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  1. Hi All, I had a default from advanced payment solutions and I was told that the default notice was sent via email which I didn't receive so I am guessing it went into my junk box. I have tried to have it removed but was told that it was legally put onto my credit file. My questions are: 1. Is there anyway that I can get this default removed? 2. If I pay of the debt which is around £30 will this improve my credit file and will that prolong the date that it will drop off of my account as it is due to drop off in two years. Thanks in Advance for your help
  2. Hello Everyone. I'm new here. After days of being frustrated, I have finally joined the forum to share with you all, my recent experience with Newlyn, with regard to parking tickets, to seek advice. Please help. I recently corresponded with Newlyn plc., who were pursuing a payment from me last March. I was unsure why; I’ve subsequently been explained by them that the vehicle, the ownership of which I transferred to now an unknown man with the mobile number of ............ on 12/04/2013, had contravened a parking regulation and received PCNs (11 of them!) issued by Tower Hamlet Council on 02/05/2013 (and presumably later dates for subsequent PCNs). I had not received any of these PCNs or Notice to Owner because shortly after the sale of the vehicle, I moved to a different address before the tickets were issued (proof of which I have in the way of credit card bills etc.). At the time of transfer of ownership of the said vehicle, I had lost the V5C document and was not in possession of the document and hence I advised the man who had purchased the vehicle that he would have to complete V62 in order to complete the transfer of ownership and that it was his responsibility to re-register the vehicle under his name . Although it turned out that he had not done so, DVLA’s Sensitive Case department carefully considered the case, they agreed to amend the records to show that I was no longer the keeper of the vehicle from 12 April 2013 (the exact wording is "I have amended our records to show that you are no longer recorded as the keeper of this vehicle from 12 April 2013"). I sent this letter to Tower Hamlet Council, London and Newlyn. The council told me that the matters are now in Newlyn's hands. Newlyn rejected the letter from DVLA, because of the ambiguous wording. Last Friday, an enforcement agent working for Newlyn called me at work, asking for around £4500 or else. I nearly passed out when I heard this. I called Newlyn to put a hold on this and they temporarily put a 28-day hold on it/ Now it's been more than a year since the original tickets have been issued. So from reading various posts on this forum, I understand it's too late for making any appeals to the council and that I would have to fill in Witness Statement forms TE9 & TE7 and email TEC, in order to at least stop the recovery warrant/procedure. And if that's successful, I have only the original PCNs to deal with, am I right in thinking that? Please advise me anyway you can and ask me any questions to clarify the situation further if needs be. I am very distressed. What can I do?! Thanks in advance.
  3. Has anyone ever experienced/heard of a debt company that is chasing a debt and you've not been entirely sure of who they are? I'm looking into the issue of debts being chased years after bank (or other) lenders have given up on chasing it, perhaps have sold it on to another company who are chasing it. Similarly I'm looking into debts that have been chased from firms who have stolen the details of a debt and so theoretically that debt could be paid off to criminals instead of to the legitimate firm, resulting in no change to a credit file. Any information on this, in a UK context, I'd be very interested in finding out more. Cheers Carl
  4. Hi, I've been a long standing customer of Vodafone on a monthly contract; roughly 13 years to be exact. The tariff I was on I was happy with - it wasn't expensive, the allowances were not high but I didn't use it much so it worked well for both of us; I rarely went over my allowances. I was checking over my bank statements a couple of months ago and imagine my surprise and shock to notice that they had increased the monthly contract service charge (the amount you pay each month regardless of how much your usage is) by a massive amount - roughly 480% and that this had been going on for quite some time. I contacted them to query this on 191 on 1st August 2013 and got put through to someone in India? (I've got records of all of the names, dates, times, calls and durations as evidence), I was on the phone for over 30 minutes to be told in the end that apparently they had sent me a text message some months ago telling me about the increase - I'd never received this. The reference number of the call was 1094456517 and I had to wait for a callback, the person that called me back reiterated the same. I wanted to take the complaint further and was told I'd have to be called back by an Operations Manager. I called cancellations to get my PAC as I'd have to be mad to stay with Vodafone with the new monthly contract service charge they wanted, and other packages were not competitive either - funnily enough this was the only point in this whole saga that I got to speak to someone from the UK who promptly issued my PAC! When the guys from India called me back I was doing grocery shopping and it wasn't convenient so we arranged another callback which unfortunately wasn't kept. I then emailed through the complaints section of the Vodafone website which promised that the complaint would go to the office of 'Mark Bond, Customer Operations Director' where "a team of dedicated customer relations specialists will look after it at every step of the process until it's resolved". I provided a description of what had happened so far, clearly requesting again that an official complaint be opened and a reference number for this be provided, a refund of the approximate amount or thereabouts that in excess of what I should have been charged on my original monthly contract service charge and a response in writing to my postal address. I then