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  1. Thank you, I found what I needed so didn't need to after all. I'd be grateful if you could talk me through the 'I' that E.ON shares though. Is the 'I' a recognised status by Equifax as being an Arranged Payment status or is the 'I' just what E.ON calls the share when there's a payment plan in place?
  2. The Ombudsman's decision is that E.ON should just issue an apology for Customer Service short falls. Can the person who ignored your complaints and deliberately made errors (this was the Review Resolution Reviewer) be allowed to email you out of the blue to show you they now worked for the E.ON Ombudsman Liaison Team and be allowed to liaise on your case with the Ombudsman? Isn't this a conflict of interest?
  3. Thank you Malc. Can I ask if the AP goes away when it's all paid off and settled? Can I also ask if E.ON are only showing data shares with the i status (arranged payment) and a start date only, is that normal? There is always a zero current balance and a zero outstanding balance. I have to go on at E.ON to put the correct current balance in. They've done it twice in the whole 10 months. That can't be right! I've also asked for them up date to my new address since May and it still shows on my credit file under the old address.
  4. It's ok dx100uk I appreciate your help. I have a screenshot with no personal details I can show but I have to have a few more posts to be able to use the image insert
  5. I forgot to say, the Energy Company is E.ON and I've never defaulted on any payments to them. They offered me £100 for making a mess of my credit file but they refused to remove the AP, they said they were entitled to show it that way. All this happened because they made an error and sent me a default letter when I'd never defaulted. They clearly then didn't want to admit that original error but had to. They'd never shared with the Credit Agency ever, until that letter sent in error.
  6. Thank you dx100uk I wasn't sure which section of the forums to put this in. I think the problem for me is not having known whats seen by lenders. I assumed it was more than just the name of the company, type of lending and the status. The Energy Company won't update my new address on their data shares so the account they opened with the credit agency is showing from my old address! Can the address be seen by others? In short, what can the lender see? What's the summary line? I'm a complete novice to what's shown on Credit Files I've had a pristine Credit File for the last 30 years. They changed the data shares to AP on purpose as I complained that I'd been told the errors they made wouldn't affect my credit and they suddenly wanted me to change my payment plan which I refused as I hadn't done anything wrong or defaulted on the one I was on. I was only on it because when I left their supply I had a case with the Ombudsman about other errors which was still ongoing and which I won. After that the Energy Company tried to charge me for the new owners electricity and all that took time to get the final bill sorted and correct. By the time they'd managed to revise the final bill it was over 6 months so they delayed their own payments. It was more than I could pay in one go as I was a quarterly payer. I've now found they owe me money, its with the Ombudsman for a second time....grrrrr! Had they charged me properly in the first place I wouldn't have needed to pay in instalments, they could have had it in one go so alas, now they've wrecked my Credit File. What do you mean about the AP never goes away?
  7. Hi everyone I have an Energy Company giving data shares to a Credit Agency but the shares are not showing the outstanding amount or reduction in what's been paid every month. I was under the impression that to avoid breaching GDPR certain parts of the data share should include this to show a true reflection of the account and so other potential lenders could see where the account was up to etc. Some months inbetween others they wouldn't give any information! When I queried this with the Energy Company they then started showing the shares as an 'i' which I believe stands for Arranged Payment. Ok, so does that mean they can just show a status of AP every month still with no current balance and outstanding balance? How are other lenders meant to see when this will end? They also shared information via the Credit Agency during the dispute I raised that said I was responsible for the supply at the address with incorrect dates. As that's been sent to the Credit Agency in response to my dispute, would that breach GDPR?
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