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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, I purhased a Canon DSLR in April 2012 ago on credit card (which I no longer hold) from Jessops. It has just developed a fault whereby the mode dial does not select the correct shooting mode. Am I covered under the sale of goods act/consumer rights act as it now is? To complicate things, I think Jessops went into administration in 2015, then started trading again? More importantly, I am currently travelling in Central America and Australia for the next 18 months, so need to get this fixed locally (currently Panama City). I have checked my travel insurance policy and it does not cover electrical or mechanical breakdown, so I don't think I am covered by that. Any advice on how to procede would be much appreciated. Kind regards.
  2. I am writing on behalf of a friend of mine. He has bought a car about 6 months ago, he is very happy with the drive. He booked it in for a service and the dealer pointed out the right hand indicator was flashing red the car is due an mot next month so he booked it in for a replacement. He recived a call from the dealer who sent him pictures of when they removed the bumper substantial damage was found, it seems the car had been in an accident and repairs were made and what was hidden by the bumper is in a pretty bad shape. He spoke to the finance company who said it is nothing to do with them, I think it is and would be grateful if someone could confirm. He has emailed the original dealer he bought the car from copying in the finance company and he is waiting to hear. Who is actually responsible for this and what steps should he take? Thanks
  3. Bit of an odd one. The wife had a letter today from Barclays: The loan they are referring to is a loan she took out 8 years ago to pay for a new car (in fact the car salesman helpfully arrange the finance package, earning himself a nice fat kickback in the process, but the provide was Barclays). This was before I met her (the good old days), and when we got together I encouraged her to use her savings to get it paid off early, rather than continue to pay high interest rates. So I'm wondering why Barclays are now contacting her offering her money (albeit only a fiver). I'm sure it's not out of the goodness of their hearts. Has there been some recent scandal (like with the misselling of PPI) and they are being forced by a regulator to issue refunds?
  4. Hi all, hope you can help as this is a bit outside of my knowledge area. A few weeks ago my cousin discovered a ccj registered against him at his previous address while he was living there. He says he never received any court documents at all and has no idea who the debt is from. I've advised him to contact the court to find out, and he says he's emailed them, but he's called me today in a panic that bailiffs might come to his house. I don't actually know what action happens with ccj's, or what he can do to deal with the CCJ - can he still make an arrangement to pay? Is there any way he can still challenge it? He's most worried about a bailiff coming to take his car and new computer - I kindly offered to look after them for them, we have a nice empty driveway but he declined Any advice you could offer would be great. Lyn
  5. I've lived in Latin America since I finished university in 2010. Yesterday I was given a letter which had been sent from the UK almost a year ago (dated August 21st 2014) saying my account is in arrears by over 1300 pounds. God knows what that has escalated to by now. A few weeks ago, someone called at my dad's house in the UK looking for me - I'm guessing that that is whatever debt collection agency they've sent after me. 1300 GBP is is pretty close to what I earn in a year in this part of the world (basically a volunteer worker) and I've never earned anywhere near their threshold for paying them back. I think this demand for money has been triggered because there was no contact between me and them throughout 2014 (googling this seems to show that you're supposed to submit forms every 12 months, not that they ever told me that). Obviously I cannot pay them back anything as I simply don't have it, and will not have it for the forseeable future. I've emailed them a response asking them to phone me, but until then I'd appreciate it if anyone could shine some light on what I should be expecting here. Basically, what do I do? And what about if it has gone to debt collectors, which I suspect it has?
  6. Have had some massive financial problems in the past but thought they were behind me. Just looked at my Noddle report and there is a CCJ for £567 dated January this year against an old address. Apparently for a credit card defaulted in 2009. At the time I wrote to all creditors offering small monthly payments and several of them accepted and are still getting these payments every month. If this is for a credit card I had, I have no recollection of it. This is the only black mark currently on my credit report, but I can't afford to pay it. What should I do? I did try searching the forum but couldn't find anything the same so I am sorry if this question has been answered before. I am a woman approaching retirement age, living with my partner in a small privately rented flat. I earn a minimum wage from a part-time cleaning job and do not receive any benefits. I own nothing of any value.
