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  1. Im in England now but all this debt was created in Scotland, 7 defaults are from 2010/2011, originally the debt was £20k. I have been on 2 payment plans a DPP and a token payment plan through Step Change. After a long period of unemployment i had to sell my house to relocate for work. Im now in a position to clear my debt. I owe 7 different amounts which add up to £15,600. I want to know if its possible to negotiate a reduced settlement figure for each debt. I wanted to do this myself as Step Change seem to have wrong info regarding the amounts i owe, also one guy suggests they might be able to negotiate a reduced amount, another tells me its very unlikely. So i thought i would maybe handle this bit myself. Any tips on how to deal with this ? Has anyone else been successful in negotiating?
  2. I have been in a good job for more than one year now. I have been renting privately. Now i'm about to go and see about getting a mortgage. I checked my free credit report and i have a new default on my account. This is because Barclaycard has passed the debt onto Link Financial. I originally had 2 defaulted accounts with Barclaycard from 2011 and all my defaults are gone from my credit history. One was passed to Link in March 2013, Link wrongly put a default on my account at that time in 2013, it took a long time before they removed it. Now the other Barclaycard account has been passed to Link and they have put a default on my account. What is the best and quickest way to get this default removed. I dont want to deal with Link because i tried numerous times in the past to get the other default removed, they told me many times they would remove it and they never did, it remained on my account for a few years. This could not have happened at a worse time, i'm now back on my feet again and i have a financially stable life again, now i want to buy a house and this has happened. Good folks of CAG please advise
  3. Today i received this letter from a different Solicitors. What action should i take if any guys? As always i really appreciate your wonderful assistance. link LOC.pdf
  4. 1 The date of infringement? 18/10/2017 2 Did you appeal to the parking company? Have you received a Notice To Keeper? No. Not through the post. There was a PCN style document left on the windscreen instructing to go to myparkingcharge.co.uk although it claimed 'This is not a PCN' 3 Did the NTK mention Schedule 4 of the Protection of Freedoms Act 2012 (PoFA) No 4 If you appealed after receiving the NTK, did the parking company give you any information regarding the further appeals process? [it is well known that parking companies will reject any appeal whatever the circumstances] N/A 5 Who is the parking company? Vehicle Control Services Ltd --------------- I pay a monthly fee for an underground car park space on land owned by an apartment building development company. I have a tax disk style parking permit issued by VCS. The car park is patrolled by VCS. I came down this afternoon to find a myparkingcharge notification saying to log into their portal to view evidence of a parking T&C contravention. I looked over at my car park permit to find it upside down, when I was driving home yesterday with the windows open it must have shifted around and landed face down. In the 'evidence' photographs taken by the so called parking 'agent' you can see the disk. Upside down but it is obvious what it is. I have parked there for 7 months, surely he recognises my car and will have seen the disk countless times before. i.imgur.com/FJxk1pS.jpg I righted the disk and phoned VCS who advised to lodge an appeal. I looked into that but upon seeing the form that requests personal details and the requirement to check a checkbox that says "I accept these facts as they are presented" or something similar - there is absolutely no bloody way am I doing that and providing them with that information or checking that box. I pay for a valid parking permit. I'm not a paying £60 'fine' (private company issuing a fine, yeah ok) for 1) the ramifications of gravity and 2) because some **** has spotted an opportunity to extort some commission. I spoke to the landowners, the company I rent the apartment from who agreed with my point of view and said they'd contact VCS and get this ridiculous charge squashed. They have done so however I heard back saying that there is a remaining 'reduced settlement charge' of £20. I phoned VCS who said if I refused to pay they would pass the matter onto a debt collection agency. I know all about Simon Renshaw-Smith. I will not be one of his victims. Please find screenshots below of all relevant contracts/documentation. i.imgur.com/ndKKenf.jpg i.imgur.com/BSRAIVL.jpg i.imgur.com/9JOBEt0.jpg The parking permit was, after signing the above parking contract with the landlord, presented to me enclosed with the following document from VCS. 1) I did not sign this document, nor have ever explicitly agreed to accept its stipulations 2) I did not agree at any stage to explicitly enter into a contract with VCS 3) The first I knew of any association with VCS is when I opened an envelope to find this letter with permit disc attached i.imgur.com/PV4kfC4.jpg Seeking your advice and experience. Cheers guys, much appreciated.
