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  1. Hi All From recent activity and instilled confidence boost - going through all my SAR's and have literally hundreds ££ of charges to be reclaimed. SO - Initially Thinking of reclaiming unfair charges for a Lloyds CURRENT a/c running through Sep 2001 till 2007. The current account is now closed and has been sold to DCA. Just wanted to confirm ( as not many recent threads on this subject ) is the best route to take ( as over six years old claim ) is : - 1 ) Court Action ( MCOL Claim ) ? including Pre-Action protocol. Just read from from an old post c.2013 from Slick132 - Getting charges back on a bank current a/c is not likely unless :- 1. There is Financial Difficulty (or hardship) involved, and there is lending (eg an overdraft) in which case you could use The Lending Code to reclaim charges from March 2011 onwards. Is this still the case ? Many Thanks
  2. My personal current account was recently suspended pending a 'compliance review' and then about 3 days later immediately closed with no warning. No reason was given so got absolutely no idea why it was closed. They are also saying that the balance (approx £3-4000) will be credited back to the most recent accounts that have paid in, but this won't be done for 6-10 weeks, "possibly longer". They blocked a payment out for my rent (made approx 4 days prior to them suspending the account initially) which they were informed about right away, and which caused the payment to be 10 or so days late - causing a lot of distress as I got grief from my landlord and had to find somewhere to borrow the money from to pay the rent. Can they just do this?
  3. Hi everyone I have an Energy Company giving data shares to a Credit Agency but the shares are not showing the outstanding amount or reduction in what's been paid every month. I was under the impression that to avoid breaching GDPR certain parts of the data share should include this to show a true reflection of the account and so other potential lenders could see where the account was up to etc. Some months inbetween others they wouldn't give any information! When I queried this with the Energy Company they then started showing the shares as an 'i' which I believe stands for Arranged Payment. Ok, so does that mean they can just show a status of AP every month still with no current balance and outstanding balance? How are other lenders meant to see when this will end? They also shared information via the Credit Agency during the dispute I raised that said I was responsible for the supply at the address with incorrect dates. As that's been sent to the Credit Agency in response to my dispute, would that breach GDPR?
  4. I'm doing the cardinal sin and posting this on behalf of a friend who doesn't have access to the Internet from home. My friend has had £200 stolen from their account by debit card and are currently on ESA/PIP due to serious medical issues and mental health conditions. My understanding is the transactions were taken by debit card. The Fraudster attempted a payment of £500 and then £400 and then £200 the formers were declined and the latter was accepted. The card in question has now been cancelled and it was reported as soon as they became aware. Barclays are insisting that an investigation be done before any money is refunded taking at least up to 10 working days. We all know that isn't true per the FCA rules here: https://www.fca.org.uk/consumers/unauthorised-payments-account This is going to cause them serious problems as they need to attend medical appointments and put food on the table etc. They have offered a £35 GOGW payment in the first instance. The question becomes, how does one quote the legislation over the phone to effectively force the bank to behave themselves and issue those 'temporary refunds' until the case is investigated? Whilst I am sure they would be happy to make complaints to the FoS etc.. They need access to their funds and the bank are being deliberately obstructive. They want me to speak to them later today to see if quoting the FCA rules has any effect. But is there anything else you could advise in the second instance. Friend is classed as vulnerable adult with serious mental health issues too.
  5. Can anyone tell me if this is the current address for GE Money? GE Money Home Lending PO Box 912 Newport NP20 9PB The loan i am enquiring about was originally through Loans.co.uk but they seem to not be operating anymore.
  6. Hi Peeps Slowly making my way through Payplan DMP..aiming to obliterate them all at last. Lloyds Current Account O/D £900.00dr sorry been paying them £1 month recently payplan. 10 year old debt - fallen of CRF. obviously being fleeced as debt not really gone down. What letter do I send to Akinika ? unsure of this one as current account. Thanks Peeps
  7. Good afternoon Caggers I purchased a 2nd property by re-mortgaging my current home. The Spanish property market collapsed and my house was not built. I am claiming my deposit back, however my current mortgage company does not have any history of my borrowing extra funds during 2006, nor do they have any history of the mortgage. Where do I stand on this? They have openly admitted they have no paperwork. maybe I can hold them to account for that and say that I paid it off???? Your help is greatly appreciated!
