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  1. Hi everyone I received a fine today of 725.00 to which I had no clue why After numerous phone calls I found out that this relates to a school fine from last year8 -15th September 2017. Now the reason I had no knowledge of this is all correspondence have been sent to my previous address even though I moved 3 years and school have all my news details Can I appeal this as I had no knowledge? And would of sorted it long before it got to court being fined and then not paying it. There are circumstances as to why I took children out of school and notified school In advance but I heard nothing back so presumed this was authorised. Quite surprised that no teachers have mentioned this to me as I attend meetings often due to my child having special needs. The fine is for bad attendance which is partly down to suspensions and school sanctioning a week off when I ran out of his medication. There’s only 5 days that’s actually down to me. And it’s the 1st time I’ve gone against school policy but the time we booked the holiday my children were home educated I took the opportunity to have a little break been a very stressful year with issues with school and my own health We went away in September as I was scheduled to have heart surgery in the november all was explained in a letter to School when asked permission to remove them for 5 days heard nothing back presumed all ok and authorised I have rang the court but get no option to talk to anyone only option to pay I don’t deny the fine and will willingly pay it but rather annoyed it came to this through school Sending correspondence to old address Any advice much appreciated my stress levels are through the roof. Thanks
  2. Looks like Jon Platt has been found guilty https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/jun/23/school-holidays-row-isle-of-wight-man-loses-legal-fight-over-daughters-absence
  3. Well done those lads, how ridiculous - A Head Teacher of a Devon School threatened to put any boy who turned up to school in shorts in the recent spell of heatwave weather, into Isolation ! But sarcastically said they could turn up in skirts.. so a group of 5 did. Apparently 50 more of them were frantically trying to borrow skirts from their girlfriends and sisters to wear to school today Read the full story..
  4. http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/820462/Outraged-parents-Thomas-Tallis-School-suicide-notes-class-project
  5. Would be grateful for any advice. I worked for a driving school whilst going from being a PDI to a fully qualified ADI. I started 1 May 2016 and the franchise fee was £210 per week which I paid regularly. The pupils pay the company and supposedly this should be passed to me. I have received approx. £3,000 but I work out I am owed another £8,000, the company have not paid me since 24 October 2016, I have been in regular contact with them and they keep asking for spreadsheets, etc, of how many pupils I have taught, in March this year they agreed to pay me £100 per day to clear the backlog which lasted 3 days. I stopped paying the franchise fee in March 2017 as I really could not afford it any longer. I now work for another company but when I spoke to the original company they said they owe me £500 but this was 'outset' by £5,000! I don't understand this and they are not providing any evidence. I have worked full time for £3,000 (less petrol and other overheads). Please can anyone tell me how to get help with this. Thank you.
  6. Thought this was interesting https://qz.com/998260/egypt-s-nile-farmers-are-going-to-back-to-beat-climate-change/
  7. Hi, My brother is being summonsed to appear at Magistrates Court in June for not sending his two kids to school regularly. The School count the attendants twice a day and they are claiming that out of 154 possible attendances only 130 were attended which works out to 12 days (154 - 130 = 24 / 2 = 12 For each of the days, the council demanded a penalty fee of which was not paid as i advised my brother that they had no legal bases within the Education Act 1996 to charge such fees. Out of the 12 unattended days of which penalty notices were issued the council later withdraw them and sent a letter to my brother stating that after reviewing the evidence submitted by my brother that the penalty notices should not have been issued. The school had to be closed for a total of 5 days due to mice infestation in the schools kitchen. now my brother is stating that on both times of the school being closed a day or so before his kids were not well "being sick" 1st time for 4 days and the second time for 1 day (30 Nov and 13th Jan) the school was closed. they said the schools closure is not included in the attendance rating. they claim that the attendance level was 84% The council are saying that if they win the case, they are going to be asking for costs. The case is being tried under 444(1) of the Education Act 1996 http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1996/56/section/444
  8. I couldn't believe I was reading this ? Surely there is a mismanaged budget if things have got to this point. The Head Mistress has also asked for stationery supplies to be sent in. Toward the end of the article it mentions that the school had recently been raising funds for 3rd world schools. Whilst this is admirable, should charity not begin at home ? As for this statement Staff should provide their own tea and coffee, shouldn't they ?
