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  1. Hi A colleague received a telephone call from an enforcement agent who had got their employers details from the council regarding a council tax debt. They are trying to sort this out but the enforcement agent was very aggressive and unhelpful (and asked if we knew where their partner works). Has the council breached data protection by giving these details to the collection company?
  2. Greetings all! I could trawl around the net for the answer to this for a few hrs. However, as you guys are usually clued up on this stuff. I though somebody may like to offer some wisdom for the rest of us. It was my understanding that the the Consumer Rights Directive made using Premium rate numbers a no no for calling "Customer Services" and that these call's should be at no more than "local rate". I can't find the legislation though. Was this just a proposal, or a proper 'unfair business practice' and has anybody got the reference/Act etc. The reason I ask, is that I no
  3. Apparently I owe WDA some money. I don't recall the loan, but it was from a time (2012 or 2013) that I had lots of pay day loans. I have paid off or resolved all of them apart from these prats who out of the blue around 6 months ago started calling me. Likely it was £100-£300 (lol) When I answer I refuse to give them any personal details "go through data protection" and say I don't know who they are. If I owe them money then send me a letter. But they don't. I mean they don't have my current address but where I lived at the time my friend lives there still so I can get any letters address
  4. Just had the shock of my life, Vanquis called on my mobile with a chap with a South African accent. No kidding within thirty seconds of hanging up Land Line rings with another gentleman with a dodgy accent It appears had been placed on an automatic call dialer by mistake for some reason but all sorted Who the hell are these people anyway who think they can call customers on a sunday?
  5. Hello everyone, I'm posting this as a heads-up for others as much as a call for help. I walked away from some debts 6-7 years ago, so all s-b and I've heard very little (the occasional half-hearted phishing letter). I am living credit-free and within my means. The exception was an MBNA debt which went to Link, who got a CCJ in the autumn of 2011. I'd hoped to counterclaim on their outrageous charges and horrible harassment but I'd failed to do my homework properly, so I lost. The court did set the repayments at £10 a month for evermore (on £6000), which I pay b
  6. -IDEM Services replied that debt is unenforceable as they are unable to provide CCA paperwork, but they refuse to release me from my financial obligations. (£2000) This debt does show my on credit file, defaulted 09/2001 Not sure what to do here, please any help info on next steps??? stop paying ? wait for it to fall off credit file? offer full & final???
  7. Have had 3 or 4 calls recently from cold callers working for Halifax. When you answer phone it goes dead or they ask for you by name and then ring off. Has anyone else had these calls which are to get your feedback for service received. Are Halifax allowed to give 3rd party your contact details ?
  8. please can someone help me i have read on here something about credit card agreements taken out before 2007 do you need to have a copy of you agreement i dont or can you ask the card company to send you one also how do you know if the agreement is enforcable i am really sorry if this as been asked and answered before but any replies would be very welcome thankyou
  9. A special register allowing people to prevent charities from pestering them for donations will be created following the death of a Bristol poppy seller. 92-year-old Olive Cooke killed herself in the Avon Gorge last May after battling depression. Shortly after her death it was revealed she had been bombarded with thousands of messages from charities she supported. The Fundraising Regulator (FPS) hopes to launch the service this year, subject to approval from members. HOW WILL IT WORK? Users create an account and choose which charities they want to blo
  10. Is there anything I or my phone company can possibly do to stop harassment and sometimes abusive calls ? I have logged times and dates and I have answered on a couple of occasions but can never quite understand the person talking. Now I have been receiving calls early morning and late at night. Always ask for the same person but incorrect name and when asked who I am speaking to its either Jon, Joe, Reggie, Ronnie etc and then sometimes followed by abuse if further questions asked
  11. The Government has announced plans to put an end to anonymous phone calls from British companies in the UK or based overseas. Telemarketers will be forced to display a valid phone number when they make phone calls - or face heavy fines in a new crackdown on nuisance calls. The welcome change to the law means it will be a legal requirement for direct marketing callers to show a valid caller identity that shows up on phone displays when they call. The changes make it easier for people to report any company that makes unwanted calls. http://www.which.co.uk/news/2016/01/col
  12. On Friday I was extremely concerned about a thread on one of the ‘Beat the Bailiffs’ facebook sites that eventually led to the debtor being removed from his car and with many police in attendance. Background: The debtor (Tony) did not seek advice on the site. Instead, his brother Paul sought advice from the Social Media Site on his behalf. It would seem that ‘Tony’ had not paid a penalty charge notice and accordingly, a warrant of control was issued and passed to Marston Group to enforce. The bailiff attended the property early last Friday and after a short period of time, cl
