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  1. Has anyone had any dealing with Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)?? We have received a demand for a Community Infrastructure Levy for the sum of £23187.50 which has come as a great shock to us. We were not aware of any new procedure in dealing with this CIL charge and it is a genuine oversight on our part that we did not complete the necessary forms or notify you of the commencement date of the build. We are not builders or property developers and due to this we had employed an agent to act on our behalf with matters relating to our planning application and build. It is not until
  2. Hi my first post so please excuse any mistakes. Yesterday I was woken up at 6.45am by two burly bailiffs from swift stood in my hallway, they had let themselves in via an unlocked door. The debt is for council tax I owe £184. I asked them to leave as I suffer poor mental health and got upset very quickly. They asked to see my medication but I was so flustered I couldn't find it. I told them I suffer badly with anxiety and paranoia and couldn't cope with them being there I quickly became anxious and stated behaving quite manically throwing DVDs at them etc. Probably sounds an over r
  3. Why are energy companies levying standing charges to domestic customers? 50 years ago only commercial and industrial premises where charged standing charges. So why the explosion in the domestic market? is this a hidden tax? Why do Companies such as npower and or Ebico offer no standing charge tariffs? What are these standing charges for? Most Energy companies would have you believe its to do with maintenance charges. But my experience of all energy companies is they do not carry out maintenance and certainly meter operators never d
  4. Hi i had Marstons banging on the door this morning at 8.30am saying they were removing my car. They put a clamp on it and said a removal van would be there in half an hour. They then left and came back 30 minutes later. Its for an old council tax bill of £217 for which they want to remove my vehicle which is worth around £2,500 retail or £1500 trade, is this not classed as excess!? He's been sat outside for two hours now and has told me he will charge me £60 per hour to wait for the tow truck. I haven't signed anything so from what i can gather, he cant charge me
  5. As the title says, can a HCEO levy twice for the same debt where a debtors aplication to stay the writ has been refused bythe courts? The first levy was a global levy, which obviously is unlawful. The second levy is for a car not owned by the debtor. The first visit was in March 2014. Second was a couple of days ago. Both visits were charged for.
  6. I am the director of my own LTD Company. The company has three Vehicles one of which is permanently parked on my drive at my home. The companies registered address is the same as my home address. The vehicles are all Registered to and owned by the company. The council tax is in my name NOT the companies. I'm having an issue at present where a few years ago i paid the council tax in cash at the the local office and they have lost the record of the payment and refused to take the receipt they gave me as evidence of me paying it. In short they have got a liability ord
  7. hello yesterday a bailiff visited my home because of unpaid council tax fees, i agreed that i would pay what i owed but needed to go to the bank to get the money. The bailiff stayed in my living room and while i was out wrote a list of my furniture ect. when i returned and paid him he gave me a breakdown of the fees and on it i noticed he charged for a levy fee he said it was a % of what was owed but would not answer me with a direct answer when i asked why they added a %. I have looked up what a levy fee is today and it says that it was a list of g
  8. Firstly a big thank you to all who post on this forum. I have been a lurker for a while garnering information which has helped me win my case against the over charging by Newlyn bailiffs. My story is below, but I am looking for information from others (particularly where Newlyn have been involved with council tax collection) as I have a meeting with my Council's Head of Council Tax, myself and a representative from Newlyn's Client Management Team to attend following and I quote 'the grave concerns that the Head of Council Tax has' and would like me to raise the issues directly with Newlyn
  9. Hello all, Firstly thank you to all of you for your invaluable help on here. Just a bit of background .. . I have an ongoing dispute involving my local council, MP and bailiff company.. . I have been reading here your very helpful posts to other people over the last couple of months and will in the fullness of time put the full details of my story on here, as it will highlight the lies and deceipt of a big bailiff firm, which I know many others have suffered at the hands of and the subsequent reduction of some very large and 'fraudulent fees' charged by said bailif
  10. Long running situation with the local council regarding council tax. Bristow and Sutor entered the debtors home unlawfully and got her to sign a walking possession on items that that they should not have. The levy is unlawful IMO as the Bailiffs at the time entered the premises when the debtors son answered the door. At the time he was off school sick , 12 years old and she was out getting his medication. She returned to find the bailiffs in her house listing items. A complaint was raised with the council who claim no letter was received , a further letter was sent out by letter
  11. Hi I recently complained to the local council & Bailiffs having been charged £267.44 (my o/h paid the bailiff in full over the phone) for a PCN. I was questioning the 'fee's' as we did not speak to the bailiff face to face and no levy was made on any goods. Eventually I received the breakdown of fees - 24th July 2012 - Debt - £112.00 21st Sept 2013 - 1st letter fee - 11.20 15th Oct 2013 - visit fee 1 - 35.00 15th Oct 2013 - attendance/van - 80.00 18th Oct 2013 - payment by d/c - 2.00 18th Oct 2013 - payment by d/c - 2.00 (my o/h paid 2 separate amounts as h
  12. The company I work for has decided to pass on the cost of the WPL to its staff. which is fair enough. However, they have also decided to add on an additional amount of money which they say will go towards installing a new barrier and other controls. The amount isn't small either. If you want a 5 day permit, the actual cost is £334, but the company is charging £450. Is this legal and can I refuse to pay this additional charge? The more I think about it, it can't be right?! Your advice and thoughts would be much appreciated.
