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Found 7 results

  1. Morning all, What is the best broadband provider for the Harrow area? Thanks.
  2. I received an enforcement notice on 23 July 2018 for PCN issued by Harrow council on 14 March 2015. Prior to this I had not received any written communication about the original contravention as it seems that the original PCN was sent to my old home address. In July 2017, whilst paying for another PCN (issued in June 2017) from Harrow council on the website I learnt about this older PCN (from 14 March 2015). I had approached Harrow Council via email (they do not have any phone number) and enquired about this PCN. I told them I had never received any communication on the March 2015 PCN, and whether they can resend the PCN to my current address and what is the dispensation for paying the discounted amount given that I was not aware of the issuance of this PCN. I was informed via email reply that: "Unfortunately we are unable to resend to your current address. If you wish to challenge the charge please wait until you receive the Order of Recovery where you will be able to make a declaration on the grounds that you didn't receive the original charge." In regards to your question, an Order for Recovery is the next stage after the Charge Certificate. When it is issued, you can file for a Statutory Declaration form. This forms give you the opportunity to challenge the Notice." Following many email follow-ups to the Harrow Parking, I got an Enforcement Notice for the Outstanding PCN amount requesting a payment of GBP248. The Enforcement agency did not know anything about the statutory declaration form and they essentially advised to speak Harrow council. We agreed on an arrangement where I pay GBP75 and pay remaining amount over next 3 months which allows me to go back to Harrow council and challenge the original PCN. Few questions I have: 1. Do I have any possibility of challenging a PCN after the Enforcement Notice? Especially given the original PCN was never sent to me? Or should I pay the full GBP248 enforcement agency fine? 2. Can I challenge request a reduced payment of PCN assuming that I am at fault as I never got an original PCN where they do offer a discounted payment? I will appreciate guidance from the members from the forum based on your experience on this matter. Thanks for your help.
  3. Dear All, I have received a pcn from harrow council for contravention 53 - failing to comply with a restriction on vehicles entering a pedestrian zone. In Station Road (College Rd - Sheepcote Rd) The road sign stated that you could enter the zone for loading purposes and I was driving a van with the intention of pulling up outside a shop on the street to load tools and materials. As it happened i passed the shop by accident and eventually managed to find a way round to the rear of the premises. Does anyone think that it would be worthwhile challenging the fine on the basis that i was entering the zone for the purposes of loading and therefore would not be in contravention of the order? A couple of further points: 1. If i do challenge, with today being about day 13 of the notice date and am unsuccessful, will i still get the discounted rate? 2. The notice date was the 3-7-14 and the incident was on 12-6-14, did they meet the 21 day requirement? What do you think, should i just pay up and take my medicine? Many Thanks
  4. I have not posted in a few years. Since then I have had to retire due to ill health after suffering further bouts of severe acute clinical depression and being diagnosed with pretty severe bipolar affective disorder. Counselling and medication have helped to a large extent as has the love and support of my family who suffered from my illness as well. I will post on that in another thread. The hassle caused by both Harrow and Newlyn has severely impacted on my health with further refeerals to cpn, etc and changes to medication. This relates to a catalogue of errors and breaches of best practice, guidance, maladministration and breaches of legislation in respect of PCN's, bailiff's. It has led to me investigating the current profit share contract which Harrow Borough Council has with it's 2 firms of bailiffs and correspondence with Eric Pickles, together with my local MP. It has led to Formal complaints, unanswered formal complaints, FOI requests and DPA or more accurately, Subject Access Requests. (I had great experience of them on here when helping folk with bank/ credit card charges etc) This is quite a long, but entirely true story and contains many issues which I am pursuing or intend to pursue. I hope it may help others. I intend that Harrow and Newlyn take notice and I will take action using powers available to me to redress the situation I have faced/ am facing so that it does not happen to another innocent person. Or, if it does, there remains a record of what happened to me and what action I took, the obstacles I encountered, the lies I was told, the issues raised, the mis-use of local authority powers and the mis-use of bailiff powers (no surprise there). Fortunately, some new guidance has recently been issued by the OFT in respect of bailiffs and PCN's and change is underway in respect of CCTV in respect of PCN's. Hopefully, the days of motorists being cash cows for local authorities and others is not too far away. Back to basics. I bought a high specification BMW 730 at auction, paying cash. I had experience of buying second hand vehicles before and the auction house was reputable. I was the proud owner of a car that was several years old and I had purchased it at a bargain price. I had a full service history and the car was gleaming. I went home to quickly arrange motor insurance and made arrangements to register the car in my own name. I had undertaken a check on the car, prior to bidding, ensuring that there was no credit outstanding on the car and confirming the vehicles history which matched the MOT's, service history, etc, etc. Everything was fine for 5/6 months. The car was mechanically fine and we were really enjoying driving it, but over the course of 10-12 weeks I received about 14-16 PCN's from Harrow Borough Council, Brent Council, Tesco at Brent and London Transport. Checking this site, the PCN notices were compliant and had been updated to redress recent issues such as appealing under different conditions, etc. I had not been to London and neither had the vehicle. We live just about as far as it is possible to get from London within the UK. It was evident that someone had cloned my registration/ number plates to avoid London Congestion Charge and Parking