  5. Hi all, I am after some thought and hopefully some pointers on my late payment charges with Studio. After getting myself in a pickle I am on reduced payments for a few things and most have frozen interest and waive any fees. Due to a zero hours contract I often have to pay my priority bills first. My payment to Studio is £5 a month and no interest is being added. As of today the Debt stand at £120. However i have noted that if I am late with a payment I get charged £12 which means that the debt doesn't go down and another 2 months is added to the payment plan. Say for example over the course of a year I am late with just 3 payment that's £36 which increases the plan by 7 months which I feel is a bit harsh. More so that if it got passed over to a debt collector the amount is frozen. I have read other studio threads but not sure if it is still relevant as they are from a few years back. I am not sure how to proceed, Is it worth doing? is it similar to claiming from the banks? can anyone help with a template?
  6. Hi all, I need some advice regarding the world of car insurance & "no claims bonus" My Girlfriend was with Direct Line and should have about 6 years No Claims Bonus. Unfortunately due to a bit of financial difficulty, her Direct Debit failed with them & Direct Line cancelled the policy. This was 6mths ago, in that time frame the car was SORN her circumstances have changed and finances have come back on track, and she's has been told by Direct Line that due to the failed DD, Cancelled Policy and the 6mths lapse of insurance, they will only confirm 1 years NCB. My Questions are: Can they do this? If NO what can we (probably I as I enjoy a good fight -- Oh Advantage how I miss you) do to get confirmation of the 6yrs NCB. By having the 6 yr confirmed makes a £300 difference in price. Thanks for reading. Ads.
  7. My temp job ended a couple of weeks ago. I was receiving Working Tax Credits, so I rang the HMRC helpline to inform them of my change of circumstances. They told me I would receive 4 more weeks of WTC and then it will stop. So I made a rapid reclaim. When asked if I was also receiving other benefits, I ticked yes ( I am not sure if that was the correct thing to do). Then I received a letter from the DWP confirming that my claim was accepted, by the amount is just over £40 a week. I assume it's because of the WTC. My question is: once my WTC runs out, is it just as simple as calling the JSA helpline and informing them of my new circumstances or is there anything else I should do now? Any help will be appreciated.
  8. Hi - I have a car which is financed by TFC (the worst HP company ever, their staff are so arrogant). I just wanted to find out if anyone has managed to come to a reduce payment agreement with them. I have been trying for the last 2 1/2 years to have my monthly installments reduced, reason being is I have had to reduce my work hours for health reasons so have lost +/-£300/month. I have written, complained, phoned just about done flik-flaks in their offices and they are having none of it. Their response is we do not consider your situation to be a material change in circumstance My argument to that is if I had come to them with my current payslip would they have lent me the same amount of money being the reasonable lenders they are or would it have been less? Also their BILL OF SALE BORROWER INFORMATION SHEET, which I believe is a form of false advertising states. “If you have a material change of circumstances we will take this into consideration and may agree to reduce your repayments until such time as you are to continue with your original contractual repayments.” They recently sent me an income and expenditure form which I completed and returned under the assumption that they would look at reducing my payments, also according to one of the staff who stated "I can see from you account that you have applied for a reduced payment" when I queried about them receiving the forms, so it is on file, the lady I spoke to today adamantly tells me its not somethign the company does!!! Why send me the forms then, will ask her when she phones back as was getting to upset and did not want to rock the boat. has anyone managed to get reduced payments and if yes how? Is the above worthy of a complaint to the FOS. My agreement finishes in September 2016 so only have 11 months to go but financially its killing me and my husband has just been made redundant so struggling big time. Sharon
  9. Morning I was hoping someone could shed some light for me. We have recently been awarded via mandatory reconsideration high rate care for our daughter, we were already in receipt of low rate mobility so getting the disabled child premium on housing benefit and council tax benefit. I sent the housing office proof of the new DLA award just to keep them up to date and someone said they may add a severe disablement element to the benefit but I didn't really understand that. I did not expect the award to change much as I didn't think DLA for a child was regarded as income as such. Anyway today I received a letter and although not clear I estimate a reduction in housing benefit by around £35 a month and a substantial reduction in council tax support. Does this sound accurate? No other changes to income, I will ring and check but the people who man the phones are often quite rude! Thanks all xx
  10. Can anyone tell me what the law is on planning application time limits are? Do the council have to place a notice on the building that is the subject of the planning application and if so do they have to allow a certain amount of time between posting the notice and actually making a planning decision? Thanks in advance.
