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  1. Hey this is my first thread but i've been following closely in the background for a long while. I'm not sure if this should go here or the scottish debt forum :/ Hbos have a default registered on my current account dating back to an alleged debt that was last acknowledged in October of 2009 by way of a transaction by myself. I had forgot all about this until recently when I checked my credit report on Noddle so in response knowing the age of the account I fired off the template provided on here for debts affected by scottish law. In response I received this back: I therefore raised a complaint to the Financial Ombudsman outlining the same complaint and informing them of the response and failure to comply with the relevant legislation/financial guidance. This was the response from the ombudsman: So rather than appealing via the ombudsman, following their failure to make a decision based on the actual complaint of hbos pursuing a statute barred debt I emailed a complaint to Antonio Horta-Osorio(CEO). To which I received the following reply: So I'm kinda lost and not sure where I go from here... any help would be appreciated.
  2. Successfully used the template from on here to contest a fine from Smart Parking Ltd. They made a swift response of dropping the fine. Now just to try and get the admin fee back from the leasing company for processing the fine.
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