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  1. Had brand new boiler fitted by British Gas on Tuesday. Since then its broken down three times and I've had two engineer visits. The engineers they send seem clueless and British Gas seem totally uninterested. Its -5 outside and I've got no heating or hot water. Got a 5 year old and an autistic teenager (this is setting him off). Something has got to be done. If this was a physical item I could take back to the shop and demand a refund but its a boiler fitted onto the wall. What are my consumer rights here? Can I reject it, get the boiler removed and ask BG to collect and cancel the entire deal?
  2. I have just received demands for final balances, gas and electric, after moving out 4 years ago. Firstly I did give final readings, as my ex LL was a problem, I also transferred my accounts to my new address, and still at the same address. I can't remember if I got final bills from that long ago. The demands I've received state they have tried contacting me several times, and that I have 28 days to pay or the will register defaults on my credit file! Any advice, I have emailed a complaint to them.
  3. Dont know if this is the correct section: We have a 13 year old boiler and have paid Boiler care cover for 11 years which also covered pipes, electrics etc... Basically their top cover. Over the past year we have had boiler failures around 4 times and its usually the odd filter, pump etc... although 4 months ago they changed the circuit board. They did advise during the last visit that we would really need a system flush at over £500 but we thought this was steep so didnt get that done but at the same time not advised that failing to get that done could cause damage that would result in our boiler not being covered in the future. Yesterday the boiler just wouldnt reset so we called them out again and it turns out that the heat exchanger is leaking which has leaked onto the circuit board. The engineer called his boss but they are refusing to cover the claim because we didnt get the flush done. The options they gave were: Fix the parts at £400 or get a new boiler. So we now have a sticker on the boiler saying its unsafe to use. They said that the cost of parts previously used to repair the boiler is more than the boiler is worth itself, but the way we say it was that thats why we took out the £30 per month cover. Called a few companies for quotes but its also going to be a few weeks without hot water and heating so no good with 3 kids. Im trying to find our contract to read the terms although i know that they will have covered themselves. Anyone else been here with them? Thanks
  4. I don't believe what's happened. Firstly, times have been hard for a while and the bills have been mounting up. I've been trying to clear it but each month the new bills bring the bills back up again, so I have been struggling for a while. I got back from work tonight to discover that a locksmith and two Scottish Gas guys broke into my house to change the gas meter to a pay as you go one. My 14 year old son was in at the time, he had no classes this afternoon. No ID was shown, they asked if he owned the house, then asked how old he was, when he told them he was 14 they told him to leave the house or they would call the police. I assume they are not allowed to be in a property with a child. He opted to run away, leaving the house with 3 strangers in it! They broke in before to change the electricity meter above head height. Are they really allowed to do what they like?
  5. I left an address in 2010 and disputed an amount that BG claimed was owed. Long story short is that I requested evidence demonstrating what they believed in the form of a breakdown of payments I had made and any balances they believed were subsequently owing. All they could provide was a bill, and given their past history of issuing incorrect bills, I insisted on the evidence in the form of a breakdown. They never provided this. 7 years later I have only just started to look at me credit report for the purpose of a mortgage application which was declined. I contacted Experian who informed me that there were BG accounts on there, but I couldn't see these because they were over 6 years ago. Thanks to some advice I was able to pull the address concerned forward as if I had lived there within the last 6 years, and there were the accounts concerned. The amounts had been on there since 2010 (8 years ago), but they have only just closed the account in November 2017 as defaulted and will now remain for 6 years, even though it was 8 years ago. On top of this I have had no communication from BG over this for years and years until November 2017 when a letter was sent to a subsequent address which I moved out of in October 2017, even though BG had my current address! From what I have read the account should have been defaulted within 3 - 6 months of the amount being unpaid. If the default doesn't comply with the 3 - 6 months arrears rule then it should be removed. Is this correct?? Any help please?
  6. My 84 years old Mother's boiler has stopped working and I have been trying to get through to British Gas to get them to come out and fix it. I have been trying now to contact British Gas for over 48 hours but their lines are always busy and despite waiting for over 30 minutes at a time have never once been able to get through. I know with the current cold spell there are going to be people after their services more than normal but 48 hours is border line ridiculous. What's the point of paying for a service and repair plan with them when you cannot get through to them when you need them. She's living with us at the moment and we have put some thermostatically controlled heaters in her place to make sure the pipes don't freeze. Just feel let down by them. Anyone got any suggestions about how to complain to them.
