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  1. I've spoke to the court is it about the road traffic accident and they said I need to speak to the solicitor dealing on my behalf, waiting for them to ring me back Just to let you know I'm sorted now the court and both sets of solictors have agreed the CCJ was entered in error and it should be removed off my credit report by the end of next week
  2. Will do I'll wait and see what it is when I get to speak to the court but I don't have any unpaid debts so it could only be the case that the insurance company had going on
  3. Thank you for you help, I'll get straight onto that when the court opens in the morning, I've haven't moved house since the accident so I can't understand why I haven't had any court paperwork delivered. Hopefully if they email me the paperwork it should be easy to sort out then, I've been panicking all weekend cos I've had good credit and the CCJ that I knew nothing about has trashed it
  4. Shall I ring the court tomorrow and see if they can tell me what its for? Before Christmas I had a letter from the insurance company's solicitor saying they were dealing with it now and if I didn't hear back from them it had been dealt with. I've had no summons for court and haven't received any paperwork to say a CCJ had been issued, its just appeared on my credit file saying the case was heard on 21st April at Newcastle court
  5. No there's no company names mentioned just that a CCj was issued by Newcastle county court. I think it could be a PI claim as I had a small bump which they admit was only at 5-10mph the driver went through wins solicitor's , on the report from 3 years ago they had clicked the box that they wanted to claim upto £25k They CCJ is for just over 5k. If it is that as the insurance company is dragging their feet paying out surely I can have the CCJ removed as it is of fault of the insurance company not mine. What's northant bulk? Is it not Newcastle court I need to
  6. Hi thanks for the reply I tried that and out doesn't say anything other an unsatisfied judgement at Newcastle county court.
  7. Hi there I'd be grateful for anyones advice, I had an update on my credit report yesterday saying a CCJ has been issued against me. It says the court date was 21st April I didn't have any summons and no judgement has been sent to my address even tho they have my correct details. Im unsure what the CCJ is for as I have no defaults on my credit file and I'm up to date with everything. The only thing I can think of is I'd had a small road traffic accident 3 years ago and last year I had solicitor letter from my insurance company's solicitor saying they were acting
  8. I asked united kash to provide with me evidence they own the debt they provided me with my orginal credit agreement and full account statement to date they have said I only owe the original amount, none of the other companies that have chased me over the year's ever could produce what I asked for, I'm unsure if ignoring when they can provide that is the best advice as these lot seem to actually of bought the debt?
  9. I've had that letter too saying that they believe another adult lives here, I recently moved into this house before Xmas, I think they think the previous tenant still lives here, if I give them the council's details will the council be able to give them.her forwarding address. Now I've gotta send em loads of paperwork to prove I live here alone with my son, cos obviously previous tenant hasn't updated her address information
  10. I've still haven't had any contact off anyone claiming to own my speed credit/web loans processing account, I had a repayment plan with them but I haven't paid anything since they went into administration, should I just be ignoring it till I get some thing in writing off who's bought them.? I've read about offering the 10% of the orginal debt , I've already paid 50% of the orginal loan back when they do get in contact what should I be saying
  11. I've havent had anyone been in touch yet claiming to have bought my account , I did have a repayment plan with web loans processing should I just be keeping my payments aside for now untill someone gets in touch? Having read through the forum of the recent toothfairy administration, I can't understand how the same idiots are still managing to trade under yet another different name it's ridiculous how they can get away with it
  12. You'd be paid monday the 30th like normal, my sign on day is Xmas eve and was told I'd be paid on the 27th like normal as the banks are open then, so just expect to be paid on your normal day.
  13. Was just having a read of this thread my speed credit debt was passed over to web loans processing when they got shut down, I have a repayment plan with web loans processing now they've went into administration will my repayment plan still stand with who ever then claims to own the account? As I fought them down to the amount I actually owed and at a repayment I could afford, I'd hate to think.it gets passed around again and all daft charges get added back on
  14. That's the same sign on day as me, my advisor told me my payment would be in on the 27th as normal as the banks are open that day
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