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  1. Just went through the paperwork. Disability premium. Bugger!
  2. My DLA was recently stopped (didn't even bother to try or PIP as I know I had no chance). Well today I got a "revised"calculation of my housing benefit due to my DLA being stopped, and it's gone down by over £30 a week? I'm confused by this. I didn't think DLA was means tested and I don't understand how I'm expecting to pay more now that I'm worse off? Does anybody have any knowledge on this that can help please?
  3. Well I got my decision today and it has been rejected. I'm actually speechless. I supplied evidence to prove I wasn't at the address when the PCN was issued and that I changed my address straight away. They have given no reason and say it will cost me money if I want to appeal again.
  4. It's a motability car. I informed them of my address change straight away. My new insurance (with new address) didn't come through until 22/7/15. Council sent the fine out on 20/7/15.
  5. I know I'm a total idiot for not doing sooner and for giving the bailiffs money. Is the out of time witness statement the TE7 form?
  6. I've now got evidence that I informed the DVLA of my change off address before the council sent the PCN. So it's basically the council's fault and not my own.
  7. Well I intended to appeal and sign the declaration at CC, but had a family bereavement, one thing lead to another and it just got put on the back burner. I gave my wife money to pay off the payment plan we set up, but she missed a payment and today I come home to find this through the door: I presumed this was something different as the original debt was only £270 and I reckon we paid at least half of it off. But it's the same PCN I mentioned in this thread and it looks like they've doubled the debt. Can they do this? My wife saw the letter
  8. Thanks for the advice. I'm going to get straight onto this tomorrow. In the mean time, what should I do about the debt collectors?
  9. I let the DVLA know straight away. Got a new license with my new address on it etc. Even had a parking ticket sent to this address. The offence was last July, I moved in June I think it was.
  10. Hoping someone can help. just got a 'notice of enforcement letter' through the door saying I owe £270 for a driving in bus lane violation LAST JULY. This is literally the first time I've heard about it. I moved house last June, so they must have been sending the letters to the wrong address. But wondering why they're only sending letters to my new address now? Is there anything I can do here? Or do I have to bit the bullet and pay? Many thanks.
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