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  1. Hi everyone I received a fine today of 725.00 to which I had no clue why After numerous phone calls I found out that this relates to a school fine from last year8 -15th September 2017. Now the reason I had no knowledge of this is all correspondence have been sent to my previous address even though I moved 3 years and school have all my news details Can I appeal this as I had no knowledge? And would of sorted it long before it got to court being fined and then not paying it. There are circumstances as to why I took children out of school and notified schoo
  2. Looks like Jon Platt has been found guilty https://www.theguardian.com/education/2017/jun/23/school-holidays-row-isle-of-wight-man-loses-legal-fight-over-daughters-absence
  3. Well done those lads, how ridiculous - A Head Teacher of a Devon School threatened to put any boy who turned up to school in shorts in the recent spell of heatwave weather, into Isolation ! But sarcastically said they could turn up in skirts.. so a group of 5 did. Apparently 50 more of them were frantically trying to borrow skirts from their girlfriends and sisters to wear to school today Read the full story..
  4. http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/820462/Outraged-parents-Thomas-Tallis-School-suicide-notes-class-project
  5. Would be grateful for any advice. I worked for a driving school whilst going from being a PDI to a fully qualified ADI. I started 1 May 2016 and the franchise fee was £210 per week which I paid regularly. The pupils pay the company and supposedly this should be passed to me. I have received approx. £3,000 but I work out I am owed another £8,000, the company have not paid me since 24 October 2016, I have been in regular contact with them and they keep asking for spreadsheets, etc, of how many pupils I have taught, in March this year they agreed to pay me £100 per day to clear the bac
  6. Thought this was interesting https://qz.com/998260/egypt-s-nile-farmers-are-going-to-back-to-beat-climate-change/
  7. Hi, My brother is being summonsed to appear at Magistrates Court in June for not sending his two kids to school regularly. The School count the attendants twice a day and they are claiming that out of 154 possible attendances only 130 were attended which works out to 12 days (154 - 130 = 24 / 2 = 12 For each of the days, the council demanded a penalty fee of which was not paid as i advised my brother that they had no legal bases within the Education Act 1996 to charge such fees. Out of the 12 unattended days of which penalty notices were issued the council later withdraw
  8. I couldn't believe I was reading this ? Surely there is a mismanaged budget if things have got to this point. The Head Mistress has also asked for stationery supplies to be sent in. Toward the end of the article it mentions that the school had recently been raising funds for 3rd world schools. Whilst this is admirable, should charity not begin at home ? As for this statement Staff should provide their own tea and coffee, shouldn't they ?
  9. Hi, I was hoping to possibly get some advice. My kids where at a private school (fees paid till the end of the school year). Then this happens.. . http://www.shernoldschool.co.uk/118972__1.pdf and http://www.kentonline.co.uk/maidstone/news/shernold-school-inadequate-staff-checks-97172/ at which point we withdrew the kids from the school and moved them elsewhere. We have told the school that we where not happy (so have others) and we would not be paying the notice period (although the bill they have sent us appears to only be for half of the term Fas
  10. Hi, after some advice please!! My 19yr old son has paid Drive Dynamics £740 for a weeks intensive driving course. When we rang and booked it we explained he was going onto Basic training with the RAF in a matter of a couple of weeks and we needed to get it booked in before that, we were told this was not a problem, He paid in full and was told his instructor would be in touch within 5 working days, on the 6th day I rang up, was told they had left a voice mail with the instructor and he would contact us ASAP, I rang a further 2 times to be told the same,
  11. Hi Folks, My 15 year old son has been landed with a £60 fine from those wonderful people at Southern (Govia) for not producing a valid ticket. In fact, he does have a valid season ticket, but it happened to be in his other blazer so he didn't have it with him. I am told that he was informed at the time that if he produced his season ticket at the station office no further action would be taken. My son insists he did that (um, yeah - I will give him the benefit of the doubt, although Govia apparently aren't). I have explained the situation to Govia and have the season ticket to
  12. We purchased a pair of Girls Black Patent shoes for our granddaughter on October 30th 2015. She has worn them for only 3 months and the Patent has partly peeled off on the left shoe only. Clarks refused outright to do anything about it citing that as they were 4 months old it was fair ware and tear. The shoes have virtually no wear on the soles and have been looked after well. They have been only lightly used. What rights do we have and how can we proceed further with this issue. Many thanks in anticipation
  13. After the recent court case would the 'fines' given to parents for taking their children on holiday in term time be now classed as a speculative invoice? And could those who have paid them claim the money back?
