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Found 20 results

  1. Hi, I've tried to have a good look through the website, which has always been a great help over the years (thank you so much!!) but I just need to clarify a few things before I end up doing something stupid. I had the old mortgage style student loans with the Student Loans Company back in 1993 and 1994, and deferred them over the years due to low income and poor mental health. I don't know if I'm remembering right but I think the last time I acknowledged the debt and tried to defer again was 2012 or 2013 (not a good year personally, don't remember much). Fast forward a few years, find out the account was sold to Erudio - never acknowledged any debt, but now in the past week, I've received a Letter Of Claim from DrydensFairfax to my current address which starts with the following: "This is a Letter of Claim sent to you in accordance with the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims...". They are trying to claim both 1993 and 1994 loans together under one account number and the account summary only states balance on 11th September 2018 (debits/credits/interest), along with adjustments for menial amounts between 6/9/2018 and 11/9/2018. So, how much of this is hot air or are they trying to get a backdoor CCJ? Should I send a CCA request to them (is it s.77 or s.78, sure its s.77 but better to be sure)? Do I send the new GDPR SAR request and if so, who do I send it to - SLC, Erudio or Drydens? Do I bother to fill in the Income and Expenditure form, repayment offer, or reply form they've sent? Apologies for the questions, need to make sure I don't screw it up. ta
  2. Hello everyone. I'm getting anxious about my currently deferred student loan and seeking some advice/guidance/reassurance, please. I have four mortgage style student loans from the early 90s and as I’ve beenbelow the threshold I have been deferring them; every year since I graduated. It’s all been pretty straight forward and deferment granted promptly. Last year’s deferment letter from Honours Student Loans(and maybe several before that) said, if memory serves, I was in breach of theloan T&Cs as I no longer have a direct debit in place. It must have ‘timedout’, as I’m sure there used to be one. As I’m now within a few years of my loan being written off I’m keen not to do anything that could be used against me by placing me in breach of the T&Cs and put me in arrears during my final few years. I’m winding myself up by reading the entire internet on whether the T&Cs actually state I must have an active direct debit inplace, even if I’m currently in deferment. So my questions is, when I receive my next deferment letter should I give them my bank account details, or even call them to provide them now, or shouldn’t I? On the subject of the deferment paperwork – have HSL changed it this year (2018)? Will my paperwork be different in 2019? If so, should I approach it differently? The next issue is difficult for me, as I think I may have been filling the deferment form out incorrectly. I haven’t been including Child Tax Credits as income as the advice I received at the time was that it didn’t count as taxable income and therefore didn’t need to be included on the form. But now I’m reading that I should have been declaring it? If so, then would your advice be to start putting it on the form from next year? The tax credits would place me close to, but I think still under, the threshold. As I haven’t been declaring child tax credits and probably should have been, would this be grounds for me to be regarded as in breach of the T&Cs and effect future deferment/write-off? If I should declare it, do I need to declare 100% or canI declare 50% as it’s in joint names with my wife and her income doesn’t count? Many thanks for your help.
  3. Hello you good people! Please advise, as I've read all the relevant threads but none end with a definitive answer or resolution. I deferred my Student Loans from 93,93,95 each May until 2013 when due to a move, I forgot. I phoned SLC around late 2014 to be told the loans were now with Erudio and to phone them. Having read all the hoo-haa surrounding Erudio, I didn't phone. Nothing further happened. Fast forward to March 2017 and I noticed a hard search on my credit file from Erudio. Nothing further happened. Since last month I have started getting multiple phone calls from Erudio. No message is ever left, and I have blocked each number identified as coming from their stable. As I am on the voters' roll, I can safely assume they have my current address should they decide to write. Could anyone please advise on what my options are? I don't want them getting a backdoor CCJ, but the account must be in 'arrears' since around June 2013. I am not in a position to pay, nor do I earn over the threshold requiring me to do so. As far as I can see, having read the other threads, my move should be to wait until they send a begging letter, then I send them a request for my original CCA? If/When they do what should I do then? By my calculations the first 93 loan should reach the '25 years' write-off point this year, however as I'm currently in arrears I don't think it applies? As my last deferment ran out May 2013 do you think I can just wait another 12 months, 'head-in-the-sand' stylee, until the debt becomes statute barred? I'd just like to know my options, and the dirty tactics I can expect from Erudio now the beast has woken and acquired me!! Any advice gratefully received. Thanks for your time.