  8. Sent my appeal off with some brief details of why i was appealing , Had a Letter from DWP confirming that they received my appeal, and about how much ESA i will get until it's heard, But so far over 1mth since requesting the full written statement of the Atos wca Form IB /ESA85, But so far i have not been sent it, The person that i recently spoke with from DWP ,Confirmed that they could see that i had previously requested it, but could not understand why i had not yet received it, What can be done to force them to supply this info,(assuming it actually exists) ?
  9. Hi, I have read through a number of posts but only managed to confuse myself more, so thought i'd better just post. I have an old HSBC Current Account that I think was sold on in around 2000/2001 (memory a little hazy) to a DCA (but I cannot remember which one) and I paid them £1 a month. Around 2013 Cabot bought the debt and I continued to pay £1 a month. This was a joint account which they refused to acknowledge, said it was only in my name and they had no record of my partner on the debt - great! So fast forward to today. I stopped paying them in July this year, completely forgot as was paying by postal order - my own fault, and have since received the following letters: 05/10/2017 "Welcome to Cabot Credit Management Group that own your HSBC Bank Current Account. We have recently confirmed you are living at the above address and need to make you aware that we are now responsible for helping you manage your account and receiving future payments" Then a bit about contacting them etc. 22/10/2017 "We have recently confirmed that you are living at the above address. We do this through a variety of checks, so we're confident we have the correct address for you. We need to talk to you to arrange a repayment plan on your account; we can help you find an affordable solution. 06/11/2017 A bit about understanding how it's difficult to clear debt, we want to help etc then "We own your account and are prepared to reduce the balance in order to help you become free of this debt sooner. If you would like to take up this offer call us" I have a couple of questions: I have looked at other forum messages advising sending a CCA but I don't think this would apply to me as its a current account - is that correct? What would be the route for me to follow if I can't go down the CCA road? I've seen some info on pre 2007 agreements - does this have any bearing on my case? Can Cabot put the debt back on my credit file as a default, as i've stopped paying, even though its over 6 years old? I'm sorry for the long post and thank you very much for reading
  10. http://www.welfareweekly.com/revealed-universal-credit-capability-for-work-questionnaire/ you want the first web link under the photo - has a download option Or you could use this? But I'd feel mean for not passing the DNS some traffic! https://www.scribd.com/document/368430893/Universal-credit-work-capability-questionnaire#from_embed
  11. hI, What I need is the current registered address for eBay (UK) Limited, I tried taking them thru MoneyClaimOnline a couple of years back but they never responded to the court papers served upon them, I'm presuming that I provided the wrong address, now I have two cases to serve upon them so if someone can confirm their current registered address. So far, from Google, I have four different addresses: eBay (UK) Ltd, Carmelite, 50 Victoria Embankment, Blackfriars, London EC4Y 0DX Whittaker House, 2 Whittaker Avenue, Richmond, Surrey TW9 1EH Ebay (UK) Ltd, Hotham House, 1 Heron Square, Richmond, SurreyTW9 1EJ 5 New Street Square, London, EC4A 3TW
  12. Hello everyone, I have applied for current accounts with Natwest and RBS which have both been denied (even though I was originally accepted) I want to know why they have refused me as my credit file is in good condition, no defaults etc so do I need to send an SAR? if so, is there a specific template? Any help or advice would be appreciated.
