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Found 17 results

  1. Hi all, I'm hoping someone can please advise as to whether my logic is correct. Essentially I took out a Northern rock together mortgage over 10 years ago just before the recession, this included an unsecured loan of £30k. Shortly after I was out of work for a year and built up mortgage arrears on both the secured element and unsecured element of the loan. Despite 5 attempts of NRAM trying to repossess I managed to fight them off and eventually paid of the secured mortgage arrears however because I was prioritising the secured payments the unsecured loan arrears were not being paid
  2. We recently had a neighbour park over the edge of our driveway - they were asked to move their car but refused, we called the local council who sent a parking warden on a scooter. When he arrived he confirmed the car (shown in the photo) was over the drive BUT I thought over the edge begins at the stone that tapers down to meet the road (Point A) where as he said only the last 10cm of the car was over which is more like Point B in the photo. Which is correct? Also 3 days later a Police Man came to our door about the incident - no idea where they got our details from we
  3. I have today received a code 27 PCN for parking adjacent next to a dropped footway This does not appear to be a valid code. I was parked next to a chained/locked walled entrance to a small parking area (2 cars ) of private business. This area is never used and is seperate from the main car entrance. The entrance exits directly onto the road/carriageway. There is no footway, pavement or similar at all. Do I have a valid appeal? I have also read that the CEO can only issue the PCN if an official complaint/request has been made by the owner of sa
  4. Hi , nasty taste left in mouth by Samsung. Whilst cooking, i used my S8 as a timer, as per normal. multiple timers set, and running. turned round to check time, and the screen was flashing like mad. A crack was developing before my eyes. A phone call to Samsung sent me to their Romford "customer care" centre where i was told i had dropped it The phone is not yet 2 months old. I was told that screen damage invalidated the warrantee, and also refused a second opinion, as 3 "engineers" had already looked at it. cost of repair is approx £350, after 1.5 months use am i right in thi
  5. Hi, I have 2 debts which have now dropped off my credit file 3 months ago after 6 years of being defaulted. The debts were both originally around £12k and are both now about £9k after payments were made to them from payment books in the bank. These payments were mainly regular a few years ago but have been more irregular recently. (no payments in last 4 months). The debts were originally a Lloyds credit card and a Lloyds loan. Both have been with various dca's since the default and are now with Robinson way and Link asset. I am now wondering what to do? I am i
  6. Hi all, I'm wondering if you guys can help us out with advise. We have applied for a dropped kerb (also called vehicular access) for our house where the front garden has been paved as a drive way. When we applied we were under the impression that we would get the permit to create vehicular access based on the fact that 75% of our neighbors already have their kerb dropped. To our surprise, the Northamtonshire Highways have denied our dropped kerb citing new regulations that came into effect in 2014. We were told we could appeal, but that we probably lose this base
  7. Hi everybody, I've been pointed in this direction by a reddit user for help relating to a Parking Charge Notice. I took my car to my local garage to get an MOT check done on 01/09/2016. The owner then drove the car to the MOT garage and parked it up inside and then returned back to his garage. A few hours later I hadn't received a phone call yet to say it had been completed so I rang up to find out that my car was OK to collect. I then made my way there and collected my car from the (private) parking lot less than 30 meters away from the MOT garage. Fast-forward a wee
  8. Can anyone shed light on the subject of a dropped kerb. New residents moved into the house across the road approx. two months ago...in super quick time they had a dropped kerb put in outside the front of the house....they cannot use their front garden as it is a "front garden" with shrubs and bushes etc. there is also a fence surrounding the garden so clearly not in use as parking space. Despite having the dropped kerb, blocking a space that until now was free to park on, they both continue to block our parking spaces with their van and car whilst their dropped kerb sits comple
  9. Can anyone tell me what a DC means when they want to drop the case but ask if I'm willing to agree to a no costs settlement? I always denied the disputed debt and complained to them for putting entries on my credit file, the O/C never did it.
  10. Had a demand for payment from Scottish power through our communal letter box , incorrectly addressed i might add, in fact the address doesn't actually exist, there was no named account holder on the letter, just an account number & the amount outstanding, I checked for the sake of checking it compared against my old SP account , as i haven't been with them for some 2yrs, I rang them to see what info they would tell me,to see if i could help, but they won't say anything , Today they sent someone round to the property, i told him that the account number doesn't match and showed him it
  11. Couldn't find a suitable forum for this... unbelievable. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-berkshire-34412120
  12. Hi, this is my first time on a forum so apologies in advance for the length of this posting. We owned a 1934 classic car and in October 2011 it was being transported to a venue by a reputable carrier in whose tow vehicle my husband was a passenger. Unfortunately the car was totally destroyed when the carrier's driver lost control and both vehicles somersaulted across three lanes of the motorway. The carrier accepted liability and, as we had legal cover and it seemed a straightforward case, our insurers passed us onto Minster Law to handle the claim. Problems arose very soon after t
  13. Hi, some time ago we had notification that the housing association who own the house next door were going to remove the existing single dropped kerb between our properties and "give it to next door". I have downloaded a deed plan and property register of my property and the boundry puts the joint access on the housing associations side but the register states A: Property Register This register describes the land and estate comprised in the title. 1 (15.01.2001) The Freehold land shown edged with red on the plan of the above Title filed at the Registry and
  14. My issue I received by post two Notice to Owner letters dated 11/11/2014 in different envelopes. These letter refer to the same office '27 Parked in a special enforcement area adjacent to footway, cycle track or verge lowered to meet the level of the carriage way. Both have a unique PCN number on them for a notice I have never seen or been aware of, nor handed to me in person nor left on my vehicle for me to find. Both refer to a contravention date and time, one 8/10/2014 at 10.52 PN11112536 and the other 8/10/2014 at 12.26 PN110-9538A for the same location, a local authorit
  15. This could be a fun one.... A few weeks ago we moved house and our fridge freezer is the American type, tall with two vertical doors. We've had it a few years, a few small dents here and there. We weren't able to move it ourselves because of the size but (for those of you who know), we found someone on the Facebook "selling" groups locally - called Jean Claude Van Man. He quoted £35 to move it with two people for which we agreed. They arrive with a large transit sized van and proceed to pick it up (without really assessing anything) - they lift it on it's side (so the freezer door
  16. I am totally confused here and annoyed to say the least. I have parked along a road with no markings indicating that I should not park in this particular place. There are vehicles parked here every single day. So.....the actual location is in my opinion not a dropped footway. It is actually a speed Bump on the road..one of many. It is clearly a speed bump and always has been. How can this be correct.
  17. I am a long time reader of these forums and have gained some very help full advice from them. I have looked for an answer to my query all over the forums but not got a definite answer, so here it goes. I also hope I am posting in the right place. I have been paying cap-quest for a credit card debt on and off for almost 6 years and regularly £5.00 every month for over 2 years. It dropped off my credit file last year. I have not received a single letter off them or account status/statement in over 18 months. The last I heard from them was when they turned down an offe
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