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  1. Hi, I've tried to have a good look through the website, which has always been a great help over the years (thank you so much!!) but I just need to clarify a few things before I end up doing something stupid. I had the old mortgage style student loans with the Student Loans Company back in 1993 and 1994, and deferred them over the years due to low income and poor mental health. I don't know if I'm remembering right but I think the last time I acknowledged the debt and tried to defer again was 2012 or 2013 (not a good year personally, don't remember much). Fast forward a few ye
  2. Hello. I had students loans for years 1996 - 1999 with the student loan company [sLC] and was deferring every year after graduation because I was not earning enough. Then Erudio took over the loans in 2014 and although they said that it would be the same as with the SLC they wanted more information from me that I was willing to give. I still completed their deferment forms but they were not accepted due to me not signing the actual form and leaving certain details out. I can't remember what it was I left off the form but I know it was something which was not included on the SLC fo
  3. I have just discovered this site and forums, and fear I have made a terrible hash of dealing with Erudio with regard to my own and my husband's old Student loans (My own: 1 from 1990 (unsigned by SLC) for £420 but due to 9.8% interest (!!!!) now over £800 and really should have been written off had Erudio not been involved; and my husband's: 4 from 1993, 1994, 1995 and 1996 respectively and over £5,000). We had been happily deferring re-payment of these loans over the years until Erudio took over. The first inkling that we had that they had been sold to a bunch of debt collector
  4. Hello all, I've tried to read as many posts as possible but cant pin down the best course of action for my exact circumstances, I have several mortgage style student loans from 94-98 period that were sold to Honours (HSL/Link outsourcing) back in 1998 but SLC still do the deferment processing. I have always got my deferment forms in on time and have never earned anywhere near the threshold so was looking forward to getting the rolled up "package" of loans cancelled in 2023. But this year SLC never posted the deferment form and like a fool I didnt get around to chasing t
  5. Student loan from 1992- 1994. 1) For years I had been sending them deferment letters and proof of income. Then it all stopped. Next letter was from a Debt agency. I replied mentioning ( and as far as I know it still holds good) that as I was considered a mature student at commencement of loan , I was now over the upper limit and loan should have been cancelled. That was over ( certainly more than six years ago, possibly 10) . 2) Next came letters from Erudio and later Capquest. I've not replied as I consider loan is over time limit and any action statute barred,
  6. Why take any dispute to the Ombudsman , is it worth the trouble? For the 3 time of trying to post this reply but worth reading:- Rights of Entry (Gas and Electricity Boards) Act 1954, The Gas Safety (Rights of Entry) Regulations 1996 In a genuine dispute there are no rights of entry(i.e magistrates warrant issued), however I would also caution health and safety matters if its a gas leak. if electricity meter dispute The Electricity Act 1989, The Utilities Act 2000 Note schedule 7 of 1989 act and schedule 5 of 2000 Act, an electric meter cannot
  7. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/assessment_of_deferment_applicat#incoming-562041 dx def process.pdf orig def form.pdf ref sheet.pdf
  8. I'll keep it short but include all necessary details. I started a foundation degree with the Manchester College in September 2011. I was on the course for 6/7 months and then I dropped out. I never informed Student Finance and I just informed my college that I was dropping out. I am not sure if my college then in turn informed Student Finance or not but I never received any further payments after I dropped out (I know that much). I am not going to lie and say I know all the figures of what I borrowed or how much I was actually paid. upon checking the student loan re
  9. Hi I am just looking for some definitive answers regarding eligibility for SSG as I am being given conflicting info I am not one of the 2016 cohort so the old rules apply - I started my course in 2014 In march i was told that provided that i could demonstrate Housing benefit 3 weeks into my course this would qualify me for the SSG however SFE are now saying that this is not sufficient and I need to fulfil another criteria. They are claiming that the documents I provided are out of date although I supplied the link below dated Sept 2016. However a page on my SFE page says HB is a
  10. Hi All My daughter had to leave uni just before the end of her first year (this was about 4-5 years ago) , since then, the SLC have harrassed her for an "overpayment " of her maintenance grant. I have consistently told them that she is on benefits and has NO spare money each week. Firstly they sold it on to Drydens and now Advantis. One day, when she is well and working , she will be able to pay this, but , she is still on ESA, receiving help, she is steadily getting better but still isnt ready to return to work and even if she was, there is no way
  11. Hi all, I've been reading through a quite a few threads on the site (there are quite a lot now!) for the last couple of weeks and they've really helped me understand whats going on. Not everytihng in the others threads is entirely relavent to me. I've tried compiling a few bits of advice but I'm worried I'm still missing some info. (In fact it would be really cool if somebody could compile all the links and main points on Erudio) Some basic background on me. I'm currently living and working in France. My first loans was in 1997 (mortgage style loans) I
  12. I have just received the following email from the SLC and was wondering if I should respond ? I left the UK in 2009 and my final default dropped off my credit report in Dec 2015. I really dont want the SLC ruining my credit status for another 6 years. I left university in Jan 2009 and have had no contact from the SLC until this email. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Please respond within 72 hours of receipt of this email. Dear xxxxxxxxxx We have been attempting to contact you. Please contact us to confirm your current contact details and empl