  13. Hi everyone I've read here with interest for about a year now but decided to register to post the following, partly for advice but also because I am in contact with a Magistrate (a friend) who has kindly offered some advice (which I don't have yet, we will be meeting up next week). So, sans advice, here is what has happened so far: I have several PCNs issued. All of which I'm sure are valid. There is a time limit on the streets near my workplace and due to the nature of my work I have occasionally been caught short. My fault. I had paid all PCNs I received (except 2 which
  14. in my "spare time" I respond to queries here on the forum. I have seen at first hand the serious problems that debtors face when making Form 4 Complaints and in particular; when being "encouraged" to file Form 4 Complaints after viewing certain internet sites that sell "Form 4 packs" or offer to provide "affidavits" for the debtor. Despite the "advice" being almost identical in each case and almost always, referring to the same "legal cases" ( many of which are "unreported" or "19th century" cases of little relevance) vulnerable and unsuspecting debtors may even believe tha
  15. Hi, Please help, I received a letter off rossendales regarding unpaid council tax, before I could do anything about it as I work away I had 2 letters with the standard charges, 1st letter fee and 2nd letter fee, I then sent a letter to rossendales offering £80 month to clear the debt, they sent me another letter stating they cannot accept until an income and expenditure form was filled in which I did, I then received a letter off them saying it was in the hands of bailiff and to contact him, I know how these bailiffs work so on Tuesday I rang the council t
  16. Friend of a Friend asked me the other day if a bailiff can charge a levy and attendance to remove fee on the same visit for a PCN so I said not up on fees for PCNs but they cant for council tax and from what I've read I believe they cant for PCNs either because until they have a levy on goods their are no goods to remove I told them to have a Google (did point them here as you do ) and that most fees were set by legislation and England and wales were the same told them their was also detailed assessment against Marston's bailiffs that explains it and Google should pick it up
  17. Had a visit from a P Ashworth who is signed as a HCEO although I cannot find them on the register. They posted a form 55 and a walking possesion agreement (which I can return to prevent removal of goods) for a case from September 2007 The court awarded costs to another party who has not pursued until the weekend. No one was in so the forms were posted through the letterbox and ask for immediate payment to settle the matter. Confusingly the officer listed a trailer (forgot to say the trailer is not the defendants) but did not remove it as well as all other goods required to satisfy.
  18. Hi, Currently having long winded discussions with Rossendales. They levied my car (didnt knock on the door) in 2010 which was 2 years into finance agreement) I sent them copies of agreement which they claim not to have had. Council tax for which there was a liablilty order is paid, but Rossendales are chasing me for levy fee and van attendance fee. Car is not yet paid off as due to financial difficulties we have about £900 outstanding. It is also essential for my work as a school visitor as i visit schools on a daily basis throughout the whole of Yorkshire. i have jus
  19. Is there anything anywhere that states this shouldn't be done (specifically concerning CT)? I've read several times that time should be afforded the debtor but I can't seem to find confirmation in writing anywhere.
  20. hi everyone, ive been reading through posts for the past hour or so now, i cannot believe i never realised any of this kind of stuff went on with bailiffs and our own councils! grab a cup of tea and a biscuit as this might go on a while!... im looking for a little advice on a council tax bill i was blissfully unaware that i owed... i moved back in with my parents in december last year and with all the upheaval i simply never thought to tell the council, since then apparently they have been sending council tax demands to my old address which i have obviously not been receivi
  21. am i correct about a bailiff doing a levy my understanding is the bailiff needs to be able to touch the item for example if a bailiff looks through a window and sees a 50in tv my understanding is he can not touch it so can not levy on it. is this correct
  22. Hi folks, I'm in need of a bit of advice please. I've come home this evening to find my car has been clamped by Ross & Roberts. The car is parked on my driveway after it failed the MOT (I couldn't afford to get it fixed and the tax had ran out). I've had a couple of letters and a form put through the door. First of all there is a "Second Notice" asking for over £300. The original date was the 14th March, but this was scribbled out and changed to 20th March. Also in with this letter was a "Removal Notice" to say that I've failed to contact the bailiff
  23. Hi , I made payments to Newlyn for council tax owed to brent in 2011 and have recently discovered that over £200 of the payments were for Newlyn charges. I queried the charges for Attendance to Remove as no levy was ever carried out as far as I was aware. I have attached the response I got back from brent and would like some clarification on certain things; 1) If a vehicle was levied upon, don't they have a legal requirement to store and provide the registration number of the vehicle to me. 2)In the attached letter it is stated "there was a vehicle parked immediately outside the pr
  24. Hi, New to the forum, hope all is well! I've paid my outstanding business rates direct to the council after a visit from Newlyns. They are trying to charge me for a levy and removal of goods £335, but this was on a first visit, the levy is £68 and the removal fee makes up the rest. They got inside so I dont have a problem paying the levy but I read that they can't charge for both on the first visit with no prior warning. I've read this forum and written to the CEO of the council and asked for a breakdown etc. They are quoting Section 1 C of the non domestic rating, regulation 1
  25. Hi This is my first post & I'm looking for some advice regarding a levy on a vehicle. I have outstanding council tax from 2008 - 2009 of around £1500 that has been passed to Bristow & Sutor. I have tried to come to a payment arrangement on numerous occasions but can't afford anywhere near what they want me to pay & since they won't accept an amount I can afford, has remained unpaid. In August 2011 a levy was made on a car that I am the registered keeper but my partner legally owns. I informed bailiffs that this was not owned by me, my partner provided a statutory dec to
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