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  1. Unknown warrior from World War 1 given final resting place READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/unknown-warrior-from-world-war-1-given-final-resting-place
  2. my credit score had plummeted. I used Clear Score to do a bit more digging recently and found a CCJ for £316 in April of this year. I am now assuming this is some sort of PCN for the same car, after I had sold it. This is very stressful for me as I already suffer with anxiety, currently have a 4 month old baby and have a mortgage. I know I cannot defend myself against the CCJ by applying for a set aside as they will just argue that the whole situation is my fault. My question is, has anyone ever been able to negotiate with the original creditor? I'm wondering if it
  3. Good afternoon. I have received 2 letters, from a company called "Robinson Way" who appear to be claiming a debt of £279 upon me. The thing is, I have never taken out any loans, nor entered into any credit agreement, or anything like that. Ever. According to the letters this Robinson Way Ltd are managing an account on behalf of an HPH Ltd (Ex Style), where or how this 'debt' has come into existence I have no idea though. The letters have these details inside a box: Due to: HPH Ltd (Ex Style) Our Reference: ********* Account Number: **************** Amount Due
  4. I have been checking my credit files mainly Noodle and Clearscore but have found out that I have a financial connection on my account to someone I have never heard of on my Clearscore account. I sent in a dispute and realised that this is connected to Equifax. They did not answer my dispute when I informed them that I do not know the individual which is highlighted as connected to me and asked how he is on my account when he does not appear anywhere else. My response to this was a pdf of my credit file showing his name as a financial connection which I was already aware of. Is there
  5. Four unknown soldiers killed during WW1 are laid to rest with full military honours READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/four-unknown-soldiers-killed-during-ww1-are-laid-to-rest-with-full-military-honours
  6. quick quid says I owe £400 news to me never had any loads or debts, letters from Arc Europe, today 3rd letter bit confusing its bog run of the mill printer letter a) we could now take steps to prepare a County Court Claim b) latter in letters says payment or a court claim can be prepared 14 days after the date of this letter Dated 28 Dec received 2 Jan c) further down says, if unpaid our client (QQ) could apply for a formal court judgement and recorded on credit reference etc letter one I sent a reply saying no go, not known debt an quite some legal quo
  7. I have had a payment come out of my bank account which is annotated CATHEDRAL IFP, and to which I am not aware who they are. I have found out the Sort code and Account number of the recipient but have not been informed of any other information as it is covered by Data Protection apparently. The only company I could find under that name was Cathedral IFP in Bedford, but they deny all knowledge of it. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  8. After checking my credit report for the first time I have come across a default i knew nothing about. Is it possible to request information about this as I have no idea what its for. Account type Telecommunications Supplier Account number **************4557 0 Account start date 18/04/2012 Opening balance £ 38 Repayment frequency Monthly Date of default 27/11/2012 Default balance £ 38 £38 seems like an amount that shouldn't affect my mortgage application but it does apparently. I can pay it of course but not if i don't know whats its for! Whats the best way to get t
  9. Mystery of 2 unknown British soldiers finally solved READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mystery-of-2-unknown-british-soldiers-finally-solved
  10. hi guys had a letter from moriarty law stating that i owe £317.02 for a debt i owe to talk talk i did use talk talks services many years ago but paid them in full at the point of cancellation. they are threatening registering a judgement on my credit file if i don't pay by the 28/11, as i have been clearing up my credit file to get a mortgage this would be quite a devastating setback please can somebody help me as although i could pay this to get them off my back, i feel as if im being held to ransom for a debt i don't owe thankyou in hopeful anticipation
  11. Hi, I am looking for some advice please. I checked my credit file today and saw a CCJ has been registered against me in October 2017. My credit file was 100% clean in September 2017, no debt or defaults were showing at all. I am currently living in temporary accommodation due to a fire at my main residence I went to see if there was any mail that I missed. I found a letter from the county court business centre, sent in September saying that as I have not replied to a claim a judgement has been granted. The letter quotes CPR 23.8© and that the court will deal w
  12. Looking for advice on behalf of my partners daughter. She and her partner have recently rented a small house and during the letting agents checks she was informed that she had a CCJ registered against her. This is not surprising as she has been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and one symptom is not being good with money. She has moved around a lot and I suspect that letters and court papers were delivered to an old address and she has received the CCJ in her non-response. As I understand it someone will still be chasing this debt. What is her best cou
  13. Hi I am after some advice please. Just found out my wife has a CCJ in her maiden name and her old registered address. It relates to a parking ticket issued at Willen Lake. Milton Keynes Cost £155 This is the first we have found out about after completing a credit check. We do not have the vehicle anymore and it was registered to the old registered address before changing it the new address. What are our options now because its affecting her credit rating? Thanks
