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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I left uni in 1999 and deferred my SL for a few years while my earnings were under the threshold. I started paying probably in about 2003 and stopped in 2007 when I left the country. I have not heard anything from SLC since then and have made no payments since then. I'm back in the UK now. Today I got a letter from Capquest saying there is £2358 outstanding but they will accept £1650 as a settlement. I've read elsewhere here about asking them to provide a CCA or tell them that the debt is now statute barred as I have not heard from anyone or made a payment for 10 years now. Could anyone advise me what I should do? The letter is not threatening, its written with green highlights (though I'm sure these will soon turn red), however it does say "If visible on your credit file we will mark your account as satisfied with a partial settlement flag". Obviously I don't want them going near my credit file. Thanks
  2. I have a few student loans taking back from 1997, 98, 99 and 00. I went Bankrupt in 2010 but was told my student loans would not be included in my Bankrupcy. I spoke to SLC and they backed this up. I was still receiving deferment forms from SLC and I kept deferring the payments but have now received a letter from Erudio who say they have now bought the debt. I have now read that certain student loans could be put under Bankrupcy so could be written off. Would these loans have been written off when I was declared bankrupt? Was I miss-informed? Any information would be great
  3. Hi, I am hoping to get some advice following a letter i received from Drysdenfairfax Solicitors at the end of July. I took out a student loan for 3 years while at university finishing in 1997. I cannot remember whether all of my student loan payments were completed against the loan amount as it was such a long time ago (20 years!!). However, I have had no contact with the Student Loans Company, Erudio or any debt agency about this for at least 10 years nor have they tried to contact me. I received a letter now from Drydensfairfax Solicitors saying that their records show I owe about £5000 to Erudio and there is a CCJ against me and that I am a registered property owner. I have checked with Equifax and there is no mention of a CCJ but I do own a house. Drydensfairfax say they wish to proceed with a Charging Order to secure the debt against the property. I tried to contact Erudio to understand what the situation is but they say they have no involvement as this has now been passed to CapQuest (this company has tried calling me a few times but i have ignored them as they leave unspecific general voice messages). Erudio suggested I speak to CapQuest but I do not want to call anyone until I understand what my position is. Can anyone advise me please on what I should do now as I am concerned with a potential court order against my home. Is this a genuine claim and could they get this Charging Order even if there is no CCJ within the last 6 years? Any advice would be really appreciated. Many thanks
  4. Hello all!!!! please help is needed here... I don't know what I would have done without this site... big Thank you for the team... I had a claim form from MKDP this week and stressed... again... The claim has been issued by the Debt purchaser (claimant): MKDP LLP - Original creditor: HSBC - Date of issue: 02 April 2014 - Value of the claim rounded up: £6700. Particulars of Claim reads as follow: The claimant claims the sum of £6700 being monies due from the defendant to HSBC Bank PLC under a bank account facility regulated by the Consumer Credit act 1974 and assigned to the claimant on xx/xx/xxxx. The Defendants account number was xxxxxxxxxxx. It was a term of the bank account that any debit balance would be repayable in full on demand. The defendant has failed to make payment as required by the statutory default notice served by HSBC Bank Plc. The claimant claims the sum of £xxxxx and costs. The claimant has complied as far as necessary with the pre-action conduct practice direction. Section 69 not included in any part of document. I received ONE SINGLE Default Notice back in 2009 from the original creditor HSBC. But no Notice of Assignment before this summon from MKDP. They referred to the balance as relating to a Bank account but it was a PROFESSIONAL STUDY LOAN taken between March and April 2007 to which they added £575 overdraft I used. The account was firstly sent to MCS then chased by a few Debt collection agencies including Moorcroft with which I had some dealings I was supposed to start paying it back in 2009 but could not afford it as I had a major surgery and could not finish the course thus same salary. I discussed it with HSBC on several occasions to either postpone the repayment or lower it. But instead they sent the debt to MCS. I went to CAB which sent a financial statement to HSBC in AUG 09. I was advised to pay £10 a month until my situation got better. Then I received a letter from MOORCROFT in JAN10 to which I responded explaining my financial situation then I came accross your site. I formally requested a copy of the credit agreement under s.77/79 of the CCA. MOORCROFT responded as follow: . ..we refer to your recently received letter requesting letter as per section 77-79 CCA 1974. We duly confirm that we have requested the relevant documentation from our client and once received we will duly forward the