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  1. Hello Consumer Action Group! Having a bit of trouble with what I have found out to be a gym contract. The timeline of events is as follows March 2018: Was given an introductory Jiu Jitsu lesson at Gracie Barra Barnsley. After this I then paid £60 up front and signed a direct debit mandate so they could start one with my bank. They specifically told me this is not a contract and only like one in that fees can go up if I want to go to more advanced classes. August 2018: After attending for 3 months I was unable to continue due to other commitments and the fact that the schedule they advertised on their website was subtly wrong. A few of the times were different namely, Tuesday which is the main day I could attend. Only other times I did attend were due to having a lot of holiday time saved up. After trying to make it work I could not. Plus the gym was too small and one time I was literally thrown out the door and banged my head on the concrete (the level of first aid provided concidering I was bleeding out my head was nothing, just said if you pass out call us.) It just wasn't working on any level. I send an e-mail to the only point of contact listed on the website and tried to call multiple times all of which was ignored and never heard a response. I let another months payment go through and cancelled the direct debit. November 2018: While searching through the junk in my e-mail to find some gracie related stuff I found a direct debit failure notification. I immediately contact the gym to find out what is happening. Seems they have bound me to a 12 month contract. After ignoring my calls for a couple of days I e-mailed them. They will not respond to why they ignored my request to cancel and my calls and will only refer me to their direct debit company by the name DFC. Furthermore when I argue they have mis-sold me this, he runs through the sequence of events that lead to me apparently being fully informed and happily signing this agreement. I then point out that it wasn't even him that sold it to me and he now says he won't disucss it with me and I must talk to DFC. So talking with DFC is where I'm at now. I put a big list of issues to them in writing which they then completely ignored and said that I can either, and I quote, " 1: full contract amount to be paid 2: contract amount to be paid at an agreed amount 3: If you wish to take it further they are happy for this to go ahead. " Some of the issues I put to them are: Ignoring requests for me to cancel the contract or find out the cancellation procedure. Refusing to discuss the service with me. The contract isn't filled in properly and it hasn't been returned despite the fact that at the top of the contract it clearly states that if it is not filled in entirely, it will be returned to me. (Their customer services responded to this by saying it is fine as they only provide one service (in relation to the service description box being blank) and after asking them where it says that on the contract they told me to seek legal advice, then came back and said e-mail us with evidence of the contract, I then e-mailed them this and they responded with above) I never filled in the contract and this was done for me (including my marketing preferences) as the handwriting varies across the document. Why after requesting the contract and them setting a 14 day timescale for this, why did they not do that. When I then said do not contact me again, did they e-mail me anyway with the contract and apologised for not meeting that timescale. Offered to reduce all fees to £15. Then, at the bottom I requested a further cancellation (literally the third time now) if they for any reason believed the contract to be valid, under the 1st right to limited cancellation which it doesn't state I need evidence for (however I listed 7 reasons.) This was also ignored. Now I'm at a point where they say they the above. Total outstanding is £180 + £15 admin fee which they expect at minimum. I sent them an e-mail saying I will pay £195 right now to cancel the whole contract if you tell me today, otherwise I will need to work out a plan. They have not responded and so I can only say I'll have to work out a plan. Sorry for the wall of text but just looking for some advice here as I have no idea how to continue. The CAB says just pay and that is why I sent the above. Any help or advice would be really appreciated as I have never been through something like this. Attached is the contract and ts&cs they sent through TC normal .pdf
  2. Dear All, In the Courts and Tribunals Act 2007, it is suggested that once a warrant is issued against the debtor for a parking offence, then the vehicle cannot be sold or disposed of prior to levy or removal, until the debt is cleared. This of course leaves innocent people like Ethel and Albert two pensioners, having purchased a vehicle from London with outstanding parking tickets in a terrible and disgusting position. Along comes a bailiff with ANPR and removes the vehicle. The bailiff then states that the vehicle is subject to outstanding parking tickets, they will not return the vehicle until all the tickets are paid in full including costs of removal, and as such under the Courts and Tribunals Act 2007, they do not have clear title, and they are ordered to seek the return of £7500 for their car from the person who they purchased it from, in this case Mr Jones, who in turn sticks two fingers up to Ethel and Albert. How can it be that innocent people who purchase vehicles with outstanding parking tickets are being subjected to this kind if trauma, it is a terrible [problem], and I cannot imagine that parliament had intended for the bailiffs to interpret the law in the manner they have done. The names used in this story are of course not their real names, but the innocent people concerned are real, and are worried about losing further sums with Newlyn PLC pursing these kinds of dirty tactics. Newlyn PLC have invited the pensioners to take legal action, but are warned that if they dare they will defend it viciously, as they take legal action against them seriously.