  13. What with advice changing from that given a year or so ago, I thought I would just ask a couple of questions regarding a recent private parking charge. a charge was sent to the registered keeper of a car parked on council owned land that had a private parking firm (Premier Park Ltd) enforcing access to a site by way of APNR system. The driver has to access said site to gain entry to the work place, and had been using the site for several months whilst the ANPR was active, without any charges at all. Driver was led to believe the car was registered on the system by his employer, but in fact wasn't. Although when employer was approached, the car was immediately registered. This was too late obviously to avoid the one off PCN, even though the car was parked prior to and after the PCN issued. Employer insisted to ignore all letters from the parking firm, and consequently the registered keeper (who wasn't the driver) is a few months down the chain with increasing charges applied against them. No appeal at all has been made (taking the employers advice quite literally) Advice also from other drivers on same site that have also received PCN's from the same private firm, have said they totally ignored all letters, and after several months, the letters stopped coming. In this case, the keeper has had a couple of debt collector letters demanding payment, and also suggesting if payment is not received or failure to acknowledge the letters, it will result in a solicitor stepping in and court action following. So the question are:... Can you ignore a letter implying court action is imminent ? , and what would be the consequences of ignoring this? Is court the only way to settle this now? Would the keeper (who wasn't the driver) have to go to court, or can the driver go instead? Is it now too late to appeal anyway? (The appeal I guess would go to the Parking firm, not the debt collector) Others have suggested a letter accompanied with a cheque to cover the original charge could be sent, explaining the extra charges added to the original fine are excessive, and the enclosed cheque is sent with the understanding that the charge is now dropped, and no further letters are to be sent..... etc etc But does that actually work? Also, cheques and letters in the post all take time, so could overlap yet another demand with yet higher costs en-route to the keeper. Which would take priority so to speak? Any advice is greatly appreciated.... Thanks
  14. I am in the process of getting all my ducks in order. I have an old hsbc current account opened in 2001. I had an agreed overdraft of £1250. In June 2010 I stopped earning and no money has gone into the account for 6 years. I cancelled all debits, but charges meant that I owe crica £1500. There is a default dated August 2011 and has now been sold on. I am confused about overdrafts as I have read a lot of conflicting data. Is is statute barred now or will I have to wait until next August? I am sure that there are a lot of fees and charges on the account, I have also been told that I may be able to reclaim package account fees, this may be cicra £500. Would this be opening up a hornets nest?
  15. I opened an account in 2007 with Lloyds bank whilst I was 16 years old and living in the south of the country with my girlfriend at the time. I then moved back to the north of the country but did not change my home address and all my mail was withheld from me for about a year. I had gone overdrawn on my account by £5.40 and did not know of this because my mail was being withheld and had no cause for concern. (I should have changed my address). September 2008 I received a letter from Lloyds TSB demanding I pay £479.03 of the £679.03 balance in full in a couple of weeks. Due to my financial situation I was unable to pay. In October 2008 I received a letter from a solicitors demanding that I pay the full amount £686.69 outstanding balance. They also state in the letter that if the payment was not paid in full I would receive a CCJ, which inevitably happened. I chose to bury my head in the sand at this point only being young and unable to make such a massive payment upfront. Later in January 2015 I set up a repayment plan of £5 a week to Lowel and managed to get the outstanding balance of £767.72 down to £162.72 thus paying £605. On my credit report it states that I have had a CCJ. What I am wondering is, what is the likelihood of reclaiming these charges? What steps do I need to take to reclaim? Will the CCJ be attached to my credit history permanently? Any other advise would be most appreciated.
  16. Hi My ex partner and I had a joint loan for £3000, when we split up she decided to reduce our payments which were below the required amount. The Clydesdale Bank agreed this. I have always paid my share, I have just recently found out she stopped paying, then restarted but paying less than we had agreed. I have just had a letter from a company called Cabot saying they are now responsible for the debt. They are being all nice saying they are happy for me to continue paying the agreed amount and I should set up a direct debit to them. read a lot of stuff on here I am sure they won't continue to be 'nice' I have already had 4 letters in 5 days! Where do I stand, I can't afford to pay more, I would prefer to keep dealing with the Clydesdale but this now seems impossible. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you
  17. Hi, I've received a PCN today from Euro Car Parks as my car was parked at their York store for 3 hours 31 minutes a few days ago, time limit is 3 hours. Yes, the car was there for that length of time, though I will not be stating here or anywhere else who was driving the car at the time (there are several people it could potentially be). The driver of the car did do shopping there during the visit, but did also do a few other things in and around the site of the car park during that time. I'm not sure yet if receipts are available to back this up, although 2 of the potential drivers share a "Morrisons More" loyalty card which will show purchases registered during that time period. The letter I have (as keeper) is "demanding" £85, or £50 if paid within 14 days. The letter shows 2 photographs of my registration plate, with typed text below stating the entry and exit times. I've searched the forum for similar Morrisons time period exceeded messages and most are old enough for me not to be sure if they contain the best current advice, so would be grateful if anyone here could give the best course of action I should take please. I have an address/email address for Morrisons head office customer services if I need to go down that route (any set text available for making the best case direct to Morrisons?). If its relevant, I've seen some messages here giving differing views on which associations Euro Car Parks belongs to. This letter clearly shows them claiming to be members of the BPA if that helps? Thanks in advance!