received another call from India basically again reiterating the same old story, again I said I didn't agree with this and wanted to open an official complaint, they need to put their final position in writing so I can go to the Ombudsman, I was on the phone for 16 minutes this time to be told that he needed to review the complaint with his manager and if I still wasn't happy they would then send a letter! I was pretty fed up by this point so I looked up the Direct Debit Guarantee - Vodafone had increased the monthly direct debit without informing me of the fact, so I found I was well within my rights to claim the money back through my bank which is what I then did. They could only claim the full amounts. I then received another email from India again reiterating the same old story, nothing about a letter! I replied to the email but changed the address to customerenquiries@help.vodafone.co.uk as the bottom of the other email said it wasn't an actively monitored mailbox - this was on 18th August 2013, by this time I'd received all of the money back through the Direct Debit Guarantee so I informed them of this and invited them to let me know how much I should have been charged on my original monthly contract service charge before they put the price up without telling me, and I'd pay this and we could consider the matter closed. I had a auto response confirming that my email had been received and would be dealt with within 24 hours - I never received a response to date! Repeat, *no* official complaint reference number, *no* final position or 'deadlock' letter in writing - how can Vodafone get away with this?! I got a bill later on for the last couple of days I was with them before I transferred my number - this was paid later via Direct Debit as I'd left it active - I then cancelled my Direct Debit with them so they couldn't take any more money. They then sent me a bill on 19th September 2013, showing each refund I'd had under the Direct Debit Guarantee as 'Direct Debit payment rejected' and the date of the reversal. I've then had a couple of letters dated 23rd September 2013 stating I had a final bill owed and 30th September 2013 stating that if they haven't received payment within the next 14 days they may register my account as a 'bad debt' with a credit reference agency! Both of these letters are from the 'Head of Credit & Collections' with no email address or proper contact details just an 0845 number and a PO Box. I've just emailed customer services and Guy Laurence (CEO) this evening basically reiterating that I shouldn't owe the majority of what they say I owe, brief description of the issues and the fact they never seem to have opened an official complaint or issued a 'deadlock' letter. What is my next best course of action? Do I actually need to pay them and reclaim the money via small claims? How can they get away with treating a customer of 13 years like this! I feel like they should just completely quash this so-called bill, if not compensate me for my time they are taking up and the stress/inconvenience of it all! Thanks in advance, chaoticj.
  5. Hi everyone. Please sign this petition, #share it, #retweet it everywhere. I appreciate for a petition to be valid, you need to give your personal details to be counted, but that should remain restricted viewing. This is a properly set up Govt. E-Petition to try to get them to look at the Law Of Property Act, where Debt purchasing relies upon this loophole to take your data, your unsecured debts, pay a small price for the info and chase you for the full amount, it is pure greed and the very fact it CAN stand up in a courtroom, assuming they have enough data (re. your debt/paperwork etc) and they CAN take your homes and property, it is about time this was stopped. Can't guarantee this will succeed...it needs 100,000 valid and true signatures to get this to be looked at. It has been tried before and if people won't sign, it won't go anywhere....but hey, let's try again! Some of you will likely prefer your debts to be bought cheap by these greedy grabbing DCAs, but the point is, they are heavy handed, they make people more stressed, more ill and the original banks/creditors as yet don't maliciously go after people's homes simply because they can. Obviously if there is a CCJ and that is not paid, there is that chance of losing home, property, becoming bankrupt, but we need to take away the one Law or loophole that makes it so easy for debt buying companies to manipulate say 900% profit or more (where applicable), if they succeed, but more so we need to STOP them bullying people that are in a financial mess and already unable to cope with the pressure, let alone the harassment. http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/60324
  6. Hi, Can anyone offer any advise on how to deal with N-Power? I was with them for 2 and half years, and they kept messing up the DD and they sent so many wrong statements and bills. Eventually we were set up on a plan which expired in April this year. They then sent us an invoice saying we owe them £3400 as we have been paying the wrong amount even though they put us on the tariff and set the DD up. I've complained and complained and complained to them. I eventually managed to switch providers as they blocked it at first. It has now reached deadlock with their final say on the matter is they will knock £250 off due to the bad service but because we are no longer a customer of theirs we need to repay the rest within 2 years at £132pm. At the moment our outgoings are a lot more than our incomings so their is no way we can afford anywhere close to this. We offered £20pm but they wouldn't accept that and are now threatening to get a 3rd party debt collection involved, even though I have never signed anything to say they have authorisation to pass my personal details to another party. Their customer service is absolutely appalling. I am going to go to OFGEM but will it do any good? I am just worried now that we are going to end up with bailiffs banging on the door or extra charges being added. Can they really force us to pay £3100 even though it was them who set the payment up incorrectly? Please help, we are at the end of our tether.