  3. Hi everyone, I would appreciate your advice on this matter. I received a letter from Newlyn about a month ago regarding an overpayment of housing benefit from Newham Council, amounting to around £2200. I contacted them straight away asking for details, as the council has never written to me at my new address. Newlyn said they didn't have any details, as they had only held the account for several days. I then started getting phone calls every couple of days. When I couldn't come to the phone, they would leave me a voicemail and I always returned their calls. I explained the situation again the second time I spoke to them and the lady told me which period the overpayment was for to which I replied that it was still insufficient information, but she said she didn't know any more. I've contacted the council, requesting to know why they think I owe them money and asked for a statement of payment from them. I've spoken to Newlyn at least twice after this and explained on every occasion that I've contacted the council to enquire about the situation but have yet to receive a reply. The people on the phone said they were unable to 'hold' the account, even though I've done everything I can and they're not providing me with a reason to pay. I have received an automated response email from the council stating they have received my enquiry and they will respond to me in due time, but Newlyn won't leave me alone. In the past few days, they have sent me a letter that was addressed to 'the occupier' requesting for a forwarding address for me even though, I've contacted and spoken to them many times. I don't know how to proceed. I can't pay them - I don't have the money, but also I don't see why I should pay when I haven't been given reason to. They've said "you owe this much, now pay up" and that's pretty much it. I'm really stressed out about how quickly this is escalating and I'm really frustrated as to why I'm expected to pay when they haven't even explained to me why I owe them money. I'm struggling to cope with this and I feel really trapped. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds. Zoe
  4. i took out a loan with first national several years ago, and in the process of claiming back charges they applied to my account with them, what i am not sure about is i settled the loan off before its end date, and going over the statements have come across a section where they have added on future charges, after speaking to them it turns out to be because i had settled the loan off early they added the interest onto the settlement figure if it had run its course, after taking the rebate of left a balance of £546.36 intrest to pay on top of the loan, this been the interest they would of made from me if i had not settled early, and have informed me that this is the type of loan i took out with them, does anyone know if i can claim this back, after all they still got their money back, plus the interest they made of me while i had the loan, and also redemtion fees because i settled early, and also another charge of £59.23 further settlement interest charge, has anyone got any adice on this and if i can claim this back, many thanks
  5. Please would any member be able to assist with the following issue that I am having with Clydesdale Finance who have changed a default date with Experian Credit Expert which has greatly affected my Credit file. The issue is: I had had a debt that should have expired 04.01.16 after 6 years, I was eagerly awaiting this to enable myself to move forward with my own financial plans. I recently checked with Experian Credit expert to make sure that my score was still at 999 and that the expected bad debts would disappear from my personal report. I was amazed to see that my credit report score had drastically dropped to 734 barely over the poor mark. I duly contacted Experian to find out what has happened. Experian contacted Clydesdale on my behalf to be informed that I personally would have to contact them to discuss the matter. This proved to be impossibility as I could not find any information as to the contact numbers I would need to contact this company nor could Experian provide me with a contact number saying that they will only accept written contact. On the advise of Experian I duly wrote to them on the 22.02.16 asking them for an explanation as to how and why they have changed my personal financial data with Experian. I provided screen shots of the original default dates that were applicable which was 04/01/2010 which should have expired off my personal credit file from this date. To date I have not even had the courtesy of an contact/acknowledgement of my letter which was signed for and duly received. My questions are: 1) Can a Finance company operate this way legally? 2) What should I now do to move this forward 3) Can I take legal proceeding
  6. Hi everyone, After graduating uni I have applied to a Master scholarship and I have been given one. The university agreed to pay for my full master course and I was to cover 350 hrs of internship during the whole year course. A few months into my degree I had to defer due to health issues. At the time they were encouraging and advised me to freeze the course for a few months and then decide if I want to come back depending on how I feel. When the time came I decided to not continue it and as they heard this they told me I have to pay for the first semester as I did not do enough internship hours to cover that (£1130). Initially I said I am willing to pay but I would like to see the terms and conditions of the scholarship in the case of a referral and our contract signed. There was no contract and no terms and conditions. the only thing they have provided me with was a time sheet where it