  11. I was at Court today as an observer, where I watched a case of a fine that had been given to the defendant last October for an offence that saw a fine and costs awarded. This was £300+ The defendant was unaware of the case and was found guilty in their absence. Again the defendant did not fill in the required MC100 form (financial means), they produced their signing on card and a letter from a prospective employer and these were then accepted as evidence of income. The person in question was stood in front of the bench and swore a Statutory Declaration (SD) this was accepted by the bench, this time the bench removed the enforcement fees and then to the surprise of the defendant actually reduced the fine significantly and removed the fees that had been added to the account to date. So the new balance level was between £125.00-£180.00 The bench made a collections order for £10-00pw and then said it will be taken at source from benefits until the balance was paid. The defendant at this time said they had or may be offered a job to start next month. The bench promptly explained that the collection order was the bare minimum that was allowed to be paid and it would be in the defendants best interest to clear the outstanding amount asap. It is not often that a bench will reduce a fine but due to the early plea credit was given. It also proves that it is best to complete the MC100 form and this will allow the defendant more time to pay, instead of paying a higher amount which could cause financial hardship for the defendant.
  12. Hi Just looking for some advice. I have a debt with Very. It's balance is £8500 although not sure why I'm assuming intereest and charges. The last few months I've been getting letters from ARC Europe asking me to contact them which I havent. Today I get another letter saying their client is willing to offer a very reduced settlement if I pay within 35 days. Is this normal. Why would they accept a reduced offer. Thanks
  13. I attended an interview in October with Argos for a temporary position but that's as far as it went. I have received a letter from the Department for Work & Pensions informing me that they are using information received regarding my income that has been given to the HM Revenue & Customs. The Department for Work & Pensions have reduced my JSA to £38.33 as they claim I am receiving on average £39.07 per week from my employment with Argos I have never worked for Argos paid or unpaid so I rang the DWP to see what was going on. They told me to either get a letter from Argos confirming that I have never worked for them and ring the HM Revenue & Customs. Firstly I rang the HMRC who told me that they don't know where the DWP have got their information wrong as it's incorrect. So i then rang the DWP back to tell them and they got very stroppy and told me to go to my local Jobcente and complete a MF47 statement to confirm I have never worked for Argos. The DWP also said they still need a letter from Argos. I reiterated that I have never worked for Argos so how can I approach them for a letter. I also said that you the DWP have made a false accusation so how on earth can I be penalised for your error..... didn't go down to well! Went to my local Jobcentre, completed the MF47 statement and they scanned it and sent it off for me via email. I then contacted Argos to see if they would put together a letter and they said in general the DWP will contact them direct if they want any information and the request must come from them. I telephoned the DWP again today to chase things up and they told me where is the letter from Argos. I told them that the request must come from the DWP and was then told "we don't do the chasing". I then asked what has happened to the MF47 statement. "What MF47 statement" was the reply, we have no records of it. I then went on a rant as I have £3.82 to last me through Christmas for something that Is not my fault and is obviously an error by the DWP. The lady I spoke to just said I will email someone and get them to call you. (Still Waiting for the Call). Honestly I am flabbergasted on how they are dealing with this matter and how unhelpful the DWP are being.