  9. Hi, I was hoping to possibly get some advice. My kids where at a private school (fees paid till the end of the school year). Then this happens.. . http://www.shernoldschool.co.uk/118972__1.pdf and http://www.kentonline.co.uk/maidstone/news/shernold-school-inadequate-staff-checks-97172/ at which point we withdrew the kids from the school and moved them elsewhere. We have told the school that we where not happy (so have others) and we would not be paying the notice period (although the bill they have sent us appears to only be for half of the term Fast forward a few months of email exchanges to yesterday, we receive a letter from Redwood Collections looking to collect the outstanding amount. Its there typical "We are instructed to take all necessary steps to recover the sum shown, including legal action if required". Some (hopefully) useful points: 1. The school fees where paid in full till the end of the school year 2. My eldest son has moderate aspergers syndrome and ADHD (we have letters proving it and the school where aware of this) he also had major heart surgery in March of this year 3. My sons care team had tried to work with the school with regards to what is the best outcome for my eldest sons education. They weren't interested (can prove this as well). 4. All things said done we where going to move them regardless due to having (documented) concerns for a while. Whats the best way forward with this? Thanks in advance! P.S. Sorry to work around the "To be able to post links or images your post count must be 10 or greater. You currently have 0 posts." message, but I think the links are important to what is going on here.
  10. Hi, after some advice please!! My 19yr old son has paid Drive Dynamics £740 for a weeks intensive driving course. When we rang and booked it we explained he was going onto Basic training with the RAF in a matter of a couple of weeks and we needed to get it booked in before that, we were told this was not a problem, He paid in full and was told his instructor would be in touch within 5 working days, on the 6th day I rang up, was told they had left a voice mail with the instructor and he would contact us ASAP, I rang a further 2 times to be told the same, on the last call I said I would like a refund as there would not be time to do the course, the chap on the phone said give me 24hrs and Ill have it sorted. after 24hrs we rang again and said enough was enough we wanted a refund, which he was told that was fine and it would be sorted, that day he got the 1st call from the instructors saying he had been away for a month and they shouldn't have been taking bookings for him in that time, said he could offer a weeks lesson in 2 weeks time but had no idea when he could take his test. My son has 10 wks basic training, followed by a min of 10mths trade training, he can't arrange lessons now., we then rang back 2 weeks later as he had been told it would take this long to 'go through'. I have spent hours so far on the phone to this company to be passed around or just not answered, eventually I got through and was told he was not getting a refund and no-one had said he could have one. after another 2 days of numerous calls someone eventually said we would not get one without emailing the company to get a ticket number, which we did we have explained the whole situation to them, but have had a reply saying as they found us an instructor within 2 weeks, and my son did not cancel within the 2 week cool off period we will not get any money back. They have suggested we just take the lesson with them, He cant and he also doesn't want to as they never arrange anything so he doesn't trust he will even get a lesson!! my arguments is that I don't think they 'found' us an instructor as they never made any contact with the instructor within the 2 weeks they have to find one or full refund will be given, also how could we use our 2 week cool off as we didn't know they had messed up for 26 days when we finally got an answer! I have been told to send a registered letter to them stating they have breach their contract, I have emailed them 3 times since the last email to ask for the address to send it to as they claim my dispute is with the instructor and not them, but get no response, I am slowly going insane! feel so guilty as I hassled my son to do this and he spent his hard earned money to be ripped off by they company So any help on how I put a letter together that might shift their butts?!! many thanks Hana
  11. Hi Folks, My 15 year old son has been landed with a £60 fine from those wonderful people at Southern (Govia) for not producing a valid ticket. In fact, he does have a valid season ticket, but it happened to be in his other blazer so he didn't have it with him. I am told that he was informed at the time that if he produced his season ticket at the station office no further action would be taken. My son insists he did that (um, yeah - I will give him the benefit of the doubt, although Govia apparently aren't). I have explained the situation to Govia and have the season ticket to hand but they have declined the appeal. Do we suck it up and pay, or is there any form of kind words or actions that can be taken here? Thanks
  12. We purchased a pair of Girls Black Patent shoes for our granddaughter on October 30th 2015. She has worn them for only 3 months and the Patent has partly peeled off on the left shoe only. Clarks refused outright to do anything about it citing that as they were 4 months old it was fair ware and tear. The shoes have virtually no wear on the soles and have been looked after well. They have been only lightly used. What rights do we have and how can we proceed further with this issue. Many thanks in anticipation
  13. After the recent court case would the 'fines' given to parents for taking their children on holiday in term time be now classed as a speculative invoice? And could those who have paid them claim the money back?
