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Found 17 results

  1. I opened an account in 2007 with Lloyds bank whilst I was 16 years old and living in the south of the country with my girlfriend at the time. I then moved back to the north of the country but did not change my home address and all my mail was withheld from me for about a year. I had gone overdrawn on my account by £5.40 and did not know of this because my mail was being withheld and had no cause for concern. (I should have changed my address). September 2008 I received a letter from Lloyds TSB demanding I pay £479.03 of the £679.03 balance in full in a couple of weeks. Due to my financial situation I was unable to pay. In October 2008 I received a letter from a solicitors demanding that I pay the full amount £686.69 outstanding balance. They also state in the letter that if the payment was not paid in full I would receive a CCJ, which inevitably happened. I chose to bury my head in the sand at this point only being young and unable to make such a massive payment upfront. Later in January 2015 I set up a repayment plan of £5 a week to Lowel and managed to get the outstanding balance of £767.72 down to £162.72 thus paying £605. On my credit report it states that I have had a CCJ. What I am wondering is, what is the likelihood of reclaiming these charges? What steps do I need to take to reclaim? Will the CCJ be attached to my credit history permanently? Any other advise would be most appreciated.
  2. Hi for the past year I have been putting money into a basic account of mine, no overdraft facility allowed. Money was put aside for a holiday and friends weddings this year. I didn't know the exact amount in there but I knew it was a fair amount. I made a few card transactions online, buying wedding presents etc, Few days later checked my online account to see my available balance. Noted it was £410, I therefore decided to pay off the rest of my holiday for £350. Few days later go online again and to my shock my account is £275 overdrawn!!! I have a basic bank account, so no overdraft allowed. How can I go overdrawn when my available balance was £410!? From what it seems transactions made online were clearly not deducted from my available balance (this has never happened before), which obviously led me to believe I had money to spend!! I know people will say that I should have kept better track of my money... But my available balance has always reflected my pending transactions so I really am confused!!! I'm not in a position to pay this back in full... What on earth can I do?? I've never experienced anything like this before Anyone else had similar???
  3. Morning all, I have had ongoing problems with Lloyds since last year since they decided to split things, I was told I would no longer be under one manager who I had direct contact with through the North Midlands Agriculture ofice as this would be closing and I would have to deal with the call centre managers, for the last year I have had no sense out of them when contacting them and not even a letter of acknowledgement when writing to them never mind a reply, anyway to the crux of the matter, things have been tight on the business last couple of months and I have gone over the overdraft a few times, however despite me trying to talk to them about it nothing has been resolved and now they have started bouncing direct debits and cheques if they would take it over, however when applying thier own charges they have allowed these to take it over which I will then be charged on again no doubt, any advice appreciated, getting sense out of a call centre manager is like getting blood out of a stone!
  4. My wife had an account with lloydstsb which she closed several months ago with a £0 balance, she surrendered her bank cards and thought that was that. Today she's had a letter saying her account is overdrawn by £265.57!!! It seems there is a £250 overdraft and they want £15.57 to get back within the overdraft limit. The letter goes on to threaten all sorts so she called the number on the letter giving the reference number only to be told that there is no such account, they went on to say that someone would call back to discuss the contents of the letter, needless to say no one rang back. Is it at all possible that they can claim this money from her?
  5. Long story short... Lost job, slightly overdrawn by maybe £10 maximum through either direct debit or card payment. No agreed overdraft, was a basic standard account. They added 3 bank charges before making the figure £105 and defaulting me and closing the account. Is there anything I can do to remove the dafault. Ive noticed on my partners account that Nationwide have reduced unpaid direct debit charges from £30 to £15 in the last couple of years. Here are pics of credit file - Do you think I can send a sob story explaining my situ then, and how it is affecting me now being on straight and narrow and looking for a mortgage etc and that it has tarred my rep? Thanks again chaps! Tony
  6. Hello Recently my niece had taken out a mobile phone/monthly contract package with Carphone Warehouse using network provider Vodafone. Just a general mistake, she forgot to ask when the contract would be starting. What i can't understand is. The Carphone Warehouse employee who dealt with the sale did not disclose any information to when the contract would be starting anyway. There is nothing in the Carphone Warehouse printouts/receipts or contract. Neither did she received a email or letter confirming the start date of contract. The only time she was aware the contract had started was when she received a bank statement showing the money had been taken out, and at the same time the transaction forcing her account to become overdrawn. She has been back to the Carphone Warehouse shop where she purchased the mobile phone/monthly contract, only to be told by employees the fault lies with Vodafone. On contacting Vodafone she is told that the fault lies with Carphone Warehouse Shes has also been into the bank to try and sort her account being overdrawn. She has explained her dilemma to the bank. But they are continuing to charge her for being overdrawn. Can someone please advise to whom the fault lies with. Carphone Warehouse or Voderfone? Whats the next step to stop Natwest charging and refunding her for the charges? Thanks in advance for your help. Daniel.