same to you. meanwhile, we duly duly confirm that all collection activity on the account has been put on hold and we will not seek to enforce payment of this debt until suvh time as the documentation has been supplied or we have advised you to the contrary..... I stopped all payment as the account was now in query. In MAY 10, MOORCROFT wrote to CAB advising them to ask me to to continue paying the £10. They started chasing back the full balance as if it was not in query. I knew there was a part of the debt (£575) which was the overdraft I used. I proposed to separate both debts and I will continue to make payment toward the £575 whilst the LOAN is in query. They refused and continued to chase the full balance. At this stage I started to ignore their threatening letters. Then I was receiving chasing letters from other companies such as Aktiv Kapital, Link, Wescott etc.. .and finally this summon which amount is incorrect to start with. I guess I need to acknowledge service then send some requests to the sollicitor and the claimant? I know you do that a lot but please treat me as an IT novice. Could somebody point me in the direction of the suitable templates please? And who to send what to who? Where do I want to go now? I don't know where to start or what to do. Even what I WANT TO DO. All I know is that I do not want a CCJ on my record. If HSBC had accepted my offer we could have gotten somewhere. I don't see how this case will make a difference since my situation has worsened. I don't even reach the current minimum wage at present. I am unable to pay. And I thought since I have tried so many times to sort it with no luck, and there is still no contract supplied and I was defaulted since 2009 preventing me to borrow, I do not think it fair to bring it to court at this moment in time. I don't know much about the law in relation to loans. I would like however, to pay off the overdraft if of course it is separate from the LOAN. DO I make sense???? I need as much help as possible.. . I have looked for similar cases as mine and could not find much similarities or maybe I didn't check well. Also how do you donate??? you are doing an important job here helping people like myself...
  5. Hi all, For those that haven't been following this, I'll briefly try to explain situation: I have pre 1998 student loans. I deferred for a year or two but then got ill (mental health) and even though I wasn't earning enough/anything at all I stopped deferring these loans. For a while I got letters, but due to my illness I ignored them and even stopped opening post for a while. I haven't heard anything about this for years and years. I have never earned over the threshold to pay back Student Loans.I am recovering but am not totally better and this whole thing is really not helping. After hearing nothing for years I got a letter in July from Honours Student Loans saying they wanted the whole £5K. I didn't know this until very recently but apparently The SLC did get a CCJ on me way back in 2001. They've never tried to enforce this, I live at the same address as when I got the CCJ (moved back home for 10 months in 2008, but they have that address too - Honours started ringing my parents after they sent the letter to me here). I decided to send Statute Barred letter to Honours, figured they might have trouble proving there was a CCJ as it's so old. I also searched register of judgements, orders and fines and my credit file - there is no CCJ on there. As the CCJ is over 6 years old, I thought that if they came back and said there is a CCJ, I could then send back a letter detailing: Section 24 of the Limitations Act 1980.... (1) An action shall not be brought upon any judgment after the expiration of six years from the date on which the judgment became enforceable. (2) No arrears of interest in respect of any judgment debt shall be recovered after the expiration of six years from the date on which the interest became due. I would say that as the CCJ is over 6 years old and there's no extenuating circumstances as to why it hasn't been enforced then they'd have to go back to court to get permission to enforce, and it's highly unlikely they'll succeed. I hadn't heard anything for a few weeks after I sent the SB letter, and then on Friday I got a letter from Drysdensfairfax Solicitors saying they're working for The Student Loans Company (not Honours Student Loans?!), that their client previously obtained a judgement against me, that I've got 7 days to pay (letters dated 8th August) and that I should send cheque made payable to Drysdensfairfax, otherwise "steps will be taken to enforce the judgement our client holds". Then I got a letter from Northampton County Court, where the original CCJ was obtained by The SLC in 2001. This was obtained by default - I didn't know anything about it. There are no details at all - just the case number (which is right), the name of the claimant (The Student Loans Company) and the fact that it's being transferred to Bradford County Court for enforcement. This is not my local court and I have never lived anywhere near Bradford. Having just checked the Drysden letter, they're located in Bradford so this must be why it's been transferred there, but that's no good to me, I can't get to Bradford - would need it at my local court, so I can defend myself. I'm going to attach all correspondence so you can see it. There's 4 PDFs (couldn't work out how to make a multipage PDF). See bottom of post. I am confused as