  14. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/children-starting-school-now-could-work-to-100-and-have-40-jobs-a6683266.html Some are predicting that people currently in school may have to work to 100. Not sure what they will be doing ! I can see the state pension age being increased gradually, as the numbers of people drawing money makes it too expensive. What i am doubting is the health of future generations as they are not as physically active, as past generations. Yes healthcare will improve, but there is an increase in dementia and things like diabetes. Also healthcare cost
  15. Couldn't find a suitable forum for this... unbelievable. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-berkshire-34412120
  16. Can anyone tell me what the law is on planning application time limits are? Do the council have to place a notice on the building that is the subject of the planning application and if so do they have to allow a certain amount of time between posting the notice and actually making a planning decision? Thanks in advance.
  17. First off a message to the admin team Please feel free to move this to the special needs forum - i have posted it here as it is more visited and i am hoping for a few responses as im at a loss, the fact a redirect link is here will help i have a 7 year old daughter with austism spectrum disorder, she has a confirmed diagnosis and is under a specialist autism nurse she And we are having alot of trouble with her school and are wondering how to proceed, ill try and lay this out as best i can but please bear with me as i may wander a bit Bullying - she has got to a point now wh
  18. After every flight, Qantas pilots complete a form called a "Gripe Sheet" which tells the mechanics about problems with the aircraft. The mechanics correct the problems; document their repairs on the form and the pilots then review the Gripe sheets before the next flight. Never let it be said that the ground crews lack a sense of humour. Here are some actual maintenance complaints submitted by Qantas' pilots (P) and the solutions recorded by the maintenance engineers (S) Apparently Qantas is the only major airline that has never, ever had an accident. P: Left inside
  19. My daughter goes to a mixed school. The school has decided to have a crackdown on the girls uniform, obviously the boys all wear their uniform perfectly. Yesterday the school sent a man (presumably a male teacher, my daughter did not know him) into the class to check the girls uniforms. He came into the class, told all the girls to stand up, and then checked whether the girls skirts were too short, or trousers too tight. My daughter was really upset, she felt like she had been picked on for being female, all the boys were looking at her to see whether they could see anything, and sh
  20. Hello Everyone, I have no idea where to post this, I am also INCANDESCENT, got this from the school yes, a SCHOOL , today " Dear Parents/Carers FIXED PENALTY NOTICES The Behaviour and Attendance Team see Fixed PenaltyNotices as an effective part of XXXX School’sdrive to improve attendance, reduce unauthorised absences and raise standards. Fixed Penalty Notices are supported by both theLocal Authority and the DfE and we understand that several local schools haveadopted this approach. The GoverningBody of XXXX have agreed to introduce a system of Fixed Pena
  21. Hello everyone, this is my first post here although I have been a visitor to this site for a very long time and have made much use of the fantastic advise given. I've tried giving a bit of background without boring you! Last week I received a claim form through the court from the council for a debt of school dinner money from last year. This came totally out of the blue, it's the first I have ever heard of any money I owe on school dinners so I've been on to the school to get figures from them to begin with. The first issue I have is that the claim form stated that 'despite rep
  22. I have been advised to post my situation here, to see if there is anyone who can advise. I really do hope so. My youngest was excluded from school for missing a monthly direct debit payment. I have been a parent at school for 8 years, seeing my eldest all the way through the school till 18, and have on occasion had a direct debit miss, I have always subsequently then paid the bill, and the dd continues and there is no problems, I pay the late payment charges etc. But it all gets paid, and the monthly direct debits continue, that has been our history with them for 8 years. Howe
  23. My 8 year old son, was looked into for ADHD ad ADD, but was discharged on both and sent for speech help, and has hyper mobile in hands, He gets one to one help with work, as his organising skills are not best and the work is hard for him, he is behind on all levels. I had a meeting with head teacher over his work as there were days he didn't bring in his book bag, so days homework were not due in, but now told to bring in all time so does. The last day of term in february, he was off sick due to a voimting bug going around, so was not able to bring home book bag. when he returned
  24. I stopped my car in front of school on the yellow zig zag line to allow two members of public to cross the road. In the mean time, a car coming from behind tried to overtake from my right hand side (possibly not knowing why my car was stopped). It was my natural response to look over my right shoulder before I could move away safely. But in these split seconds (and while looking right) my wife who had dropped my child to school had opened the passenger door on the left and was boarding the vehicle. I allowed her in and moved away safely. However, the overall stay still did not exceed 5 to 7 se
  25. my friend who is a driving instructor paid £99 to a national driving school who had a 'try us and see' offer.. .where you pay them £99 and they promise to give you '5 pupils' to show how good they (the company are).. .you then decide if you want to take a franchise out with the company. my friend paid £99 to this driving school she was given the details of a pupil in another town. ..she called the pupil and explained she was unable to take this pupil for her test and she should contact the driving school to arrange her test or ask the driving school to send one of their
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