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Found 23 results

  1. Hi all, hope you can shed some insight into this situation for me! I'm currently abroad on holiday but received word from a friend minding my car that it had been seized by Newlyns in regards to a previous owner's fines. I've thankfully managed to have it released and it's currently at a friend's. I don't understand why they seized the vehicle, as when they encountered it, it was already in my name (i.e. I was the registered keeper) according to the DVLA. To the best of my knowledge, the registered keeper is the one responsible for any tickets, fines, etc., not the owner (unl
  2. Hello! I have won a bid on eBay for a heavy, bulky item and in the listing the seller stated: "· Please only bid if you have a big van to transport · Have at least 2 really strong people to carry, preferred 3 strong people. As it is extremely heavy. o IF this two points are not met, I will not give access to the property, as I don’t want anyone dragging the bed out of it by damaging my floor boards. I won the bid, paid instantly by Paypal, as stated in the listing and THEN the seller said they didn't accept PayPal but would only accept cash on collection.
  3. In April 2016 I hired a 7.5t van from a company online. They did not deliver on the stated day and didn't tell me it would come the next. A driver from this company was waiting in a Sixt 7.5t van angry that I wasn't in when he arrived, made me sign the document threw the keys in the cab and drove off. I arrived at my destination (a few 100miles) and 2 days later 2 Sixt reps turned up to collect. They noticed old wear and cracking on one of the tires, they were very unhappy with the depot/yard in the south allowing it to be out on the road. The damage was photographed
  4. Hi, I issued a Section 10 notice (Data Protection Act) on a non-credit related matter relating to the processing of inaccurate personal information held about me. The organisation a) failed to respond within the 21 days (upheld by the ICO) and b) when they did eventually respond, have refused to comply with my Section 10. Most grateful for any guidance on next steps - e.g. how I might go about enforcing compliance through the courts, procedurally. And is their failure to respond within the 21-day timeframe actionable, e.g. distress in light of Vidal-Hall v. Google? Many thanks.
  5. My landlord has submitted a claim and now I have a form for defense. I have been abused by the landlord over 4 years and last year I finally managed to have the council serve a notice for repairs which were done in the worst manner possible. I know the following: 1. I was never given details of my tenancy deposit being protected until now where I have seen them for the first time 4 years on. 2. The name on the claim form for the landlord is the wrong surname 3. The council requires a landlord to have a licence prior to submitting a section 21 and this was not done. 4. The court
  6. Hi guys i work for a company called xxxxxxxx a company who are well known for ripping people off on the job, I work on the Virgin contract and had a job which involved abit of cable clipping and cable splicing as the customer didnt want extra holes drilling through her conservatory luckily i found an exsisting RG6 sky cable on the roof of her property which i barreled on to and tucked behind the gutter no tugging or pulling involved as i just slot it behind and then clipped the way around to my access point. 6 weeks had passed since the job had been completed and th
  7. Hi My name is Yasmin. I live in London. And I am about to show consumers what 02 are capable of. I want to sue 02 because while I was in dispute with them over a contract they mis-sold to me - they refused to listen, did not once pick up the phone to me. Moreover never answered my questions nor launch an investigation into how they sold me a contract when I expressly told the sales agent I wanted to buy a mobile phone meant for a minor then aged 10 who needed it for her first day at new Secondary school where she would be travelling alone to and fro. Prior to this I had been using
  8. Hello all, A good friend of mine has been given notice of eviction by his landlady after he complained about her workmen damaging some of his possessions and holding her liable for the cost. He is now unsure of how to go about following up if she refuses to compensate him. Does anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi We have been living at our address for 8 years, our neighbours over the back fence have been there 14 years, when we bought the house there were very high conifers over 10mtr high, we had them cut down to 4Mtrs and have maintained this since 2008, last year the neighbour over the fence advised us to remove the trees as they wanted to put up a fence and wall, to which we advised we could not agree, as they Trees did not affect their enjoyment and were a reasonable height and are 30ft away from their house and in the middle of their garden. This year while we were away we came back
  10. http://www.bailii.org/cgi-bin/markup.cgi?doc=/ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2013/1539.html&query=El+and+Makdessi+and+v+and+Cavendish+and+Square+and+Holdings+and+BV&method=Boolean search google for Court of Appeal ruling: El Makdessi v Cavendish Square Holdings BV the judgement which is quite recent, analysis penalty clauses and commercial justification which I think goes a long way to show that commercial justification as regards parking charge notices, which are penal by their very nature, cannot apply to these penalty charges in my opinion. Also commercial justification can o
  11. Hi Everyone, I am in the process of applying for a mortgage and quite rightfully the lovely lady at the brokerage advised my to check my credit report on line via a major name in the credit report game.. .either Equifax, Experian or Call Credit to name a few. What a shock I had....I discovered a CCJ planted against my name that: No 1: Does Not Belong To Me No 2: The CCJ is issued to an address that I have never lived at No 3: It is issued to somebody with the same name as me I quickly got to the bottom of where it came from and have had a face to face meeting with
