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  1. I've just received an award by CEDR (Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution) against CIGA for the removal of Cavity Wall Insulation which was installed in 2012. I've had horrendous problems with damp since and put a claim in myself. Also been awarded redecoration costs and an award for poor customer service. My query was relating to the redecoration costs, the award states mould treatment, repainting and repapering. Some of the plaster on the walls has crumbled with the damp, will they sort the walls out before they paper over them. Also the bathroom which is another ar
  2. Good idea, I'll try and talk to my brother as he might not realise the scale of it as the letters go to her parents. Cheers Dex
  3. I had a good look through the site before I posted asking for advice. To be honest I wish I had never found out, it's made me see people I care about in a different light. Cheers Dex
  4. You both make good points. I guess I was taken aback by what they were doing and also concerned about the consequences of them getting caught. I thought if I say something and she does eventually get investigated she would then assume it was me who'd reported her which would cause huge family issues. However I've spoken to her and shown her the articles I've found. Unfortunately all she took from it was not to post stuff on Facebook!! She then said "it's no problem, everyone is doing it" I'll step back now and hopefully they'll come to their senses. Cheers Dex
  5. Hi, My brother works full time and she works part time. I have done some research, there are a lot of high profile benefit fraud cases at the moment I have printed off some information. To be honest I feel Mariner51 is probably right, I don't see her coming clean voluntarily and I can't see the conversation going well! She doesn't even hide the fact they are together, always posting on Facebook about their holidays and pictures of them together at home. I'll let you know how I get on. Cheers Dex
  6. Excellent advice, thank you both. I'll get some information together and start what isn't going to be an easy conversation. Cheers Dex
  7. Hi, I've got an issue I need advice on please. My brother has lived with his girlfriend and their daughter for five years. I was talking to her the other day when her dad came round with a DWP letter for her. She cheerfully explained she claims benefits as a single parent living with her mum and has been all the time she has been living with my brother! She says she does really well from this and even gets free healthcare. I tried to discuss it with my brother, who seemed to be oblivious to what was happening. So now my dilemma, do I Report her to the DWP, I hate benefit fraud
  8. Hi, Can anyone recommend a good home insurance policy with legal cover add on. I have a lot of employment issues at work mainly disability related and want to make sure I'm covered in case I ever need to take legal action. Or is there a stand alone legal policy available which I can buy. Any advice would be much appreciated Cheers Dex
  9. How long did they take to investigate your grievance and was it a lot longer than the policy stated? Cheers Dex
  10. Hi again Hope it wasn't perceived I was criticising my union rep, he has been a real rock. He even came with me to a meeting to discuss an issue where I felt I was being discriminated against at by management and he intervened. It was only after when I asked what training he had to cope with awkward situations like the one we had just been in that he said he had not had any training just picked it up as he went along. I really believe I would have been hounded out of work a long time ago if it hadn't been for the union. I'm unfortunately at the point of deciding whether to lodge at E
  11. Hi yes I only pay my union dues but nothing extra. It's good that the courts don't penalise for unskilled advisers Thanks for clearing it up for me Cheers Dex
  12. Hi, Random question, My union rep who has been representing me on and off for years has just told me he has never been on any training courses and has just picked it up as he has gone along. I thought that there was initial training which they should go on before they should represent a member. Anybody any experience with this? Cheers Dex
  13. Hi I broke my shoulder and wrist in a car accident four years ago. The other party admitted liability and I have accepted their offer. My solicitor sent me a letter for me to sign to accept and the last part said I gave my permission for the other party to pay my compensation directly to my solicitor. Has anybody got any idea if this is this normal? I know their fees are being paid by the other party Thanks Dex
  14. Well it's all gone a little pear shaped! The department head had a quiet word with her ex, who said he would leave her alone and he only did it because he was missed her. It was all quite for a couple of days then she got a series of ranting texts saying he would destroy her, he phoned from a withheld number shouting down the phone.....my sister is in bits. She terrified she'll bump into him at work and doesn't know whether to update the department head or see if he calms down. It's making her really ill. Personally I think she should say something but she is understandably worried
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