  14. I was taken to a room for questioning, upon leaving a departmental store, for allegations of shoplifting. I had picked up several cosmetic tester samples from the stands, as often (for products apart from foundations), the staff do not give you free samples and it is difficult to get an accuracy of colour matching in lighting outside the store. I wish to emphasise that these were all tester products - they had been used already/ were not brand new. Some were also smaller than the standard product size. So it wouldn't be fair to equate them to the price of a brand new, full-size product, nor the theft of an actual product. Though, I do feel it was not the right course of action. Nevertheless, I was given an exclusion order from the store. When I was questioned, I was asked to put out all the Make-Up testers I had picked up, and I co-operated fully in returning these. Given they were for high-end brands, the total was estimated at around £200 (in any case, given they were opened, non-full size testers, this estimation is inaccurate in itself); I was told by the Store's Security Officers that this would affect the charge RLP would ask for. However, in the letter RLP wrote to me, they contradict the store staff - RLP are saying that due to all items being recovered, the £197 I owe is purely for the "substantial amount of time...in observing, apprehending, interviewing you..". I believe this is quite an extortionate amount in light of the circumstances, and the fact I was fully compliant. Moreover, when I was questioned by the Store staff, they asked for my University address (assuring no correspondence would be sent there), as well as home address. They may have confused University with University residence, but they did not make this clear. Eitherway, RLP addressed their charge letter to my University, who had to open it before redirecting it to me. This is infringing on my privacy, and I am now also concerned if this could affect my employability? I didn't receive any Police Order (it is a civil matter), but could future employers see this on an DBS (CRB) check or elsewhere? Does paying the fee clear my name from any databases? Should I dispute this case, or ask for a reduced settlement? Any advice would be much appreciated. This is really worrying me, and making it hard to focus on my work.
  15. I emailed Next and Isme with a list of my income and outgoings and asked them to accept a reduced payment of £36 a month. I explained that I only have Carer's Allowance and Income Support totalling £72 a week. I have £18 a week left so I offered both catalogues half of this. Isme not replied yet but Next have refused my offer but said they will accept £54 a month with no interest or charges. Can anyone please advise me on how to respond as I cannot afford more than £36 a month?
  16. Hi, I have done some research and have previously reclaimed charges and PPI i just wanted to confirm with others the process should follow. I wanted to avoid admitting tyne debt as 2 are just 12 months from being statute barred, so can i address letters "without predjudice"??? so as to not restart the period for the debts becoming statute barred? And any tips anyone may have for settling debts at a reduced rate. So my process i am think i should follow: 1 write to CRA(experian, equiFax) to find any company claiming debt 2 write to companies asking for true original of credit agreement 3 if provided Agreement, make offer of 10p per pound for Full and final settlement including marking debt as settled in full. 4 await letter confirming settlement 5 pay debts. I do worry about making these debts enforceable for the next 6 years by doing this so is there anything i can do to mitigate this risk? thank you in advance nak
  17. My girlfriends mother went to the dentist. At the end, she asked if she would be entitled to the reduced payment for being on benefits. She was told by the dentist that she didn't have to pay, and instead had to fill out a form and send it off. (Apparently this is not usually how it works, she is supposed to pay up front then claim back?) She has now received a Penalty Charge Notice for incorrectly claiming for the reduced amount, even though they also mentioned in their letter to her that they cannot confirm if she is illegible or not. My girlfriend sent them a letter disputing the charge since her mother was only inquiring about the reduced amount, and simply followed what she were told to do. Apparently there is a back log on their post, and it won't get read for another few weeks, although they are getting additional charges for non-payment. What should they do?
