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  1. Andy, The account is in credit and has always been since it was originally setup. She has not used this account since they split up. Bazooka Boo She has done that so that any money she gets paid by IS (when they finally get to giving her some) does not go into the other account. Her child benefit and CTcredit is being paid into the new account as well. Just wondering if theres some kind of letter that can be sent to the bank so that she can get her name off the joint account. Or, that they have split up and she is no longer using that account so would like her name removed from it and that she will not be responsible for any debts that may occur on the joint account from the date of the breakup. Really just want someway of getting her name off the account without her having to travel 300 miles to Scotland just to sign a paper..... Would it be worth a trip to the local citizens advice centre?
  2. Hello all, My daughter has a joint account with her ex that she wishes to have her name removed from but the Bank/Halifax are making it difficult. Her ex left earlier this year and moved back to Scotland and left her with debts and a load of other problems which she has slowly managed to get sorted. She had to give up her courier job to look after the two children(6 and 4 yrs) and so has had to claim IS. However, due to this joint account the IS people are making it difficult to get the benefit and this has been ongoing since March. After many calls to the IS they said she would have to make a new claim which she has now done so has to get around the Joint account problem. Noe the bank says there are only two ways she can get her name off the account and these are, 1] she has to go to Scotland and sign a joint application paper to have her name removed as both parties have to go to the bank and sign the same time. She really really does not want to do that, 2] The other way is to actually get him to close the account and has he is out to cause as many problems for her as he can the chances here are probably a big fat zero. So, is there anyway that she can get this account closed/ name removed other than what the bank has said. She really wants it closed as to protect herself from any debts he may run up. The other question is now she's made this new IS claim will they take it from the date of the claim or will they back date it to the start of the original claim. Any help/advice is appreciated
  3. Hello All, Thanks for information and we have taken note of what has been mentioned within the replies. Did think that the onus would be on us as its our names on the tenancy. Do agree with you concerning getting them to pay the difference (or proportion of it). The LA housing waiting list here is absolutely massive and due to their status of being unmarried with no kids and living in a house with spare bedrooms so not classed as overcrowded their wait time would be in the region of 5yrs +. Their only really choices if they want their own place is to rent privately or mortgage and as the boyfriend would prefer to put his money into ownership rather than renting they are saving every penny they can so has to afford a deposit on a small place of their own. Again thanks for the replies., appreciate them.
  4. Thanks for the input and replies the information given is helpful. Curiosity got to me last night and I decided to use a benefits calculator (T2Us) but had to put them both down as working non dependants as there seems to be no way of inputting info wrt apprenticeship. I gather I must have done something wrong as it comes back with no change to the current benefits we are receiving. Going to try again today and also get down to CAB and Council with a request for what the changes are likely to be. They have both indicated that they would much rather pay rent on a place of their own or even try for a mortgage. We can understand their point here. Something that did come up last night while we were talking is that the boyfriend is also considering going on to a higher tier apprenticeship. Would that be likely to make a difference?
