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Found 16 results

  1. I forgot to notify them of change of address and stopped deferring so they're now chasing for the full amount of my 1998 loans. I've been a stay at home mum since 2013 so no income at all. They've passed it on to Link Financial which I'm assuming is their debt collection agency. They've said my last deferment ended 2014. Which might be right as I moved that year. They've also said I've breech the terms ie cannot defer anymore and loan won't end at 50 I can't declare bankruptcy or do an IVA. Unless I win the lottery there's no way I can pay this and don't want a
  2. Hi All I have been trying to get my deferment debt which was applied to my student loan from 1993 ,even though I have contacted them many times as I was homeless in 1998 -2003 but still contacted them ,its now 2019 and they still insist I owe them even though I was assured by them in 2002 it was taken off . It now seems in the hands of Link financial and thesis loans with Honours trustee being the owner or something , As I am in University now for a PGCE there is a block with this deferment ,which I thought was resolved in 2006 when I had a personal apology from CEO o
  3. Four unknown soldiers killed during WW1 are laid to rest with full military honours READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/four-unknown-soldiers-killed-during-ww1-are-laid-to-rest-with-full-military-honours
  4. Hello all, I've tried to read as many posts as possible but cant pin down the best course of action for my exact circumstances, I have several mortgage style student loans from 94-98 period that were sold to Honours (HSL/Link outsourcing) back in 1998 but SLC still do the deferment processing. I have always got my deferment forms in on time and have never earned anywhere near the threshold so was looking forward to getting the rolled up "package" of loans cancelled in 2023. But this year SLC never posted the deferment form and like a fool I didnt get around to chasing t
  5. We have recently received the Deferment Form (D10) for my husband, who has old-style student loans from 1994, 1995 and 1996. His loans (according to the letter) are still administered by Honours Student Loans. We are puzzled, as this is the first time we have received the 'new' version of the form. He is self employed and does not receive support from any other sources, so we can happily answer NO to question 3.1. Do you receive support from other sources. I'm puzzled by question 3.2 Is a student finance loan your only source of income? Firstly, I'm not even sure
  6. The Military Division of The New Year Honours List 2018 READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/the-military-division-of-the-new-year-honours-list-2018
  7. Hello, thanks for reading This matter relates to an old style loan of about 2k taken out in 1991/2 and consistently deferred until 2013, when I moved abroad to work (still earning under the threshold) and my deferral form went missing. I then forgot about it as got ill and depressed..(have medical evidence to back this up) Moved back to UK in 2014 and was unemployed for nearly a year.. so have never earned anything like the threshold limit. I also turned 50 in 2014 (am now 51) So, the long and short of it is, Student Loan Co wrote saying I was in arrears, then
  8. Hi, I am just wondering if anyone can advice me on what to do. I took out a student loan while at uni during the 1997-2001. I cannot remember paying or not paying towards the loan. As I understood it if you are earning £2318 or less per month (as stated on the letter sent to me by honour student) you can defer payment. I was made redundant in November 2010 and I am now self employed since January 2012. So I have not been responding to their letters for the past 6 years or so as I am not earning close to that amount. I received a CCJ document through the post on
  9. Hi all, I've read a lot of people in a similar circumstance to my own on here, but thought I'd post my case as it progresses. I received a letter from some company called Honours Student Loans (HSL) a few days ago saying that they have 'now located me' and that I owe them £1600 in 'arrears' for a debt of £2500 and they have also applied a 'trace fee' to my 'debt'. From what I've read on here I'm not the only one, although a lot of the cases I've read are quite old now, so not sure if they've changed their tactics at all. Incidentally my original loan w
  10. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/military-courage-recognised-in-operational-honours-list--2
  11. What does everyone make of this ? It's a reply to my recent Statute Barred Letter to Honours Student Loans for a Loan taken out in 1994 Basically they are stating my Statute Barred claim is void because I haven't informed them of any changes of Addresses I've had, is this true? Do they have a case? Do I ignore the letter or reply? I'm guessing quite a few people would have received identical letters.. Thanks
  12. Hi all, For those that haven't been following this, I'll briefly try to explain situation: I have pre 1998 student loans. I deferred for a year or two but then got ill (mental health) and even though I wasn't earning enough/anything at all I stopped deferring these loans. For a while I got letters, but due to my illness I ignored them and even stopped opening post for a while. I haven't heard anything about this for years and years. I have never earned over the threshold to pay back Student Loans.I am recovering but am not totally better and this whole thing is really not helping.
  13. http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/15150/online-news/debt-buyers-snap-up-securitised-loans
  14. Hi, Like many others, I am being aggressively pursued by HSL for an old student loan debt and getting increasingly sick of their tactics. (I have been on a very low income since 2005 - including being a student for most of the time - yet still made monthly repayments without fail since 2006, but they are still threatening to take me to court.) I have been reading the forum and it seems like I can reclaim any penalty charges on this account - is this correct? If it is, I am going to write a subject access request. Do these sound like the right kind of
  15. Hi all, My partner was recently sent a default notice from Honours Student Loans (old pre-98 style) totalling £5076.35. She is a total basket case with finances and can't remember when she last had contact with them but feels that it was 'years ago'. I recall from looking back through her paperwork before Xmas (we've now moved so can't lay my hands on it again without a lot of digging) it appears that they also registered a CCJ against her in 2002, many addresses ago. She has always earned under the £25,287 threshold to defer it, but has been sporadic in doing so s
  16. What the hell is going on. . . . ? Hector Sants, the former Financial Services Authority chief executive criticised over regulatory failures during the financial crisis, has been knighted in the New Year Honours list. More: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/9770062/Honours-list-Former-FSA-chief-Hector-Sants-knighted-despite-regulatory-failures.html
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