  18. I am finally getting my bottom into gear and paying of my debts (hence the many posts I have already posted or will post) I owe a company call Credit Solutions £170.93 If I am to call them up and say I am willing to pay off my debt right away but I want it reduced will they do it ? I am thinking of trying to get them down to half of what my debt is worth. They did write to me a few months back to pay of my debt at a reduced rate but I was not in a financial position to do it, So I know it is an option. Has anyone tried this ? Has it worked ?
  19. I am an agency worker on a Swedish Derogation arrangement and as such I have a contract of employment. My contract of employment states my pay is £10.24 per hour, however I was given a pay rise a few months ago increasing it to £10.48 per hour, the contract of employment was not updated and still states the old £10.24 per hour rate. On 4th Feb 2014 I was advised verbally that my pay would reduce to £10.00 per hour and this would be effective week commencing 10th Feb 2014, they said a new contract page would follow. When I said I was not happy and asked what my options were they said basically "take whats on offer or leave" OK, I am fairly certain they cannot do this but how do I deal with it from my position? Many Thanks
  20. Hello Can my employer change the hours on my contract to suit themselves. Have been informed that if we dont work overtime our hrs will be changed from 7.45-4.45 to 7am to 4.45. The contract says we must do a reasonable amount of overtime to suit the buisness. Thanks in advance
  21. First of all hello,this is my first post having been a long time lurker. My question is how do i go about asking barclaycard to reduce my payments, i am currently experiencing financial difficulties at the moment due to a drop in income, am i best to ask directly over the phone or is it better to put everything in writing. my wife returns to full time work in september so this should only be a short term problem do i need to ask for a six month timescale ? thanks in advance
  22. I am planning "reduced fines day" in London when the weather gets better in a couple of months. How it works - based on the idea "Meter maids" in Australia where the meter is topped up before ticket expiry. I only have a mate to help so far but this WILL go ahead whether I stand alone and do it myself in a street for a day. The object is to cut the councils' revenue by stopping the traffic wardens issuing fines to unsuspecting motorist who are slightly late back to their car or unaware they've parked in the wrong location. Anyone who pulls up in the street will be advised they have parked wrongfully and in danger of a pcn. Obviously the scheme won't be advertised to prevent folk taking advantage by not paying for a parking ticket. Providing that the time limit hasn't exceeded, a small amount can be entered into the ticket machine when a warden appears (say for 10 mins) and hopefully the driver will return soon when the "top up fee" could be claimed back. Charitable donations could also cover the cost of these top ups. Anyone else in on this?
  23. Hi I was wondering if anyone had come across this situation before. Can I claim Sickness Benefit without it affecting my Reduced Earnings Allowance, payable through my Industrial Injuries Benefit ? I've tried looking all over the web for info but come up blank. I know I could claim this new EAS benefit but can't find anything about it affecting Sickness Benefit. For that past few years I've been told I can't claim either being self-employed,but now my condition has increased to the stage I may now have to give up Self Employment all together.
  24. Hi. I have received a court claim from Link, for an old MBNA account. Ages ago I asked to see a copy of my credit agreement etc and they sent me, after months of waiting, a crappy photocopy of something which says credit agreement on it. They also sent me a letter stating they are charging me £102 for litigation fees, which they are required to do by law. I guess as they have 'proved' the debt then I would be wasting my time trying to argue with them?
  25. My employer laid me off today, with the minimum 'Guaranteed pay' however this assumes I am unpaid. I have nothing in my contract about reduced pay, or in fact being laid off and get more than the minimum guaranteed pay day to day. As per this https://www.gov.uk/lay-offs-short-timeworking/overview It states I should recieve full pay. What does this mean exactly? PAy every day im not int he office or pay only when asked to come in - how can they string me along for 3 months without work?
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