  7. Hi, In 2016, having gone six months without a bill and having complained online to BG I signed up with Eon to replace my existing electricity supplier for my business. This was following a phone call from a rep from BG asking me to sign up with them & confirming that I did not, in fact, have a contract with them. Lo and behold my supplier, British Gas, then wrote to me to state I could not leave as there was an outstanding bill, a tactic which Eon told me they often employ. I queried this and told them all the steps I had taken to resolve the matter but got nowhere, I even paid up until the date Eon was supposed to take over whilst the dispute was ongoing. Having got nowhere, I contacted the Ombudsman, whose investigation took so long that by the end of it I had actually handed in my notice on the premises, end date 12 March 2017 The ombudsman agreed the service had been appalling and awarded me a token payment of thirty pounds to be taken off the bill but stated that despite the fact that I wanted to move to Eon who would have billed me on a cheap tariff that British Gas was entitled to bill me on their variable tariff until this was completed despite the fact this whole issue was their fault. They also advised that I send British Gas an email with final meter reading and that they would also send a copy of the picture I sent to them just to ensure British Gas closed the account correctly. In July 2017, I received a bill from BGB for my final electricity bill at my home address of 403.68 which included a 45 charge for non-payment, even though this was the first bill I had ever received following my leaving the premises in March 2017, again two hours of phone calls to BGB and an apology. Then new bill 31 July 2017 with 45.00 removed only to receive phone call / email demand that this bill is paid 01st August 2017, so once more complaint to British Gas Business very same day stating appalling service and the bill would not be paid until my complaint had been addressed. In September 2017, having heard nothing from BGB apart from an acknowledgement of my complaint received a letter from Moorcroft demanding payments, contacted their offices explained the above and sent copies of correspondence and then nothing apart from once call where I stated do not want to talk about the matter but put everything in writing as sick of wasting time on calls and matter not being resolved . Moorcroft said they would write to me, but guess what, the letter was an email requesting I call them to discuss this matter, I emailed back saying this is not a letter, write to me at my new business or home address and we can take it from there. Heard nothing until today, when a new company appears LCS, explained all of the above and they have asked for copies of the correspondence and stated that Moorcroft passed it to them. Do any of you have suggestions as to what steps I should take now, do I go back to the ombudsman, take it u with BGB senior staff or wait on LCS. All advice would be gratefully received.
  8. Hi been with britisg gas since 2006 had a prepayment meter fitted in 2008 by choice decided it was easier paying upfront Earlier this year after going on the energy review sites i decided to go on monthly billing so had the prepayment taken out (prior to switching supplier ) ----------- received a final statement for the prepayment meter stated i had an outstanding balance of £291.74 ( was gobsmacked ) reading further it stated there was an outstanding balance of £790.69 in 2008 when the prepayment meter was installed and they had clawed back £498.95 through the prepayment meter ----------------------------------------- needless to say this came as a bit of a shock had to my knowledge never had arrears and in 2008 £790.69 would have been nearly a years usage ------------------ rang several times on on the last lengthy call had the £291.74 supposedly outstanding cancelled ------------- however i dispute the total £790.69 alleged debt i have never had any billing related to that debt therfore i would like a refund of the £498.95 i wasnt aware had been taken from my prepayment meter ----------- is this feasible how do i proceed obviously have no billing records from 2008 thnx in advance