  7. I have been persistently contacted and pressured by AMEX for almost 1 year after paying the debt off to their debt collector in full. I have contacted AMEX on multiple occasions telling then this but they say it's still outstanding. Insultingly the have now offered to reduce the debt. The payment has gone to their nominated debt collector and I've double checked that. The reason I want to think about legal action against them is for the psychological harm their debt collection practice caused to me. I don't want to go into details here but my doc is satisfied it was down to that. Any ideas?? Thanks
  8. Debt collection agency is chasing me for limited company debt for a company that closed about 4 years ago. They claim I was a guarantor and that the debt would have been registered with credit agencies which will affect my ability to get credit. I cannot remember but I might have signed as a guarantor and money owed relates to overdraft. Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. Hi, My son moved back in with me in 2012, due to him repeatedly stealing from me I had to tell him to leave my house forever a couple of weeks ago and subsequently changed the locks. When attempting to clean his bedroom amongst various disgusting things i discovered many letter's from debt recovery companies and bailiffs plus receipts from Cash Convertors. After collating these it appears there are 12 (is that a record) debt collectors chasing him for money, these debt's cover thing's such as payday loans, mobile phone bills, bank overdrafts, goods and a parking fine (bailiffs). The total outstanding amounts add up to approx £4k. Since he left I have returned every letter addressed to him, unopened as no longer living at this address. Last week when I was out the bailiffs visited to take my son's car, which was obviously not here and saying they would now get an order to remove goods from my house to sell at auction. I am now terrified that they will come and take my property. I have little money and not much of value (except for the house itself). Probably the most valuable goods for resale are my laptop and tv, it gets worse as both these items were bought online under his name (we have different christian names but the same initial, as at the time of the purchases he worked for a major retailer and I used his staff discount car number though I paid with my debit card. Other things such as my golf clubs/fishing gear have been accumulated or given to me over the years, so no receipts. Do they have the legal right to seize any of my property because my son lived here at the time these debts were incurred. In regard to my son he is 23 he neither has a job or signs on. The only thing he has left of value is his car, his tv(£50) and 2 gold rings(£70) are both with cash convertors. I have no idea where he is living/in hiding. He is a drug addict and from the discoveries in his room his only sources of income are as a small time drug pusher, to his friends, and stealing from my 83 year old mum who is housebound and has Alzheimers. This has all left me feeling mentally and physically drained and paranoid to the point I will not answer the door or phone and sit in darkness, so any help or advice anybody can provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  10. Hi, I run a small business which relies on an automated billing system. Unfortunately a number of invoices from 2011 were not generated correctly by the system. These have remained hidden until recently. I didn't send out the invoices until I checked that I was within my right to do so. I also included a letter with the invoice explaining the problem with an apology along with a request to pay or call in to discuss. I have received a call from a customer refusing to pay the invoice because, he says, a piece of EU legislation states that if a company doesn't invoice a customer within 12 months of work being undertaken the customer doesn't have to pay. I checked with my solicitor who said they were not aware of any such legislation but if I wanted them to investigate would charge me so much it would be pointless chasing the debt. Is there such EU legislation? Internet searches have proved fruitless. I can only find information on having 6 years to chase a debt but this doesn't really cover whether that debt is chased within the 1st 12 months of work completed or not.
