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  1. No ericsbrother nothing paid since 2007 and as for statements we lived in a caravan for several years (when the debts got too much) and had no fixed address.
  2. Yes - started getting letters chasing with very little detail just an amount and HSBC reference - so I didn't know what it was for.
  3. OK Thanks everyone - I'll just leave it and see what happens
  4. So how do I proceed? I don't feel inclined to contact 1st Direct as they haven't contacted me. What Robinson Way are chasing is an account that was closed with a zero balance over 9 years ago - but I would like the letters to stop.
  5. Last payment shown is 24JUL07 £300.00 apart from for some reason a £1 payment on 26NOV07 As I said there is showing a transfer of the account then a zero balance and account closed at the end of December 2007, but no indication of any other account number or where it was transferred to - is this what you are describing do you think? Thinking back the £1 payment may have been from when we first consulted CCCS and were advised to send an explanatory letter and a token payment to all our creditors.
  6. So they said - I didn't know it was an overdraft - thought it was a personal loan or credit card - so what should I do next.
  7. They have sent copies of monthly statements from First Direct (I think - no header details just printed copies) together with a letter that says: "Further to your recent CCA request for the above account, please be advised that as this is an overdraft account, there is no legal requirement for you to sign an agreement to open this type of account. The account is therefore exempt from part V of the Consumer Credit Act and you will not be provided with an agreement. We have therefore returned your £1.00 fee, which you will receive under separate cover, and have enclosed for you a copy of your statements. Please contact us with your proposals for the payment of this account within the next 30 days. If we do not receive a response from you within this time collections activity will resume on the account." They also enclosed a financial statement form.
  8. Sent a CCA request to Robinson Way on 31/10/2016 for an account that they say is due to HPH2 Ltd (Ex HSBC) First Direct? for £6,504.91 - reply received today 20/1/2017 They have sent copy statements for this account starting July 2005. The last page shows "28DEC07 CR ACCOUNT TRANSFER £6504.91 Balance 0.00" without saying anything about where this account was transferred to - the next entry is ACCOUNT CLOSED 31 Dec 2007. The letter from Robinson Way states they want payment proposals within 30 days or they will "resume collection activity" What should be my next steps please?
  9. Wonder if trustonline will have more information than Noddle? All I know is that it was taken out by this Arrow Global, I don't know who the original creditor was or what it's for or which court dealt with it. After the bank holiday I will try calling my local court and see if they can tell me anything based on the reference number.
  10. Re the charges and the PPI - I don't know and I don't know how to find out at this late date. I have been content to let sleeping dogs lie and not remind them of our existence although we haven't been in hiding - picking up mail from our last long-term address and we are on the electoral roll. Noddle has a record of all our addresses including a forwarding address from when we were on the move. Ford - how do I find out?
  11. Thanks anyway - we did look into everything via Stepchange (then CCCS) in 2008 but they couldn't help at all.
  12. I haven't received any paperwork as the CCJ was registered against an old address. On Noddle it just says County Court Business Centre. There is a reference number so can I find out which court it was with from that? Our total debts come to way more than £15,000 and we can't afford to pay any more than we do now really.
  13. Thank-you for responding. I have moved around a lot since 2009 including a period of living in a touring caravan. The creditors that are getting paid know my current address, but I don't even know who this debt is with. I still have copies of some of the original letters I sent in 2008 making offers of token payments. All the things we are paying are to DCAs, not the original banks/credit cards that the loans were with. I have no idea if they are legally entitled - some of the debts are mine and some are my partners. How do I question the entry on my file? EDIT Currently paying around £25 a month over 4 dds to MKDLLP, Lowell, Robinsons Way,
  14. Have had some massive financial problems in the past but thought they were behind me. Just looked at my Noddle report and there is a CCJ for £567 dated January this year against an old address. Apparently for a credit card defaulted in 2009. At the time I wrote to all creditors offering small monthly payments and several of them accepted and are still getting these payments every month. If this is for a credit card I had, I have no recollection of it. This is the only black mark currently on my credit report, but I can't afford to pay it. What should I do? I did try searching the forum but couldn't find anything the same so I am sorry if this question has been answered before. I am a woman approaching retirement age, living with my partner in a small privately rented flat. I earn a minimum wage from a part-time cleaning job and do not receive any benefits. I own nothing of any value.
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