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  1. Cause they weren’t writing to me here I didn’t do it yet but will now . Is it suspend warrant or reduction in payment offer? And what am I offering to pay instead? thanks
  2. So finally got a letter from Lowell at my current address who have been writing to my old address saying that I’m £300 in arrears in ccj payments and they’re now considering bailiffs and I have 14 days to pay or call if I can’t. so do I contact them and tell them I can’t pay or fill in the income form for the court? thanks
  3. Well if they’ve written to me here then they know it right? Is that not a reason to defend it? I don’t really understand what counts as a good reason
  4. Hi i just found a letter dated sept 2018 at my current address from Lowell who have applied for a CCj at my old address. Can I use this as proof to get the ccj set aside?
  5. Well I’ve obviously paid some of my creditors or i’d Be even worse off so I don’t qualify for a DRO either then. So sounds like there’s nothing else I can do then
  6. So if they’ve written to me at my current address just before the claim but I’ve not updated them I can’t apply for it to be set aside cause I didn’t formally update them? Also if I do contact them is there a chance they can reissue the ccj so I get the 31 days to pay like bw legal did? I’m not really sure what to do about those two. this also brings me back to my original question about a DRO cause I don’t want to be chased for the rest of my life. 3 debts are already formalised I only have 2 more defaults after them and 1 I don’t have a chance in hell of ever paying
  7. They’re not chasing me at this address but did write to me here so don’t know why the ccjs went to old addresses unless they were fishing to see if I was really here and the ccj has to go to the address they have in record. So to clarify the ccjs fall off automatically after 6 years whether cleared or not? Or only if cleared? What about what dx100uk said about irresponsible lending?
  8. So does that mean i’ll Have them forever then? I assume ccjs drop off 6 years after cleared? Also what about the other two ccjs? Doesn’t the fact that I’m on the electoral roll count or do I have to notify them personally of a change of address?
  9. Yes. Had a letter saying that I had to pay £50 a month starting January I think and then another letter saying I’d missed the payments. I also took my brothers advice to write to the court asking for the judgement to be set aside. He’s successfully done it before but not even sure what grounds he wanted me to argue it on. But that just resulted in the court telling me to fill out a form and submit it which I’ve not done after reading more about it on this forum
  10. Heres the pdf. sorry it took a while to do. bwlegal.pdf
  11. So should I do an N245 form?
  12. I know now I should have responded. I took out the vanquis in 2011. Credit file says default is April 2013 but I wondered if I stopped paying before that which is why I called.
  13. I received a letter from bw legal saying a ccj had been issued against me and they’d included the form. it was a county court form and my old address was on the left crossed out in red pen and my new address on the right in the second defendant box. It had a red date stamp on the bottom so I guess they sent it back to the courts and got it amended maybe?? However I ignored it cause it came from bw legal and not the courts Thought I’d be proactive and find out when I last paid vanquis but they said they don’t hold any information as it was all passed to Lowell in 2013.
  14. I received a ccj through the post which looked like it had originally been sent to my old address then amended and sent to my current address. I checked my credit report and turns out I have 3 at old addresses. I missed the 30 day deadline to pay them due to going to the wrong addresses but don’t have the money to pay them anyway. They are 1. Lowell’s £241 for a H&M account 2. Lowell’s £549 for a credit card 3. BW legal £414 pay day loan -i took out for partner but he never paid they we’re all due to be statute barred this year accord to my credit report. ive
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