  18. I wonder if anyone can help me. I have a t mobile current balance showing on my credit file from 1999. The amount is for £155 It is not showing as a default, only as a current balance. How can I get this removed as experian said that T Mobile must do it? Any advise would be greatly appreciated as this is giving me a poor credit score. I have not been in contact with them since 1999 and have made no payments at all.
  19. Hi I only just noticed that £13.99 had been taken from my Santander123 cureent account by Ancestry.com via DD !!!!!! I checked the DD and it states it started on 29/07/16 and i most DEFINITELY did not start/confirm this Direct Debit. Thus far they have taken £13.99 on 29/07/16 and today 02/09/16 !!!!!! How do i go about cancelling this, i can not recall using this service !!!!! I have an excellent credit rating and am more worried about it effecting that. Also i have no details of an account with them, so would not know how to even 'log in' to cancel it on their site. Anyone advise. Thanks Little update, i had full info on the DD, it has been taken by - Payee name: GLOBAL COLLECT BV RE ANCESTRY.COM I have NEVER authorised this !!! Anyone advise ? Thanks
  20. Hi I have 2 debts with Lloyds both managed by Apex but now owned by Cabot The debts are for £4K and £10K they are 8 years old and are for closed current accounts. I pay £1 pm I was originally in £60K of debt with various lenders but have brought it down over the years with Partial settlements, My 2 Questions are Q1; I do not remember a £10K current account debt and have asked for a copy of the original contract on both accounts, they have replied by saying they will send me a statement but do NOT need to send a copy of my signature as its a current account and not a loan... is this correct?? Q2; Assuming due to age the debt it is no longer on my credit file what % is usually acceptable for a partial settlement? Thanks
  21. Afternoon all. First time poster here looking for advice. I am leaving my current employer to take up a post with another company. I am currently undertaking a distance learning course (half of which has been deferred to 2017 due to personal circumstances), which has not yet finished, so under a signed training agreement I am liable for the full balance of the outstanding costs. I held a meeting with my current employer to attempt to set up a repayment plan, as the balance outstanding is over £3,000 and I am not in a position to pay this immediately, but I have informed that my current employer intends to issue me with an invoice for the full amount upon my last day, with an expectation for the full balance to be repaid within 30 days. I have offered to re-pay the balance with 12 monthly payments, but they will not accept this. I have also attempted to explain that I do not have this money available, and that I am more than willing to repay as per a repayment plan. The HR manager also questioned me regarding my lifestyle, and advised that I should take a bank loan to repay the sum owed, which I found rather unprofessional. What are options around this?
  22. Hi I have been directed to this group by a friend and I hope you can help me because I am worried. I have had a current account with Lloyds for around 25 years and until recently managed the account well with no problems. I recently came into financial difficulties and couldn't manage my overdraft repayments. My overdraft was £3000 and I couldn't even pay the £50 interest and overdraft fee. I contacted Lloyds by phone back in June 2015. I was informed that the account would be frozen and I would receive a letter in due course. I received the letter 26th June informing me that the overdraft would be removed in 60 days, the account would be passed to recoveries and the Credit Reference Agencies would be informed and my account be be marked as in default. I kept receiving statements showing that the account was incurring no interest or charges. I then received 2 letters in October 2015 informing me that I haven't paid anything for some time and I must contact them to or credit the account to avoid charges. I started paying £10 per month. In November 2015 I received a statement with charges included. I made an official complaint. I received a response on 16th November with an apology for "their mistake" for not passing the account to Recoveries and refund of all charges plus £50 as way of an apology. A letter was received a day later dated 17th November 2015 asking for payment but informing me that no charges will be incurred due to the "type of account". I continued to pay £10 per month interest free and heard nothing I received a letter dated informing me that my account had been passed to Collections (not Recoveries) and they can assist if I am struggling. I phoned on 18th February 2016 (I am aware now that phoning is not the best idea). I gave a brief Income/Expenditure breakdown and said that I will pay £10 per month. I was informed that I should do this until I am contacted by Recoveries in March. I heard nothing until today I received a letter dated 1st June 2016 stating "As we haven't been able to agree a