  11. Hello, Can someone give me some advice please. Firstly, how do I deal with these people? And what happens if I don't for the reasons outlined below? I got a letter from red castle / gothia debt collection agency. The debt is a small one (about £30) from interest on postage and packaging from a fashion catalogue. It is a recent debt. I should note this is such a small amount that I really am very happy to pay it off and would have done it had I realised my account was accruing this interest. HOWEVER, I tried then tried to pay it on their online site (much more convenient as I have a hearing impairment) and nothing happened. I checked my bank account and the security certificate of the website, no money has come out and there have been no fraud attempts (yet). So I rang the number and got through after several attempts, and they wanted me to confirm name, address and DATE OF BIRTH. I gave them the reference number, name, address, and I am willing to pay all the money off at once, so why won't they deal with me unless I give them my date of birth?? Why would they even care who was paying the debt if the debt is being paid or could this come back to the bite them latter? (to be true I am not at all savvy when it comes to financial matters which is why I am asking your advice.) Why and how could they possibly know what my date of birth is? The man on the phone insisted 'we know what your date of birth is'. I never gave this information out when signing up with the original company that I recall and if I did it was most certainly a fake one as I never use the real thing because I am paranoid about fraud. Is this an attempt to get more information out of me? How can I convince them to let me pay off my debt without telling them this personal information? Do they have any legal right to do this? Will they take me to court for the £30 and will this go against me if I refuse on this basis? Is this even a legitimate company?? I'm not sure whether I'm being unreasonable or not.
  12. Hello Firstly I am new to this forum but have used it to get through my 2 years of hell and thought I would give something back. I am not offering advice but just an insight into how some of the big companies are likely to respond to you defaulting. My debts were Wonga £1200 PayDayUK £590 Swift Sterling £390 Payday Express £349.50 1 Month Loan £325 Moneybox247 £200 Cash Genie £190 MiniCredit £120 TxtLoan £117 A grand total of £3481.5! I won't go through the story as its over 2 years worth but the fact is I got to this point at one stage. Wonga - As soon as I defaulted they sent an email offering me to pay over 3 months (£400 a month), I replied that that was unaffordable and offered to pay over 8 months (£150), which they accepted no fuss. All that was added was three days of borrowing for the time it took to sort out. PaydayUK - Not so friendly and very persistent, debt was passed to Keyes Whitlock and small charges added, debt went onto CCCS DMP and they have been no problem. SwiftSterling - Didn't receive one phone call or letter, debt went on CCCS DMP and no interest or charges added. Seem a very laid back company. PaydayExpress - Took around 3 months before they responded to me, only interested in adding charges (albeit small), eventually they sent a letter saying they will only accept a payment plan if I was ill or dead. Replied saying its thats of nothing and they accepted £50 per month. 1MonthLoan - Went on CCCS DMP, no contact from 1MonthLoan and debt was eventually passed to Roxburghe, they have managed to double the debt and this is now in dispute. MoneyBox247 - Basically said make me an offer and I offered £40 a month which was accepted. CashGenie - Strange company, but pleasant, offered a payment plan outright and asked me for £40 a month as minimum payment, just to be awkard I offered £35 a month and they accepted. Again no interest or charges. MiniCredit - Read many bad things about this mob so just paid them off. Just give them their money. TxtLoan - Received no communication and they are on a CCCS DMP. So just to sum up, im the last person to offer advice but hopefully this will put some people at ease, most are open to payment plans. At the end of the day they just want their money. Be nice and don't strees. As of today I owe Payday Express £250 (I was stupid enough to use these a few months back when I was doing well) Cash Genie £50 PaydayUK, Swift Sterling, 1 Month Loan and TxtLoan £790 left on DMP. Just £1090 left! I made the mistake of agreeing a plan with Wonga but rolled over the others which is why the Wonga one is already paid. Looking back I should have done all at the same time but I was too scared to default until I had no choice. My only advice is to get help, don't make my mistake of being scared and forcing yourself to believe you are in control and you can manage. There is pressure on these companies to help you. NB - I would seriously recommend seeking advice from CCCS or Payplan before you default and follow my lead. As stated I had these debts for 2 years, therefore I had already technically paid back the loan with interest, i'm guessing that most of these companies saw any extra as a bonus. I'm guessing they will respond differently if you have had your loan for a short period or paid back very little so far.
