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  1. Hi, I have just received my PIP award letter from DWP and have been awarded Standard Care no mobility. On the short report it says that I attended the Face to face assessment alone. The fact is that my Wife who is my carer came with me and carried my medication into the room, placed them on the assessors desk, checked with me that I am alright then waited outside for me. She did not stay in the room as she gets upset very easily and also angry and frustrated when in that type of environment. To avoid this we agreed that as soon as I am with the assessor I would be
  2. Armed forces pay award 2018 - extra payments for personnel that left the armed forces after 1 April 2018 READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/armed-forces-pay-award-2018-extra-payments-for-personnel-that-left-the-armed-forces-after-1-april-2018
  3. I've just received an award by CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) against CIGA for the removal of Cavity Wall Insulation which was installed in 2012. I've had horrendous problems with damp since and put a claim in myself. Also been awarded redecoration costs and an award for poor customer service. My query was relating to the redecoration costs, the award states mould treatment, repainting and repapering. Some of the plaster on the walls has crumbled with the damp, will they sort the walls out before they paper over them. Also the bathroom which is another ar
  4. Hi My wife was seriously assaulted at her work 2.5 years ago. After a huge amount of hassle, delays, and mis-handling of information, she was eventually awarded £1000. Initially, the claim had been rejected due to lack of a Police report - which had already been provided - and we had to appeal that. My wife suffered soft tissue damage to her wrist, a patient had violently grabbed her, pinned her down on a desk, and held her there for quite a while before being subdued. She was off work for 6 months, suffered PTSD as a result of the assault
  5. Brief history is that I have been awarded enhanced rate of both components of PIP for a fixed period. The award letter tells me I got 18 points for Daily Living and 14 for Moving Around. According to the experienced Benefits advisor who helped me with my claim, I should have got considerably more points for both components and, given my age and the nature of my conditions, at the very least the award should have been for a much longer fixed period if not the PIP equivalent of indefinate. Obviously, I cannot be awarded a higher rate but I absolutely do not want to go through the hell of ma
  6. I am seeking help on a few points following a calculated PPI award from MBNA. Essentially, I think they are using their own interpretation of “returning to position” in order to be seen to be conforming to FOS guidelines: while not actually really doing so. I am wondering if anyone agrees, or if I am barking up the wrong tree. If anyone is interested in taking a look I will post up a PDF of their “full breakdown” – calculations that seem far removed, I think, from what it should be by using conventional and more widely accepted methods - such as would be the case with other banks and ou
  7. I've recently been sent a PIP Award Review form. It says that after I return it, I could get a telephone call or have to go to a face to face consultation. I'm finding the process extremely stressful and it's weighing on my mental health. Luckily a friend is helping me fill in the form, but I don't know if I can deal with another face-to-face consultation at this time. My memories of the last face to face consultation I had to go to are extremely distressing. I really don't want to lose my PIP, but I'm on ESA too, and with my new situation (different housing etc), could maybe just
  8. Hello everyone, Recently claimed PIP and was awarded standard daily rate with no enhancements. I was thereafter informed that I should tell the Tax Credit office to check if I was claiming the correct amount now that I am getting PIP, so I did. The lady on the phone just took the details of the date the award started and told me I would hear within a few weeks. So I had a quick google to see if I could find anyone else's experience of claiming the extra element, and came across the rules for claiming it: http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/20140109143644/http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/taxcr
  9. On behalf of a friend, she need's advice with the following scenario please: She is a 35 year old female with a child. -she is joint owner of a property (about 33.3% share ownership with both her parents), she does not live their nor do they pay her rent for her share in the property. (no mortgage) -she is sole owner of a 2nd property that she currently lives in with her child (mortgaged) Her plan is to rent a property (and rent out her 2nd property) and is not sure how long it will take her to find employment when she relocated and therefore, may need help with rent......(
  10. The Credit Today Awards 2016 was held two days ago and the Best Vulnerable Customer Strategy Award was given to Marston Group. The Credit Today Awards is the largest awards ceremony in the industry. Marston Group received the award for a range of vulnerability initiatives established throughout its business, in support of customers that are potentially in need.
  11. Hi All I initially claimed ESA contribution and income based in October 2014....went for my medical for this in February 2015 and was told I was being awarded ESA and placed in WRAG Group in April 2015...Letter states that I was entitled to both contribution and income based due to lack of savings but as I have always worked I was being given contribution based...fair enough.... I recently applied for a budgeting loan and was point blank refused as they say I am not receiving ESA income based....I was under the impression that ESA contribution based only lasted for 365 days and that
  12. Morning I was hoping someone could shed some light for me. We have recently been awarded via mandatory reconsideration high rate care for our daughter, we were already in receipt of low rate mobility so getting the disabled child premium on housing benefit and council tax benefit. I sent the housing office proof of the new DLA award just to keep them up to date and someone said they may add a severe disablement element to the benefit but I didn't really understand that. I did not expect the award to change much as I didn't think DLA for a child was regarded as income as such.