  4. We have recently received the Deferment Form (D10) for my husband, who has old-style student loans from 1994, 1995 and 1996. His loans (according to the letter) are still administered by Honours Student Loans. We are puzzled, as this is the first time we have received the 'new' version of the form. He is self employed and does not receive support from any other sources, so we can happily answer NO to question 3.1. Do you receive support from other sources. I'm puzzled by question 3.2 Is a student finance loan your only source of income? Firstly, I'm not even sure we need to answer it if we answered NO to Q3.1, but nowhere does it say this! More importantly, what on earth do they mean by this question? How could loans taken out over 20 years ago be your only means of support? Should we be answering this or just assuming it is aimed at people who have answered YES to Q3.1 (even though it doesn't make sense!). Sorry if I am being completely dense here!
  5. Interesting article about sites where bad landlords can be named and shamed, also details of rental repayment orders. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/aug/24/landlords-tenants HB
  6. Please help! I have no idea where else to turn. On 29th February 2016 I bought a Toyota Verso Excel D4D from Motorline Toyota. Since taking ownership of the car on the 10th March 2016 I have had a problem with a recurrent smell inside the car. Initially I believed this to be as a result of me following other vehicles that were emitting an acrid smell. It happened regularly enough that it became a talking point in the car with my two older children who were then aged three and four. The smell often occurred on the school run which is approximately 4 miles from home. Initially I noticed the smell occurred approximately once a month then on the 5th August 2016 whilst filling up my car with diesel at a petrol station, smoke appeared inside the car via the vent in the centre console. At the time my two sons and my baby daughter aged four months were inside the vehicle. Having paid for my diesel and returned to my car my eldest children asked me why smoke was coming inside the car. I immediately telephoned Motorline and told them about the problem and received a curt response which was that I had AA cover and I should call them. I was informed that they would decide if the car needed to be returned to them. I contacted the AA who came and inspected the car and diagnosed that the oil filler cap could not be tightened sufficiently enough without it popping off. He advised me to contact Motorline and inform them. This I did and I was again surprised by their initial response. I was informed that they were unable to supply me with a new oil filler cap as they were having a problem with their suppliers. I replied that that was unacceptable as I could not be in a situation whereby my three children were in a car with smoke entering the inside. I was then advised that if I were to bring the car into the garage they would attempt to locate an oil filler cap that would fit from another car. This I did, a forty mile round trip. However they did manage to source an oil cap that fitted. I decided that the smell that I had noticed in the car must have been the result of the faulty oil cap and felt assured that now that the problem had been identified and rectified it would no longer be a problem. However it did reoccur and I called the AA again on the 2nd September. They reported that they could find no reason for the smell and reassured me that everything appeared to be fine. The smell continued to occur approximately every three weeks and after yet another occurrence I called the AA out again on the 23rd December. Once again no obvious fault was identified and I was advised to contact Motorline Ashford. In November I had received notification from Toyota that there was a safety recall on my car relating to the Throttle Body. I decided that I would contact Motorline in the New Year to arrange for the recall repairs to be carried out and to discuss the issues regarding the smell. In the meantime, on an occasion when the smell occurred, I drove straight to a local garage to ask their opinion. They advised me that in there opinion the smell was not right and they advised me to contact Motorline . I took the car to Motorline for the initial inspection on the 18th January 2017. I was advised that they would look into the car but they mentioned it may be due to the DPF. I had now noticed that the smell was occurring approximately every two weeks. When I returned to collect my car I was advised that they had been unable to replicate the smell and so there was nothing that they could do. I explained that that was not acceptable and became emotional. I asked for advice as to what they thought I should do as when I stopped the car the smell would go. As far as I could see the only way I could get them to smell the smell would be to drive the 30 minutes from home to Ashford with at least two of my three children, if not all of them, being subjected to the awful fumes which I was concerned were harmful. I asked what they would advise I do in the event of the smell occurring again given that I did not feel it was appropriate to subject my children to the fumes in order to drive the car to Ashford. I asked if there was a garage local to me that they would not be happy for me to go to for them to give an initial assessment. She just repeated that the problem would have to be