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Found 14 results

  1. Hi there.. I have recently been dealing with NEWLYN debt collection agency due to my council tax arrears that has already been to court and they have a liability order to take my belongings etc.. I am in a large amount of debt to many companies, agency's. Had my head in the sand for a while but finally got myself back on track and dealing with it all. NEWLYN is one of my smaller debts only 500ish left now, as it was court ordered and a government debt I decided to sort this one first... Which has now left me wanting to just bury my head back in the sand again. .they wouldn't accept my repayment amount which I could afford. They scared me into accepting a payment which I really couldn't afford. I struggled and made the first 2 weeks payment. But could only pay 40 on the third week rather than 50. They have told me now that I have broken the agreement and want it all In full otherwise a removal truck will be at my address 6am the next morning. Giving me about 12 hours notice.. Unless I could make the original repayments again.. I told them I couldn't afford it that's why I had a broken arrangement. But they wouldn't have any of it. I have read lots of old posts from 2008 ish and they have helped me a lot. I was wondering mainly if anyone knows if anything has changed since then etc.. For better or for worse. Really don't know what to do as charges and interest is building up.. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks Tristan
  2. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or any suggestions please. My employer is asking people to transfer to a building just 5 miles from my current location. It seems that where we are at present, the work is less now, so the management are using this to start potential transfers. It is of course okay for me to travel to the new work place but this is not the issue. There are two issues: 1/ My current role is admin but the new work is a Call Centre. 2/ I worked at the new building before when it was not a call centre but it was hell. There were people there who made my life hell and bullied me for two Years before I got a facilitated transfer to where I am at present ( on the grounds of caring for an elderly parent which still remains today ). These bully boys still work there and the thought of going back to that building fills me with dread. I have asked the union for help so I am waiting and think it may take time to get clarification. I feel compelled now to look for another job but I suspect they are hoping I will leave anyway. Do you think I may get payoff if I refuse to relocate on the grounds mentioned above or will they just say I was unreasonable and say I resigned. I just cannot afford to get ill again like last time. Many thanks. Hope you have a great day:jaw: Stella
  3. Good Morning all, I am wondering if you can help. My partners ex has only been paying CSA for the last 2 yrs after 14yrs of none payment. (He abandonded her after finding out she was pregnant.) He got away with not supporting her mainly due to threats of violence and intimidation. I then came along 2yrs ago, reassured her and advised accordingly that many of these type of bullies never actually follow up on these threats. It is purely intimitation.As predicted, her ex, stuck his tails between his legs and started paying as soon as CSA made a claim against him. However, recently he quit his job after 20+yrs in the Police Force and alledgedly wrapped up his part-time small business which we understand he is now running a bit more, but for CIH. As such he claims that he can no longer afford to pay her CSA although he has his Police Pension. Now his son is 16 and still in full time education. He should still be paying CSA surely. Just because he quit his job, the CSA claim he can no longer pay. Can we make a claim against his pension or any other means? I am only chasing this up as my partner still fears him, and well frankly I think the guy is a bully and got away with it for far too long. He wants nothing to do with his son and we have since found out that he may also have a daughter of the same age. Meaning he got 2 women pregnant at a similar time. All in all a nasty piece of work. My question is this, is there a way we can get the CSA to enforce a payment against him or even enforce a default or similar on his credit file? Any advice welcome.
  4. . . . . . .(see attached) emailed 21.1.2015 to all at BG Centrica, FAO: British Gas / Centrica - B Gas visits intended to harass; HR8 and UK Nationwide re. “job reference .................. B Gas / Face 2 Face” Warning of legal action - please read carefully Currently, the electric ppt meter holds a credit balance of £84. If you continue to have difficulties with this, you may if you wish outline these via email or by normal letter to me. You may also be aware that there has been a history of alleged criminal nuisance harassment at this address, courtesy of a gas fitter whose work is below the standard required by Gas Safe Register. (And, similarly asked to leave of course.) Inappropriate and badgering behaviour by BG and its minions via telephone or via attempted personal contact with me will immediately cease. You are also advised that BG do not have the presumed licence to trespass on my property. That is withdrawn for the reasons outlined. Further harassment via BG - more than likely commissioned by the gas fitter’s behaviour - will be dealt with robustly. If required, a legal claim will be considered against BG / F2F for compensation for nuisance and distress, along with the customary adverse media attention.