  14. Hi again This is my second thread in regards to an ongoing problem Unfortunately my mum has been left with debts that she has no idea about from her marriage which has broken down These debts are with PayPlan at the moment who are paying all creditors each month with a lower monthly repayment and 0% interest. This plan was set up between her and my dad when they were together as she could not manage her repayments She has now asked PayPlan to send her a summary of such debts which are in her name. On the summary it states that 4 debts are to Barclays and 1 to LINK
  15. Hi there I'd be grateful for anyones advice, I had an update on my credit report yesterday saying a CCJ has been issued against me. It says the court date was 21st April I didn't have any summons and no judgement has been sent to my address even tho they have my correct details. Im unsure what the CCJ is for as I have no defaults on my credit file and I'm up to date with everything. The only thing I can think of is I'd had a small road traffic accident 3 years ago and last year I had solicitor letter from my insurance company's solicitor saying they were acting
  16. Initially i was excited about having a new bank on the high street. They market themselves as different to the others and I fell for it. Now i'm stuck in a situation that's really running me down mentally. On Tuesday, I noticed that there were a number of transactions leaving my account for a gambling site I hold an account with that I didn't authorise. I spoke to their live chat who locked my account and asked me to report the transactions to the police and my bank as it was believed to have been hacked. I report the transactions to Metro Bank as soon as i could an
  17. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/unknown-world-war-1-soldiers-graves-rededicated
  18. Hello Someone was renting my flat and then left. He believes that I have withheld all his deposit (which I did not, only part of it was withheld for damages). He applied to the County Court to recover the monies but the mail was sent to the flat where I no longer live. Consequently I did not receive the letter from the Courts, or I would have challenged the claim. I have just received a Notice of Enforcement followed by a further letter stating that their Enforcement Officer attended my new flat but was unable to meet up with me to discuss payment. They sta
  19. Had a couple of numbers ringing me up but I don't answer as I do not recognise who they are from, could be a [problem], I mean they could leave a message but never do
  20. I am awaiting the outcome of a ppi refund from welcome but stupidly I went back for more. I have had a couple of loan increases and/or rewrites and now find myself with an outstanding balance of around 30k.i I am currently paying £375 pcm which quite frankly I cannot afford. I have just missed a payment due on 31/12/09 and I just know that the phone calls from the branch manager are going to start tomorrow threatening home visits etc. I do not have anything to pay them with this month. How do I , step-by-step sort this company out? short term and long term. I hav
  21. Hi all, my daughter has received an Interim Charging Order for a £2700 debt incurred by her sister, jointly named on the paperwork. She has no knowledge of this, and also, Lightfoots appear to have obtained this order by using Land Registry search and she has received absolutely no other communication. She has no CCJ's showing on her credit report, but we have found other defaulted loans she knows nothing about. However, TFS isn't one of them. She is paying her mortage on a house with negative equity, having been left in the lurch by her former partner, so the
  22. I was visiting my friends last week, she has a sorned vehicle on her drive which she had sold two days before, the new owner was due to collect it the same night A white van appears on her drive and a man knocks on the door, My friend thinks its a delivery for the neighbour, my friend opens the bedroom window, and has a conversation with the Gentleman on the door, he says he is a bailiff and he has come to collect 392.00 for an unpaid parking ticket, I can honestly stay my friend was stunned, she did not know anything about it, she contacted the Local council,
  23. Hi all I need a little advice on something that cropped up on my credit report awhile back. After noticing a default being registered from Hoist Portfolio Holding 2 Ltd for an alleged debt for £3,194.00 I entered a dispute with the credit reference agency to gather further information (Noodle.co.uk) I was told it was for a Santander account. Firstly I have never had an account with that bank or any financial association in any form at any time. The claim is the account began in 2004 and defaulted in 2011. This is blatantly untrue as previously stated I have never had an account with
  24. hi, I was given a bulk load of mail from a previous address at the weekend (moved September 2015) After going thru the letters, I found letter after letter from Lowell portfolio debt company saying about putting a CCJ against me for £300 (now £407 with court costs) and then I found a letter from Northampton county court issuing a CCJ for £50 per month and the first payment was for the 19th of this month (I opened the letter on 20th). I am not sure what to do as this is the first time i've had a CCJ. I have proof of when I moved last year but shouldn't they be able to find my correct
  25. Hi Guys, I am slightly confused as to what to do. I will explain the situation below and then explain the confusion. Any help/advice would be more than appreciated. I received a phone call yesterday on my mobile phone from a lady called AMY from the "PRA Group". She claims that I have a "G.E.Capital bank store credit card" debt of £310.91. I am not aware of this debt and told her as such. She told me that I apparently took this agreement out in 2002 and that they had owned the debt (as mckenzie hall) since 2007. She told me that after the name ch
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