  13. Today Saturday 4th December Link Financial Just Called To ask about the balance on my 98' loan. The Loan was definately applied for after July 98'. I must have applied for it when I got into second year. They Say I owe £2500. I have heard nothing from SLC since 2004 at least. The lady at link said that there was a £4.90 payment made within the last 6 years when I said that I will status Bar the account. I have never made such payment. Have i made a mistake by even talking to them?? She confirmed my parents address where I have been looking after my late b
  14. I've been able to defer repaying my student loan from the 1990s as I earn way below the cut-off point for repayment, largely due to chronic illness. However, this year, although I submitted my income evidence straight away, I was asked to submit more evidence as SLC claimed they could not establish my income (even though it was very clearly stated in the documents, as in previous years). I then sent off more financial information straight away which confirmed my income. Nearly a month later no one at SLC is able to confirm whether the information has been received or
  15. I have not earned enough to pay back my student loan for the last ten years. I now find I am slightly above the threshold, if indeed it is a monthly threshold. Over the course of the last year I have earned less than the yearly threshold. Over the course of the last three months I have earned less than the threshold (divided by 4). However, the fact remains that my monthly salary is currently above the threshold and has been for the last two months. How is the threshold calculated? Is it on the previous years earnings divide by 12? On this month
  16. Just Released Do the "www dot" - gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/499432/BIS-16-8-student-loan-repayment-for-sustainable-higher-education-strategy-February-2016.pdf if I cant post this i think an admin should upload for further information to group
  17. Does anyone know from a legal or banking perspective the date I have made payment if I use a debit card over the phone? Is it the date I give the card details or Is it the date the payment shows on my statement? The organisation I am dealing with is not authorised to go in my credit file due to the terms of the loan agreement unless I go into arrears. They are doing their best to make that happen. Am I in arrears if the payment is still 'pending' on the day it is due even if I phoned the day before? Thanks
  18. I've lived in Latin America since I finished university in 2010. Yesterday I was given a letter which had been sent from the UK almost a year ago (dated August 21st 2014) saying my account is in arrears by over 1300 pounds. God knows what that has escalated to by now. A few weeks ago, someone called at my dad's house in the UK looking for me - I'm guessing that that is whatever debt collection agency they've sent after me. 1300 GBP is is pretty close to what I earn in a year in this part of the world (basically a volunteer worker) and I've never earned anywhere near their threshold f
  19. Hello all, Thanks in advance for having a look at my post. I've been abroad since finishing university in 2004, while my loan was taken out in 1999 making it a new style loan. No contact was made by either side (i did not tell them I was moving abroad nor gave any info about my work life) until march this year when my old UK address received a letter asking for income info. I sent a reply stating I am abroad and working and an SAR to boot. 2 months later no reply. I am about to sent the "no reply to SAR within 40 days" letter but I'm worried about f
  20. Has anyone on this forum received letters from SLC Solicitors based in Shrewsbury threating that they will commence legal proceeding for non payment of ground rent charges? I have had a property for about 10 years, In the past the ground rent company sent me letters which I responded to and paid, but I just realised that I had not received any demand for ground rent for the last 2 years; I recently got a letter from SLC solicitors stating that I owed some ground rent + admin charges; they sent my mortgage company a demand letter asking for additional £300.00 more money than was w
  21. Hi all, For those that haven't been following this, I'll briefly try to explain situation: I have pre 1998 student loans. I deferred for a year or two but then got ill (mental health) and even though I wasn't earning enough/anything at all I stopped deferring these loans. For a while I got letters, but due to my illness I ignored them and even stopped opening post for a while. I haven't heard anything about this for years and years. I have never earned over the threshold to pay back Student Loans.I am recovering but am not totally better and this whole thing is really not helping.
  22. I took out loans in 1998, 1999 & 2000 when I did my undergraduate degree. I have since been paying student loan repayments of various amounts over the years. Due to the fact that I took maximum loan amounts, I just continued paying without monitoring as I felt that this would take me a long time to pay off at the rate I was when I was first employed. (I think some of my early payments were as low as £15 p/m.) More recently I've been increasing in salary to the point of which I now pay about £200-300 p/m. So I started thinking about how long I might have left to pay this loan that takes a f
  23. I also have this letter from SLC about them being non compliant and giving me reduction, but it doesn't say that Eruido or anyone else is taking over. There's no mention of it being sold. I have not been informed of this. Then I got the Erudio deferment pack. A few years ago the SLC refused me my legal rights to deferment and refused over the phone to send me a deferment form, saying that I could only defer for so long and that time had come to an end and now I had to start paying it back. I argued that i wasn't earning the threshold and was told that didn'
  24. Hi all, I have been in Canada for 8 years now and have no contected the slc for six years but to day i had a letter from my old address saying that they sold the loan to erudio can they come after me in Canada or send a bailiffs to my house. firefox
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