  5. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2745571/Shaming-bully-banks-We-DID-intimidate-customers-fake-debt-collection-letters-admit-bosses.html
  6. Again I have answered my telephone to another debt collector this morning. I moved into my property in July of 20013 and had problems from British Gas from the beginning. A meter reader came out and read the meter. Then next time I took the meter reading for them. Then was told my reading was not right, so on my knees again taking another reading and lo and behold, my reading was right. Contacted them with the new reading and they then had me on my knees again reading it while on the phone. They still did not believe me. So enough of this basically being called a liar over the phone. Time to change company's and sort this out later (I refuse to have dealings with a company like that) I thought. British Gas then blocked our move (get this) as we found out ,not from British Gas, but from the new supplier. That they had a dispute about a bill from December 2012, a full 8 months before we moved into the property. What this had to do with us I do not know (maybe we ''are all in it together'' and it's a conspiracy against them). After many months of stress arguments AND debt collectors we thought it had been resolved yooohoo ! after ANOTHER call from them we agreed on the bill and we paid it (no financial problems the money for bills is there, but we don't give freebies). The stress this causes me is unbelievable. My wife (bless her) is much better at coping with these things than me. I shake with rage when I see their adverts on T.V. They as far as I can see are just faceless bully's. And I have dealt with bully's in the past, but this is a new type of bullying. They pay no heed to what I say, but there word is law, or they will set the dogs on you. Disgusting company. I will never in my life (and I will do my utmost to convince family & friends) use them or buy from them again. I even offered to let them read the meter after leaving them to let them see, but not interested. JUST CAUGH UP OR ELSE. The only contact I want with them is one of them standing in front of me telling me I owe them. Then I will be overjoyed to be making contact.
  7. Hi, I overheard a conversation today that I couldn't help but get involved in. The upshot was that a mum had got behind on her council tax and there was a liability order. She sent an email to the council copying in Rossendales who had visited her putting forward an offer of payment. Rossendales responded - the council didn't - but she did not respond to Rossendales. She has an outstanding complaint with them levying a fee on a car that had finance on it to which they had never responded and had refused to deal with them until they did. Rossendales turned up on her doorstep and she refused them entry pointing out that she will only deal with and pay the council directly, reminding them that there was still an outstanding complaint and that more over, since their visit 3 years ago, she had gifted all non-essential electrical items or those not fixed to the wall to her son. Rossendales response was to say 'so what, you still owe the money and we will keep on coming back so that you incur charges'. She advised them that she wasn't giving them access and shut the door. They exact same bailiff had visited her today and left a letter and that's what she was talking to her friend about. I chipped in and asked if she had given them proof that she had gifted the said items and that there was still a complaint and she said that she printed off both letters and handed them to them with the items blacked out as she had sent the letter to the council when she had complained to them about Rossendales previous conduct. The council had finally responded to her on Friday saying that they will accept her proposal and she replied informing them of what had happened with Rossendales last week, that she would not deal with for the reasons she had laid out and that payment would come to the council direct as well as reminding them that items had been gifted. I thought that Rossendales actions were intimidating and bullying as there is nothing for them to levy on and they admitted they would keep on attending to incur charges as did she. Does she have grounds for a complaint? Very interesting afternoon at the park! Bel
  8. Hi , Has anyone tried this if so any succsess? my wife has been missold ppi by lloyds which they have addmitted and paid back. my wifes current account was overdrawn all the time her wages went in each month but did not clear the balance so the account was constantly overdrawn. lloyds then paid their loans & credit cards out of this account.(including the missold ppi) therfore charging interest on the missold ppi via the overdraft, i have made a complaint using fOS and recived a letter today from lloyds saying that they are looking into it. her account is currently with Moorcroft who have put collections on hold FOS have written to them saying action taken is likley to be adjourned pending the outcome of the complaint. just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on my chances of making this stick .
  9. hi there would love it if someone could advise me on my bailiff problem i had a payment agreement set up with jacobs bailiff company but due to my mum passing away and my mind else were i missed a payment in jan 2013 i then called them up to make a double payment to bring the arears on the account up date. I was told i couldnt because it had gone out to a bailiff jxxxxn cxxxxy and i would now have to sort it out with him which i did i contacted him and we agreed to another plan for me to pay £50 a month a week later he contacted me saying the bailiff company refused it because previous agreements had been broken but they were only broke because i was unemployed and just couldnt afford it at the time i then contacted the company who again rufused to take any payment saying i could only pay the debt off in full at this point the debt was £630 i then gave them my phone number to give to the bailiff at the end of feb 2013 because the cost of phone calls to an 0845 number where costing a bit to much money and awaited contact no contact came until i received a letter in april 2013 telling the amount i owed was now £820 i dont dispute the original amout amount of £630 which has now been paid direct to the council and has cleared debt but there is still £192 in charges. which i dispute because i think they are unlawful. i have asked for a breakdown of the charges which they have sent to me here are the charges why they were charged and dates. 8th march 2012 bailiff pxxxe fxxxxxn Fee £24.50 9th march 2012 bailiff pxxxe fxxxn Fee £18.00 these charges were already added to the account in the £630 then on the 2nd april 2013 bailiff dxxxn hxxxxxxxxn called to my property they charged me a £48 levy fee which was done on my vehicle in my absence i was in at the time because i was off work with a broken arm there was no knock at my door he also charged me £120 for attending with a van and £24.50 SCH 5 HEAD when he done this nothing was posted to inform me he had been and that my vehicle had been levied. my car was still outside my house so i was non the wiser this had been done he then called back on the 8th april but again i was in at the time there was no knock and again and no letter posted telling me he had called and my car was left outside my house. i think charging me £192 for 1 visit on the 2nd april 2013 is very expensive i would be grateful for any help thanks warren