replicated whilst with them. Following this event I decided to call Toyota Customer Relations. I rang them and relayed the problems I was having. I was informed that a case manager would be in contact with me within a few days. I never did receive a call from a case manager. I did however receive a call from the After Sales Manager. He agreed that they would use the car in a manner similar to myself in the hope that the smell would be generated. I agreed with this plan. My car was collected on the 3rd February by Mark. The After Sales Manager rang me later that day and asked me if I knew how many miles I had done since I last noticed the smell as he was able to tell when the car had last gone through a cycle and how many miles I had driven since. He believed the smell was to do with the regeneration system. Given when the smell had last occurred and how many miles I had done since I concurred with this. My car was returned to me on the 6th February. He told me that the smell was due to the regeneration system but assured me that the fumes were not coming into the car. I asked how I was smelling them if they were not entering the car. He said that the system was close to where I sit in the car and that was why I may be able to smell it. He explained that the regeneration system was designed to flood the engine with additional fuel and burn it off at a high temperature before dumping the fumes out of the car via the exhaust. He also explained that if the car had not completed a cycle it would emit a smell once stopped. He said that a regeneration cycle should occur on longer journeys and he felt that the problem may be because I was doing shorter journeys as I had been on maternity leave and doing more local journeys. He felt that this may also be the reason why I was smelling it more often. I explained that that did not make sense as I had recently driven a 30 minute drive and that the smell had occurred when I parked up at my destination. It was explained to me that as well as a longer journey other things had to be happening in the engine such as it getting to a particular temperature etc. to ensure a successful regeneration. I asked that if I needed to do longer journeys for the regeneration system to work properly then I should have been informed of this when I bought the car as, knowing I was due to start Maternity Leave, I knew that I would not be doing long journeys. I suggested that the car may therefore have been mis-sold to me. He advised me that the regenerations system had now been reset to the factory settings (I believe he said that this was every 2000 litres of fuel). I asked what advice Toyota gave to their customers about the regeneration system and was informed me that none was available. He also told me that he had found out what he had by looking on google and reading chat forums. He asked me why I had chosen a diesel and I explained that it was what I was used to driving and that it was what I was advised to purchase when I was buying the car. He suggested that he could speak to Matt Brown about me changing my car and suggested either a petrol Verso or a Prius Plus. I said I would consider this. We met with the manager on the 11th March. He agreed to see what he could do. He listened to my concerns and appeared to understand my distress. I explained that I knew that I would lose the £3204 I had paid in repayments but that I did not expect to be out of pocket as I believed the car was faulty. He agreed that finance would be 'sorted'. Matt agreed to look for a suitable car. I was happy to consider an older Prius Plus as well as a petrol Verso. I received a telephone call from the dealership on the 20th March. I was given details of a Prius Plus. I was getting ready to leave the house and took quick details about the car including the repayment details. A day or so later I rang and spoke to Toyota and asked if I could have a more detailed breakdown of the finance for the car. I explained that whilst I accepted that I would lose the £3200 that I had spent paying for the car over the past year, I was not prepared to lose the £2200 part exchange value of my previous car as I was returning the car because I believed it to be faulty NOT because I had changed my mind. I was told that there was no way that I would get the £2200 back. I said that I believed that I had a case to take to Toyota Finance to say that I was in dispute over the car as I believed that the car was faulty. I believe the car to be faulty and that it was mis-sold to me. I want to return my car and have the finance cleared and I wish to be reimbursed the £2200 I put down as a deposit (part exchange value of my Toyota Yaris) I have written to Toyota Finance and have not yet had a response but I do not hold out much hope as I did write to the CEO and have had a response saying that 'the issues I have are a consequence of driving styles and usage.' they go on to say regarding my claim that the car was mis-sold that 'we have not been privy to those sales discussions and are unable to pass comment'. The car was bought on finance. The initial cost was £17495 and I had £2200 deducted from that for the part exchange of my old car. The car continues to smell inside the cabin on a regular basis and happened last week with all my three children in the car. It is a revolting, acrid smell that makes me feel sick. I am greatly concerned for my children's health being exposed to this smell. Thank you to anyone that takes the time to read this.