  7. Hi there my name is Alex, I'm 20 years old and unemployed, Recently I have incurred an overdrawn charge of 25 pounds for a 32p overdrawn statement, I currently have a debit account (current account) with Clydesdale bank, and there is no overdraft plan set up on my account it is just a basic current account. Now I have had a few charges like these in the past while I was employed, now receiving benefits (JSA, job seekers allowance) this charge has taken the last straw as it is surely seen as an absurd unfair bank charge. Is there any way to fight these charges? Thanks in advance for any Response/Help
  8. Hello, I need some help. I got a co-op cash minder account, my wages do not go into this account. Only my tax credits. I logged in on monday to transfer my tax credits to my barclays account, and was left with 0.03p in my account which was showing online as 0.03p. I log into my co op today and now I am £86.97 DR. Like wtf.. Wonga has taken £87 from my account. Now a cash account has no OD, and I only had 3p in my account. So how has co op allowed someone to take £87 from my account? I am seriously angry, I don't wanna phone them cause I will swear at them. What should I do and where do I stand? Thanks.
  9. I don't know what to make of this or if I'm being a bit paranoid but this has been happening to me quite often. I have a overdraft of £600 and most months I get near to it. About 3 times this year I have looged into my bank account and checked my balance e.g £10, I have then spent £7 on a Maestro transaction. Then a couple of days later, when I check my account I am overdrawn due to another transaction that I made a week earlier has come off. Some may say it's my fault for not checking that my transactions are off the balance but I just find it strange that the transactions only get delayed when I'm near to my overdraft limit. When contacting YB they said Tesco (which the transaction was with) had 3 or 6 months (cannot remember) to take the transaction. Funny how the £7 came out instantly leaving £3 but a purchase a week earlier was not off yet, it was from the same Tesco store. Just seems that it would be all too easy for banks to hold a transaction back until I near my overdraft limit and BAM! £25 please. Has anyone else had issues with delayed Maestro transactions or a similar experience?
  10. Hi there, im creating new threads for all our individual debts totalling nearly £100k. This one is about our Sole trader business account which is £26k overdrawn. We linked it to our paypaln and are v slowly paying it off. From what i have gathered CCC are not applicable for currents accounts. The autorized overdraft was £15k. But we lost control and it spiralled out of control to the levels stated. We now trade as a LTD company. so dont trade under this name anymore. People have stated that getting charges and interest taken off is very hard unless you are in receipt of benefits. Are we within are rights to reduce payment to £1 and hope to do a full or final settlement at major discount. What are HSBC likely to do and there options?. I know that it is sitting with there inhouse collection service Metropolitan. Your help and adivce is really appreciated.
