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  1. No it wasnt for 2 people it was for me, showed up on Bank Account as DLA £10 and an extra £10 added to my Esa, both was paid on 3rd December, am sure DWP will be in touch if I have been overpaid lol..... I thought it to be strange when I received a letter from DLA stating they would be paying me the £10 bonus as I have never received it before in the last 20 years. I have always received the bonus from firstly invalidity benefit then incapacity benefit and then more recently from Esa....
  2. I had two bonuse"s paid into my bank on 3rd December, one for DLA and one for ESA..
  3. You must send in your ESA50 form on time else your benefit will be stopped, as far as medical evidence is concerned send it in at a later date for what good that will do,? Atos in my case didnt even read it after requesting it from my GP........
  4. Hi All, Hope someone can give advice, the thing is my Daughter has had a bill from Npower from a previous address amounting to nearly £160. She had to move out of her property in March 2013 because of domestic violence, as we now know her Ex also moved out of the property at the same time. My Daughter was rehoused in July of 2013. The thing is both her Gas and Electricity was supplied by Npower on a prepayment meter, as no credit was put onto the meter from March to July the daily standing charge was not being paid. She expected a bill for this, but not to the amount of the bill she has receiv
  5. Suppose it depends on the back log they have, different areas have more of a back log than others.
  6. Ye I have personal experience as stated in the above post, I also sent an Email to my MP and phoned Dwp asking why I had a reccomendation from a Judge of 24 months and still received another Esa50 form to fill in only 4 months after Tribunal date, they both replied, because the 24 months start at the original decision date, in my case November 2011. They also said it is only a recommendation anyway and we dont have to adhere to it anyway, we can call you in anytime we wish to. When you go to Appeal the Judge is looking at your capabilities at the time of your Atos Medical, therefore any jud
  7. Yes I know you won your Tribunal/Appeal as you said, but you must have decided to go to appeal for a reason, hence the first decision from DWP was not in your favour, is this correct??, therefore the Judges reccomendation of leaving you alone for 12 months starts from the original DWP decision and not the Tribunal date, you say your payments were backdated to the Atos medical, the Judges appeal notice also backdates to that same date, so your 12 months starts from the Atos medical, thats why I said your next assessment with Atos if one is required could be anytime in the near future. Perhaps
  8. Yes I am afraid the Council are in their rights to get pocession of the property, you are not the Legal Tennant, your ex is. My daughter has just gone through a similar situation, she was the tennant but her ex refused to move out, so she moved out, she called the police on several occasions to have him removed, they could not do anything either, saying it is his home and to go to court for pocession. She could not afford to go to court so the Council did and got him removed from the property as he was classed as a squatter also. The Council did rehouse him after a time of being homeless. Sorr
  9. You say you won Tribunal 8 months ago, I am presuming therefore you did not gain enough points to continue receiving Esa??? if this is the case the recommendation the Tribunal made about recalling you within the year starts from the original decision not from the Tribunal date, so could be anytime in the near future.
  10. Yes they can place you into a Group without an Atos assessment. I am presuming you feel you should have been placed into the Support Group hence why you wish to appeal the Wrag decision. Firstly for an appeal you need to fill in a GL24 form, I think you can download these, yes you have 1 month to get the form back to DWP, also you need to ask DWP for a statement of reasons why they have placed you into the Wrag Group without an assessment, you then have your ammunition for your appeal submission. Dont wait for this to come it could take them several weeks to send it to you, just send off the G
  11. She is 51, Blackpool told her anyone on a Life or Indefinate award at the moment would be invited to claim PIP by the end of 2016 with no need to fill in anymore forms, as they have already got the information they require, hence why Life or Indefinate has been awarded in the first place. We will just have to wait and see if it pans out that way.
  12. Yeah she phoned Blackpool and they told her that eventually she will have to change over to PIP, they also said no other claim forms will be needed to be filled in as she has been awarded for life. When the time comes, apparently according to Blackpool all Indefinate and Life claimants will need to do is have a Doctor visit them at home if they wish, otherwise centres are being set up all over the country for claimants to visit for an assessment without the need to fill in any forms.
  13. Ok sorry HB its mi age lol....
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