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Found 5 results

  1. Hi I have received a mail yesterday from Merligen investment limited. There are three pages in the envelope. One with Merligen investement logo and the other with £Money Junction logo. both have the same body of text which I shall copy here: 14 December 2017, Re: Money Junction limited/Curlywig Limited Your account New reference balance due [redacted] £1072.91 [redacted] £12 We give you notice that Money Junction Limited assigned to Merligen Investments Limited all of Money Junction Limited rights in to and under the above detailed account on 30 November 2017. As a result of this assignment the full amount outstanding on the accounts is now due to Merligen Investment Limited. Following the assignment of these accounts Merligen in vestments limited is the data controller of your information in respect of these accounts and has the same rights to give information to credit referencing agencies about the personal debt that you owe in respet of these accounts, for example if you have fallen behind with your payments. Your accounts are now being managed by Moriarty Law Limited and all communications and payments should now be directed through Moriarty Law Limited. Please ensure that you or your 3rd party representative who is advising you, contacts Moriarty Law Limited following receipt of this letter. They can review your circumstances and agree an affordable repayment amount. The process can be dealt with quickly over the telephone. Please contact 02031264544 and their advisors will be pleased to assist you further. Yours failfully signed: Merligen investment ltd. The other page is actually the same body of text and signed at the bottom: MoneyJunction. Now, I do not recognise the amount owed or the companies involved. I have a personal debt with Barclays Bank which is running smoothly and I have never been behind the payments. All my bills are paid by direct debit and only store card I have is with NEXT and I am paying them back on time. I rang the the 0203 number and the office was closed left a message saying I received their letter but I don't recognize the content and left them my phone number, no one has called me back. There is another phone number for Money Junction at bottom of their letter and its out of action. The 'Curlywig' I searched for on the internet and it is a PPI company. The Merligen is an investment company but I don't exactly understand what the nature of their business is, are they debt collectors? Why haven't they been more specific and say what the debt is for because I do not recognize it. I never had a demand for payment from any of these companies. Yesterday as you can imagine I was first shocked then angry then sad. But I have decided to try to get to the root of this problem that has presented itself coming to Christmas! they know when to strike, don't they? sorry to go on but I thought someone here might be able to shed some light on this matter, maybe people had similar circumstances? I am planning to phone them tomorrow as its a Monday and then perhaps go to Citizen Advice. Thank you for reading my post
  2. Just a brief overview.. I received a PCN from ES Parking Enforcement about 10 days ago. I attempted to make the payment a couple of days ago now, both by calling the number provided and on their website. It is saying that the number I have entered isn't recognised. They don't seem to make it easy to contact them, as they provide no email address (just an online form, which stated for business correspondence only. . and directs you elsewhere if you want to dispute the ticket - IAS? - but I don't want to appeal it I want the correct reference number!) I don't know how to go forward with this. I have no 'proof' I have attempted payment, so if it did go further it would be my word against theirs. I was thinking of writing a letter requesting the correct PCN reference number from them, but how much information should I include on this letter? Should I put my car registration number and date and time of issue, or just the original number they've issued me and let them deal with it. I know that sounds awkward, but they don't seem to make it easy for you, and the more I have read about them the more anxious I am getting about their response, as I don't imagine they'll still 'honour' the £60 'discounted' charge as by the time I've written to them and received a response it'll be outside the 14 days. Do I have a right to refuse to pay the 'full' amount of £100 based on the fact they have (presumably) written the wrong number on the ticket? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  3. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/military-courage-recognised-in-operational-honours-list--2
  4. I am considering setting up an E-petition when its back after the elections calling upon the government to recognise Ergophobia or fear of working as a recognised medical condition. I am interested to know of any experiences from people who may have this condition or know someone who has and gauge peoples perception of how they view people who suffer from this condition. Unfortunately the mental health community does not recognize work aversion / fear of work as an illness or disease and therefore no medically recognized treatments exist. Can you imagine the hell sufferers of this condition go through each day in order to survive, not only do they have to cope with limited finances, hounded by the DWP and stigmatised as work shy and lazy, there is no help available to them should they mention their illness to the wrong person and could find themselves in severe financial difficulties. The quicker this illness is recognised, the faster these people will get treatment.
  5. I have a Dell Inspiron 1750 and went to charge it just now using the charger that came with my laptop. It won't recognise the charger, therefore, won't charge. I've just put in another charger for the same laptop and it works. The first charger worked yesterday. Any ideas?
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