shows how many hours I've worked as an intern and threats that if I do not pay they will send my details to their debt collectors agency. Please note I never said I will not pay, I just said I will but I need to see the contract and conditions first and make sure that is the case. Next email came from Controlaccount PLC asking me to pay them £1330 on behalf of University College Birmingham. I have ignored their emails and calls until now, yesterday I received a letter for the first time. threatening me that if I do not pay in 14 days they will apply for a CCJ and I will have to pay for court charges plus other fees too. My question is, can they really apply for a CCJ, and if they do will this immediately affect my credit score or only in the case that I do not pay in 30 days after the court decision. I am planning to apply for a mortgage in the future and this worries me. Thank you very much in advance. Alex
  7. Hi any help would be great, Im at my wits end. Back story - 7 years ago I was finished from my job on health issues, was put on ESA, but then taken off because of their incompetence ( thats another story). Anyhoo , long story short, gained around £10000 in Mortgage arrears and when to court for an order of possession , which was suspended....had a few bumps along the way , but ironed the out with Mortgages PLC, we have so far payed back £5000. Just 2 months before Christmas last year, missed 2 payments due to lack of funds, car issues etc...Morg PLC sent out an advisor to see what was occurring and set up an new agreement. Was told by the advisor that we would receive confirmation of acceptance of agreement, and to make payment 1/1/17 . Because of the NY etc, didn't know that agreement was accepted or not, but made the basic mortgage payment. Had a letter yesterday morning stating that we have failed to pay mortgage arrears under the terms of the possession order, so I rang them. The guy stated that the agreement was not accepted as we have unsecured debt items on the budget (£200 pm) submitted to them. These items where there before, and the offer of £100 over the mortgage payment was the same as before. He said that the only way I could go forwards was to contact a debt service and set up an agreement with them, to not pay the unsecured debt fully and reduce it to £30 a month, then pay the rest to Mortgages PLC.. Sounds fair , but I stated to him that we could save more and pay £200 above the Mortgage payment, but he didn't seem interested to pass this information on over to the collections dept. Would it be worth ringing again to try to speak to someone else, or do I have to use the dept service ? This is some thing I really don't want to go down, some items I pay for are HP, laptops for college kids etc, they need them for eduction, I would sooner make a agreement directly. If they did push for the order of possession, could I go back and fight my case again...? I admit we where in the wrong for not keeping up the order, but after we have shown willing for 4-5 years paying back £5000 surely this means that we are committed to repay the arrears? Any help would be great.
  8. Hi We used to have a mortgage with Mortgages PLC. They added lots of charges over the years, so awhile ago I sent a SAR and realised there was substantial charges i could possible reclaim, maybe between £500-£1200. I sent a letter asking, they said no and that I had six months from the letter to take it further. Due to various reasons I didn't carry on at that time. Now maybe 18 months later I would like to know if it is possible to try again or does that letter mean I have lost my chance. Does the 12 years still apply to reclaim charges too? Because I am probably looking at fees from around 2004-2007. Thanks
  9. CAG... I write this with good intentions but its becoming more and more apparent that ignoring DCAs is becoming a bad idea. Just like the case of Harlands / Zinc and Court, It appears Control Account are issuing claims. I attach the following example... The debtor of another site, which i will not mention was told to ignore Control Account PLC and is now being advised to try and get unequivocal proof of who the legal manager is, statements etc... Its becoming apparent that DCAs that are normally dont even consider legal action are now attempting it. There is a way to deal with these types of claim and using the below advice will steer you in the wrong direction. Please remember that just because an account is with a particular DCA, it doesnt mean you will beable to second guess them.
  10. Hi I have a letter from Moorcroft Group PLC saying they are attempting to contact me (my name and address are on the letter) regarding a personal matter and my address has been provided as a possible address for their customer. It advises me to call them if it is me but also to call them if it isn't so they can update their records. There is a reference on the letter which means nothing to me and I am almost 100% certain I do not owe money to anyone that is not currently being paid. Is there any way I can find out what this is about without calling them as I am very reluctant to do so after reading various forum threads. Any advice on what to do would be helpful. Thanks Just been digging a little more after reading other posts on here. Checked my credit report on Clearscore and this apparently relates to an old BT account from my previous address 4 years ago which I had no idea was there or in arrears and no reason to think it existed. Missed payments from February 2012 but the total owed is relatively low. Seriously annoyed this has been affecting my credit rating. Is there a way I can sort this out with BT without talking to Moorcroft as I really don't want to give them any details.
