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Found 11 results

  1. I've just received an award by CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) against CIGA for the removal of Cavity Wall Insulation which was installed in 2012. I've had horrendous problems with damp since and put a claim in myself. Also been awarded redecoration costs and an award for poor customer service. My query was relating to the redecoration costs, the award states mould treatment, repainting and repapering. Some of the plaster on the walls has crumbled with the damp, will they sort the walls out before they paper over them. Also the bathroom which is another area where damp has been a problem has tiles on it, as the award states repapering will they not do this area. Damp is in the electricity meter cupboard, will they make this safe? I know it sounds like I might be worrying over nothing however the way I've been treated by CIGA to date has given me reason to be concerned. Thanks Dex
  2. Firstly, Had an 'ECO' grant towards the cost of solid wall insulation all taken care of by Energycare Group of Haynes. http://www.energycaregroupltd.co.uk/about Surveyor came and said it would take a 2 weeks or less in Nov 2013. Work was completed in March 2014 after 50 calls to them. I was told by the surveyor and installers there was a SWIGA (Solid Wall Installation Guarantee Agency). The quality of work was very poor and they had to come back numerous times and caused damage to the property. Due to sight problems in the winter light I relied on their supervisor stating that the work was all ok and was pressured into signing the satisfaction form before the workers left as they kept saying they would not get paid until the form was signed. Complained through their 'Check-a- Trade' organisation they were registered with. Energycare Grooup came out with a pack of lies even though I sent them photographic evidence to the contrary. No result as Check-a Trade are paid by the companies. Complained to SWIGA but after more than 20 phone calls, letters and E-mails there was never any response. Complained to Ofgem as they are supposed to 'monitor' these organisations but again no response. After 3 months found that EnergyCare Group had not registered the work with SWIGA so not covered bt their ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) process. Found Energycare group had arranged an insurance backed warranty if they ceased trading but it was worth over £15000 less and no ADR process. Had purchased Legal cover with the house insurance through 'Wisecall Claims Assistance'. When reading the document that was sent, it is only a 9 month policy as they will not accept claims within the first 90 days of commencement of the policy. I thought at first this was only for new policies but it is in fact on renewals also. Never mind I thought, my claim was after the 90 day period so submitted a claim which Wisecall said to go through their underwriters, AU insurance services. The claim was rejected because I had not notified them within 90 days of the damage occuring, having lost 3 months going through SWIGA! Wise call said to send a letter in writing to their nameless managing director. This was done on 26th Aug this year. By 6th November, still no reply or acknowledgement so contacted Wisecall and they gave me an e-mail address a copy of original letter was resent to them. Still to date no acknowledgement or reply. I have been told to sue Energycare group for 'Breach of contract but dont know how or what redress that would bring. I have checked on the OFT Unfair contract terms and sections 2.4.2 and 2.4.3 seem relevent regarding time limits being imposed where a claim could not be brought earlier but still have no idea how to proceed now so any comments would be very welcome. statch ps Was also told to seek redress through Ofgen as their companies contributed to the cost so should help but ofgem very evasive and at first said it wasn't a consumer issue then after telling them all calls were recorded and contacting my mp a message was sent to get back to them, this I was unable to do at the time as I was in hospital so now just trying to pick up the pieces again.
  3. As a British Gas consumer I was sent an e-mail in August 2014 regarding British Gas working with the government to install insulation into millions more homes for free. They were also offering a £50 High Street gift card as an extra incentive! Mid September I recieved a nearly identical e-mail but this time the High Street gift card incentive was £25. Regardless of the incentive, I decided to contact them and enquire. I was informed that the system was down and someone from British Gas would call me back........ .....they never have! I have also filled in online applications with N Power and E.on regarding cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and possible replacement boiler ( after declaring a family income below the threshold they mention and acknowledging I am in receipt of Working Tax Credits ) but I have not heard anything from those two companies either. Has anyone on these forums actually had any success or follow up contact when they have made an enquiry?
  4. I applied for the above scheme in June of 2012. I was aware the scheme finished in Nov 2012. When I rang British Gas I asked if I would be still be able to apply. I had a letter apologising for the time it would take to send someone to survey my home, the appointment was for Dec 2012. I rang on several occasions and was told I would probably get the work done in the Summer but I said as long as it was done for the Winter it didnt matter. My house is very cold and I am on a small pension. I rang again today and out of the blue was told as the money from the Governement had run out in Nov 2012 they didnt think I would be able to have the work carried out. I have a contract with them which was given to me by the lady who did the survey in Dec 2012. This is obviously worth nothing and makes a mockery of these deals. I am going to have another freezing Winter and there doesnt seem to be anything I can do about it!
