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  1. Just to keep this alive with no further information really: I haven't had any further letters at all from this bunch of criminals so maybe they've given up? Been 8 months no contact whatsoever....no idea. Cheers
  2. Hey all, so after 6 months I got another letter from the clowns/cowboys (clownboys?) at HSL. It's a nice breakdown of all the interest they say I owe on this non existent debt. Quite funny really, literally goes 30/03/15 £5.18, 30/04/15 £5.01 etcetera. They've even got the balls to send me a photocopied sheet of the financial conduct authority's guidelines on what to do about being in debt - which is ironic really seeing as the FCA state that having been notified by me of the debt being statute barred they should no longer be contacting me at all. See here from FCA we
  3. I said I'd keep this updated so I will - still no more letters or contact from HSL. Just coming into July now so last letter I got was mid-March. Surprise surprise no "home visits" or any [email protected] like that. Anything I get will still just go straight in the bin anyway but hey. If anyone out there is in the same circumstances as me I recommend just absolutely totally ignoring it and not giving them even the slightest thought to make you worried, as that is literally the only tactic these scumbags have.
  4. No news from them for a month now. No "home visit" yet (what a shocker). I'm sure a new threatening letter will arrive at some point, they'll think of a new way to rearrange the same threatening words in a different order and send another letter that I'm supposed to [email protected] myself to.
  5. Yeah they say "considering a home visit", reviewed considered whatever. The fact is, as you say, people who are vulnerable to these kind of threats are the ones who are struggling and terrified of their own dire financial situation, they know those fear buttons and just hammer them repeatedly to scratch a few quid a month out of some poor sod. That's the kind of thing that drives alcoholism and suicide.
  6. Yeah I'm not bothered by it really. Like camdbug I'm just sitting back and watching it unfold. You see that's the thing here, if I actually owed them money then I would contact them and make an arrangement to pay, it's not like I owe them money and am trying whatever possible to avoid them. But the fact is that, for a start, I borrowed from the student loans company all those years ago not honours student loans, honours student loans have bought the debt from SLC, not the agreement. They lost touch with me not me with them, I was at the same address for years and n
  7. It must have been a premonition about the bald guys in a transit van turning up. Got another letter today which says (in a big bold square box): YOUR ACOUNT IS NOW BEING REVIEWED FOR A HOME VISIT As your account remains in arrears we are now considering a home visit. This visit will be conducted by our agents, Fieldcall Ltd. That's funny cos the last letter I got said they would take me to court without further notice. So no court now? Now you're "considering a home visit"? And what will happen when you visit my home? (And obviously carefully
  8. Ah good to see someone is in a similar situation. In my case I didn't/don't have a CCJ against me though. Well there isn't one mentioned on any credit report, unless there's another way to find out. All the rest seems roughly similar though. You veer dangerously towards giving these [insert massive swear word] any validity at the end there though by saying they are right. They aren't right. No one's ignoring the "debt". There is legally no debt, the agreement was broken by them not me (or you). Even if you had deliberately witheld your addr
  9. Yep. Ignoring it I am. They are good though, they send stuff that riles people into a response. They even say things about ignoring it as if I'm ignoring it because I'm scared or something - "Ignoring your debt won't make it go away" (!!!) Err yeah I'm ignoring it cos there is no debt, thanks for your concern tough.
  10. Ok got another letter, and this one is slightly different, equally ridiculous though. 3 pages: Page 1 says 'Notice of Sums in Arrears' and just says 'we are required by law to give you this Notice in compliance with the consumer credit act 1974 because you are behind with your payments. Below is a statement of transactions since the last Notice of Sums in Arrears. (*ps I've never had a Notice of Sums in Arrears*). Then below it just says the amount they are claiming (which, as I said at the start of all this, isn't even anywhere near the amount of the student loan
  11. Yeah I think I'll just continue to get these letter for a while now. I'll post here with what I get. I'm quite happy for them to continuously send me letters that I'll ignore.
  12. Ok got another letter from them day before yesterday (incidentally, and quite hilariously, any letter that says 'you must reply within 10 days' blablabla takes exactly 9 days from the date of the letter to reach me). New letter just says: FINAL NOTICE - 'Despite our previous letters....' etcetera. 'It is in your best interests to cooperate with us to avoid commencement of legal proceedings' blablabla. Yeah ok I'll get right on that. Seems like a bit of a de-escalation from the last letter - 'We will commence legal proceedings without further notice if you don't
  13. I'll post any further correspondence I get from them. Nothing more yet though. Although the last 'pre legal' letter did say they would “…commence legal proceedings without further notice.” So presumably that means they will not notify me that they have commenced legal proceedings. I guess the court would though! I don't care I'll go to court if they want. I sent the statute barred letter, not wasting any more time replying to scaremongering automatically generated letters.
  14. They could be yeah. That's why I'm trying to see if anyone on here has actually been taken to court by them, but no one seems to have said they have. If the statute barred letter and the limitation act of 1981 (or whatever the legislation is) stands up in court then I've got nothing to worry about. If they manage to convince a judge that I've been in hiding for 17 years and didn't inform them of my change of address then they'll get the judgement. If they even do take it to court. Guess you just have to sit back and see how it plays itself out.
  15. Yeah exactly, I mean presumably it's all pre-legal until it's legal surely? Do I get one from the post legal team afterwards? Anyway I'm just continuing to ignore them. My thread is this one http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?435222-Honours-Student-Loans-trace-letter-after-15yes&p=4695634&viewfull=1#post4695634
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