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  1. At a cost of £16700 I would definitely remember. The bank have not refunded the amount, but are investigating (4 months now). I have had enough, if I can find out who the company is that received the funds I will attempt to recoup the funds. The bank is attempting to wriggle out of its responsibility because they automatically linked my personal account with a business one, (which I was not informed about and never requested), which has allowed a third party access without my consent.
  2. The payment was made from an unknown party via Faster Payment on a mobile phone. I have instructed the bank to stop all this type of payment and their fraud department are looking into it.
  3. I have had a payment come out of my bank account which is annotated CATHEDRAL IFP, and to which I am not aware who they are. I have found out the Sort code and Account number of the recipient but have not been informed of any other information as it is covered by Data Protection apparently. The only company I could find under that name was Cathedral IFP in Bedford, but they deny all knowledge of it. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. It looks like his but there is a slight mistake with it, so it has been forged. The bank just won't accept that fact.
  5. The problem here is that the account holder was unaware that the company account had been opened in his name, so was therefore not aware of the linkage.
  6. My neighbour found out recently that money had been syphoned out of his current account, as the bank had linked his current account with a business account which the neighbour was not aware of. Subsequently, £15k has been removed over the years by the old company director. Natwest have investigated this fraudulent activity and state that they are not liable. My question is this: Are Natwest liable as they failed to inform the customer of the joining of the accounts? Is there any avenues of complaint other than the bank and financial ombudsman which is not worth its
  7. Yes it was ASDA labelled. One of the cheap bottles. I have already complained direct to ASDA, but am just getting the usual response about levels of service and they hope I will continue shopping with them. It is because the results are not being issued which is throwing up a red flag with me.
  8. I purchased a cordial from ASDA a few months ago which I am convinced made me Violently ill with projectile vomiting within 10 minutes of drinking it. I gave it back to ASDA and complained, along a letter requesting a copy of the test results I phoned ASDA today and verbally requested the lab results to which they replied that they tried to get a copy from the producer of the cordial, but was told they could not have it, and also that I cannot get the manufacturers address in order to contact them. Is this correct? If not, what can I do to get a copy of it. I feel that people ar
  9. I guess I am not alone then. I contacted bewiser for my car insurance. Told the woman I had had five years no claims no claims previously, but this was just over two years ago. I also stated I could not prove the five years bonus, which was why I was putting a no claim of 0 years on the application. The woman said that she would give me the five years no claims as she could find this information on the database. Guess what? Phonecalls , e-mails a,d letters received asking for proof. I lost the rag today with them when they asked for an extra £400 on top of the original £547. I have had th
  10. I have just this morning received the following letter from them: Reference: ..... ebt Balance: £5k+ Debt: British Credit Trust Finance (assigned to MMF UK) Asset: Vauxhall Reg: XXXXXXXX NOTICE OF VISIT WITHOUT APPOINTMENT You have failed to provide an agreed appointment date for Home Visit As such your account has been placed on our Home Visit Schedule and a Doorstep Collector will visit you at home until they meet with you. They will also make a report on you
  11. I have recently received a letter from MML stating I owe them £5,773, and threatening a Visit without appointment. This is in relation to an agreement from December 2000. I purchased a car, lost my Job and returned the car to them. I contacted MML and asked them to send all information to me which they did by e-mail and the last correspondence was dated 2003. The following day I received an e-mail with a copy of a CCJ dated 31st Dec 2004, which I have never seen. Would this fall under the statute of limiiitations? I would very grateful if anyone could give me any
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