  13. Hello everyone, Credit card- Citi with Cabot Financial Europe. I am paying to Clarity (online payment via their website) which I guess has been employed by Cabot to take the payments of £1 since 2013. Noddle is updated by Cabot on regular basis showing –£1 each month. Information on Noddle: Account start date 07/2007, opening balance £1436, default balance £1436 ,date of default 06/2010. Between 2010 and 2013 I was paying more than £1 a month so the current balance is down to around £590. The last letter I have received from them is a confirmation of arr
  14. I recently entered two free to enter competitions shown on food products and within a month i have started to receive marketing communications from other companies. I ticked the relevant boxes to say that i did not want to receive any marketing from them or any third party companies. I don't normally enter such competitions which require online registration, for the reason of not wanting companies to sell my data. I thought stupidly that they had stopped doing this, given recent fines, but they are obviously still at it. I might make up a name to catch the companies selling data aga
  15. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?452689-Children-s-charity-bosses-praise-town-hall-over-decision-to-stop-bailiffs-calling-on-families-with-kids-at-home-Manche For the full story http://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/childrens-charity-bosses-praise-town-10110772
  16. Hey guys, I'm really hoping someone can help give me some sound advice on Moneybarn. I took out a 3-year conditional purchase agreement with Moneybarn in Oct 2013. I pay £410 per month, and to date I've paid just shy of £9000 on a car that cost £9,400. The total amount to repay Moneybarn is around £14,000, and I am almost 2/3 rds of the way through the contract. Last summer, I broke my neck and explained to Moneybarn that because I'm self-employed my payments would be late until I recovered. I managed to get the money together for the three month's missed payments and I o
  17. Experienced motorists are being wrongly stripped of their entitlements, then find themselves unable to prove they ever passed their tests because the agency has deleted its records We've had these complaints on here. I've posted this article in full in case it disappears from the newspaper: For the past four months Shane Rae has been living under the threat of having his driving licence taken away – yet he has committed no offence and his 30-year driving record is unblemished. He has even been forced to retake his driving test and take on a solicitor to fight his cause. And the reas
  18. Hello, hoping someone can give me a little advise on what I can do My ltd company was wound up 3 years ago, I had given a personal guarantee on 2 loans. 1st loan 2nd charge on my house I live with my family (approx £20,000 still outstanding) 2nd loan full security on a small flat that I inherited from my parents(approx £35,000 outstanding) the payment rate on the loans before company liquidation was £430 and £270 per month. I have recieved a calling up notice and I have my solicitor at negotiations with debt agency, I am unable to raise any funds as i am not work
  19. The horrible truth, the whole horrible truth and nothing but the whole horrible truth:- http://www.lawgazette.co.uk/5049010.article?utm_source=dispatch&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=GAZ260515
  20. Hi need some advice please I had a 82.00 parking fine that I didn't pay (stupidly) I was unemployed for over 4 months had letter from marstons with 70 fees on top. Seeked advice from cab and Baines & Ernst , emailed marstons to offer £5 a week repayment ignored! Then got a 2 nd letter from Marstons debt now 397, which I rang and complained as to why they didn't accept my repayment offer to which they replied was withb bailiff!!! And to speak to him which was a waste of time he wants all the money... I'm now working so I paid my original fine of 82
  21. I am felling ill at the moment and i don't think i will be well enough to go to my Work Programme provider this week.I have job search there on Monday,Tuesday and Thursday as well as a one on one appointment with my advisor on Wednesday. What is the process for calling in sick?
  22. Hi, I contacted SHELTER SCOTLAND regarding Calling up notice in Scotland and they gave me a very good information .Below i have paste the information from Shelter Scotland for fellow Scots who's been threathend Repossession by the Bank. Dear .............. Further to our telephone conversation I have the following information for you. I note that you wish to challenge a Calling-up Notice on the basis that RBS have so far failed to provide you with a breakdown of the money due by you. There are two legal provisions to consider at this stage. There are t
  23. Hi all again, I got a letter from CRS about a debt on the 20/12/2014. I've recently got a lot of phone calls to my parents house phone from them. I said to them "I request all further communication in writing" then hung up. I am still getting calls from theses people, and they said "I would need to send a letter to remove my number". Could anyone direct me to a template maybe? Many Thanks Andrew
  24. TL;DR Akinika calling and sending letters about DWP debt that has been repaid. Should I ignore, write and tell them to jog on, or contact DWP? In 1999 I was temporarily homeless, and got a crisis loan for b&b, food e.t.c. Was paying £10 a week back, then lost my job and was on jsa for ~6 weeks, they were taking a few quid a week out to repay the loan. When I got another job, I started paying back £10 a week like before. Last payment was sometime in early 2000. In late 2005, got a letter from DWP saying I still owed £82 and a bit of change. I did my sums and it seem
  25. hi i have had a loan from speedcredit a long time ago the loan was for £400 to date i have payed off £365 had a call yesterday from my banks fraud department saying that a firm called toothfairy had tried taking £439 from my account and have now put a block on my account was so stressed and worried that i told them i knew who it was does this mean that they will raid my account every time now many thanks all
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