  10. Thousands of customers at Britain’s biggest High Street names are being hounded by debt collectors — even though they do not owe a penny. A Money Mail investigation has found that banks, insurers, phone and utility firms are routinely sending threatening letters warning customers their homes will be raided by bailiffs and property sold at auction if they do not stump up cash in days. Many are the victims of mistaken identity, often do not owe anything and have never been in debt. But when they try to protest, they hit a brick wall. Often they end up being passed between the debt collectors and the company that they allegedly ran up the bill with. In a number of cases, exasperated consumers simply handed over the cash because they were so worried bailiffs would turn up at their home. Complaints about debt collectors have doubled over the past six months to 1,020 according to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Link: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/cardsloans/article-2250274/Menace-bully-boy-debt-collectors-hound-innocent.html
  11. I today received two Attendance Notices from the above Bailiffs. These are not for me nor anyone at my address. I called the Bailiff to explain who then told me he didn't care and would be attending my premises with the Police to confirm what I had told him and only if he saw a Tenancy Agreement would he take it off his list. I tried to explain again that the people (or company in this case) were not here but I could provide details of where they are. He then asked me how I knew them, when I met them etc., When I told him he was not the Police and that I did not have to answer any of his questions he slammed the phone down. I then called his office and spoke to someone else who then put me through to him again. He continued to bully me on the phone saying he would be round and wasn't going to say when that was for me to find out!!! Can he get away with these tactics? All seems heavy handed to me!!!
  12. Hi guys not sure exactly where to start. Me and my partner split up a few month ago and with 3 children I struggled to pay the bills, perfect homes was not top of my priority but I did try and make payments. I had a visit on Monday from a recovery manager ( I was not in but he left a card with a family member who was in). I phoned him up on monday and said i would make the payment on tuesday. I couldn't get in to pay it so I rang him up and told him I would make the payment today at 9.30am. I did'nt but I had arranged a lift for 3.30pm to go in and pay it. 12 o'clock today i had a snotty text message from the bully (recovery manager) saying "when can I pick up our property?" I phoned him up and explained that I am coming through at 3.30pm. He was extremly nasty and very intimadating on the phone, saying things like "you have till 3.45 or i am coming to remove good" and When somebody makes a promise to me they keep it. Came off the phone in tears he was so intimadating I felt really bullied. I have made a £50 payment as the store agreed and I still owe another £50 i am terrified that this man will visit my home. Is there anything i can do? I am now 2 weeks in arrears Thank you EDIT I am not trying to get out of paying I want nothing more than to catch up and get back on track but think i'm going to struggle to find the other £50 before friday which means he will come to my door. My normal weekly payment is £24
  13. Hi, I've worked at the same company for 8 years and I started working there when I was 19. My supervisor is the mother of one of my good friends but I only see her when I'm in work. My boyfriend, who has been shopping there for years before we started a relationship, picks me up from work but comes into the shop 20 minutes before I finish and waits for me. Sometimes through the day he comes in to buy stuff, as he always did before,and he doesnt stay for more than a few minutes. Recently my supervisor has been acting really nasty toward him and the one time she spoke to him she told him not to keep me talking because I was busy. He never does this and so he told her so. Now she has started looking at the shop camera to see if he's coming in and went off it when she saw he was coming in 20 minutes before I finish, she says he's not allowed to do this and it could cost me my job. Other employees have their wives bring sandwiches in and talk to people but they dont mind about that. Also, my boyfriend is quite a bit older than me which she doesn't agree with. Every time she complains about him coming in she gets in little comments like "I think he's obssessed coming in all the time" or "does he not have a life". Every shift I go in wondering what she's going to complain about next. She doesn't say these things in a nice way, straight away she will start arguing with no provocation and because I've worked there so long she speaks to me like a child. How can I stop her from doing this? She argues with me infront of customers and yet when she needs to speak to another employee she gets me to stay behind after my shift so she can talk to them in private. I have only phoned in sick one day in about 2 years and she started lying to me on the phone saying that her neice was missing following a birthday party the night before becasue she couldn't be bothered to sort out someone else coming in. I asked her daughter and it was a load of rubbish. Then the next day she was shirty with me and said she wasnt happy and was extremely annoyed with me for phoning in sick and she couldn't believe that I didn't even try to go in. Yet when others phone in sick she bends over backwards to cover the shift for them. Is there anything I can do apart from going to my manager? The manager just shrugs her shoulders.
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