  9. Please can someone help, I feel I am slowly going mad! I had a nightmare here Thursday night, Dynorod had come out three times this week to do little jobs, (The 2nd job on Wednesday they were here 6 hrs to fit just a couple of toilet handles and another small job!) on Thursday they came to fix a dripping bath tap, the plumber was obviously in a rush , soon after he left I spotted a large water stain on the carpet, looked up and water was starting to stain a large area on various parts of the living room ceiling, streaming down the patio doors and walls, curtains were soaked & are ruined, weatherboard soaking, and this was with rusty water of course. After phone calls to them where I was promised someone would be out very soon, an emergency plumber from Dynarod arrived an hour and a half later, poked 3 in the ceiling to let the horrible orange water through, 2 and a half bucketfuls, my daughter came over as I was in a bit of a state, it's a right mess. He fixed the problem, which was that the original plumber hadn't tightened the taps that he replaced! They have to come back to fit the bath panel back on when it's dry inside. Now they've caused another dripping tap which they'll have to fix but I can't handle it at the moment, they'll have to do it one day next week. Dynorod came out again on Saturday at my request as I asked for a dehumidifier, which I was informed he would definitely bring (he didn't and said they never carried them on their van) & said section of ceiling will have to be removed and redone, I don't know if there's asbestos in the ceiling as I was told by an assessor years ago when I claimed on my insurance for something else that there could be. If that's the case the whole ceiling in the living room, up the stairs and the landing will have to be removed (so he said) as it's open plan. I'm so stressed and the house stinks. I haven't a clue how long sorting it out is going to be and I'm sitting upstairs every day but can still smell the horrible damp. The plumber on Saturday said it's not a healthy environment to live in as it's so damp. I can already feel that I am breathing in the damp and feel a bit chesty. I have just come off the phone to British Gas complaints, I said that before that part of the ceiling is pulled down I need to know if there's asbestos up there but they refuse to sort that out and say it's something I would need to pay for myself - even though they caused the damage in the first place! well, Dynorod did. I told her I haven't got the money to pay for an asbestos survey - I started drawing my pension last week - and she just repeated that they won't cover that. Now I don't know what to do. I will get a call apparently within 48 hours from the 'damage team' but if they want to start cutting that part of the ceiling out without checking to see if there's asbestos, yet they won't check! Please can someone help?
  10. We rent retail premises which has a totally separate flat above it. A box on the wall at the rear of the property contains the electricity meters. British Gas were 'kind' enough to update the meters to digital style meters a couple of years ago, leaving the old meters in place but in the process they connected BOTH properties to one new meter. This means that British Gas are now billing the tenants of the flat at a domestic rate and ourselves in the shop on a business rate for the same electricity. We have it in writing from British Gas that this is the case, despite this, they were unable/unwilling to do anything about it, so we took our case to the Ombudsman. The Ombudsman agreed BG should rectify the problem, but it did not happen, BG ignored the request and the Ombudsman tells us they have no power to force BG to carry out their recommendations. British gas have promised numerous times to come to meet us at the premises, so we can show them what has been done but never turn up, obviously BOTH bills are incorrect, since each bill is for the electricity used by whole building since there is now only one meter. Does anyone at all have any suggestions as to how we can get British Gas to take some action?
  11. Say they haven't increased their prices since 2013 and have lost nearly 400,000 customers which meant they posted a loss on their consumer business this last quarter ! I wonder why !! Read more: http://www.msn.com/en-gb/money/personalfinance/british-gas-announces-major-hike-in-energy-prices-leaving-millions-of-customers-paying-more/ar-AAperr7?li=AA54rU&ocid=ientp
  12. I changed address at the end of March 2013. The energy supplier at the new address was British Gas. Amid ongoing PDL/council tax/bailiff hell I received the first gas/elec bill at the end of November 2013, in excess of £900. A DD was set up to pay for usage plus arrears. It was the first of several as I would agree the DD amount/date with Bgas who would then increase the amount and/or change the date - making if effectively impossible to budget. The DD ranged from £261 to £593. My partner's son took his own life at the end of August 2014. A friend offered to rent out a spare house to us in a different area to give us a welcome change of scene. We could stay for 5 years, which would give us a chance to heal our wounds. I paid the final gas/elec bill on 19th Dec 2014. The elec was nearly £600. Having just moved house, and just before xmas, it bounced. I set up a