  5. Hello all, This is a request for information on who will have to pay the rent on a LHA property. Me and the wife have rented this property for over 20 years now and have paid the rent on it for most that time, Due to my wifes disabilities she has the high rate motobility and standard car PIP. Because of this I am on carers allowance and also receive Income Support. The house is four bedrooms and we use 1 and our granddaughter uses 1 and her boyfriend uses another 1. So out of four bedrooms we use 3 and have a reduction in HB (14%) for the empty one. My granddaughter (18yrs old ) up-till recently was a full time student and has now moved on to a apprenticeship (wage approx £225 pw) Her boyfriend (18yrs old ) is also on an apprenticeship (wage approx £195pw) Neither of them have paid anything towards the rent or CT as that has always been the way we have done it for all our children. The LHA and the council are fully aware of the situation at the property as I keep them fully informed of any changes in circumstances within just a few days of the changes. So currently we have to pay 14% rent and a small proportion of the CT and there has been no communication concerning any change to what we pay regarding granddaughter moving into the apprenticeship. We also notified the appropriate gov depts about her change of circumstances and the Child Benefit and CTC we got for her has now stopped. Now there is another change in circumstances coming up next month and its this change that I need to get information about up front. The boyfriends apprenticeship is about to come to an end (early July) and he is moving onto a position within the educational establishment his apprenticeship was with. So he is going to be a full time employee earning a income that will be a lot higher than what he gets on the apprenticeship. SO, the question is Would he be liable to pay the rent and CT on this property even though his name is not on the tenancy agreement. Your thoughts on this matter would be appreciated. OH one more question. Would me going back into self employment make any difference to the above As I have been considering this for a while. (I'm 62 and would be working a minimum of 16 hours a week)
  6. Thanks for all the replies... Condenser pipe drain was clear Water pressure was just a little over 1 bar (which was just has it should be) Fuse on ignitor board was fine and tested good for continuity Been on twitter and not got a reply yet (same for Facebook as well) Cancelled the company who we had managed to get through to when they didn't turn up at the time they said (and we did wait an additional hour longer) Called another plumber/gas boiler fitter who said they were very busy but would try to get someone out that day (it was 2:00pm when we called) He gave us a call at 8pm to say he could get there at about 9pm. He turned up at 8:30pm so credit to him. He looked the boiler over and put it through a diagnostic test which indicated that both the main startup board and the ignitor boards were faulty. (these boards new were about £400.00 (I had already suspected them to be the problem and had taken the time to look them up)) As the boiler was already 16 years old we asked for the price of a new one and he contacted his boss who then talked to me and asked a few questions about number of radiators, how she turned it on etc and he quoted us £1350 all in for a new boiler, thermostat and installation which was a fair price in our opinion. Given that the original company we had asked to come out wanted £250 inc vat just to come out for up to 1 hour and testing would have been extra + knowing that the boards would have cost another £400, £1350 seemed like a steal given that she would then have 2 years guarantee and peace of mind + save the money by cancelling the British Gas Service Plan + with the advancement in technology the new boiler would be more energy efficient so give some savings. The gas safe fitter is coming back this Tuesday to fit the new boiler so hopefully by Wednesday all will be well. Again thanks to all who made suggestions and gave us advice.
  7. Already sent @BritishGasHelp a longer message.... Probably get lost in the deluge of email and tweets they are probably having right now
  8. My 84 years old Mother's boiler has stopped working and I have been trying to get through to British Gas to get them to come out and fix it. I have been trying now to contact British Gas for over 48 hours but their lines are always busy and despite waiting for over 30 minutes at a time have never once been able to get through. I know with the current cold spell there are going to be people after their services more than normal but 48 hours is border line ridiculous. What's the point of paying for a service and repair plan with them when you cannot get through to them when you need them. She's living with us at the moment and we have put some thermostatically controlled heaters in her place to make sure the pipes don't freeze. Just feel let down by them. Anyone got any suggestions about how to complain to them.
  9. Sadly, I have to agree with you. Sometimes you do have to be cruel to be kind. Going to try a couple of other places which we have found which appear to be the type she needs. Have to see how it goes.
  10. I have to disagree with you disgruntled When you are asked if we could take her in for 2-3 days whilst arrangements were made for her to go somewhere else and virtually nothing has been done to get her a place in 3 months then I do think that they have done dirty to us. She might have well started the whole problem but it was the court asking for us to take her in and as a direct result the LHA took the opportunity to wash their hands by getting her to give up her old property. Because of this it basically shut the door on her getting into several independent living units. We were just getting over a traumatic 5 years during which several family members died including both my wife's parents. My wife's own health is not good with her own medical conditions worsening. My own mother has had to undergo treatment for cancer twice and there were several other stress related things going on as well. We just didn't want all this on top. We really did not want this extra right now and my wife really wishes she had said we could not have taken her in.
  11. Yeah I agree entirely with your post concerning them shouting yippee. My wifes really feeling down about saying yes and the fact they have basically done the dirty on us. She even asked three times if this was just going to be 2-3 days and she was reassured that was what it was going to be. Whats really got my goat is that me and the wife were planning to downsize from our current property this year and has already made some plans and started looking for suitable property. This as fairly well stuffed that in the head. My wife has been onto several housing associations and associations that help people like my daughter and it's just feels like we are being passed from one to another. So. other than actually declaring her homeless what other options are open to us?