  11. hi, i made a purchase online for a set of dust filter for my computer from south africa to the UK, i made the payment and payid for shipping for £21, i assumed this was to take care of the import fees, i received the package, a couple of days later i got a letter from DHC saying i owe them VAT of £17, i emailed asking how they came to £17 and they replied saying that i was being charge £7 VAT and a £10 administration charge cause they paid the VAT when they picked up the package, this is the first time i've made a purchase abroad i was a bit peeved they were making me £10 pounds when i already paid for shipping i understand they wanted me to pay the VAT which i would of done, but because of the administration charge i felt cheated. i decided to ignore the payment, weeks later i got a new letter from a company called control account PLC saying they now own the debt and have added their admin fees to the payment of £10 and said i should no longer contact DHC. the new charge was £25. i received this letter late so i missed the window to make they payment, and then received a letter this week saying "that i must pay the sum of £25 within 14 days or this matter will be passed on to our legal department, At this time litigation may commence with a County Court Judgment sought, the cost of these proceedings would increase your current liability with judgment in place, would allow enforcement action to be taken. This is your final oppprtynity to remedy this matter prior to further action being taken" what should i do?, its already to late to pay it back, whats the worse that could happen?, what is likely to happen. any advice would be really appreciated, i'm really worried Thanks
  12. Hi i would be grateful for any clarification other caggers can provide. LTSB Gold Service Payment application form circa 1990's. across the top of the application 'Lloyds Bank Gold Service Payment/Photo Card Application Form' underneath Credit agreement regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. this is very confusing as part of the document states under 'Security' 'the overdraft facility made available under this agreement is unsecured and shall not be secured or treated as secured by virtue of any mortgage, charge or other security which i/we may have already given (or may in future give) to you. does this then mean that if there is a dispute that LTSB cannot enforce to change the 'unsecured' to 'secured' via a CCJ ? then further down it states 'to be considered for a Lloyds Bank Gold Service Payment Card you must sign in the box below' this implies to me the A4 form is an application form and not an agreement, however in the signature box it refers to 'this is a Credit Agreement regulated by the CCA' has anyone else come across this? and what is the position. Thank You
  13. Today I got a letter off Control Account PLC demanding that I pay £26.18 for VAT and Import taxes. I do rember getting a letter off Fed Ex asking for VAT & Import tax a while ago but check eBay and ali express and there was nothing that I had ordered recently (6 months) from outside the EU and I cant even recall ANYTHING being delivered by Fed Ex. I wouldn't mind paying but generally don't they ask for the money BEFORE they hand over the goods and I REALLY cant find anything in my purchase history that matches this, it says not to contact FedEx so I cant even establish dates etc. Any advice would be gratefully received Thanks
  14. Hi All, I received a PCN from euro car parks dated the 23/3/15. I ignored this as I was told this was the correct thing to do. Since, I have received correspondence from control account plc namely the last two were dated 29th May and 15th June respectively. The latter - "act now this wont go away" claims the legal department is now assessing my file with a view to commencing litigation blah blah blah... I was given 14 days to respond but I still haven't done so - mostly through ignorance and workload. I've read that control account plc can't really do much as its upto euro car parks to commence litigation and nor are they debt collectors... - am i right to still ignore this? I only today have had a missed call and a voicemail from control account to my mobile saying call us to pay etc.. (how have they even got my mobile number) The parking event was in a morrisons car park in england. Dan
  15. Hello friends, First post so please excuse my very minor knowledge in the matter I need help/advice with. Lat week a bailiff from Crewe county court knocked on my door stating he had a warrant from the court regarding a ccj issued on behalf of United utilities water plc, I said I had no knowledge of the issue and he left, he left a mesage on my answer machine the following day asking me to call him. After reading information from various sites I decided not to call (unsure how I should have proceeded or what I would say) I came home last night and a letter had been hand posted through my door that is essentially a photocopied template with details filled in by hand. It contains yesterdays date (hand written) a claim number (hand written) a warrant number (hand written) the claimant (hand written) the amount of £1,192.08 (hand written) and a stamp that says the