my address 6am the next morning. Giving me about 12 hours notice.. Unless I could make the original repayments again.. I told them I couldn't afford it that's why I had a broken arrangement. But they wouldn't have any of it. I have read lots of old posts from 2008 ish and they have helped me a lot. I was wondering mainly if anyone knows if anything has changed since then etc.. For better or for worse. Really don't know what to do as charges and interest is building up.. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks Tristan
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