  7. I was with EE for a relatively short period before I went to another company - GB energy who have subsequently gone bust. The thing that struck with EE was that their bills never made any sense to me. From a period covering 28/01/2015 to 25/01/2016, I received 4 bills: Bill a) covering period between 28/01/2015 -10/04/2015 shown I was in debit by -£30.32 ( received on 11/05/2015) Bill b) covering period between 28/01/2015 -05/10/2015 shown I was in credit by £171.189 ( received on 07/01/2016) Bill c) covering period between 28/01/2015- 05/10/2015 shown I was in credit by £95.81 ( received on 07/01/2016) Bill d) covering period between 28/01/2015 -01/03/2015 shown I was in debit by £35.60( received on 27/012016 Then on 20/09/2016 when was with another provider, I got another bill for 28/01/2015 -01/03/2015 showing I was in debt by £82.39 which I paid hoping that would be the end of it unfortunately I have been getting a number of phone calls from Credit Style which I have not responded to Today when I rang back a number that was with an email they sent me . No one replied but there was a recorded message to which I replied I had no idea what all these phone calls were about and left it at that. I really don't know what to do about this and would welcome some advice. Thanks
  8. Hi i started a DMP with Moorhead Savage in @ 2011 things where fine until 2016 when they stopped managing plans , took on running my plan myself . In August last year i received a letter off Regal Credit ltd informing me they were ceasing trading and the debt was been returned back to BMI . In November i received a letter to contact them , which i did offering to continoue with the same payments . which they refused , i contacted them again saying i cant increase my offer as all my Creditors are paid Pro-Rata and it would be unfair . i then got a statement a month later wanting double . On the 30/12/16 letter from Style Credit dated 28/12/16 wanting contact immediately or legal action , i replied on the 03/01/17 which they received on the 05/01/17 ( recorded ) On the 20/01/17 i received a letter dated 16/01/17 which states since ive failed to contact them they will started legal action , i had till the 23/01/17 now the 21 / 22 was the weekend . i replied the same day and wrote to the address on the top of the page and also the registered offic on the bottom of letter , they received both letters on the 23/01/17 signed for by the same person . On the 26/01/17 i received a letter from HLW Keeble Hawson saying i failed to make a payment despite repeated requests and if they dont receive full payment within seven days they are starting a claim in the County Court , i have wrote to them too with a offer of payment and list of creditors . im not sure if the account has been Defaulted or not as all paper work went to Moorhead Savage , on the staetments BMI added inetrest which had been stopped . No payments have been missed to any Creditor , im dealing with 19 in total this seams like a rail road job any comment or ideas ! Thanks
  9. I wonder if anyone can offer any advice. I had a student loan in 1997 (which I totally forgot about). A few months ago I received a letter from Erudio about it. As this was the first I had heard from them for 17 years, I replied back to them stating I believed it to be statue barred. Today while at work, a sheriff's officer left a citation at my home with my wife. It's actually a copy of a Charge for Payment from a court from 2002. This is the first of me being aware of this and telling me I have 14 days to £2,200!! Now, in May 2010 I entered into a trust deed which became protected. I was successfully discharged from this in March 2014. I guess I'm wondering what I do next? Just as I thought I was getting my finances back in order, this appears! What are my options? If I have to pay it, will they accept a full & final or a slightly reduced amount? Can I pay it up?
  10. Hi guys can someone help We have a BEKO fridge freezer, with extended comet warrenty. Ive just spoken to the guys that have taken ownership of the warranty and they have refused to help - stating cosmetic issue not a breakdown. The problem is the freezer door has rusted, under the paintwork!!. Near the water dispenser and at the foot of the door. there is no damage on the door and it has been kept dry and clean. The machine was purchased 17/10/2011. The warranty centre said to call beko as its a manufacturing issue. When i called beko on 01923 654649 (head office number) they passed the buck back to the warranty centre. I then explained this is a manufacturing issue not a breakdown. He then said i will give you a number of a repair centre that will do the job at my cost!! I then said under the sales of goods act he needs to address this issue, he said its void as it was with comet?!?!. I was just amazed at the poor attitude of beko customer service, he was not helpful or had an ounce of empathy in him. I came of the phone steaming. Can anyone give me any pointers which direction i should go now to get this expensive 2 1/2 year old machine repaired before it falls to pieces under its own weight. If anything i now know i wont be purchasing beko again, i will stick to the samsungs from now on, i wish i had in this case it was only that the beko was slightly larger when we bought it.
  11. Dashing through the Bush In a rusty Holden Ute Kicking up the dust Esky in the boot Kelpie by my side Singing Christmas songs Its summer time and I am in My singlet, shorts and thongs. Oh, jingle bells, jingle bells Jingle all the way Christmas in Australia On a scorching summer’s day Jingle bell, jingle bells Christmas time is beaut Oh, what fun it is to ride In a rusty Holden Ute Engine’s getting hot Dodge the kangaroos Swaggy climbs aboard He is welcome, too. All the family is there Sitting by the pool Christmas day, the Aussie way By the barbecue!