bailiffs name, bailiff, Crewe county court and below that a telephone number and a second stamp saying 'URGENT' The writing states that the warrant has been issued for the payment...... ....or removal of your goods to the saleroom unless within 24 hours the above amount is paid into the court office, you will leave me no alternative but to carry out the warrant by re-attending your premises with the auctioneers van and porters to remove your goods to the saleroom to satisy the warrant. You will have to pay additional removal fees and auctioneers costs. The bailiff has never been into the property to levy goods, can he simply turn up to collect goods, especially if I am not there? I feel i must say that this situation is not come about because I simply refuse to pay, it is the net effect of family seperation, and 2 redundancies within the same year that have compounded financial issues. I am a single father of two kids that live with me, I work full time but earnings only cover basic living costs....there is certainaly no lifestyle to talk of. I have a number of other debt issues but this is an immediate problem I am worried about. My car is an old banger and probably has a value of £200 tops but it is essential that i keep it for work commuting and hospital appointments (my youngest has a heart condition and requires regular visits to liverpool chest and heart hospital and alder hey) Could someone please tell me how to proceed, I have almost no assets, live in rented accomadation, and wages dont cover the cost of living ...i have nothing left to pay off debts and they are compounding badly. Last year I let a bailiff in and he levied goods against a council tax bill which I am paying £112.50 a month for to stop him taking items away which means I cannot afford to pay the current tax.. ...as an example of the situation getting worse. I hope this makes sense. Thank you for reading. Mark
  16. Hi Guys. Sorry if this has already been addressed but I am just looking for some advice. I purchased some items from Usa before Christmas and they were delivered via Fedex and they covered the customs and duty charge. The problem is they didnt tell me or inform me they had covered it so I didnt know I owed them money. I got a letter from Control Accounts Plc yesterday stating that my debt has be passed onto them via Fedex because despite previous letters I have refused to pay my customs and duty charge. The thing is I never received any letters from Fedex regarding these charges. The original charge was £20 and they are now trying to charge me £61 as Fedex have added on a late payment fee. I contacted CAP today and told them that I am happy to pay the £20 that I owe because that it a customs and duty charge however I will not be paying the latepayment fee as I never received any warnings or letters from Fedex. The lady on the phone was less than helpful and extremly rude saying that it was my word against theirs that I never received a letter as it was sent in November and they would be charging me the £40 no matter what. I explained I would pay the £20 and she said pay it but we will still be coming after you for the £40. They dont have my name only my Business name. What should I do? Should I pay the additional £40 or leave it and let them chase me. I know its only a small amount of money but its the principle. They have threatened the usual in the letter that it may lead to a Claim being issued in the County Court. Any advice would be appriciated D x
  17. my cousin whom i had staying at my address for a few weeks while i was away and as since moved back to Scotland , ordered a monitor from ebay on his laptop. from korea. which was delivered to my address in west Yorkshire. he told me delivery was included in the price he showed me the invoice which read item $200 plus $100 shipping. he signed for the parcel from FedEx. i received a letter addressed to him from fedex . i opened it and it said he owed £52 for custom and tax fees, the others i posted back unopened writing on not at this address, return to sender, now i have just had a letter from Control Account PLC.which i have posted back to them unopened , can they get any debt from me, as i wont grass on my cousin.
  18. Hey guys I got a letter ages ago from fedex asking me to pay some charges for something I purchased from america. Amount was £18.51 to pay, I ignored it and got a letter from PLC telling me to pay them instead of Fedex. What I'd like to know, is it safe to continue to ignore them ? No court hearing or any of that stuff as I can't really be dealing with that stuff as I am a Uni student. Can I just ignore them ?
  19. Hi all, This morning I received a letter from EOS Solutions UK PLC quoting a previous address trying to track me down. The letter requires me to phone them to discuss a personal matter. A google of the company has highlighted several people with issues with this company trying to extort money from them. Ive read they are a debt collection company so I signed up for Experian and checked whether I owe anything but my credit score is 999 with nothing owed. Should I ring them as asked or just ignore the letter and wait? Could they be phishing for details? Thanks for any advice.