  12. I am not sure of the correct place in the forums for this post so if it is in the wrong place please move it to the appropriate thread. Story: Our disabled daughter and her partner of 20 years having being living together in housing association flats every since they got together. Over time they have moved about 4 times and in every case this has been directly due to their behaviour and drinking. It was not to bad originally but since they were moved into a block of flats (3rd floor with no lift) my daughter who suffers from hydrosypholis and is weak on her right side has difficulty climbing the stairs. We used to be able to keep them fairly well in check but because we cannot make the stairs ourselves the drinking and behaviour has gotten worse. It got so bad that she was taken to court for pouring beer over the occupier of the ground floor flat and was fined for it. Her partner however got violent during a heavy drinking session and hit her causing server bruising to her face. (not the first time) He has just been found guilty and has to pay a fine. They are not permitted to have contact as part of the court rulings. When my daughter was taken to court (beer offence) she was hit with a cannot return to her flat as part of the rulings and the judge asked if we could take her in for 2-3 days while other accommodation was found for her. The housing association she was with said they were not prepared to help and forced my daughter out of her flat as they did not want her in any of their properties. (I can understand their point due to their past). We were given a number to call to a person who helps find properties/places for people like my daughter. and we called him and he got om the case. Everytime we try to call him for a progress report he always seems to be "on holiday" and when do actually talk to him there always seems to be excuses as to where any sort of decision has been made. Currently waiting for the outcome of a interview she had with a group who deals with people like my daughter and helps them get back on the right path (so to speak). We phoned again today to find out if she has been accepted only to find out that they are waiting for a certain person to come back off holiday (yet again) and then have another interview and a decision will then be made. She really does need to have her own place with proper supervision and help. Our main problem now is that the court said 2-3 days and it's now over 3 months. In all that time we have kept her away from both drink and her partner and she is coping ok. We do have to be careful of what we say when she is around as we think she is a little paranoid when she hears people talking as she thinks they are always talking about her. Our own life has been disrupted considerably and are getting to the point where we feel we cannot do anything without her being in the background. Is their anything we can do about this excessive time span given we were told 2-3 days and something should be sorted for her.
  13. Hello Surfer01 My friend approached the garage concerning the shrieking noise to which the garages response was WD40 sprayed onto the belt. This made it quieter for about 5 minutes then the noise returned. During my friends conversation with the owner the owner actually called him a f***ing idiot and that it was a known fault so was his problem. The thing is that my friend now feels that this garage could not be trusted with any sort of repair (the actual mechanic was sitting on the floor fixing the brakes on another car (using the cars own jack to lift it) as the garage does not even have the basic ramp car lift you would expect. He just feels that if he did get them to put it right the car would come back worse than when it went. He really wants to keep the car as it is fairly decent and it's exactly what he wants. So, he may just say to hell with them and get it fixed BUT, He is going to trash the garages reviews with a truthful account of what has happened and the treatment he has received if only to stop someone else suffering this treatment he has had. Will see what he says about your post concerning losing his CRA rights by getting it fixed elsewhere. My own feelings concerning the shrieking noise is that it's a misaligned tensioner and it's that misalignment that is causing the edge of the belt to run against the groove slightly at an angle and so cause the shriek.
  14. Thanks to everyone for their advice, If anything else happens I will update this post.
  15. Did a little more digging into this and found this review on Auto Trader. By Sandeep S on 12 July 2017 | PURCHASE NOT VERIFIED This is a great secondhand car dealership in Shelton Stoke On Trent Adams cars are reasonably priced and in good clean condition and he is an honest and fair guy to deal with I would certainly buy from him again and he looks after you and his cars Nothing really out of place here until you realise that this review was left for Sun Street Cars but mentions Adams cars. Does seem funny that Sun Street Cars stopped trading to be replaced by Adam Motors within a couple of weeks. As to my friend he as decided to go for the repair and then bill the garage for it as he does not want to be left without a car and his money if Adam Motors do disappear. He most certainly will be leaving a truthful review of his experience with this dealer.
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