  13. Hi All, I have received 3rd letter from CCI Legal asking me to pay a debt which they're collecting on behalf of a private school . I had my daughter going to this school for Nursery. We had taken admission for Nursery only but we still informed school during last term of Nursery that my daughter will be going to another state school for Reception. This was 4th day of last term of Nursery. The school is not saying that I had to give full terms notice and asking for full one terms fee. They have retained the deposit and asking for balance (£1815+100 late fee) via CCI legal. I had clarified multiple times over the phone and email response to CCI asking for proof that we had taken admission for whole 7yrs and not for Nursery only but haven't got any response from CCI or school. Now I am thinking of sending registered reply to both CCI and School clarifying the same and asking for proof. Does anyone have similar experience with any school or CCI on such matter or any other suggestion? Thanks, SN
  14. I let a bailiff in but never let her stay long enough to list goods or never signed a walking possession order and now im trying to make a payment plan and can only afford £5 a week can the bailiff refuse this? as it is all i can only afford . i am doing a debt relief order . and my girl friend told them this so i am worried they want as much as they can before it is processed.. so can they refuse a amount that i can afford and ask for more that i cant ???
  15. Hi forum people, I've been reading a lot of the posts here and I'm fairly sure I know what I need to do but would appreciate your advice too. I've been receiving letters/e-mails/texts and phone calls from Mackenzie Hall over the past couple of months all saying the same thing, i.e. we ned to contact the named person in relation to a personal matter etc but nothing more. I've recently come back from holiday and have received a letter from them finally detailing what they're chasing me for, the letter is below: Date of Letter: 28th August 2012 Ref: M******** Client Ref: ******* Pursuers: Cabot Financial (Europe) Limited Original Creditor: Egg Principal Sum: £****.** FAILURE TO RESPOND NOTICE Dear Mr ******, Despite previous correspondences you have failed to respond. We have obtained this alternative address as a financial link, linking this address to the previous abode. The financial link information was supplied by a credit reference agency. We have been instructed by our client to recover this overdue amount on their behalf. Our clients have informed us that they are unaware of any legitimate reason for non-payment of their account and although they would prefer an amicable settlement, they will not hesitate to take further action as may be appropriate. We trust that this will not be necessary and would request that you send your payment by the deadline below: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Payment Deadline: Noon, 4th September 2012 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have recently forwarded payment or if there is any issue you would like to bring to our attention then we would ask you to contact this office immediately by telephone on 0844 411 5068 Important: If you are not the named person above please contact us quoting Address ID: CM******** to stop any further communication. Now there are a couple of things I'm not sure about, I've checked my credit file (Check my file and Noddle) and they both have the same thing on there, namely, Egg have a default on there against me which shows payment history ok until August 2006 (When I started having trouble) 1st missed payment in September 2006 and then it shows debt assignment in October 2009. Then there's an entry from Cabot starting on October 2009 and it's still showing as default now. Both entries are obviously for the same Egg card and they both say they're reported until October 2012. My questions are this: 1. Is it normal to have 2 entries for the same account by 2 separate companies like this? 2. Can I send the Statute Barred letter now, or should I wait until October? 3. The date of default on the Egg entry states 26/10/2006 but the entry for Cabot says 01/10/2006, isn't the date of default usually a few months after the actual last contact/payment? I'm confident that I've not paid/acknowledged or contacted Egg in any way since the very beginning of August 2006 so I know that 6 years has passed but I'm worried that if I send the statute barred letter now just before it comes off my credit file will the timer reset? (Sorry if it's a stupid question but I'm really worried about this!). Thank you so much for any help you can offer! Ms Fogel.