  5. Does it really work Just had Mark Group come out today and fit free loft insulation, there is alot of it when i just put all our stuff back up there so hoping it will make a big difference we was getting gas bills for £70 before it and £90 in December Per Month Someone said get on to mark group and see if you qualify for it so i did and they said i did with being on JSA My question is will we notice a difference in heat staying in the house for longer i used to put our radiators on for 2 hours in the night before and after 30 mins of them going off the house would be stone cold and same in the mornings. There is defo a draft in the loft when i stuck my head in it this morning
  6. We are an EDF customer and had a company knocking on our door today regarding Loft Insulation Free of Charge i admit our home needs insulating in the loft as the heat escapes quickly, There name was Mark Group and said that EDF pay for the Insulation Can you confirm this is true as ive already signed the paperwork but i have 7 days to cancel
  7. Hi all, I wanted to make people aware of my current situation, and possibly find out if others have experienced the same. Last year I received a leaflet from my local council (Southampton City Council) advising homeowners to take advantage of totally free insulation. I initially was reticent about using someone that my local council recommended, and therefore my first application was via Sainsbury's Energy, with the work being carried out by British Gas. I should add that my application was in before the deadline of 31/10/2012. The earliest survey they could carry out would be February of this year, so I looked at my local council's offering again. They had teamed up with a company called the Environment Centre, which arranged a survey within a few weeks via another company they had partnered with called the Snug Network. The survey was carried out, and it was confirmed on my the report that the cost would be nil - nothing to pay at all. By earlier this week I still hadn't heard anything so I gave the Snug Network a call via the number on the survey form. I was advised that my free insulation was no longer free and that I would be required to pay £315 if I wanted the work completed. I was told that their funding partners, British Gas, have withdrawn their funding. It's all pretty complex, so I called British Gas to find out more. In my case, they are looking to reinstate my previous application through Sainsbury's Energy, but personally I don't think this is fair on other customers who had been encouraged to use the Environment Centre/Snug Network. I don't blame the Environment Centre one bit, the very nice person I have spoken to there has been very helpful and apologetic, and is still trying to unravel the problem. From what I have learned so far, Ofgem had warned the big 6 about not meeting targets on reducing carbon emissions and threatened fines of up to 10% annual turnover if these were not met by 31/12/2012, though any work carried out after this date would be taken into account. So, it seems a little odd that the Snug Network has had it's funding withdrawn by British Gas. It would be good to hear if anyone else has experienced this. The media hasn't shown any interest, and a call to Ofgem was put through to the Energy Savings Trust helpline, and they didn't want to know. TIA.
  8. Hi I have been trying to get cavity wall insulation in grandad's house for years now through the various grants and every time the company offering it comes up with an excuse to avoid doing it because the house is larger than the average. I need to know who I can go to so I can get this organised for my grandad, he qualifies for the grants on every ground there and so does my grandmother. Any help would be great Thanks
  9. Hi, this is my first post, not sure if I'm posting in the right section? I had cavity wall insulation done on my house in April 2011, after signing up following a cold call at my door from a very persuasive salesman (I know, mistake no.1). The work was completed ok so far as I know, but since then I have been unable to get any paperwork or the promised 25 year guarantee from the installers. The company is registered with CIGA as an approved installer. I have contacted the company on numerous occasions, to be told that my property will be included in the next batch of applications to CIGA, or will be fast tracked, or the guarantee has already been applied for. Subsequent calls to CIGA show no record of any such application having been made. The last communication I have from the company is a letter from December 2011 apologising for the oversight in not applying for it. Now when I ring the phone just goes to voicemail and emails remain unanswered. CIGA say they cannot help me. I want to put my property on the market, and obviously without a guarantee there is no proof the work has been done. Can anyone suggest what I should do next please? Many thanks.
  10. I was at my parents house when a young man knocked the door holding a stepladder. He said he was from EON and that through the government they had to check houses for insulation. My parents told him that they had already been sorted out and that the house hadn't long been insulated, both the roof and walls. He didn't see me, but he was insisting that he had to check the attic despite what they said and see it for himself. He was shortly sent packing complete with his ladder following him closely behind. The shocking thing is that my parents couldn't see the harm in it and they'd seen him going from door to door and that the government and companies do have such things. Well yes they do but you don't let a stranger into your home just because he has a badge and a stepladder! My Dad said he wasn't stupid and the lad wasn't trying to sell anything! Well not yet he hadn't but once in the attic he could have done anything as my parents are in no fit state to check what he would have said. He could have soaked the insulation, removed roof tiles and then comes along someone offering to put it right. They think I'm paranoid. I think I'm flamin' well cautious and that cold calling with a stepladder is a step too much. Literally. I'll be calling EON and Trading Standards tomorrow to see if there is such a campaign and complaining about tactics to gain entry to homes occupied by vulnerable people.
  11. Hi, This winter one of the pipes to our outside toilet froze, and literally fell off the cistern. We were not here at the time, so couldn't turn the supply off until much later on when we got back to university, and noticed the garden was flooded. We just received the water bill for that period, and were shocked at the £700 bill, which is roughly £500 more than our usual usage for the 6 month period. Who is responsible for this bill? The pipe to the toilet was not lagged very well, and was only covered by a thin piece of insulation. There was a tap at the bottom of this, but we didn't know about it, as the pipe from the ground to the tap was lagged very well with glass fibre insulation, upto, and including the tap. Also, we were not informed about turning the supply to the toilet off, only leaving the heating on in the house. We are no longer tenants at this house, and moved out 2 months ago. Thanks for your help.
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