  14. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/children-starting-school-now-could-work-to-100-and-have-40-jobs-a6683266.html Some are predicting that people currently in school may have to work to 100. Not sure what they will be doing ! I can see the state pension age being increased gradually, as the numbers of people drawing money makes it too expensive. What i am doubting is the health of future generations as they are not as physically active, as past generations. Yes healthcare will improve, but there is an increase in dementia and things like diabetes. Also healthcare costs will increase and i am not convinced NHS will remain free at the point of access. From my experience some people do live currently into their 80's or 90's, but they often suffer from many different medical conditions and can end up in care homes, where they start to see quality of life decline. I could not imagine any of them, being fit to work, even part time.
  15. Couldn't find a suitable forum for this... unbelievable. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-berkshire-34412120
  16. Can anyone tell me what the law is on planning application time limits are? Do the council have to place a notice on the building that is the subject of the planning application and if so do they have to allow a certain amount of time between posting the notice and actually making a planning decision? Thanks in advance.
  17. First off a message to the admin team Please feel free to move this to the special needs forum - i have posted it here as it is more visited and i am hoping for a few responses as im at a loss, the fact a redirect link is here will help i have a 7 year old daughter with austism spectrum disorder, she has a confirmed diagnosis and is under a specialist autism nurse she And we are having alot of trouble with her school and are wondering how to proceed, ill try and lay this out as best i can but please bear with me as i may wander a bit Bullying - she has got to a point now where she is claiming to be ill and kicking and screaming when we try and take her into school, we know partially about this it is a particular child who is hair pulling, scribbling on work, calling her a baby, persuaded her that all school puddings are poisonous (this is a child thats under a dietician due to poor eating anyway) - we mentioned this to the teacher and all we got is "it couldnt be that child it must be something thats happening at home" IEP - she was for the last 3 years on an IEP, this meant regular meetings with her teacher and extra support, she was taken off this at the start of the year, she is struggling with the work and has a short attention span, we have asked for this IEP to be re-instated but have only been told that "she doesnt need extra help she needs less time off to see the doctors" (the autism nurse has said she should be on one) Attention span - despite being told that she has a very short attention span and that she finds it very hard to sit still (something the autism nurse has said is common with autism) we also get constantly told that shes had to be taken out of assembly's as she cant sit still - when we have mentioned that this is down to the autism we are told that shes "simply being naughty" Fun Fit - the autism nurse recommended that the school add rachel to their fun fit program to help her settle - however we are now being told that they want to take her off this due to her "acting up" due to her attention span, and behaviour which is the reason she was put on the program in the first place Springboard funding - the school applied around 18 months ago to have springboard funding for her, this was due to her behaviour, not being able to keep up with work and issues with wandering around and out of school, we were told that they had been granted the highest funding level, we were told that this was to be spent on baffle locks for the doors, extra doors between school areas, and a teaching assistant to provide 1-1 support - none of this ever arrived, the only thing that happened was printed stop signs appearing on the doors, a month after this the school got new windows throughout and a new roof on the outdoor play area - we are worrying now that the money was misappropriated however are not sure how to ask where the money went or even if we are entitled to any advice would be brilliant