  16. Hi I received a letter on the 3rd of February stating that I owe £187.52 I don't event know of this debt and they haven't even told me what the debt is exactly for They're threatening me with a 'county court judgement' and 'further legal action' .. can anyone help me out??? Thanks sonny.pdf
  17. hi guys just now ive just received a letter from wescot.Reguarding an 2 year old BT phone bill. I refused to pay my bt phone bill and broadband with them has the phoneline and broadband wasnt working properly.people could ring me and the phone wouldnt ring at my end.broadband was cutting out all the time upto 8 times aday.I phone Bt reguarding the matter loads of times.and there just reported the fault and said it will be fixed in 72 hours by sending some kind of signals down through my phone line. but no change the fault just kept contueing so i didnt pay the bill and let them disconnect me from bt. Anywhere last year in march 2010 my neighbour pulled me up and said to me are you mr ------- and i said yes.my neigbour said a company keeps ring for you on my house phone called wescot and asking for you and asking if i am still living at my fixed address.She told me that she told them i still live there and that wescot are sending me a letter reguarding the matter so said ok thanks to my neighbour. The next day I got a letter from wescot credit services reguarding the debt for the phone bill £330.54p.so i offered them a £1 a month and there expected it.At th time i thought just pat this £1 a month to them and it will get them off my back. Anyway to put things short i got bored of paying this £1 a month to them so i stopped paying it 6 months ago .and today i receive a letter from them 1st time since stop paying them saying Our records show that you have failed to maintain the agreed repayment plan .the last payment received on your account was £1 on the 17/08/2010 and as a result the repayment plan is £5.00 in arrears. you have already acknowledged liability for this debt by agreeing this repayment plan,therefore you must take immediate action to clear these arrears. please do not ignore this letter to do so could result you in either us or our client taking action to recover the debt,which may include: 1 legal action against you through the courts. 2 referring your debt to a door step collections agency to carry out collections at your home. do you think i should just start paying wescot again? any advice would be great or help on this matter would be great...
  18. Ok so I am on Day 3 with Lowells, they wrote to me Thursday to say they had bought a debt and there was also a letter enclosed from the original creditor. Today I have had 4 phone calls which I highly suspect are from them, rings, I pick up no answer after 2 calls like this I bar the number, so I am currently waiting to see which phone number they ring next. Can I insist they only contact me in writing - from what I have read it is pointless talking to them as they only do what they want to do anyway and mis-quote what has been said and if I do ask do they generally then not phone? From the posts I have seen I will also be recording the calls and will tell them before hand that I will be recording it. The background is I kept the original creditor completely up to date with my circumstances and they did stop charges and interest, but they then suddenly started them again, so I would be interested to find out what charges have been put on - but is there anything I can do about them anyway now the debt has been sold? I did offer a re-payment plan to the original creditor (with a full financial statement) as I did with all my debtors, all others accepted the re-payment plan, but this one didnt even bother responding just sold the debt onto Lowells, I assume they weren't interested because it was going to take too long to re-pay. Any other info on how to deal with Lowell's would be greatly appreciated.
  19. Hi, had an email from these, I origionally owed them money, couldn't afford to pay it back so went on to pay them back £20 for 2months, went on the sick paid them £5 for 3 months, went to the CCCS and then started paying all my debtors £1 per month from end of November 2010. Now I have had an email demanding to see bank statements, to back up the CCCS income and expenditure form, also they have informed me they are putting on £36 set up fee. From sorting out mine and my partners debts and paying them all the required token fees of £1 per month I keep a written record of the origional amount of debt from when I started paying. Plus its always paid through standing order so there is evidence at the bank this is being paid. I told him as far as I knew that only government agencies and such like were allowed to ask to see your bank statements, also informed him that as it was my partners bank account that I would have to have his permission and he refused to give me that. The man emailing me from WDA has told me that even though I have provided the income and expenditure that without seeing my bank statements then a repayment plan will not be set up. Oh and to add salt into the wound I think they have been adding £36 each time they have set up the repayment plan. Are they allowed to do this???? Thanks MB xx