  7. I have finally convinced my husband to check his credit report. He always claimed this is a waste of money as he doesn't have too much movement in there anyway. But part of my campaign of "becoming responsible adults" I have managed to persuade him to have a look yesterday. All good and jolly, only that. ..there was a default note from an online store/catalogue company none of us have ever heard of. Literally, had no idea they existed. The entry is dated early 2012. Apparently the account was opened in 2012 at an address we have relocated from in early 2011. It is for the amount of £150. He has spent today his hour lunch break and more on the phone and online trying to dig out and find out what happened. Apparently someone bought a ring and a golden necklace. this is the email we have put together for the fraud department of this company. "Following my email below (sent to you this afternoon), please find attached copies of letters from the xxx council confirming registration for the electoral roll (dated January 2012), confirmation of voter's registration from the same council (dated January 2012), Assured Short hold Tenancy Agreement (in my wife's name) for the same address, bank statements from xxx bank (dated February-March 2012 and April-May 2012). Should this evidence not suffice or should you need further info, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or on xxx number. All these documents prove irrefutably that I was no longer residing at xxx at the time the account was opened. I also want to make it clear that I am not now or ever have been a customer of STORE at any address and at no time have I given permission to anyone to open such an account in my name. As you can appreciate this default entry made by your company on my credit file has had a very detrimental impact on my credit score - no wonder I had issues while applying for a new mobile phone contract! - and I urge you to remove this entry from my credit report as soon as possible. I will also request that you please provide me with a letter to confirm deletion of this entry and I require a complete investigation into this as a matter of urgency and expect a reply from you at your earliest convenience. Kind regards," Is this ok, would you add anything else/do this differently? Would this be enough to have it removed from the credit report? Thank you for any help!
  8. Hi all, I bought a used Ford Ghia in 17 Sep'13 for £1000. At the time of sale there was a squeaking sound in the car when you drive or brake which dealer said it will go in time as it is because the car was in standing position from some time. thought its ok and bought the car and payed the amount by direct debit. Later that week I noticed there is a rubber/ plastic burning smell in and outside the car when you drive. I informed the dealer about it and he said it will also go in some time. I used that car for 2 weeks but still the squeaking sound and the smell didn't stopp but got worse I called the dealer again and asked him to check and he asked me to bring the car to his garage and asked to call him before coming. after that weekend I tried his ph. no. few times but he never answered on 19/10/13( Saturday) I took the car to dealer directly and asked him to see for himself he asked me to tell the problem to his garage people so they can look the car which I did and left the car and keys with the dealer. When I am coming out of his premises I seen him taking out the car on road at speed, at that time I thought he might be checking for the problem so ignored it. later that day in evening I got call from him saying that there is a problem with brake disk ( its damaged) which he can't fix and I have to do it myself but he can repair the smell problem which I explained him as it was there at the time of sale and you know that so you have to repair which he refused I asked him to do not do any repair as I want to proceed legally and I'll collect the car next day (Sunday) as we agreed when I given him the car for repair previous day and he excepted. Next day when I arrived at his shop at the time we agreed there was no one there and the office was locked, t hen I tried his mobile but the never answered. As I had work that day so I left for my office and while I was driving out I seen my car standing outside on a private parking outside dealers premises. When later evening I tried his mobile one lady answered the phone and she said he is out of town when I can hear the dealer dictating her what to say she said the car is with the garage and can collect from them. I told her I never given that car to garage but to you and |I asked him not to do any repair. I informed her that I will be coming to their shop to collect my car next day which she agreed. Monday evening when I called the dealer in evening to collect the car he again started talking dodgy asked me to collect the car from garage which I refused and he disconnected the phone, I informed police and got log reference from them. Later that night after dropping my wife to work for her night shift I decided to check where my car is parked at that time so when I got to his place my car was still standing in private car park s I decided to take few pictures of it for future reference. While I was taking pics I noticed there is a big dent in front passenger side door and scratches on the mirror frame as well which was shocking for me. Immediately after getting home I informed to police and updated my log reference. Now he refuses and says he didn't caused the damage and the car is still with him till now.:mad2::mad2: Guys can you please advice me what to do next as it really difficult for me to survive without two cars as we got a 20 month old baby and it is really uncomfortable in this weather t o take him with me when I go to drop my wife for night shifts and pick her up early morning and then go for my work everyday. Please advice me.:-):-)