new DD for the energy supplies to the new house totalling £321, the first to be paid on 19th Jan 2015. One (elec £220) bounced. Bgas also attempted to take out the previously unpaid amount (nearly £600) the following day (bank account balance £21.78). It bounced. And so it continued, the bills being paid by a combination of wobbly DD's and ad-hoc debit card payments. I gradually extricated myself from PDL hell by a)giving up on paying them off and b)not taking out any more... I lost my contract at the end of October 2015 and, with no savings or any other form of contingency, had to bridge a month long wage gap with - you guessed it - a £1500 loan from myjar (£3000 by the time I paid it off). It barely covered the bills. In 2016 our friend/landlord announced the house was being put up for sale and evicted us. We moved again at the end of July 2016. I received final bills from the previous address (gas £323.30, elec £535.78) and paid in full on 18th Aug 2016. I retained Bgas as energy supplier due to the debit balance (859.08) at the time of the house move. Bgas demanded a security deposit of £90 & £215, which I paid. Their email explains: "What happens to your deposit If you've paid all your bills on time, we'll refund it after your first year with us. But if you haven't, we'll use your deposit to pay any debt you might have. Even if it's a different gas or electricity contract." Bgas also supplied me with 2 "sales order numbers" pending setup of my new accounts. Over the next few weeks I signed into my accounts to check progress (they'd advised me it could take "up to" two weeks or thereabouts). Thinking the delay might have something to do with the old elec account, I contacted them and asked them. They had no record of the account or the arrears. Okay... 8 months later (not unusual for bgas, given my previous experience) I had still heard nothing from them but received a letter from Scottish Power giving notice of gas/elec arrears of several hundred pounds and application for a warrant to enter, noting that - as our dog had woofed when they came to the house - they would also be charging us for the attendance of a dog handler, advising that this was "likely" to be distressing. A quick phonecall confirmed that Bgas had never supplied energy to us, the arrears related to a former tenant, not us, and new gas and electricity accounts were duly set up. I contacted Bgas requesting the return of my security deposits, which they have repaid by cheque. Meanwhile, my 74 year old mum fell ill and was admitted to hospital at the end of March 2017. Cancer tore through her like wildfire, so much so that a formal diagnosis had not been reached by the time she was discharged into our care 3 weeks later. She died at home 3 days later. I am the sole beneficiary of my mum's will, and the executor of her estate. She left me a modest house with about £20k outstanding on the mortgage. My intention was to obtain a new mortgage on the house to pay off the existing - a loan to value of less than 25%. I have approached mortgage advisers and have been told I COULD obtain a mortgage but for one thing: the outstanding Bgas account from December 2014 is showing as "status 6" on my credit report and has done for the last 22 months. If they had defaulted it within 3-6 months of the original late payment (i.e. March-April 2015), it wouldn't trouble the lender, and I would qualify for the mortgage. However, it had taken them until August 2016 (when I contacted them and was told they had no record of it) to mark it as a late payment at all! I feel a complaint to Bgas is in order for their persistent late billing, excessive variation of DD amounts and dates, gross inefficiency, lack of communication, and tardy, incompetent and inaccurate processing of my data. Would appreciate advice as to how to structure and target my complaint. Email to [email protected] ?? Thanks in advance!
  13. Thank you for reading. I have a problem with my electric meter. I will try to keep this brief, I have a low reading and a normal reading and it appears that I have only been billed for the low reading (I'm worried it may be since I have been in the property 8 years). The low reading is registering units during the DAY and NIGHT!. So I am assuming I am being charged for my day time usage at the lower price. I have notified British Gas, but only after there was a problem with them excepting my latest meter reading. They are going to fit a new meter and bill me based on my last true reading, but how can they do this if this has been happening since I have been in the property (worse case scenario) and I have been paying but at the lower rate. They are ringing me this afternoon to discuss billing so am still in the dark. I'm so worried about this, any advice would be appreciated:!.