  12. i hope someone can advise my best course of action to take here . briefly my wife used a car which is owned by me but she isn`t covered for insurance wise whilst out in the car she had to manoevere out of a parking space when she clipped another vehicle , foolishly she then drove away without leaving details . the next morning a traffic cop arrived at our home took a statement from my wife in which she readily admitted her guilt and she subsequently had to attend the local magistrates court and was fined and her licence endorsed . out of the blue i received a lett
  13. Hi guys, I'm going to try to keep this brief and I hope your not going to mind, but I'm not going to mention names in order to avoid jeopardising the on-going case. Recently I've had one of the big six utility companies install a boiler for me. Unfortunately:- 1. They didn't clear up properly and left a lot of mess 2. They have also done some damage to the bath panel, bathroom floor and hallway carpet has been left dirty with debris 3. The electrician has incorrectly re-wired the circuit breaker for the boiler and now when one of the living room light switches is us
  14. Hello I recently moved out of the flat i lived in for two years on the 10th of Jan 2014. The letting agent was closed when i was moving out but the landlord came over to do an inventory. We both agreed on the costs for damages and he removed it from my deposit and gave me the balance. Today i received an email from the letting agent with some other damages and replacement of beds, sofa etc. Things we did not agree during the final checks. I am worried they will apply for a CCJ under my name. All i have is a text from the landlord that says how much damages he was going to remove
  15. my roof tiles came of my roof and have badly damaged my car roof and bonnet the house belongs to an housing association can i claim from them to have it repaired
  16. I'm a vicar of a small rural church which has an account with Santander (previously A+L, Previously Girobank) for our 'Restorationn Fund". In April I received a letter that said that unless we used the account it would be classed as DORMANT. (Its got about 5K in it) I telephoned them and told them not to make it dormant as we need to use it from time to time when we have work to do on the church. The person on the phone said she would email the team dealing with it to tell them this. (This was noted on the file). I heard nothing more so assumed that this was done. At
  17. I have a thread in the Barclaycard forum where a few months ago i won my unlawful charges claim against them. Part of my settlement was BC removing the default as they told me they had bought the account back off Lowells when i started my claim. After the claim had been settled I applied with my bank for a credit card and overdraft as i should have had a clean file only to be turned down and told to check my file. Lowells had re-added the default as BC had not completed the purchase of my account or even notified them the debt didnt exist anymore. Bc only sorted this out after i made a co
  18. last week i came home to find a car had crashed into mine and the next doors fence (no one was injured ) luckily how should i claim for the damages to my fence i have all the details of both drivers involved from the police including there insurance details and the driver responsible owned up to the police i had not renewed my house insurance so can't claim on that any info would be appreciated thanks in advance
  19. Hello there and congrats on a great website that has helped me loads. Yesterday I had a bailiff turn up who I dealt with by opening the gate to our property and asking him to step outside. As this person has been following me around for the last 5 years turning up like a bad penny about once a year I commented on this and told him he really was a sad little man. Naturally he didnt like that and took my photograph with his mobile phone! I was standing by my gate about to go back in. Can a bailiff do this?
  20. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2223794/Cold-callers-left-feeling-blue-Homeowner-wins-damages-time-wasted-answering-phone.html
  21. Hi All In June of this year i approached a software developer to produce an iPhone app for me. We had a couple of web meetings and a price was agreed and i was informed that they estimated it would be competed and on the app store mid august. We are now in november and my app is still not complete. More than seven deadlines for completion have been missed. Moreover the actual BETA (test) app they delivered earlier this month, crashed and was not to spec even basic spelling was not correct. I since found they are farming out the coding to India I have paid 50% of the cost of
  22. Hey guys, I'm shortly ending my tenancy, but it has been blighted by a leaking conservatory for over a year. This is not a new problem either as my dealing with the letting agency has revealed this problem to date back to 2009 and has subsequently got worse. Basically it leaks, quite bad, whenever it rains, and depending on the direction of intensity of the rain is seems to leak in different places (4 or 5 I've counted). I complained about this to my letting agency last Xmas and have since taken numerous photos and have also revisited the complaint many many times. I've been vis
  23. A friend of mine last year had an accident on a well known pier, through no fault of his own he slipped on a puddle on the floor and severly injured himself, anyway cutting a long story short, he was off work for 4 months and during a meeting set up by this pier he was assulted by a security officer. They then proceeded to fabricate a lie that he was rasist toward the security officer who assulted him, all whilst he was still in recovery for the accident. He was taken to court and won with all 12 Jury delivering a not guilty verdict in just 15 minutes. He has now been advised to proc
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