  13. Hi All Last week I have been awarded a protected award for failure to consult. The judge has awarded me 75 days salary. Good news so far. However, my employer is in administration and the administration is close to ending with movement into liquidation. The only funds left for distribution are the prescribed part generated from the sale of property. I wonder if anyone can advise on the following questions: 1. Will my award be paid from the prescribed part as a preferred creditor? 2. Will I receive 100% (there is more than enough money in the pre
  14. Hi Quick bit of advice. Earlier this year I was awarded 3 year ESA in support group due to Fibromyalgia and Functional Neurological disorder along with severe depression. I have been on every antidepressant my dr with prescribe and i'm being seen by mental health services, im also on Butrans patches for pain. Anyway been paid fine every since the award until 13th August when the payments just stopped, no letter, no phone calls nothing just no money. I have phoned the hotline a few times and they always say I can't see any reason on my system for not paying, i'll email another depa
  15. The French Government wishes to award the Legion d’Honneur to all surviving veterans of D-Day. The MOD website contains the following information https://www.gov.uk/government/news/d-day-veterans-award-of-the-legion-dhonneur – for the MOD news story https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/d-day-70-application-form-for-award-of-the-legion-dhonneur – for details about how to apply. Once you have opened this link, follow the below instructions: If you double click on where it says Administration Form for the D-Day 70 award of the Legion D’Honneur, a Word document is a
  16. Hi, I recently had costs awarded against me at a PHR. I had not been expecting this. I am picking up the pieces now after the shock of it all. A good friend referred me to this forum and to some recent posts about costs, in particular the fact that the employer is not allowed to charge more than £33 ph for preparing for the hearing. Mine charged £110 ph - this was not challenged by the judge. They also included external solicitor's costs on top. If I apply the £33 limit it works out that I will be paying more in costs than the employer was allowed to claim for. I am incensed
  17. Right. going to keep this short and sweet. 1 month ago my wife received a payment from DWP PIP into her bank account by total surprise as we had not received any notice that the claim had been sorted. Today she received her next payment for PIP and yet we are still without a award notice letter. I have been onto PIP on no fewer than 6 times and have requested callback so we could get it sorted. Given that PIP is paid in arrears that would make it that the award was approved 7 weeks ago at least. So, how long does it take to get a award letter? The people you talk to (fr
  18. I am confused about the new rules for interest on discrimination awards in the Employment Tribunal when the case spans the 29th July 2013 and the rate changed from 0.5% to 8.0%. I understand the bit that says interest is payable at 8.0% if the respondent does not settle within 14 days of the remedy judgement but am having difficulty with the rest. For example if a discriminationary event took place on 29th July 2010 and a liability hearing on 29th July 2012 found in favour of the claimant and a remedy hearing on 29th July 2014 awarded compensation for injury to feelings and psychiatr
  19. Hi - I need some advice to help a friend - they have just been through a court hearing regarding illegal repossession of a car under finance - the judgement has not yet been given however from what they say it could go either way So here is where my friend needs help if the judge rules for the other side and awards them money and costs what would be thier next step - as when I say my friend has literally nothing but the shirt on his back I am not overstating his position - could he appeal on the basis that he has nothing and barely earns enough to live on? If so how would he go about stoppin
  20. Hi, Has anyone been in a position where an employment tribunal have made a costs award when you can't pay it? e.g the award is more than what you have in your current account, no savings, very little equity in a house? I would like to know what would happen. Could the respondent then make you bankrupt if you couldn't pay? Thanks
  21. I feel as if I'm going round in circles. Am newly self-employed (just five months), not yet able to draw a wage from a new start-up business and will only be receiving NEA of £33 pw for the next two weeks. This allowance contributes to my weekly business rental. My only disposable income is £44 pcm (private pension). I recently made a claim for WTC - from Dec 2012 to end September 2013 I was unemployed and receiving some JSA(IB) - and have been awarded £0. I thought WTC was meant to help those working on low incomes. In desperation, I've had to contact my local JobCen
  22. Hi I have two questions that I hope someone can help me with 1. I was awarded ESA SG in Sept 2013 without any interview/assessment (I did have previous advice from this forum). I have not been told how the decision was made and the time/length of the award. My Benefit Advisor told me to ring and ask for a particular form or something but the DWP Person on the phone was a bit abrupt and just said I would only need that form for appeal and said I can be reviewed at anytime. Im in Glasgow and my turnaround time was within 6 weeks and a total surprise. Just don't know how I was awarded it po
  23. Hello. I was an employee who was made redundant by my employer. I represented myself at an employment tribunal, who found in my favour on all counts. They judged that it had been unfair dismissal and sex discrimination and made an award of around £10,000 although I don’t expect any of it will be paid. At the start of the hearing my employer’s solicitor tried to wriggle, suggesting to the judge that they were not a legal entity. The business is run by a managing committee of volunteers (an unincorporated association) and is also a registered charity (registered with the charities comm
  24. Hello, I won an employment tribunal for unfair dismissal last year and was awarded a lot of money but only half of it was paid to me. Can anyone advise me if this is correct? I represented myself so there was no legal cost. I was told that HMRC takes tax....is this true? if so is it fair for them to take HALF? I have tried speaking to HMRC to find out if they have received a pay out regarding myself but they have no idea Have my old evil employer ripped me off!?
  25. Have been very busy of late and rather lost count of "Which Scottish Sir" will win this years top score for the number of complaints on this site. LOL.
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