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  1. Hi All, I had a default from advanced payment solutions and I was told that the default notice was sent via email which I didn't receive so I am guessing it went into my junk box. I have tried to have it removed but was told that it was legally put onto my credit file. My questions are: 1. Is there anyway that I can get this default removed? 2. If I pay of the debt which is around £30 will this improve my credit file and will that prolong the date that it will drop off of my account as it is due to drop off in two years. Thanks in Advance for your help
  2. Hello Everyone. I'm new here. After days of being frustrated, I have finally joined the forum to share with you all, my recent experience with Newlyn, with regard to parking tickets, to seek advice. Please help. I recently corresponded with Newlyn plc., who were pursuing a payment from me last March. I was unsure why; I’ve subsequently been explained by them that the vehicle, the ownership of which I transferred to now an unknown man with the mobile number of ............ on 12/04/2013, had contravened a parking regulation and received PCNs (11 of them!)
  3. Has anyone ever experienced/heard of a debt company that is chasing a debt and you've not been entirely sure of who they are? I'm looking into the issue of debts being chased years after bank (or other) lenders have given up on chasing it, perhaps have sold it on to another company who are chasing it. Similarly I'm looking into debts that have been chased from firms who have stolen the details of a debt and so theoretically that debt could be paid off to criminals instead of to the legitimate firm, resulting in no change to a credit file. Any information
  4. Hi, I've been a long standing customer of Vodafone on a monthly contract; roughly 13 years to be exact. The tariff I was on I was happy with - it wasn't expensive, the allowances were not high but I didn't use it much so it worked well for both of us; I rarely went over my allowances. I was checking over my bank statements a couple of months ago and imagine my surprise and shock to notice that they had increased the monthly contract service charge (the amount you pay each month regardless of how much your usage is) by a massive amount - roughly 480% and that this had been going
  5. Hi everyone. Please sign this petition, #share it, #retweet it everywhere. I appreciate for a petition to be valid, you need to give your personal details to be counted, but that should remain restricted viewing. This is a properly set up Govt. E-Petition to try to get them to look at the Law Of Property Act, where Debt purchasing relies upon this loophole to take your data, your unsecured debts, pay a small price for the info and chase you for the full amount, it is pure greed and the very fact it CAN stand up in a courtroom, assuming they have enough data (re. your debt/paperwork etc) and th
  6. Hi, Can anyone offer any advise on how to deal with N-Power? I was with them for 2 and half years, and they kept messing up the DD and they sent so many wrong statements and bills. Eventually we were set up on a plan which expired in April this year. They then sent us an invoice saying we owe them £3400 as we have been paying the wrong amount even though they put us on the tariff and set the DD up. I've complained and complained and complained to them. I eventually managed to switch providers as they blocked it at first. It has now reached deadlock
  7. I have been persistently contacted and pressured by AMEX for almost 1 year after paying the debt off to their debt collector in full. I have contacted AMEX on multiple occasions telling then this but they say it's still outstanding. Insultingly the have now offered to reduce the debt. The payment has gone to their nominated debt collector and I've double checked that. The reason I want to think about legal action against them is for the psychological harm their debt collection practice caused to me. I don't want to go into details here but my doc is satisfied it was down to that. An
  8. Debt collection agency is chasing me for limited company debt for a company that closed about 4 years ago. They claim I was a guarantor and that the debt would have been registered with credit agencies which will affect my ability to get credit. I cannot remember but I might have signed as a guarantor and money owed relates to overdraft. Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. Hi, My son moved back in with me in 2012, due to him repeatedly stealing from me I had to tell him to leave my house forever a couple of weeks ago and subsequently changed the locks. When attempting to clean his bedroom amongst various disgusting things i discovered many letter's from debt recovery companies and bailiffs plus receipts from Cash Convertors. After collating these it appears there are 12 (is that a record) debt collectors chasing him for money, these debt's cover thing's such as payday loans, mobile phone bills, bank overdrafts, goods and a parking fi
  10. Hi, I run a small business which relies on an automated billing system. Unfortunately a number of invoices from 2011 were not generated correctly by the system. These have remained hidden until recently. I didn't send out the invoices until I checked that I was within my right to do so. I also included a letter with the invoice explaining the problem with an apology along with a request to pay or call in to discuss. I have received a call from a customer refusing to pay the invoice because, he says, a piece of EU legislation states that if a company doesn't invoice a customer wi
  11. Hello, Can someone give me some advice please. Firstly, how do I deal with these people? And what happens if I don't for the reasons outlined below? I got a letter from red castle / gothia debt collection agency. The debt is a small one (about £30) from interest on postage and packaging from a fashion catalogue. It is a recent debt. I should note this is such a small amount that I really am very happy to pay it off and would have done it had I realised my account was accruing this interest. HOWEVER, I tried then tried to pay it on their online site (much mo
  12. Hello Firstly I am new to this forum but have used it to get through my 2 years of hell and thought I would give something back. I am not offering advice but just an insight into how some of the big companies are likely to respond to you defaulting. My debts were Wonga £1200 PayDayUK £590 Swift Sterling £390 Payday Express £349.50 1 Month Loan £325 Moneybox247 £200 Cash Genie £190 MiniCredit £120 TxtLoan £117 A grand total of £3481.5! I won't go through the story as its over 2 years worth but the fact is I got to this point at one stage. Wonga -
  13. Hi All, I have received 3rd letter from CCI Legal asking me to pay a debt which they're collecting on behalf of a private school . I had my daughter going to this school for Nursery. We had taken admission for Nursery only but we still informed school during last term of Nursery that my daughter will be going to another state school for Reception. This was 4th day of last term of Nursery. The school is not saying that I had to give full terms notice and asking for full one terms fee. They have retained the deposit and asking for balance (£1815+100 late fee) via CCI l
  14. I let a bailiff in but never let her stay long enough to list goods or never signed a walking possession order and now im trying to make a payment plan and can only afford £5 a week can the bailiff refuse this? as it is all i can only afford . i am doing a debt relief order . and my girl friend told them this so i am worried they want as much as they can before it is processed.. so can they refuse a amount that i can afford and ask for more that i cant ???