  11. Hi I am £500 overdrawn and all of it is charges. There was an original £36 charge which i got because my account was overdrawn by £30 for a few days the previous month. I couldnt afford the £36 charge that month therefore my account was overdrawn by the £36 charge for a whole month. This then resulted in them adding another £180 in charges for being overdrawn. Obviously i cannot afford this either so the same thing has happened again and the current state of affairs is that i am £500 overdrawn - all of it is made up of the charges. Surely this is unfair that they add charges as a result of the charges. its just a horrible way of them being able to charge and charge and very quickly it becomes un manageable. I barely now have the £36 let alone the £500. Any advice on what i should do? Thanks
  12. Hi everyone, In a nutshell, my local council paid £850 housing benefit into my bank account which was £800 overdrawn through a few Direct Debits. RBS used the payment to clear the unauthorised overdraft, then closed the account advised me to seek alternative banking. The closing of the account isn't the issue here, I could have ran it far better than I did so cannot really complain. Problem is, I'm now £750 in debt to my landlord after withdrawing the remaining £50 for him. Prior to this, I was receiving housing benefit payments by cheque because of the overdrawn account (I requested this). I then requested payments to be made direct to my landlord. The HB claim was then suspended whilst the council decided they would not pay it direct to my landlord. The council then paid the rent for the suspended period (£850) direct to my overdrawn account. When starting the claim I provided my bank details, then changed the payment method to cheque because of the overdrawn account. At no time have I ever changed the payment method back onto bank payments, so shouldn't they have continued with cheque payments once it was determined they could not pay my landlord direct? It seemed to default back to bank payments. This was a year ago and my landlord has been understanding, giving me ample time to try and sort it out. What are the chances of getting this payment back from the bank this late after the event? My landlord's an OK guy and he deserves the money, even if it is a year later. I hope someone can help Thanks everyone
  13. Hello Keeping it short and sweet. Someone i know who is also unemployed has been overdrawn the last three months, his bank the Natwest is charging £5.00 per day + other charges at the start. Can anyone tell me the best plan of action to start off with? Is there anyway to stop these charges. Also get the previous £5.00 per day charges taken off. I'd be so grateful for any advice given. Thanks
  14. Hi i am after advice please, I have an account with JD Williams and had ordered a set of curtains (along with previous orders) the curtains came and was incorrect so these where returned and reordered, the new set arrived today and once again was incorrect so i called up to arrange return and complain about whats happened AGAIN!, I got a right jack the lad who was quite arsy, i became defensive and said things along the lines off 'well there is no way im going to make any payments towards the current balance I am not happy at all with the service and if you want a penny outa me then send a debt collector and then I hung up' all this was said in the heat of the moment due to the bad service and the tone of the agent who took my call today, I have since logged into my account to review purchasing different curtains and found that my credit limit has been reduced down to £800.00 with my balance now showing as £816.58 making me now overdrawn by £16.58 when this morning my available balance to spend was just under £500.00, them reducing my credit limit without prewarning is now potentially going to get me charges?? where do i stand with this as i am now fuming to the max and will no way shape or form pay any charges, my minimum payment is not due on this statement until 23rd oct so even my outburst today on the phone could not justify them doing this as they have yet to find out if this would be followed through, please help!!
  15. I had about £200 worth of EGG shares, when I was in a better financial place, but I had forgotten all about them. They changed hands I think to Prudential, and a firm called Selftrade kept them for safekeeping. I have now sent me an email saying that I am overdrawn by £87.50 and they will sell my shares and take the money out of that. I don't understand how this can happen, I have never used them to sell or buy shares, and they say it might be to do with fees over 3 years.... Don't know what they are talking about? But can they take money from shares that I own, and can they sell them without my permission.......
  16. Hi all, I'm just about to leave Santander (Metro Bank - in case you're curious). However, they have hammered the final nail into their coffin this month. The month before last I received some (fair) bank charges for going over my limit -about £35. Santander took these out on circa 16th of the month, at which point there was no money in my account - thus I went overdrawn. The next month they charged me - again - for going overdrawn, when my bank charges were taken out (no other occasions). I seem to recall it being against policy for a bank to 'charge for charge' or equivalent, in cases such as this example. before I call them tomorrow I wanted to ask if anyone has any information regarding this. Would greatly appreciate any guidance NJ
  17. Hi all hope someone can help. I had a payment due to go into my bank last firday but due to bank being down it didnt go in, however natwest let me get funds out. Now that system is back on the payment never went in making me overdrawn, but they are going to send out another payment on monday wich will take another 3-5days. But the thing is my tax credits went in yesterday but have been taken cos of the overdraft, im a single mum with 2 kids and no money, natwest wont give me the tax credits because im overdrawn can they do this? also the money will go in in 3-5 days to get me out of overdraft but i cant wait tll then cos ive got 2 kids to feed and no money please help!!
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