  20. I'm writing to find out if you could possibly guide me in the right direction. In May of 2010 after being made redundant at my job, I moved to the UK where I was unemployed for 6 months before gaining a full time position. I left behind considerable debt that was built with my ex-husband during our marriage. This includes a foreclosure on a property, and most likely 1 seized vehicle (I am not sure of the final outcomes of either), as well as various credit card debt. Before I left I had attended mediation with my ex (separated...not divorced yet) at which point it was agreed that he would carry the debt and in return I would not seek alimony or child support. He has now declared bankruptcy (he is paying a lump monthly sum) and the debtors seem to be tracking me down to Scotland. I left him with all of the assets including 2 new fully paid for vehicles to cover my portion of the unsecured debts. Unfortunately I do not have this in writing. My question is, can these debts that were signed for jointly in Canada be legally enforced here in Scotland? And if so, at what point am I supposed to have been contacted by any of the companies? From what I understand the province of Alberta has a 2 year statute of limitations on collecting debt, however, I don't know if this applies if the debt is assigned to a collector. I received a note from a private investigator through my door today asking me to call him. I assume this is one of the companies owed money tracking me down. I unfortunately do not have the income to fight a court battle, in Canada against my ex (or to file bankruptcy which will run into $3000-$5000 price range in legal fees), nor here. I'm worried about the garnishment of my wages as well....from the information I have been able to gather if I earn under $1330 per month they cannot take more than $194 in payments? I know this is very complicated, but any information you could give would be greatly appreciated. The entire situation is making me quite ill. Kind Regards, H
  21. Several years ago I was taken to court over non-payment of rent, as well as some other charges which were concocted and added to the case. Trying to defend myself as best I could, I proved able to show I had paid the rent amounts in question, I was however unable to provide proof of the concocted additions to the bill. (It is not the case in a civil court that an individual is innocent until proven guilty, it seems more like whether on balance guilt is probable. I'm not a solicitor and failed to defend myself in some regards.) So I ended up with a CCJ, just for the concocted additions, for which I'm making payments, every month. I am not disputing the CCJ, although I'm bitter about how the court case was handled, I have been paying the bill every month on time. In a couple of months the court amount will be paid off. But here's the problem. Three days before the court hearing, I received a letter (hand delivered) through my door, referring to bailiffs, and stating that I owed £1000 (one thousand pounds UK sterling) for their attendance at my property. I did not speak to anyone in person, and disregarded the letter, throwing it away. I have spoken to DRS regarding my account. The balance of the account not only includes the CCJ, but the £1000 charge. Given that I've repaid almost £2500 in concocted charges, I'm in no hurry to donate another £1k to DRS' cause. I can easily see how, if I simply stop paying when the CCJ amount is satisfied, DRS would drag up another court case, adding another bunch of concocted nonsense, and that my credit rating will be decimated for another five years. Perhaps it alreday has been, permanently. How is it possible to ever end this? Will there just be another letter in a couple of months detailing how I now owe £10, or £20, or £1 million? Can I lend my neighbour a lawnmower and post a letter through their door claiming £1000 now? Is that how it works? If any legal staff are reading this, I would quite happily discuss the matter with them. I want no contact or dealings with DRS. Thank you for your time. I've decided to publish the address of DRS as the company name is ambiguous and do not want to sully the names of any other agencies. DRS (manager Steven Murray) 1st Floor Moorgate Point Moorgate Road Knowsley Industrial Park Liverpool L33 7XW 0151 5451500
  22. I have been a barclays customer for 33 years, a Premiere customer for the last 20 years. I had a 9000.00 agreed permanent overdraft facility I have used on and off and it was at 7300.00 OD. I live permanently abroad (monaco) and following advice from a barclays manager, I wrote to barclays last year to inform them I am now separated from my wife and the divorce is taking place in Monaco, and with the account being in joint names, there was a mandate dispute (this is what the manager said to put) and I wanted them to stop any further payments being made from it (to avoid my wife spending more money and increasing our joint debt). I sent them back my barclays card and they actioned my request. I sent them my new address and started receiving statements, the last of which was March of this year (2011) The interest accumulating was only 18.00 and it was added to the overdraft monthly. Due to the ongoing divorce, despite the fact I am a high earner, until the divorce is resolved my outgoings are much higher than normal (I am having to pay rental on two homes now and associated expenses of two separate households). In 12 months my situation will be much better. At no time did I receive any communication from barclays that anything was untoward, that they wanted the loan repaid, nothing at all. Two weeks ago I received a letter from RMA, a debt collector acting on behalf of Barclays. I contacted them