fees. Some even related to spending 10/11 hours at Brent Tesco whilst the person traveled by tube into London itself. I had not been to London in 6/8 years and even then it was by plane. The PCN's supplied showed images of the incidents recorded by camera or CCTV, including driving down bus lanes, in congestion charge areas, double yellow lines etc. I saw the evidence myself when I entered the details onto the various web sites when investigating the matter . In some cases, the vehicle was entirely different ie a red Vauxhall Astra van, in others , it showed a different colour and model of BMW with different distinguishing features. In one case, in respect of Harrow Borough Council, the charge related to a different coloured BMW, 300 series, but with continental plates. Firstly, I checked what to do. The advice, particularly from the DVLA & the web was to report the matter to the police. I took every ticket to the local police station and parked my car outside. The PC was excellent, came outside to check the car, confirming the VIN against registration documents and against the details provided on each PCN. He even congratulated me on my purchase saying that he might be tempted to do something similar. Anyway he decided that a crime had been committed against me and the DVLA and provided me with a crime reference number and documentation to state that I had reported every PCN detail as a crime which was being investigated by the Police. Due to the distance from London, Police Scotland would forward a crime report to the Metropolitan Police and London Transport Police who were the respsonsible police authorities . In respect of each PCN a copy of crime reference report, various pictures of my car detailing distinguishing features, etc and a copy of the reg document V5? Most of this had to be done on line and I encountered serious problems in trying to communicate with an actual person, particularly as regards Harrow Borough Council. They really have some horrendous customer service practices and must rate as one of the worst and most uncaring local authorities going. A google search will confirm this as will searches on previous FOI requests, their performance figures, bench marking etc, etc. I received what I thought was reassurance that all action would be cancelled and I have proof of that in respect of every ticket. However, lurking in the background, Harrow had not cancelled the PCN and instead, had escalated the charge from £65 to £130. Note that Harrow had now made 3 fundamental errors. These were: a) processing a foreign registration plate on their system which happened to match my UK plate, in the first place b) not matching the information they received from the DVLA which showed that the vehicle details were entirely different from mine- model and colour etc c) not cancelled the PCN as agreed when I had submitted the required evidence and they had agreed to ditch the PCN. They had also admitted to an error in processing the PCN in the first place due to the continental style numbering of the plate, although the numbers and letters matched, which was a chance in many millions. I had error confirmed by them in in writing. We were now engaged on a collision course and they had encountered someone who would not back down and who would investigate every avenue to seek retribution to ensure their mistakes did not occur again. I also became aware of their tender services issue in 2012, details of the contract documents were available on their web site. I read press articles from a Fern Silverio who wanted his Council to get a share of the bailiffs profit's. I read various press articles and I thought this contract was unfair and would only encourage more PCN's to be issued against innocent victims and that the contract encouraged bailiffs to seek ways of upping their costs to cover the cost of the kickback to Harrow Borough Council. Harrow then went to it's local court, which is in England, seeking the powers to recover the "supposed" debt from me. It compounded it's earlier mistakes. There was no debt outstanding by me, they had confirmed this in writing yet, I now had a court judgement against me in an English Court when I lived in Scotland under the jurisdiction of Scottish Courts. Fast forward and I receive a Notice of Seizure from Newlyn PLC, amounting to over £200. I phone Newlyn and email them giving them all the evidence. I play by the rule book. But, why oh why, did I do that? Of course, they don't listen and neither do Harrow who I also contact. Newlyn claim they, as bailiffs can come in at any time with a removal van to seize and disdain my personal goods and sell at auction. Now, I point out that I have severe mental health illness- no impact. I point out that bailiffs have no powers in Scotland and that the contents of their letter are distressing, damaging, etc, etc, etc. I point out our different legal and court systems. I also point out that only Sheriff Officers appointed by a Scottish Court can handle debt matters and that in any case, one of the first Acts of the devolved Scottish Parliament was a private members Bill by then SMP, Tommy Sheridan which led in 2001 to the abolition of poinding and warrant sales- the then Scottish equivalent of English laws relating to Seizure and Removal. I point out that they are guilty of misrepresentation in respect of their powers. I again inform them of the damage to my health and that I have not received an itemised invoices and what is the invoice made up off? My attempts at education fail. As I knew they would, but now, I am focused on a longer term objective. However, perhaps these guys down sarf, think they can have a laugh on me by sending me a Notice of Removal on Hogmanay - probably thought my energies would be centered on festivities. This time the invoice is for £450 and it' still not broken down as required. But a further error is made, as this time they up the anti, by posting it to "the occupier" and not me personally. This is potentially catastrophic as my mother in law suffers from dementia and I act as her carer. What would have happened if she had opened the letter, or my wife or children? Newlyn had made a further mistake and you all know what that was, as do I. It was clearly designed to intimidate and misrepresent their powers. Emails are sent and phone calls made.And remember, I am innocent. They are acting in error, compounding their errors and making every mistake going. Formal complaint process has produced nothing from Harrow Borough Council. No action taken by Newlyn PLC. Post 2 will update further. Ready for the roller coaster. Fasten the seat belts.
