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  1. Thank you I ve emailed my local CAB just waiting for them to come back to me with appointment. I be taken pictures of all the mould and damp which I ve been complaining about before I incurred any arrears. But now he refusing and using the arrears as the reason Thanks so much for all advice. I’m reallly quite useless when it come to anything like this.
  2. Oh final question so sorry. Am I entitled to ask in writing what my initial payment before I moved in was for as this is not in tenancy agreement. Many thanks yet again.
  3. Thank you I’m going to local CAB. I ll happily leave house in total disrepair been promised new windows for 2 years they don’t even close we have to put a towel in the gap i accept the rent arrears but until two days this was paid as up and when we could. And have made as much effort as I can Now im having daily knocks on door not just landlord today was his brother. I just don’t understand where this has come from. And can’t cope with the confrontation Thank you all again I truly appreciate everyone’s input.
  4. Thanks so much for that. He s just been on my door. Asking when I’m paying my arrears i paid 300 off last week don’t think I can cope with him knocking every day as he lives next door my anxiety through the roof. As his my son s he s autistic and seeing me stressed makes him stressed. I m going to write a letter asking him to clarify wether I paid 2 months in advance or 1 month rent and 1 month deposit and go from there as well as look for somewhere else to live. Thank you for your help
  5. Thank you so do I now write back stating I require 2months notice. Many thanks
  6. Hi jase. I have the agreement here. Nothing about deposit in it just the rental payment. My understanding was 1 month deposit and 1 month rent. I did get a receipt however can’t find that. I moved in on the 1st sept and paid my rent 1st Oct. so how was it 2 months in advance ? Or does it mean that when I served notice to leave I don’t pay rent for 2 months. I don’t think there’s any protection if he took it as deposit I received no paperwork if there is. When I asked him about deposit he said it was 2 months rent I advance but didn’t matter as the amount was the same. Can he just send me a typed letter to leave or should I recieve some proper notice Many thanks I’m so stressed over this.
  7. Hi honeybee Thanks for replying it was assured shorthold tenancy taken out in 2015 haven’t had any other
  8. Hi everyone. Hoping for a little advice. I have rented my property since 2015. Over time through unemployment and poor health I developed arrears met with landlord was understanding agreed to pay whatever I could when I could. I am 2 months behind but just paid some off this total. I recieved a letter from him this morning he’s given me 2 days to pay all my arrears or I’m to vacate property on the 25th feb. My question is can he do this I ve approached him about using my deposit (which hasn’t been protected if he had )to which he told me I paid 2 months in Advance and not a deposit so therefore I wouldn’t have arrears Would I ? So confused and worried I’m going to loose my home the house needs a lot of work and landlord has refused until my rent up to date I’m dealing with holes in window frames because they’ve rotted. Some windows don’t close. Mould and damp and these were problems long before any rent arrears Any advice appreciated Many thanks.
  9. Yes I was totally unaware nothing from police. Court. Dvla. No one best of my knowledge awaiting court date
  10. They have cancelled due to undisclosed points. Which I was unaware till They informed me
  11. Tried the financial Ombudsman and he said I had to go through the company first. I’m Getting nowhere fast They basically said I was aware of conviction. Which to be fair I was aware of maximum penalty But I was appealing Basically my son was out with friends quite a distance from us He has various diagnosed difficulties He telephoned us in anxious upset state. We drove to pick him up he wasn’t there. All staff was involved in locating him. Even local Police He was found thank goodness I was anxious has I’m A sufferer my wife had SVT induced my stress. I was caught speeding my 8mph All that put aside the ombudsman said we should of declared the conviction. but I haven’t been convicted.
  12. The whole situation has me totally stressed. Not even bothered insurance say they won’t pay i get that But to make our i did this to be fraudulent Is playing on my mind I’ve never broke the law I need my van to work I know the consequences of not declaring. They just won’t even entertain me.
  13. Hello everyone. Apologies If Posted in wrong place Builder by trade. Long story short. My van was broken into Tuesday night and they totally wiped us out took everything. We phoned the police etc did everything right. Knocked on neighbours doors for cctv. I had a bike in the back which I’d literally purchased that day left in there until I could hide it for Christmas. I knew I had insurance for personal possessions upto 200 rang my insurance company provided proof of receipt crime number etc. They then told me I was insured for tools in transit well I was made up as I didn’t realise and my stess levels decreased a little. Went through everything no problem. Then I recieve a phone call from the fraud department informing us that our van is a Cat C didn’t know. And there’s a MS90 on driving licence and they voided our insurance and claim. Which is understandable I guess. we rang DVLA and these points went on in January for failure to provide information but it was provided even got a letter to say there is a back log and heard nothing since until a pink letter arrived from court which does not mention anything about points or a fine it’s a further step notice. I rang the court immediately and made appointment to do statutory declaration unfortunately I suffered ill health and advised the court I was told where to send email and head it urgent saying I couldn’t attend as I suffer from anxiety and high blood pressure. heard nothing since I just presumed I would receive a new court date. Not the case apparently the case was heard and I received a hefty 812.00 fine and 6 points as to which I was totally unaware of until yesterday I’ve explained all this to insurance. I was totally unaware they just voided my insurance unless I can prove this. I’ve spoke to DVLA they told me they don’t send letters and I spoke to the court now awaiting another appointment. first question. If points were put on my licence how was it done. I was never asked for it how was the insurance unaware if points went on in January and I didn’t insure until march. DVLA said this should of flagged up how do I prove I was totally unaware as I was I’m currently unable to work due to no tools and unable to insure my vehicle not only due a voided policy but the fact I can’t work. I’ve paid my insurance. Contents and tools insurance and they’ve just voided only explanation I didn’t disclose information. How can I disclose information I didn’t have. Any help appreciated currently seriously stressed out
  14. Thanks everyone. Sorry didn’t update yesterday money is to be refunded in 3/5 working days and the bank have stopped any further payments coming out my bank. Dosent help I’m without money until then but pleased I’m being refunded. Thankyou all for help and advice.
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