  18. After every flight, Qantas pilots complete a form called a "Gripe Sheet" which tells the mechanics about problems with the aircraft. The mechanics correct the problems; document their repairs on the form and the pilots then review the Gripe sheets before the next flight. Never let it be said that the ground crews lack a sense of humour. Here are some actual maintenance complaints submitted by Qantas' pilots (P) and the solutions recorded by the maintenance engineers (S) Apparently Qantas is the only major airline that has never, ever had an accident. P: Left inside main tyre almost needs replacement S: Almost replaced left inside main tire. P: Test flight OK, except auto-land very rough. S: Auto-land not installed on this aircraft. P: Something loose in cockpit. S: Something tightened in cockpit. P: Dead bugs on windshield. S: Live bugs on back-order. P: Autopilot in altitude-hold mode produces a 200 feet per minute descent. S: Unable to reproduce problem on ground. P: Evidence of leak on right main landing gear. S: Evidence removed. P: DME volume unbelievably loud. S: DME volume set to more believable level. P: Friction locks cause throttle levers to stick. S: That's what friction locks are for. P: IFF inoperative in OFF mode. S: IFF always inoperative in OFF mode. P: Suspected crack in windshield S: Suspect you're right. P: Number 3 engine missing. S: Engine found on right wing after brief search. P: Aircraft handles funny.... (my favourite this one) S: Aircraft warned, straighten up, fly right and .... be serious. P: Target radar hums. S: Reprogrammed target radar with lyrics. P: Mouse in cockpit. S: Cat installed. And the best one for last.. P: Noise coming from under instrument panel. Sounds like a midget pounding on something with a hammer. S: Took hammer away from midget.
  19. My daughter goes to a mixed school. The school has decided to have a crackdown on the girls uniform, obviously the boys all wear their uniform perfectly. Yesterday the school sent a man (presumably a male teacher, my daughter did not know him) into the class to check the girls uniforms. He came into the class, told all the girls to stand up, and then checked whether the girls skirts were too short, or trousers too tight. My daughter was really upset, she felt like she had been picked on for being female, all the boys were looking at her to see whether they could see anything, and she is furious that the mere fact that she is female was a reason for making her be checked (her uniform has never been an issue). To make it worse, the school took all the girls that had "failed" to be taught out of normal lessons for the day, and girls as young as 11 were told that their clothing was provocative. Any suggestions where I go from here?
  20. Hello Everyone, I have no idea where to post this, I am also INCANDESCENT, got this from the school yes, a SCHOOL , today " Dear Parents/Carers FIXED PENALTY NOTICES The Behaviour and Attendance Team see Fixed PenaltyNotices as an effective part of XXXX School’sdrive to improve attendance, reduce unauthorised absences and raise standards. Fixed Penalty Notices are supported by both theLocal Authority and the DfE and we understand that several local schools haveadopted this approach. The GoverningBody of XXXX have agreed to introduce a system of Fixed Penalty Noticesfrom the start of the Summer Term 2013, ie. week commencing Monday 15thApril 2013. Fixed Penalty Notices will be issued to studentswith 21 or more sessions of unauthorisedabsences in the current and/or previous terms. (One session is either 1 morning or 1afternoon, 2 sessions equates to one day and 21 sessions equates to 2 weeks andone morning or afternoon etc). Thismeans: · Afine of £60.00, if paid within 28 days · Afine of £120.00, if paid within 42 days PleaseNote: Non-payment of fines can lead to prosecution. An unauthorised absence is when: · Your child arrives late, after the register hasclosed. · We have not received notification of absence. · A term time holiday has taken place. · No evidence is provided, if requested by school (whenattendance is an ongoing concern, eg. persistently below 85%, the SeniorLeadership Team will meet with you and ask you for medical evidence eg.prescriptions and / or appointment slips). In light of these changes, we are currently in theprocess of updating our attendance policy which will be published to you. We will be reminding you of the new systemthroughout this term, but please remember that this new system will not startuntil next term. ATTENDANCE/PUNCTUALITY Our whole school attendance figure for last term (3rdSeptember to 19th December 2012) was 94.7% and Ofsted would gradethis as “Requires Improvement”. This isnot a good situation to be in. However, we are mindful that attendance wasseverely affected during December by the high number of families suffering fromthe winter sickness bug and all the cough/cold type viruses. If we exclude December’s figures, ourattendance percentage between September and November 2012 was 95.7% whichOfsted would grade as “Good” – just a small percentage below Outstanding. We were Outstanding at the end of the firsthalf term and are hoping to get back there as quickly as possible. Please find below punctuality figures for the firstand second half of the Autumn Term 2012/13, plus the attendance figures for thewhole term. Wehave published these figures which include all absences including holidays,medical appointments and illness etc. Wefully understand and appreciate that, unfortunately, within some classes,children have serious ongoing medical conditions which obviously