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  1. Hi, my partner had a fine for not picking up dog foul, i wont go into detail but a special cop said he saw the dog foul and my partner walk away, i know he always picks it up as i quite often go with him, he isnt the sort of person who would leave it, he told the s.p.o it wasnt his dogs, but i will pick it up anyway, so he did, as he felt he hadnt done anything wrong he even gave his own address and name. the next thing he gets a court date, attened court and they found in favour of the s.p.o and he was fined 400 pound. we set up a standing order, although it was a month late, we didnt inform the court as to why, the next two months were paid via a standing order, then we got the bailiff round wanting payment we explained that it was being paid, they said we should sort it with the court, we didnt, today we had another round with a notice of forced entry in our absence if necessary can they force entry is what i need to know. sorry i forgot to say that we are still paying it via standing order to the courts, we have ever only missed the one payment. I have been reading some of the other threads and replies to them and I kinda get the answer from them, that this is a criminal case and that they can force entry, just so i have got it right i would like it confirmed please, and do we need to carry on paying directly to the court or pay to the bailiff ?
  2. thanks for that, I will write to EDF's head office and see what happens.
  3. I am trying to switch energy surpliers from EDF to OVO. On a number of occations OVO have emailed me saying that EDF say I cant switch because there is an objection, EDF sent me a letter stating that I cant switch because i owe £1,246.00. I phoned them up and asked how did I owe this money, when I have been on a pre payment meter for the past 4 years of living in this house, before that i was living in america. They told me there was nothing outstanding on my account and that they have lifted the objection. This was done on Monday, Yesterday, OVO sends me an email saying that they still have an objection. What can I do and Who can i complain too, I think EDF are just stone-walling the move and its just sour grapes with me wanting to switch. I thought the government had made it easier to switch.
  4. No not as yet, I don't want them finding the right car, I also asked for the details of bailiffs that attended my address any court and where certificates were obtained and they refused
  5. Hi, Im not sure what it is im looking for in asking the question whether Newlyn are fixing prices. They say i owe £324.54, giving their breakdown that i asked them for the said as follows; TOTAL BALANCE INCLUDING FEES £835.04 TOTAL PAID £510.50 BALANCE OUTSTANDING £324.54 i asked for the breakdown of the balance and they said VISIT ONE £24.50 VISIT TWO £18.00 LEVY FEE £42.16 (they say they levied the car outside my house, but they gave me the wrong details it was not my car ) ATTENDANCE/VAN £136.00 Their fees come to £220.66 Leaving £103.88 I asked the council for the total of my liability order which they said was COUNCIL TAX DEBT £188.54 I have paid most of my council tax online instead of to the bailiff, these sums dont add up, are Newlyn fixing these prices, they dont seem to know how much i owe the council
  6. that would be nice to know tomtubby, im all about helping others where I can and if my experience does that then its good to know, if it weren't for you guys and other users on here newlyn would have screwed me ages ago. these days if I have a problem the first place I go to is this site, you and the other members are the real hero's, thanks for everything. x
  7. the bailiff picked me up and dropped me off tomtubby, I must say, for once the bailiff was quite pleasant compared to the few ive had at my door. and yes a very unpleasant and dreadful experience, its the first time ive had to do something like that and don't want to do it again.
  8. hi guys unfortunately I had no such luck with the council and had no choice but to call the mobile number on the letter from equita to find out more info. when I spoke to the council they asked me for any other addresses I had lived at, for the life of me I couldn't recall the proper address of one of them as this was a new build and I was given a house number and the post office later changed it to a different number due to other houses being built the first number was the only one I could remember so when the council did a search with the one I could remember it came up with nothing, the other address I lived at id completely forgotten about it, it was that long ago and not a good time in my life. anyway, it turns out that yes, there was a warrant on me for two properties in Coventry, for non payment totalling 1,400, but as I moved away from Coventry it has taken me coming back for this to catch up with me, I called the bloke from equita back and he took me into court where I spoke to a bloke from the council and explained to him that I got into arrears with last months bill and payed it off, I am also still paying £30 a month for previous arrears so why am I in court, he said he didn't have any paperwork about this years tax nor previous years, just the years that were in question and to give his office a call tomorrow to find out what the £30 is for. so I went into court at 11am (home by 11.50) and now have an attachment of earnings on my wages for £100 and if the £30 is for the same arrears then to stop making that payment, sorry for not following your advice on not calling equita but I couldn't get any answers from anywhere else, but thanks guys for all your help.
  9. I guys, Coventry city council don't no what im talking about, but the court said there is a warrant, and the dates are for 2003/2005 I lived in Suffolk then but refused to pay as we were on sickness benefits, when we first applied for council tax and rent rebate because we were both on the sick , long term sick, they paid the council tax and rent then for some reason stopped paying, we couldn't afford to pay on sick benefits and didn't see how we could so refused. they gave no reason at the time why they stopped the benefits, my partner at the time was self employed so didn't get sick pay only benefits from social, I got half my wage which was reduced the longer I was off, I never returned to work, im not sure If I have the energy to fight this just cave in and pay what do you say
  10. ok tomtubby thank you, and citizenB the letter was posted on equita headed paper which doesn't look at all official very plain with no more info than I already told you in my first thread.
  11. Hi All yesterday I get home from work and find a letter from equita stated that I have unpaid council tax. the letter says: I have today called to your property with regards to a WARRANT OF ARREST WITHOUT BAIL. which has been issued by Coventry magistrates court. please contact me on the number below to discuss the situation. should you fail to comply with the terms of this letter, we will have no alternative other than to arrest you and take you into custody without further warning. it is signed by warrant office: then there name (not my mistake, that's how it is signed office not officer ) then his mobile number. yes I know I owe council tax, but am still paying 30 pound a month for arrears, I was paying 195. then that finished but still pay the £30 for the previous years c/tax, I did however miss two months paying it but just paid it this month. the £30 is for a different address. this is the first time I have had equita here at my property it used to be newlyn until I joined your site and promptly stopped paying them and went straight to paying the council online through my bank. can they do this and if so what can I do now, I don't remember having a court summons through to attend court at any time. please help as this is stressing me out.
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