to why it is now suddenly The Student Loans Company chasing me again and not Honours Student Loans (I was under the impression from what it says on there website that they would have bought my student loan off the SLC). It doesn't seem right somehow. Does anyone have any ideas on this? Does it actually matter? So I don't know what to do. They seem to be determined to take me back to court on this. There's no way I can pay full amount and would really struggle to pay instalments too unless they're incredibly small. Should I write back quoting Section 24 of The Limitations Act? In which case who should I write to? Drysden, Honours or the SLC, or all 3? Am seeing Citizens Advice on Thursday so am hoping they can help me, but would really appreciate comments and help here too. Thanks so much PFC xx 1-first_letter_from_Honours_02_07_12.pdf First letter received from Honours student loans 2-Statue-Barred-Letter-to-Honours-Student-Loans.pdf My statute barred letter to Honours Student Loans 3-solicitors_letter_08_08_12.pdf Response from Drysdenfairfax solicitors 4-transfer_of_court_proceedings_10_08_12.pdf Letter from Northampton court, advising of change of court
  6. Hi I am applying for a mortgage and it has flagged up on my credit record that i have a default notice on my credit report put there by SLC. This is a nightmare as it is currently stopping me from getting a mortgage. I spoke to SLC and they said it was put there about 3 years ago and so cannot be removed for another 3 years. My loan was for around £1500 from 1996 and was deferred every year through proof of income until 2011 when for some reason they did not receive my deferment letter and i may have been slow to resolve this due to personal circumstances at the time. At some point that year i either deferred again for another year or started paying off and have been paying every month without fail - and the loan is now paid back in full. I wondered if anyone had been in a similar situatuon and have had any luck in getting a default removed? I have looked around on the web and some people have suggested that a company who adds a default to someone's record must if requested supply the original letters sent to prove they complied with legislation. I spoke to SLC and they say they cannot supply the letters as a company called Erudio now have all my account details. Does anyone have any ideas or am I just going to accept i need to wait another 3 years to get a mortgage? What a nightmare! Many thanks in advance for any help Best Regards Malcolm
  7. Hello. I'm new to CAG forum. I'm hoping someone can offer some advice. I've been living in New Zealand for some 12 years. I've recently received a letter from Link Financial Outsourcing via the Mauritius Postal Service, headed "Notice of Sum in Arrears" stating I have arrears on balance of over £10,000 and accruing £30 (give or take) interest monthly. The letter does not state what the debt is for, but I'm assuming it's a student loan from 1994-98 that I took out. I also think the size of the debt has been greatly inflated although I don't have any paper work to prove otherwise. I haven't received any other letters. I would have expected to have received some sort of notification, but since my address is partially incorrect, perhaps it never arrived. My brother in the UK recalls giving my address to a girl over the phone who claimed to be a long lost friend several months ago. This probably would account for the incorrect address that they are using. I am in a quandary on how I should proceed. I haven't yet called either Link or SLC as I'm worried that I would hastily agree something I would later regret. I'm also concerned that if they had my contact details here, they would be calling in the middle of the night. I am in full-time employment earning a modest wage, but we recently had a new baby and I am currently supporting my family as the sole income earner. £10,000 is roughly $20,000 and it's money I just don't have nor hope to have any time soon. I am considering making an offer for half the amount as I could just about scrape that together from the little savings that we have, or negotiate some sort of payment plan with either Link or the SLC. After reading about the cavalier attitude of Link here, I'm beginning to think this might be an unwise course of action. I haven't contacted or been contacted by the Student Loan Company, for at least 10 if not 12 years. Am I right in assuming that since more than 6 years has passed the debt is statute barred and no further action can be taken by Link? We are hoping to return to the UK at some point in the future and so would like to have this resolved. Any advice on a course of action would be greatly appreciated. Offending article attached. By the way, there was no page 2, just an Office for Fair Trade advice sheet... [ATTACH=CONFIG]46476[/ATTACH]
  8. Hi, I had taken up a loan with a private student loan company Sallie Mae UK in 2007. I know they went bust not long after that and I have not heard from them since. Now some company called Total Credit Financial Services UK Limited has contacted me via email claiming that now they are in charge of the debts and I need to start making repayments to them. I cannot find that company online and the email seemed a bit suspicious. I am not sure where I can ask for advice. Cannot get any information about that company. Any advice would be valuable. Thank you, S.
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