inflate thefigures. TERM TIME HOLIDAYS 2011- 2012 (1st Sept to 23rd Dec 2011) 2012 – 2013 (3rd Sept to 19th Dec 2012) 67 children = 483 sessions missed 90 children - 669 sessions missed With regards to attendance, both the Leadership Teamat XXX and our School Attendance Improvement Officer will be focusingmore on the number of incidents of absence, ie. the odd days off “here andthere” compared with 1 bout ofillness. The minimum expectation is that children attend school for 95%of the time. Children are classed aspersistent absentees once their attendance drops below 85% and unfortunately,it only takes two or three incidents of absence (holidays, medical appointmentsand illness etc) to affect overall attendance percentages to this degree. Obviously, we are not advocating that yousend your poorly child into school, but if they are simply “under the weather”,then please consider sending them in. The children have responsibilities and commitments to their learningjust the same as adults do in their daily lives. It is a major concern of ours to see how many termtime holidays are being taken. There isa significant increase on the same period last year. We fully appreciate how much cheaper holidaysare during term-time and in the current, ever worrying financial climate, wecan understand why parents make this decision. However, we still cannot authorise these absences; school is importantand the pace of the day is rapid, the children do miss a lot when they are awayand it could even mean an entire topic or aspect of one subject is completelymissed. Poor attendance can severelyaffect attainment and progress (see attached document), and always rememberthat primary school is just as important as secondary school. The impact on GCSE results as outlinedoverleaf is the same as SATS in Years 2 and 6. Please remember that we want to support you in ensuringyour children achieve good attendance and punctuality. If there is anything at all that we can do asa school to assist you, please do not hesitate to pop in for a chat, we wouldbe pleased to see you. Yours sincerely" I would dearly love to hear what law says that they can charge a penalty notice and how this is enforcable.
  21. Hello everyone, this is my first post here although I have been a visitor to this site for a very long time and have made much use of the fantastic advise given. I've tried giving a bit of background without boring you! Last week I received a claim form through the court from the council for a debt of school dinner money from last year. This came totally out of the blue, it's the first I have ever heard of any money I owe on school dinners so I've been on to the school to get figures from them to begin with. The first issue I have is that the claim form stated that 'despite repeated requests by the claimant via letter, invoice and letters before action, and similar requests by the claimants recovery agents, the balance remains unpaid. The defendant has not provided any reasons for non payment.' I can honestly say that I have not seen anything about the debt from anyone! The school normally sends a reminder if we are 2 weeks in arrears and I think I've had one of those a long time ago, but I paid what i owed and didn't hear anything else about it. Now, I've been onto Jacobs and asked to be provided with details of the letters they had sent. I was told that wasn't possible as the case had been closed. I was then told that a bailiff had also called round to my house and left a card when there was no answer. Then today, I have received copies of all the letters supposedly sent by Jacobs, all dated 19.10.12 with a note stating that copies of the originals could not be sent but provided a list of the dates the originals were sent. Also a copy of the letter supposedly left by the bailiff. I'll say it again, I have never seen these letters before. Also, the date the bailiff supposedly called was Easter Saturday, we had visitors staying and there were at least 3 people in my house at any one time all that day and we didn't have anyone knocking the door or any letters/cards left. The woman at Jacobs said the bailiff would have had a GPS pen or something that would position him at my house at the time stated but to see that information I would have to pay £10. I'm sure that mistakes have been made. The claim covers 2 periods of supposedly non payment of dinner money. The second time was for the term before summer. I must have known I owed the money because I made a payment online during the first week of september. The council said they sent a letter telling me I owed them that exact amount a few days later. I didn't see any such letter. I have my bank statement proving I made the payment yet they are trying to put it on this claim form! Sorry for the in depth rant, what I really want to know is what to do about the letters supposedly sent by Jacobs. I really don't think they were ever sent but I don't know how I could prove it. Can anyone give advice please?