  9. Believe it or not I have only just realised that I have commited benefit fraud a number of times over the previous 6 or 7 years and although there has been no evidence of an investigation (have not received correspondance) I would still like to return the money I owe in case there is an investigation. This will likely be a long story so apologies in advance. I was signed off work legitimately with a "forever doctor note?" based on what I presume was a psychiatrist confirmation about 10 years ago. I think the official condition was drug induced psychosis where I suffered anxiety attacks, panic attacks, paranoia, depression brought on by the use of drugs. Aged 20 I quit all drugs (aside from a small number of relapses) and although I've been informed that this condition will stay with me for the rest of my life (in the form of less frequent "episodes") things have been getting gradually more bearable over the past decade. The reason I think things have been getting better, and ironically enough also the reason for the overpayments, are because on occasions I have travelled abroad. At no point since I've been on whatever benefits I've been on was I aware that I couldn't go abroad. I have never worked since being signed off sick or commited any other offence it is just the going abroad that I have been overpayed for. I have finally found what I want to do in life which is to become an Actuary. Over the past few years I have studied and passed various exams to work my way toward doing an Actuarial Science degree as soon as possible. It has been extremely difficult because I couldn't afford to attend any official teaching institutions meaning I have had to teach myself. I have successfully completed a full maths a-level as well as the first of a number of official actuarial exams. However...good qualifications aren't enough...to become an Actuary your integrity needs to be beyond reproach. No criminal record or anything and I am absolutely terrified now that everything I have worked so hard for over the past few years and all the dreams I've had of maybe, finally becoming a contributing member to society could be stripped away from me because of a stupid mistake. Whether or not there has been an investigation means nothing to me now because I MUST pay back this money and admit what I've done. I have done some research online and will willingly admit my guilt even though it wasn't intentional and pay back the money with any excess fees as long as I don't get prosecuted because a criminal record destroys my life. I don't know much about the benefits I have been on or am currently on because they're always changing the names and I've never paid much attention to my benefit issues but I can give a pretty good estimate of how much overpayment there has been and guess around £10,500. I've never travelled on a work visa, nor have I worked "under the table" it has only been either visa exempt or visitor visa status for all cases. I have covered any additional monetary issues over the years with online poker and currently have about £2,000 in my bankroll which I will immediately pay to them but other than that I have literally nothing. My bank records will prove the poker as an income and that I haven't used benefit money to fund a gambling habit, it is also my only bank/savings account which will prove no other income or assets. I have already spoken to a friend about potentially starting work as a dishwasher when I return and can start to pay off the money with that and obviously I will immediately stop my benefits once employment is gained. I have no idea now what to do now. Who do I contact? Who do I speak to? Are they going to accept this? Am I going to court or even worse prison if I admit this? I'm in a bit of a state at the moment and any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Hi, I'm new on here and have tried to find the answers to my question but cannot find anything similar, so I'm hoping someone can advise. I have just discovered I have been paying PPI insurance to Barclays since 1998. I have been advised I should contact the PPI dept in Barclays to say I've been mis-sold and to make a claim for a refund. However...I was made redundant last year Sept 11 - Jan 12 and had to use my redundancy pay to make my loan / credit card payments until I found a job. If I had PPI all along can I make a claim for these payments rather than say I want to claim as mis-sold? The loan/credit card payments I presume will amount to more than the PPI itself. If I can claim PPI because of redundancy, would it matter that Barclays was not my main banking facility for the loan and credit card payments? I hope someone can help on this? Many thanks Loz
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