  5. Hi! I sincerely hope you will be able to advise me in a very stressful situation. I had an outstanding penalty charge notice of £130 for clipping into a bus lane, issued by the Harrow council. I've made my complaint to the council arguing that the bus lane was not correctly and adequately indicated. I have not received any further communication after that, and most certainly have not received the Rejection Notice of any kind. Soon after, I've suffered a heart attack followed by two surgical procedures in April last year and since have been unemployed and on jobseekers allowance as my sole income. As soon as I was physically able I approached Stepchange and CAB with the advice on what to do about the matter since I wanted to do the right thing, and they advised me to contact Harrow Council and explain my medical and financial situation, and ask for a manageable payment arrangement, which I did. I have since written to Harrow Council several times sending all the relevant hospital and other medical documents, as well as my financial details. Despite my repeated requests for such, my correspondence has neither been replied to, nor acknowledged. On March the 5th I was in a shock to find a handwritten letter Take Formal Notice pushed through my letter from Newlyn Plc, requesting almost £500 to be paid immediately. I've contacted TEC in Northampton straightaway and was instructed to fill in the PE2 and PE3 forms and email them, after which TEC would inform Harrow council, and they should halt the baillif action pending further court decision. I have done as instructed and received the confirmation from TEC that they have formally informed Harrow council on the 10th of May, and that the procedure will take its due course, of which I would be duly informed by the court of and when a final decision has been made. I haven't heard anything from either the court or the council since. Today another hand-delivered letter by Newlyn Plc appeared at my doorstep - this time even more stressful and upsetting Control of Goods, demanding the immediate payment of £696.44. I've contacted the TEC again and was told by the officer (who was very surprised at this course of action) that Newlyn's action should have not gone through, I should have NOT been given this letter since TEC has informed the council, and my case has still not come to court, so no decision to escalate action has not been made. I have written and emailed Harrow council, sending all the forms and copies of emails, I have faxed and written to Newlyn with all the forms and I have not heard a thing. I am a 62 year old heart patient, not working, deeply distressed and frightened by all of this. The matter of the deepest concern and worry is that all my previous payment offer, detailed correspondence to either Newlyn or Harrow council has seemingly been ignored, and ignored on purpose, because I find it hard to believe that none of my letters, not even the official communication from TEC has not made through. I am at my wits end, in deep distress and not a little scared. What should I do? Many thanks for any advice.
  6. A a current thread highlights Harrow Borough Council, apparently allowing its bailiff contractor, Newlyn, to charge a £235 fee for a single attendance in connection with Council Tax enforcement. Harrow council caused controversy when it called for its bailiff contractor to hand back 8% of its fees collected from householders who owed money to the council. Is this why Newlyns are having to inflate their fees to the point of extortion? Coincidentally, a Freedom of Information request has been submitted to Harrow which might throw light on why the council allows its bailiff contractor to impose these levels of charges.
  7. About 6 weeks ago I parked (for less than 10 minutes) by a kerb that had no yellow lines, no parking bays and no obvious restrictions. When I returned to my car, a parking attendant had just placed a ticket on my windscreen. When I protested, he said I had parked in a Pay & Display area without paying. I said there were absolutely no markings where I parked and said I would take a photograph to prove my point with the council. He then said to me "If you ask me nicely, I will cancel the ticket". Not wanting to prolong this discussion, I said to him (OK then, I would be very grateful if you will kindly do so" He replied "OK, I will cancel the ticket" and he proceeded to remove the ticket, folded it and put it in his pocket, got into his car (which incidentally was parked on the opposite side of the road on yellow lines!) and drove off. I also have a witness to all that took place. I visited the site the next day and took photographs of the spot I was parked at just in case of a problem. This week, I received a Notice to Owner from the council saying I had not paid the PCN so obviously the parking attendant lied when he said he would cancel the ticket. I checked the website, but there is no photograph of the alleged offence. I intend to appeal on the grounds that (1) there were no yellow lines, white lines or parking bays marked where I parked, and (2) the parking attendant said he would cancel the ticket and took it away, denying me the opportunity of appealing the charge and freezing the amount to pay at the lower amount. Any advice or tips gratefully received.
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