by phone and said I knew nothing of this or any problem between myself and Barclays bank whatsoever. They said they were only interested in recovering the debt. I asked for copies of any correspondence from barclays to me re the debt and they refused. I contacted my local branch via email and related the above. They said the account had been cancelled and they were very sorry, but now it was in the hand of debt collectors there was nothing they could do, and weren't even able to access my account to see if any letters had been sent or why the account was ever in dispute. They apologised but said there was nothing they could do. I wrote an email asking for my complaint to be made official as it struck me as irregular, and I wanted the ombudsman to look into it. I received an email saying that my complaint had been forwarded to barclays customer services and to contact the ombudsman if it wasn't resolved by barclays. Last friday the debt collector called me and I expained I had made a complaint to barclays bank and needed a couple of weeks to hear their response. They agreed to put it on ice for two weeks. Three days later (monday this week) I received a post card from the UK saying that someone from RMA debt collection would be visiting me this thursday between 8am and 8pm at my home (in monaco). I called them to confirm my conversation with their associate re two weeks on ice and they said that that had been posted prior to that conversation. I work from 8am to 6pm and am not able to hang around all day and can't believe this is how they operate. Are they seriously going to fly someone to Monaco on the offchance I might be in to discuss a 7000.00 overdraft? I have never previously owed any money, or had any dealings with debt collectors. I am a high earner, who, for the first time in my life needs to use an overdraft for one year (until the divorce is resolved and our assets split). Does anyone know if Barclays are allowed to just put my overdraft with the debt collectos, or have any advice as to the above? I have no problem servicing the interest on the debt, but can't pay it off right now. Nobody at barclays will talk to me as my account has been cancelled and is now with debt collectors. I repeat, I had no forewarning of this whatsoever and it has all come as a complete shock. Does anyone know how long I have to wait for Barclays to come back to me on my complaint before I am allowed to write to the ombudsman? Thanks for any advice. I can't believe this is happenning and I am really stressed about it.
  23. Had a phone call from our dear friends at Buchannan Clarke & Wells,went as follows: Hello is Mr padja there? Who is calling? Its Buchannan Clatke & Wells over a business matter. Hold on.............Mr Padja says he doesn't know you Can you confirm your address I'm not Mr Padja, so no Ok I will send a letter Awww thats nice Endo of call I await the letter with great anticipation.......ahhhh I've missed BCW
  24. Hi, Not sure whether to post this here or in the business bank account forum, so apologies if it's in the wrong place! (There is a related thread in the Debt forums: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?304533-Natwest-Capquest-old-debt-being-chased%281-Viewing%29-nbsp) My husband was in a partnership in the early 90s, and the business had a bank account with Natwest. My husband and 1 other partner left the business, with the 2 remaining partners carrying on trading under the same name. The business subsequently failed. To cut a very long story short, the 2 remaining partners went bankrupt, the other ex-partner "made some sort of agreement" with the bank, and my husband copped the whole lot, resulting in a court order, which he has paid every month since. Last saturday he received a letter from a DCA demanding repayment of the whole amount. He phoned them, but they had a different DOB so they wouldn't give anymore details. We have written back telling them it is subject to a court order so there is nothing they can do. However, this evening we have discovered the other ex-partner died in September......this timing can't be a co-incidence. Just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience, and if so, what you did. Sorry that's a bit waffly! Sarah
  25. Hello all, i hope i get some help because im going nuts!!! So two years ago, on the previous flat i was renting i had british gas & Electricity. When i moved out i missed "Apparently" few payments. since Last year i been receiving calls from Wescot Credit services to pay the debt. I chose to ignore them because i remember not having any debt. Then i received a letter from a solicitors office sayin that wescot is willing to consider realistic options for repayment based on my personal circumstances. I emailed them, asking for the bill that states my name, my flat the bill is for and the amount i owe, as well as the dates for this amount. That was a month a go (10/03/11). I told them that i only will to contact them through emails. I received no reply whatsoever Today (7/04/11) I received a letter from ScotCall Debt collecting services with a Doorstep Collection Notice, saying that if i dont pay the debt immediately my account will be passed to their Field representatives to arrange a doorstep call. What can i do?? Shoul i email the ScotCall Debt collectors and say the same stuff i told the solicitors? (send me a bill with the amount owned etc) Please Help. Regards, Charlee
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