suitable repayment plan, we've transferred your LTSB CURRENT ACCOUNT to a debt Collection Agency, Robinson Way. We've instructed Robinson Way to arrange collection of the outstanding amount. Please contact Robinson Way asap". Contact details were included. I am upset and confused. Why did Lloyds seem to pass me to Collections then seemingly back to mainstream bank then again to Collections? Why did they never send my account to "Recoveries" which was stated back in June 2015? Is transferring the account the same has selling the account on? Why did they pass my account to DCA when I had a repayment plan in place, which was deemed acceptable? Why have I still not been defaulted, when they said that I would be back in June 2015? My Credit file entries were showing as ok until December 2015 when a "1" marker was entered followed by a "2" in January 2016 up to a "5" in April 2016. Do I have to contact the DCA or should I wait for them to contact me? Can the DCA add interest/charges? I have no other debt apart from a couple of Credit cards that are almost paid off and not in arrears. I have no bank charges form Lloyds, so nothing to claim on that part. I am a single mother with a job in a School on minimum wage (16 hours per week) term time only, I simply can't afford to pay the balance. I am really worried and would appreciate any help. Thank you Letter dated 15th February 2016 - Acount passed to collections.pdf Letter dated 16th November 2015 following complaint then letter dated 17th November 2015.pdf Letter dated 1st June 2016 transfer of debt to Robinson Way.pdf Letters in October 2015 threatening interest & charges.pdf Initial Letter dated 26th June 2015 following informing of financial difficulties.pdf
  23. This is a strange one, hope someone can help. I took advantage of an offer to switch current accounts for circa £100 in May 2009. I filled in the forms, my salary and debits moved across. The problem was that Santander did not agree to match my existing overdraft (£500) and didnt communicate that the overdraft had not been granted but moved my finances over anyway. So I quickly moved back to my previous account and requested that Santander close the new current account. I recall speaking to a manager on the phone, who agreed to close the account with no charges and in exchange they would not pay me the £100 switching fee. They admitted that they should have communicated better and did not make me aware that any adverse credit history would be reported. However, I have downloaded an equifax report to discover that it is still showing as late payments from May 2009 until it was settled in November 2010. Note, this doesn't show in my noodle report. I am thinking that as I have not used the account since May 2009 it would be SB and should be clear from my credit reports, is this correct?
  24. Dear members, I'm a student in London. Yesterday I found that both of my account balance became zero and the money has been transferred TO RECONCILE Debit COVENTRY OPS 05 ADV. I went to a nearest branch to ask what happened to my account. They said they couldn't touch the money now and I have to write an email to reportasam (a barclays email, I can't post it here) to clarify the source of my money. After searching on the Internet I realized what happened. At the beginning of this year, my ex-boy friend has purchased a property in London. But in my home country, there is limit amount for foreign currency so he can't purchase enough pounds to buy the property. Therefore, he transferred domestic money to people who are working in UK and let them deposit cash or make payment of pounds to his UK bank account. And then he asked me for help. As a result, a total amount of around 80,000 pounds has been deposited to my account and then transferred to my ex-boy friend's account from January to the end of February. I think Barclays suspect that it might be money laundering and then withdraw all my money. We broke up in March and then I didn't do that again. I get nothing from those transactions.... As a student, all my money are from my parents and now I don't have any money to live. I've sent an email to that address but it does not work till now. What else can I do to get my money back as soon as possible? Please give advice. Thank you very much! Catherine
  25. Lloyds customers are losing their free, interest-paying current accounts and told to sign up for one at £60 a year. Loyal Vantage current account holders will no longer receive interest of up to 1.49 per cent from May 3. If they want to earn interest they must opt for the Club Lloyds account, which pays up to 3.93 per cent on balances of up to £5,000. It also offers access to a savings account paying the same and a 0.2 percentage point reduction on Lloyds mortgages, plus perks such as free cinema tickets. But customers will be hit with a £5 monthly bill unless they pay in £1,500 a month. Read more: http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-3549204/Lloyds-snubs-loyal-customers-taking-away-free-paying-current-accounts-tells-sign-one-60-year.html#ixzz46pxXHH99
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