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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there.. I have recently been dealing with NEWLYN debt collection agency due to my council tax arrears that has already been to court and they have a liability order to take my belongings etc.. I am in a large amount of debt to many companies, agency's. Had my head in the sand for a while but finally got myself back on track and dealing with it all. NEWLYN is one of my smaller debts only 500ish left now, as it was court ordered and a government debt I decided to sort this one first... Which has now left me wanting to just bury my head back in the sand again. .they wouldn't accept my repayment amount which I could afford. They scared me into accepting a payment which I really couldn't afford. I struggled and made the first 2 weeks payment. But could only pay 40 on the third week rather than 50. They have told me now that I have broken the agreement and want it all In full otherwise a removal truck will be at my address 6am the next morning. Giving me about 12 hours notice.. Unless I could make the original repayments again.. I told them I couldn't afford it that's why I had a broken arrangement. But they wouldn't have any of it. I have read lots of old posts from 2008 ish and they have helped me a lot. I was wondering mainly if anyone knows if anything has changed since then etc.. For better or for worse. Really don't know what to do as charges and interest is building up.. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks Tristan
  2. Hi All I've been a silent reader of this excellent forum for some time now, but as of now I need a little help/friendly advice. I had an old stlye SLC loan (pre-97) which I'd deferred for many, many years, moving address along the way. Hadn't heard anything for years, then some Erudio letters arrived via an old address, which I ignored (not always the best course of action), and recently I've also received letters from Capquest who I gather are one and the same. Alongside this, I've had calls/texts and have been harassed extensively. Occasionally, I've tried to engage in conversation, but I can't actually get through the data protection checks they ask for at the beginning of the site. Usually, I'd just follow previous advice and ignore - as a lot of people here have done on here. However, and this is where it gets weird. I was forwarded a letter dated last week from Capquest which I subsequently binned, and haven't actually spoken verbally to anyone about this. This morning, my work phone rang, and a guy claiming to be from TM Legal was trying to get hold of me. How they got my work phone I have no idea and was quite taken aback. He asked to put me through security, and I refused as I was at work. (open plan office etc.). Googling them reveals they are a legal firm based down South who deal with CCJs. I checked my credit file, and did a search on the Trustorg site, and nothing is showing up. I'm a bit confused, and have no other outstanding debt whatsoever. What would you do? Would anybody advise sending Capquest/Erudio Statute barred letters? Or just ignoring extensively. I'm pretty sure I've not spoken to them in six years, but I honestly can't recall the last time I sent deferral stuff. Could've been around 2012, but I'm really not sure of this. In addition, I've categorically NEVER spoken to Erudio direct. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Kind regards M
  3. Hi Has anyone known of HCEO's or Debt Collection Agencies using DHL or other Couriers to confirm address? (if you sign for it they know you are there). I have a had a card through the door, I am not expecting anything and I have been incredibly careful about not giving out my address or using credit ref agencies. I was homeless for a long time and only recently housed due to damage in RTA, I have mental health issues. I lost everything I had when I became homeless except a 20 year old car worth £500 if I am lucky. My home has items from freecycle and a computer lent by a friend. I would go bankrupt but do not have the money, most of my debt was insured and sold off. It is too much for a IVA and I am three years into it being beyond statute. I have been online and tracked the item, it came from a town in the North where there is a large firm of HCEO's which is why I thought it might be them. Has anyone seen them use DHL or other couriers in this way?
  4. I have received copies of letters sent to a person who parked in a car park managed by UKPC. Originally he got screen tickets slapped on his car and he ignored them and waited for the NTK. After just under 2 months he got letters thouth the post saying "final reminder" and they go on to say that he has been idnetified as the driver at the time by the keeper. Well, as the vehicle is his and he hasnt said a word i wonder how UKPC can leap to taht conclusion. It is more likely that they know they will have to spend good money making their case at POPLA so have just let the clock run down, invent a cock and bull story and hope that someone will be impressed by the novel approach With UKPC's track record I would say deception but that would imply they are deliberately trying to deceive but I am happy to accept that they are just palin incompetent or stupid. however, if you have received a screen ticket at the Valley retail park in Croydon please let us know so I can compare the wording on the NTK (or "final remninder" if you didnt get the NTK in time) This doesnt change the rubbish incoherent signage at the retail park into ones that are actual contractual offers though.
  5. Hi all, just claimed PPI back from MBNA and it was up held but they only offered £154 refund in premiums plus the interest totalling about £350. I'd had the card for 13 years with high balance on it for a while. I called them today to query the amount, they say i cancelled it in 2000 which is catagorically not true, i didn't know i'd taken out PPI til i got a copy of the credit agreement the other month ! Has anyone else had these claims if so how did you deal with it? Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. I have noticed on the latest batch of begging letters from the Leeds Losers, that they state that "we have addressed your query" At first I thought nothing of this, however this old mobile debt becomes Statute Barred in the next Month or four and I wonder if this is some kind of p!$$ poor pre-emptive tactic to try to circumvent the whole SB argument, without the obvious pitfalls of the usual phantom payment scenario. ie. they have resolved a query on YOUR account therefore you must have acknowledged the account in some way. Obviously they would still be required to provide evidence of such a written query, but this would be much easier to fabricate (allegedly) than a historical payment
  7. Has it become normal for the landlords to try and appropriate the deposit by threatening legal action for more than the deposit? My former landlord has come up with a spurious (in my opinion) list of charges and claims I owe him 2x the deposit but he will be kind and accept just the deposit if I write a letter saying it belongs to him and not sue me. Anyone seen this before?
  8. Hi, I hope that I am not repeating an old post however over the last week or so I have been receiving a number of calls on my mobile from mobile numbers I do not recognise. These numbers have included: 07964038716 07964035617 On each occasion I have not answered (I make it a policy of not answering calls when I do not recognise the number). On the calls from the above numbers I have received a voicemail message asking me to call H&L Solicitors. A quick Google search for the numbers and the company suggest that this company have tried to claim that people owe money from debts from more than 10 years ago and that they are collecting the debt before Court action (which could not happen due to the time since the alleged debt). Why they want to contact me I have no idea but there is no way I am going to respond to them over the phone (if for nothing else, I do not know who I am talking to and there is no way I am going to give out personal information over the phone). If they really feel that I owe them money then they can write to me as they must have my address is they have my mobile phone number. In the mean time, I think that everyone should be aware of this new tactic of making calls from what appear to be mobile numbers in the hope that you will answer and provide personal details.
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