  15. Hi forum people, I've been reading a lot of the posts here and I'm fairly sure I know what I need to do but would appreciate your advice too. I've been receiving letters/e-mails/texts and phone calls from Mackenzie Hall over the past couple of months all saying the same thing, i.e. we ned to contact the named person in relation to a personal matter etc but nothing more. I've recently come back from holiday and have received a letter from them finally detailing what they're chasing me for, the letter is below: Date of Letter: 28th August 2012 Ref: M******** Clien
  16. Hi I received a letter on the 3rd of February stating that I owe £187.52 I don't event know of this debt and they haven't even told me what the debt is exactly for They're threatening me with a 'county court judgement' and 'further legal action' .. can anyone help me out??? Thanks sonny.pdf
  17. hi guys just now ive just received a letter from wescot.Reguarding an 2 year old BT phone bill. I refused to pay my bt phone bill and broadband with them has the phoneline and broadband wasnt working properly.people could ring me and the phone wouldnt ring at my end.broadband was cutting out all the time upto 8 times aday.I phone Bt reguarding the matter loads of times.and there just reported the fault and said it will be fixed in 72 hours by sending some kind of signals down through my phone line. but no change the fault just kept contueing so i didnt pay the bill and let them disconnec
  18. Ok so I am on Day 3 with Lowells, they wrote to me Thursday to say they had bought a debt and there was also a letter enclosed from the original creditor. Today I have had 4 phone calls which I highly suspect are from them, rings, I pick up no answer after 2 calls like this I bar the number, so I am currently waiting to see which phone number they ring next. Can I insist they only contact me in writing - from what I have read it is pointless talking to them as they only do what they want to do anyway and mis-quote what has been said and if I do ask do they generally th
  19. Hi, had an email from these, I origionally owed them money, couldn't afford to pay it back so went on to pay them back £20 for 2months, went on the sick paid them £5 for 3 months, went to the CCCS and then started paying all my debtors £1 per month from end of November 2010. Now I have had an email demanding to see bank statements, to back up the CCCS income and expenditure form, also they have informed me they are putting on £36 set up fee. From sorting out mine and my partners debts and paying them all the required token fees of £1 per month I keep a written record of the origional amou
  20. I'm writing to find out if you could possibly guide me in the right direction. In May of 2010 after being made redundant at my job, I moved to the UK where I was unemployed for 6 months before gaining a full time position. I left behind considerable debt that was built with my ex-husband during our marriage. This includes a foreclosure on a property, and most likely 1 seized vehicle (I am not sure of the final outcomes of either), as well as various credit card debt. Before I left I had attended mediation with my ex (separated...not divorced yet) at which point it was agreed that he woul
  21. Several years ago I was taken to court over non-payment of rent, as well as some other charges which were concocted and added to the case. Trying to defend myself as best I could, I proved able to show I had paid the rent amounts in question, I was however unable to provide proof of the concocted additions to the bill. (It is not the case in a civil court that an individual is innocent until proven guilty, it seems more like whether on balance guilt is probable. I'm not a solicitor and failed to defend myself in some regards.) So I ended up with a CCJ, just for the concocted additions, for whi
  22. I have been a barclays customer for 33 years, a Premiere customer for the last 20 years. I had a 9000.00 agreed permanent overdraft facility I have used on and off and it was at 7300.00 OD. I live permanently abroad (monaco) and following advice from a barclays manager, I wrote to barclays last year to inform them I am now separated from my wife and the divorce is taking place in Monaco, and with the account being in joint names, there was a mandate dispute (this is what the manager said to put) and I wanted them to stop any further payments being made from it (to avoid my wife spending mor
  23. Had a phone call from our dear friends at Buchannan Clarke & Wells,went as follows: Hello is Mr padja there? Who is calling? Its Buchannan Clatke & Wells over a business matter. Hold on.............Mr Padja says he doesn't know you Can you confirm your address I'm not Mr Padja, so no Ok I will send a letter Awww thats nice Endo of call I await the letter with great anticipation.......ahhhh I've missed BCW
  24. Hi, Not sure whether to post this here or in the business bank account forum, so apologies if it's in the wrong place! (There is a related thread in the Debt forums: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?304533-Natwest-Capquest-old-debt-being-chased%281-Viewing%29-nbsp) My husband was in a partnership in the early 90s, and the business had a bank account with Natwest. My husband and 1 other partner left the business, with the 2 remaining partners carrying on trading under the same name. The business subsequently failed. To cut a very long story short, the 2 r
  25. Hello all, i hope i get some help because im going nuts!!! So two years ago, on the previous flat i was renting i had british gas & Electricity. When i moved out i missed "Apparently" few payments. since Last year i been receiving calls from Wescot Credit services to pay the debt. I chose to ignore them because i remember not having any debt. Then i received a letter from a solicitors office sayin that wescot is willing to consider realistic options for repayment based on my personal circumstances. I emailed them, asking for the bill that states my name, my flat the bil
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