  22. I have been advised to post my situation here, to see if there is anyone who can advise. I really do hope so. My youngest was excluded from school for missing a monthly direct debit payment. I have been a parent at school for 8 years, seeing my eldest all the way through the school till 18, and have on occasion had a direct debit miss, I have always subsequently then paid the bill, and the dd continues and there is no problems, I pay the late payment charges etc. But it all gets paid, and the monthly direct debits continue, that has been our history with them for 8 years. However this time it was different, we had been struggling to pay the fees, but paid they were, some dds met the odd one didn't, we cleared them within a month of missing, this occurred over a 7 month period. But at this point we were not in debt with our payments. The next missed DD, we got the standard email from the school saying this had happened, and that we needed to bring the account up to date, at this point we knew from previous experience that we had until the next dd date to sort it, however 2 weeks short of that date the school sent a letter to say that unless the entire term was now paid up our youngest would be excluded. taking the amount owing from £1190 to £5900 inclu additions and deposit for a place at prep school. Unfortunately at the time I was under investigation for cancer, and my husbands business was struggling financially,( the school were aware of both situations). We could have paid the initial amount owed but were not given the chance to by the school, they were demanding the full amount. Subsequently our youngestr was excluded. I went to the head and informed them we could no longer afford to keep her place, and that we would not be taking up her place at prep school. This was all in May 2013. We heard nothing else from the school, until mid sept when they wrote to say the bill was outstanding, that we still had to pay the full term and we could pay by instalments, 3 in total. before we could arrange that it went to a solicitor and to court. At the time this was taken to northhampton county court, my husband had a stroke and was very ill, we didn't fight the ccj unfortunately. It has now escalated to a statutory demand. Now in a position mentally and health wise to deal with this..(just) we have asked for a set aside on the ccj, as we are refuting the amounts and the school has refused to give us a detailed breakdown of the bill, we have also put in a set aside for the statutory demand ( which wasn't dated). we have 2 court dates impending. Is there anything we can do as damage limitation, or anything that could help us with this issue. The bill has now risen a further £3000 and we can't just pay it off, otherwise we would. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  23. My 8 year old son, was looked into for ADHD ad ADD, but was discharged on both and sent for speech help, and has hyper mobile in hands, He gets one to one help with work, as his organising skills are not best and the work is hard for him, he is behind on all levels. I had a meeting with head teacher over his work as there were days he didn't bring in his book bag, so days homework were not due in, but now told to bring in all time so does. The last day of term in february, he was off sick due to a voimting bug going around, so was not able to bring home book bag. when he returned after half term, he mentioned to his teacher that his book bag was in school and that he needed it. On the wednesday i got a call to go in and speak to the head, who told me he had to tell my son off and give him dentention over the book bag, i thought it was my younger son and explained he left his in car and i bought it in later that afternoon, but was then told oh no it my eldest lad, so i explained to him it was in school and that no teacher had handed it to him and to apologise to my son. end of day son comes out crying in floods screaming, i ran to him in fear, and was told that the head and another teacher had screamed at him calling in a liar, and then said to him oh you have a younger brother don't you, when he responded yes and gave his name and year over, they said well we going to look at your little brother as well as we think your mum is lazy! while gritting my teeth and cuddling my very emotional child back to the car, i returned to the school and had a word with the head who told me it was all my sons fault. My children were late in for 1s time in a long time, due to my 4 year old have global development delay and physical disability with all over hyper mobile, we did a ride a bike to school thing and trying to get my 4 year old there was not easy, i explained to the head what had happened and why, he was ok with this as we have CAF meeting over my 4 year old at the school for when he starts. Today my son came and said mum, what do i tell the teacher when they ask how my home life is? i asked what does he mean, and he said well they always ask me whats going on at home, he tells them nothing and that everything ok, but was then asked why we don't go out on weekends, he