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  1. The disciplinary was held later on the same day that I posted the original post - documents were emailed to me around midday and the disciplinary was at 2.00 pm. I had been told previously about the gossip by a colleague, but that was only the evening before - 5th April.
  2. I didn't have a written contract, however since starting my employment with the company in June 2015 I have worked at least five days per week/eight hours a day. The franchise was taken over on 16th February 2016, and had continued to work five days per week/8 hours per day until the date I was suspended (28th March) when I turned up for work as usual but was suspended. So far as the allegation was concerned - it was alleged I stole a packet of cigarettes. I did in fact take the cigarettes at the end of my shift on Saturday 26th March, but told them I would pay for them on the Mond
  3. No, just mentioned that as an aside really, the problem here is the wages issue
  4. More in this saga. I was eventually sacked as from 12th April. However, since I was suspended from 28th March, and was suspended until 12th April decision, they have not paid me any wages at all because during that time I didn't work any hours. Up until that point I was working 5 days per week, every week since I started back in June last year. I thought that suspended on full pay meant that I would be paid the hours I would have worked had I not been suspended. Is this right? Oh, and they refused to allow me to record the discussions on my phone - they muttered something abo
  5. I realise that I have not been dismissed, my point was more about the influencing of any colleagues who may potentially have been able to assist with my defence.
  6. Hi again, More problems. As stated in a previous thread somewhere on here, I work as a cashier at a local filling station, and have done so since July last year. In mid Feb this year the previous franchisee was replaced, and all staff were TUPE'd over to the new guy. In the (not quite) couple of months that the new franchisee has had the franchise, I've had unlawful deduction problems, holiday pay problems, and weird tax code problems, none of which have yet been sorted out, but that's another matter. The latest problem is this: At the beginning of last week (Mond
  7. Yes, we were TUPE'd. It may or may not be relevant, but we didn't have any signed contract with the old employer, and nor have we yet received contracts from the new employer. The other point which may be relevant is that the new employer is alleging that the old one didn't inform him of any employee holiday which was booked prior to the transfer but which would occur after, he's also saying that no employee details were transferred. There's another guy who is having the same problem. Just to make it a bit clearer, the new employer is not disputing my right to holiday accrued with
  8. Hi Cant seem to find any relevant info on the net, so here's hoping you guys can help! I work for a large international petroleum supplier as a cashier in a local filling station. The filling station is franchised. I started working for the previous retailer back in July last year, booked holiday back in January this year for three days off in the middle of Feb. The previous retailer was suddenly ousted from the franchise and the new retailer took over on 16th Feb. My holiday was booked for 17th, 18th and 19th Feb. I have just received my wages from the new ret
  9. Yes, I am probably de sensitised to the smell, however I have had a lot of people who don't own cats in the house, including since the contractors came - on the same day the contractors left, and before i changed the litter tray, I asked about an odour and none of them could smell it unless they were in the cloakroom where the tray is, where the subbies should not have been. I do have permission to have cats. I have no idea what the photograph was taken with, I didn't even know they wanted to take pictures, let alone that they actually had. As to why the subbie w
  10. Hey No, I knew nothing of the issue until the phonecall from the landlord. The subbies left just after midday saying that they'd finished stripping the wallpaper and that the electrician would be around tomorrow. The housing association guy hasn't been around to inspect - just a telephone call. The housing association guy told me that I had until tomorrow afternoon to sort out the issue out or theyd call in contract cleaners to come and do the whole house and charge me for it. He stated that it had to be "clean enough for normal people to come round" - he told me that I was brea
  11. Hi all! Is it illegal for a subcontractor to take photos inside my house and send them to the landlord? For a bit of background/detail - I am finally (after five years of waiting) getting a new kitchen in my Housing Association home. Today one of the subcontractors took a photograph of my cat litter tray and sent it to my landlord claiming that there was a smell of cat urine and faeces which made it intolerable for them to work in my property. I have several issues with this - firstly I was totally unaware that this had happened, I was not asked permission by the s
  12. Hi I have a strange problem with Three Rivers District Council regarding Housing Benefit. For a little background.. my daughter moved into student accommodation in September 2012. She moved back home shortly after her 19th birthday in December 12 because she had been kicked out of her student accommodation and had nowhere else to go other than come home. This meant that she had to continue her level 2 electronic engineering course via a distance learning arrangement which she agreed with the college. She continued with her studies via the college website and visiting the
  13. After posting that, I had a wee browse of the other threads in this forum and discovered reference to The Council Tax (Administration and Enforcement) Regulations 1992 45. Distress (3) If, before any goods are seized, the appropriate amount (including charges arising up to the time of the payment or tender) is paid or tendered to the authority, the authority shall accept the amount and the levy shall not be proceeded with. Which basically means they can't refuse to take the account back if I make an offer of repayments (considered "tender"). Armed with this regulatio
  14. Ok, well I've been on to the Council this morning to explain my situation (single parent, disabled child, health issues etc) and make an offer of payment. Theyve told me that because the bailiffs have already started work on the case, i.e. visiting me yesterday, that they can't take the account back, but that she would contact the bailiffs and instruct them to accept the offer of payment that ive made. Is there anything I can do to make them take the account back? or is she correct in that they can't take it back. I have to ring the bailiff in 10 to 15 mins to arrange the repayme
  15. I still have no clue what to do next though :\ I can hide the car, not let them in, but at the end of the day its not going to go away until I contact someone to discuss it - Im presuming the council is the first port of call. On their website it says that the liability order enables them to recover money directly from my wages or benefits. It goes on to say that in "extreme cases we may have to take your possessions." They haven't made any attempt at an attachment of earnings order - which, to be honest, although not ideal, would have been a lot better than sending round the bailiffs.
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