  12. Hi I wonder if someone could give me some advice on this please I have a car loan with Blackhorse finance. unfortunatly when my husband got made redundant we were unable to pay the full installments. Blackhorse were very helpful and lowered the payments so we could afford them. we only had a year until it would have been paid off. We have paid regularly and are all upto date with the lowered payments but in December we were a bit late paying. This resulted in Blackhorse passing the debt onto credit style limited. I phoned blackhorse to try to reverse it and also because the letter they sent me to tell me they had passed it on didnt state who it was passed onto or a contact number to call. It was only because I got a letter from credit style that i knew. Black horse said they could not do anything about it and i needed to speak to credit style and they may pass it back. I phoned credit style they said dont worry they are not car repossessors they are a debt councillor company and the only way to set anything up was for a representative to come round and go through our income and expenditure. I didnt really want to but set up a date for someone to come round. Sat in waiting and waiting and no one turned up. I have since paid my next installment to black horse over the internet so i am still upto date. After a few days past the meeting date i recieve another letter from credit style telling me to contact them as a matter of urgency. This time my husband phoned them and told them no one turned up and that he had lost a days pay waiting as he is now self employed and he wasnt impressed. They apologised and set up another date which was suposed to be tuesday but last friday they phoned and cancelled. I couldnt set up another date as had to see when my husband would be able to make it as I am not comfortable with being alone with a stranger in my home. They have been phoning me this week but I have been out when ever they phone and to be honest I dont want to speak to them on the phone let alone let them into my house. Today I have recieved another letter from them entitled FINAL WARNING it reads You have failed to respond to our efforts to contact you and resolve this matter. Avoiding this situation will only worsen your current position as previously advised. We can only hold further action if you call us now on: call us today so that we can help you resolve this matter. This has really annoyed me as we have tried to resolve it and it is them who keeps cancelling the meetings and now i have this somewhat bullying letter I do not wish to speak to them and be bullied into something i am not happy with when I am upto date on all payments and in my eyes there is no situation to be resolved. What should I do next? it is pointless ringing them as all they do is try to set up a meeting should I contact black horse? should I threaten to report them to the financial obstuman if that is the right people to complain to. Also what power do they have. I have paid back all of what we borrowed and now it is really just the interest we are paying off. Sorry if its a bit long winded and a bit of a rant but this has really got to me. Many thanks Gem77
  13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embe dded&v=cFb0nLCKypg
  14. I have received my new Blue badge and a letter which states; "Do not place this new blue badge inside a wallet with a clear plastic pocket as this may cause damage to the hologram on the badge when exposed to high temperatures" Many BB holders have these type of wallets as they are convenient and they are not exactly cheap. We never had this sort of warning with our previous BB. Not sure whether to take the chance and place it in the wallet or not? BTW are we required to return the old BB to whoever issued it as it is a requirement for the new one?
  15. British troops serving in Afghanistan have recorded their own video spoof of the global smash hit Gangnam Style for charity. Link: http://news.uk.msn.com/blog/trending-blogpost.aspx?post=30a65071-72b6-41d5-8ba9-3408f86ff005&_nwpt=1
  16. The Financial Services Authority, is investigating claims by a whistleblower that Britain's £300bn wholesale gas market has been "regularly" manipulated by some of the big power companies, exploiting weaknesses that echo the recent Libor scandal. Separately, the energy regulator Ofgem has been warned by a company responsible for setting so-called benchmark prices, ICIS Heren, that it had seen evidence of suspect trading on 28 September, a key date as it marks the end of the gas financial year and can have an important influence on future prices. http://www.guardian.co.uk/business/2012/nov/12/libor-like-manipulation-gas-markets
  17. Hi. all I had a store card with style financial services which was taken over by RBS in 2009. I am still paying the balance although style cards were suspended when RBS took it them over. I have recently been told that my account balance should have been frozen at that point and no interest should have been payable on the balance. Is this correct? and can I reclaim all all the interest that has been charged on the account for the last three years. Regards. adamski01
  18. Evening all, Ive scoured through pages of threads but am unable to come up with an answer. I took a HP out with Blackhorse in Oct 2007 on which it was a 3 year agreement with 278.60 payments. Due to redundancy and only temp jobs since i have been able to make some payments. All in all i have roughly paid £6100 with arrears(remaining balance) of £4200. I did send numerous letters to blackhorse but they did not respond and has now been with credit style. I met one of their representatives on Wednesday and they basically stated to make payments of £330 (all figures rough) for 12 months or to VS the car. I am currently awaiting a job response and should hear back Monday/Tuesday, if successful i want to pay it off on their 12 month plan. However if this does not go to plan the only option i can see is to VS. They have stated however any value made at auction will not go towards the arrears and i will have to still pay the remaining £4000. I thought any cash made would at least go towards my arrears as the car is still easily worth £5000 on a trade in value. Sorry for lack of info and the jumbleness im just panicking, i did request a SAR and a copy of my agreement on Wednesday, hopefully should arrive soonish. Thanks fo reading
  19. Hi, I had a style card and I want to send a subject access request to see if i paid PPI. I understand from reading the internet that they ceased trading a few years ago. Does anyone know if this is correct and if so is there anything I can do to get my records?? Maybe contacting RBS? Any help and advice would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance Lisa
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