  14. Here is one for the Consumer Action Group and for the mods. Can you provide a proper link to the following legal case for all future reference just like a SARS request, or is that too difficult? Its the well known case of Lisa Ferguson v British Gas Trading Ltd, a must read for all. http://www.bailii.org/ew/cases/EWCA/Civ/2009/46.html
  15. Hi, I've found this after browsing another forum and thought I'd see if anyone here could offer some help or advice: Apologies for the lengthy story, I'll try to condense as much as possible, but any help here would be massively appreciated. Back in Feb this year I left british gas and was given a final bill that I disputed. BG told me to check my meter reads with my other supplier and that my account would be on hold while it was looked into. While I was doing this I got a letter from a debt collection agency chasing the debt. I called BG and was told they couldn't look at the account as it was with Moorcroft, I called Moorcroft and explained I was disputing the bill with BG. On April 23rd, I got a letter from Moorcroft telling me they would investigate with BG, and to be patient as this could take some time and to do nothing until they contacted me. I followed this instruction until on May 20th I got an email from Equifax telling me my credit file had changed. When I logged in I was faced with late payment notices from British Gas. I called and raised to the high level complaints team explaining that I had not paid as I was told to do nothing. their response to me was to ask when I go the letter telling me to do nothing, why I didn't call british gas?! I then escalated to the Energy Ombudsman and given that I had simply followed instructions that I was given I could see no other outcome other than the ombudsman telling BG to remove the late payment markers, however this week the Ombudsman have told me that since the letter telling me to do nothing came from Moorcroft, they could see that BG had done nothing wrong and couldn't tell them to remove the marker When I argued that moorcroft were employed by BG and working on their behalf, they said there was still nothing they could do and that I should contact the financial ombudsman. I did this and they said what the energy ombudsman said was rubbish and it was their responsibility to resolve. I am now at a loss as to where to go with this. I have paid the debt in full as it was never about trying to not pay, what started as a simple query escalated into playing with my life as I have now had a mortgage declined and been told that to keep my house chain alive, the mortgage I would get accepted for will cost me £500 more per month. I've also spoken to the ICO who have said that technically the information that the payments were late is correct so they cant do anything, it's the reasons surrounding why the payments were made late (i.e. being told to do nothing) that is relevant. As far as I'm concerned the important info here is that on April 23rd I was told to do nothing, which I did, and then on may 20th (with no further communication from BG or Moorcroft) I got the email from equifax with the late payment notifications. If anyone has any idea how I can take this forwards now, I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks
  16. I moved into a new rental property 5 weeks ago. When I moved in I realised it was a pre-pay meter. I hadn't had one before and immediately called to ask to change to a DD account. I was told I would have to wait a month then have a credit check and then if approved move off. I called today to start that process and whilst I was on the phone the customer service rep performed an Experian credit check and told me I failed and I could not apply again for another 60 days. I logged onto Experian to see my report which is a 989 score out of a possible 999 - an almost perfect excellent rating. It shows a 989 because a couple of months ago I took out a small loan out but I am paying that off as I should and I hope to clear it early in a few months. The only other thing I can think of is it had not updated my electoral register information despite my council telling me on the phone today I am definitely on their list and they have said Experian should update their records this week. So I called British Gas again to enquire further why I had failed their check and they refuse to tell me....well in fact I was told they themselves do not know because she said it was all down to algorithms. Yes computer says no. So, can anyone let me know if British Gas demand a 999 scoring for Experian? And why the do I have to wait 60 days if all it is my electoral registration data had not updated as quickly as it should have? I mean...is that even legal that they force us wait so long? It seems to me just a flimsy excuse to extract more money out of me because of a previous tenant's failure to pay on time. Agh....
  17. Hi, I'm hoping someone can offer some help! (and sorry it is so long - I don't want to dripfeed) In January, I moved into a new build property. I contacted my previous suppliers (SSE) and asked them to move my account over to my new property - a simple process, I hoped. I was wrong! In March they came back to me to say that they couldn't take over my account, as British Gas had me classified as a business address. I then spoke to British Gas Business - advised them that the house is indeed residential, that I wanted it corrected to show this and a bill so I can pay my balance with them before moving back to SSE. They also updated my address, which they had completely wrong. They advised it would take 6-8 weeks in order to change the profile of my address, and for a specialist team to recalculate my bill. Also, that they would freeze my account, and to ignore anything that came through the post from British Gas Business, as the residential team would be taking over. During this time, the letters starting rolling in - a bill of £1500 for 4 months electricity, and letters advising that debt collectors would be coming to the property; that they were disconnecting me in 7 days, that they were adding £100's of charges on my account in late payment fees. During this period, I called BGB, who advised that it was still in process, and that there was a backlog. When I got the letter advising of disconnection, my partner got quite worried, so I called BGB. This time their adviser said that they tried to call me twice on my mobile to advise that I needed to sign a contract before I could be moved over to a domestic profile. As I hadn't answered their calls, they had cancelled my switch. (No letters, emails or voicemails left to advise of this) - the reason I didn't answer is because I work! During this call, I was told I now needed to pay £1750, or they would be continuing with their threats of disconnection and bailiffs etc - despite the fact they were still billing me for business tariffs. When I mentioned that residential prices would leave my bill to be less than half of this, I was told that "You can make an estimate of your bill and pay us that" - surely it's their job to bill me correctly, but never mind! Finally, after asking for escalation to a manager to lodge a complaint, I was told that they would again freeze my account, and pass this to a complaints team to handle - this is when I requested that everything was to be conducted through email only. Over the last couple of days, I have had an email from their complaints team regarding this. They have now moved my profile over to domestic; however will not recalculate my bill unless I sign up to a contract for Electricity with them. Also, they admitted to me that they were informed in February that the property was domestic, but just continued to bill me as a business. What else can I do to get this resolved, other than signing a contract with them? I feel it is grossly unfair to be expected to pay double the amount for my electricity supply, because their systems incorrectly had me assigned as a business. Equally, I don't want to be tied into a contract with a company who have treated me so appallingly.