  20. In 2010 i went to university albeit for 3 months before i decided it wasn't for me. I informed the NHS Bursary on numerous occasions that they were still paying my bursary into my account over 2 years that i had left. I finally managed to get it stopped and i waited for contact from them to sort out a payment plan. I later moved to Yorkshire and only a few weeks ago i received this letter Letter Before Claim Re: NHS Services Authority -V- My name Reference no Amount outstanding: £5,522.96 We are instructed by our above named client with regards to the amount outstanding as detailed. The sum remains unpaid despite several requests for payment from both our client and us and is now seriously overdue. You will have will have already received details relating to the outstanding debt which our client deems you are liable to pay. Given the period of the sum has been outstanding, consideration of the intervention of the county court is being considered. Such action would involve the issue of a claim for the principle balance owed along with an application against you for repayment of the court issue fee our client would incur and interest at the current county court rate (this amount is calculated from the date upon which payment fell due) Itemised below are general documents that may be relied on in court, copies of which would form part of any proceedings a) enrolment form b) university terms and conditions/general regulations c) invoice (s) and statement account the letter then continues to state if i wish to avoid this action then i should contact them within 14 days by phoning them or by hand written response. It also describes that the letter communication complies with current pre-action court procedures and guidelines I have not had a letters or communication from the NHS other than that of me contacting them several times to stop the bursary. I have only just started to receive these letters from control account plc in the past few weeks over 4 years ago of when i left the University! Are they working on behalf of the NHS or have they bought the debt from them? I know other companies use the same tactics and have been proven that legally i do not have to pay them as i do not owe them the debt rather it is NHS i owe too. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  21. Hi Can someone please advise me on how to handle this debt? When I was at university I borrowed some money to pay my rent as my student loan had not been paid. My loan didn't arrive until the end of the academic year so after the late fees added on the amount owed came to £295, which I could not afford to pay. I moved house after finishing uni, about two years ago, but they have managed to track me down. I have ignored several letters from the university threatening legal action, and this morning I got a letter from control account plc threatening serious legal consequences if I do not pay within 5 days. What would you advise me to do? Thanks for any advise in advance!
  22. Help the CAG!! Download our toolbar Cagger since Jun 2006 I am looking for help with a claim against Mortgages plc, regarding the unfair charges applied to the mortgage account when in arrears. The original claim started back when claims for unfair charges with the banks were being to court. I followed this route and it ended beiing stayed in the courts for 2 years. It has taken a while to get it lifted, It was only when I was aware that the FSA were taking action against the mortgages lenders for unfair treatment. I made changes to the POC from a template from this site, I have filed a allocation questionaire recently, The claim is for less then £2000, but the defendants solicitors want the claim struck out and have also requested a fast track proceedure. The claim was presented back during the bank charges period and ended up being stayed, whcih lift some 12 months ago. Recived an order from the court, with a date for a case management conference 21st Feb 2013 I have to provide information 2 clear days before the hearing. (a) a case summary with suggested directions which the other part shall attempt to agree (b) a statement of the issues agreed by all parties © a written estimate of the costs incurred to date with an estimate of the total costs if the action proceeds to trial. (e) if either party intends to apply for directions, which is not agreed, written submissions shall be filed and served by both parties not less than two clear days befort the hearing (f) The District judge is prepared to consider and, if appropriate to aprrove, agreed direction in advance of the hearing, but the case management conference shall not be cancelled unless such approval has been notified to the parties beforehand. Mortgages Plc also claim that the account was with their sister company mortgages 2, but all the correspondence, and mortgage payment were made to them.
  23. I took out a secured loan in 2003 for £25k that had ppi attached. I had other policies etc. to cover my mortgage and 2nd charge in the event of redundance, death & critical illness etc. so do believe I will claim it back. I called Endeavour Personal Finance who told me that yes it did have ppi attached but I had gone via a broker called CT Finance. I called them and they said that since the loan was taken out prior to 2006 1. The insurance was brokered prior to the regulation of general insurance by the Financial Services Authority. 2. Central Capital Limited (the broker) was not a member of the General Insurance Standards Council (GISC). 3. Central Capital Limited (the broker) was not a member of the Association of British Insurers (ABI). 4. The sale took place moer than six years ago. They are saying this is their final response with the usual garb and leaflet for the FOS. Can I still claim?
  24. I am looking for help with a claim against Mortgages plc, regarding the unfair charges applied to the mortgage account when in arrears. I have filed a allocation questionaire recently, The claim is for less then £2000, but the defendants solicitors want the claim struck out and have also requested a fast track proceedure. The claim was presented back during the bank charges period and ended up being stayed. I managed after some time to get the stayed lifted and a new particulars of claim accepted by the judge. Mortgages Plc also claim that the account was with their sister company mortgages 2, but all the correspondence, and mortgage payment were made to them.
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