told them daddy works weekends and has the car, and we have not way of getting his 4 year old brother out without the car, as he can not walk a distance, they didn't believe him and again made him cry. when my son started he was ok then in year 3 he started chewing his sleeves, and i was informed then he had one to one with this teacher, then the teacher went on maternity and he didn't chew, now she back and teaching him again he chewing. im at a loss what to do, I'm viewing other schools to get them out, as he constantly being told off for not meeting there targets for the government needs on sats etc. He is always in tears of he can't finish his homework so I've resorted to doing it for him, so he writes it and i tell him the answers he can't get them. Ive spoke to my other childs teacher who explained my son above average and that there is no need to worry, I'm also concerned over my 4 year stating if he like this with my 8 year old i worry about my youngest he can't handle being shouted at, as it will make him hide in a shell and won't come round unless I'm there and can't go toilet and I've already been informed that a big no! I'm moving them but would still like them to be invistaged over this but how so sorry for all the spelling mistakes I'm typing angry and i shouldn't
  24. I stopped my car in front of school on the yellow zig zag line to allow two members of public to cross the road. In the mean time, a car coming from behind tried to overtake from my right hand side (possibly not knowing why my car was stopped). It was my natural response to look over my right shoulder before I could move away safely. But in these split seconds (and while looking right) my wife who had dropped my child to school had opened the passenger door on the left and was boarding the vehicle. I allowed her in and moved away safely. However, the overall stay still did not exceed 5 to 7 seconds in which all the above occurred. Please note I never stop even to pick up my wife from the front of the school and she knows it. But on that day, she thought I had stopped to pick her up without realising I had stopped to allow members of public to cross the road. When I got the ticket I was not sure why I received the ticket because in last 4 years of dropping my kids to school I never parked in front of school on yellow lines. The still picture only showed my wife opening the car door? I wanted to see the video evidence and emailed council. Instead I received surcharge notice which required me to pay £165 instead of original £55. I wrote to them again and requested for the video evidence. They then revised the amount to £55 but still did not send the evidence. I called back for the evidence and now finally I have received the video evidence which confirms all of the above. But it confirms one more thing. The video shows I went pass my wife by few yards and stopped only when members of public were crossing the road. It then further shows my wife rushing towards the car from behind on the left hand side (while I was looking right) in an attempt to open the door while I was about to leave. If my intention was to allow her to board I would stop exactly where she was in front of the school door. But this was not the case. Do I stand a chance in the appeal? What shall be the grounds? Is this a long stay? Is there a provision for stopping to allow passenger to board, although this was not my intention?
  25. my friend who is a driving instructor paid £99 to a national driving school who had a 'try us and see' offer.. .where you pay them £99 and they promise to give you '5 pupils' to show how good they (the company are).. .you then decide if you want to take a franchise out with the company. my friend paid £99 to this driving school she was given the details of a pupil in another town. ..she called the pupil and explained she was unable to take this pupil for her test and she should contact the driving school to arrange her test or ask the driving school to send one of their own instructors, she also explained this to the driving school who told her 'this will not be classed as one of your 5 pupils' and the driving school would find her other pupils (a total of 5 for the £99 she paid them) To cut a long story short my friend has not been provided with any pupils since this incident, the driving school are ignoring her calls. My friend wants the £99 she paid back. ..she feels ripped off because the school promised ' 5 pupils for £99 try us and see' - she was not provided with one pupil. Shall my friend send them a letter by recorded delivery, in it state that they have not supplied the pupils as agreed. As a result she holds them to be on breach of contract and demand a refund of the full fee of £95 within 14 days. Can anyone please help my friend feels ripped off she has spoken to another driving instructor who has said contact trading standards but my friend has never been in such a situation before ...any of the experiened caggers able to help my friend get her money back? My friend has the leaflet with the offer she took
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