  18. I am having problems with British Gas. To explain they sent me a bill one month after I moved in that was grossly wrong based on three weeks of use. I sent them a letter correcting this and complaining. I pointed out in this letter too that I was deaf. The response of me being deaf was for them to ask me for a mobile phone number so they could discuss it with me. I paid the bill even though it was out by a huge amount because well,.... it wasn't that much as it related to not much use - about £200 for three weeks use! They failed to adjust the meter readings for the property though despite being supplied them with them in writing, failed to credit my account with the overpayment. Now they have sent me another gas and electricity bill which is even more wrong. They want me to pay £718 on the basis of my meter readings they have guessed as being 24339 for electricity and 14545 for gas. In reality my meter readings are 24073 for electricity and 14038 for gas. How can I actually deal with overcharging where basically they consistently over estimate my use by 100% and fail to adjust even when informed? They won't adjust the previous bill not because I am wrong or because they provide any reason. They don't... it's like it goes in one ear and out of the other. They won't correct the meter readings even though I have supplied them with the correct ones and seem eager to simply overcharge as much as possible.
  19. Posting this on behalf of my parents. So a little background info. My parents bought their house as a new build in 2000, so it had one of the older style electricity meters, with all the dials and the spinning disc. About 2 years ago they had solar panels installed (purchased outright, not the leased kind) and started to enjoy lower electricity bills, along with the FIT payments every so often. However in November of last year they were contacted by their supplier, British Gas, that their may have been an issue with their electricity meter so it needed to be changed for a newer one, since they might have been under or over paying for their electricity. My parents were rather skeptical but didn't have too much choice. So the meter was changed, though the engineer who changed it declared that there was nothing wrong with the old meter. (Just a note I forgot, both old and new meter are credit, not prepayment) Since then however, my parents electricity bills have now rocketed up to the same level they were before ever having the panels installed. Naturally we're very suspicious, it appears to us that the new meter is basically disregarding the reverse input from the panels. We contacted British Gas who were rather unhelpful and basically said it was probably an issue with the FIT element (even though that has been working fine and the cheques received from that have been consistent). British Gas said something must have changed, but when we point out the only thing that has changed is the meter they seem to disregard that. My parents feel they want the meter tested, but they're very distrustful of British Gas. They've already changed the meter under seemingly false pretenses and it'd be in their best interest to find nothing wrong. Even more suspicious is that the online account now suddenly says "Bill history currently unavailable" for their online account, right as we'd have reason to compare the last 2 years of bills/usage to the current usage. Maybe I'm just a cynic but it seems a lot of coincidences happening at once here. Is there any way to have an electricity meter tested independently? How much would this normally cost? Something just doesn't seem right about all this to us. We're already looking to change suppliers (Sainsburys are coming out £400/year cheaper despite ironically using British Gas) but we're open to other suggestions on what we can do here.
  20. Hello Everyone, On completion of my house purchase I arranged to change gas and electric supply from British Gas to Eon. When I moved in I called BG to advise of meter readings and that I didnt need the tarriff info etc as I had already instructed Eon to arrange transfer. BG advised they hadnt received the transfer notification so I contacted Eon. They advised that they had no record of transfer but I could set it up again online- which I of course did. A month or so later I received a letter from Eon stating BG had refused my transfer. A call to BG was made and they stated this was because I had a debit on the account for the first month - I set up a dd to cover this and any time in between transfer. I then set up a supplier transfer for a third time. I didnt receive any letters from either supplier and BG cancelled my DD so I presumed I was in the midst of the transfer process. Move forward several months later (today) and I come home to what I initially thought was a burglary. My dogs had been let loose and my internal doors were open. There was a letter placed on my sofa with an incorrect date 08/01/2015 stating BG had entered my property after obtaining a warrant and fitted a prepayment meter to recover non payment. The electric supply was in the room that my four small dogs were in and they decided to let my dogs roam free to get access and my sofa and kitchen were subsequently damaged severely by my very upset dogs. We had not received any letters from BG or given the opportunity to contest the warrant .I can not believe that this has happened. Can you please advise if this is legal and offer any advice how to proceed with a complaint. Your advice would be hugely appreciated. Thanks
  21. Hi Please can someone offer me some advice on this matter. I have been living in my Housing Association property since 2011 which I rent through my LA. I have been receiving letters from British Gas addressed to "The Occupier" saying that money is owed for gas supply to the property. I have called them on several occasions informing them that I do not have a gas supply to my property, I only have an electric cooker and the heating is included in the rent. Despite me calling them several times to let them know this, I am still receiving letters addressed to "The Occupier" saying that £301 is owed. I have just come to know about the 26p standing charge for just having a meter, when I called them this evening and I even had to force this information out of them as I am not the registered occupier (according to them) I had no idea about this and it was not made known to me when I took on the tenancy nor when I have called BG, I have always been told it was for gas supply to the property. My main concern is that they have sent a letter saying that they have a warrant to gain access to my property, they will change the locks and I will have to contact them for access. I just want to know if they can do this, do I need to prepare myself and take the day off work. I have not seen any warrant. Will they send this to me?
  22. The shop where i work was visited yesterday by a member of the revenue protection team. Stating their meter had been tampered with and they have been billed £14402. (13500 is for estimated gas usage) Firstly the reason I am looking into this for them is that they are Malaysian and have a very basic understanding of English. They took over the shop from a previous tenant in 2007 and have had the meter read throughout this period of time. Last week they came and changed the meter and stated the meter would be sent for forensic testing etc. This resulted in the RPO turning up yesterday and dropping this bombshell on them, he would not give any extra info when asked when i arrived he point blank refused to talk to me at all, despite being told I could speak on their behalf. They have to pay £4400 today or they will have the gas disconnected. I have spoken to them and they are adamant they have not touched the meter or any of the parts. Some info that may help 1, Payments have been made to British gas over the whole time they have had the shop. 2, Checking the new meter it shows 280kwh used in just over 7 days. I checked back at this years bills and over a 4 week period it averages out at around 260kwh over the same period of time (4 week period divided by 4) so we are talking a similar amount of usage with old and new meter. 3, The meter has been read and viewed by meter readers for the last 7 years without anything being said. Not sure what course of action we can take, the letter states nothing about being able to appeal the decision and they are terrified they are going to lose their livelihoods. I have advised them to scrape together the £4400 today by any means they can so they can at least keep operating as a business and we can look at appealing this. If anyone has any advice on which way i should go to help them it would be much appreciated.
  23. I have just phoned Brtish gas customer services, nothng wrong in that as i pay £5.00 a week off an oustanding bill I have never given British Gas my telephone number like most companies. There call waiting tried their hardest to get my number so i ignore and it puts me through to an operator, based in South Africa. This is a new system , not the usual push 1 push 2 routine 10 minutes later They call me back asking to do an automatic survey on how was my experience with British Gas Who the hell gave them permission to call me, let alone record my phone number to call me without my prior consent I have now made an official complaint for which i will get an email response within 5 days Comments people
  24. ]Hi, I live in a top floor flat with 2 other people, and there is a lower flat with 4. There is only one electric and gas meter between our two properties, and have been told that we have to set up an account with the other house to pay the bills. The landlord has refused to split the meters into one for each house as it is not "economically viable". I am worried that if the other people do not pay their share then our house will be liable to pay this. We were not told about this before signing our tenancy agreement and neither were the other house. The lettings agents are unwilling to have the accounts in their name and for all of us to pay them directly. What can we do? Is this legal or is there something that can be done, or do we have to deal with this? There is nothing in our contract about situations like this! Can someone help?
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