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Found 6 results

  1. Hi all, I purhased a Canon DSLR in April 2012 ago on credit card (which I no longer hold) from Jessops. It has just developed a fault whereby the mode dial does not select the correct shooting mode. Am I covered under the sale of goods act/consumer rights act as it now is? To complicate things, I think Jessops went into administration in 2015, then started trading again? More importantly, I am currently travelling in Central America and Australia for the next 18 months, so need to get this fixed locally (currently Panama City). I have checked my travel insurance policy and it does not cover electrical or mechanical breakdown, so I don't think I am covered by that. Any advice on how to procede would be much appreciated. Kind regards.
  2. On 9 January I took my Fuji bridge camera into a Jessops store to ask about a repair. I paid £25 to get an estimate and my camera was sent to the company which does the repairs on Jessop's behalf. I was told it could take 6-8 weeks for the repair to be done and my camera returned and that if I went ahead with the repair then the £25 would be taken off the total cost but if I decided not to go ahead then I wouldn't get my £25 back. After not hearing anything for about 3 weeks I went into the store to ask and they said that the repairers were still waiting for a price for parts. I eventually got a quote on a letter dated 12 February and the estimate was for £101.40 (including VAT) and that the quote was valid for 4 weeks. The day after I received the letter I returned to the local store and confirmed that I wished to go ahead with the repair and an assistant logged this onto a PC/Till and told me that I would get notification when my camera was ready to be collected. Yesterday, after having patiently waited 8 weeks and not hearing anything, I went back into the store to find out what was happening, a sales assistant looked into it and came back and told me that as I hadn't given confirmation for the repair to go ahead the estimate was now over £180. I told him that I had confirmed it and that I had watched an assistant input this into the till and that the estimate had been just over £100, he checked again and confirmed that I had done this and that there must be a mix up with the repairers who were now asking for the higher price. He said that he would contact the repairers and do all he could to get the repair done at the original lower price. Where do I stand with this? It seems to me that Jessops have cocked up somewhere and are now expecting me to pay for this mistake. The camera is about 2 and a half years old and £180 is about the top end of what it would now be worth but I really don't see why I should have to pay the higher price when I had already given consent for the repair with the original estimate. Added to this is the fact that the letter states that the original estimate is valid for 4 weeks and those 4 weeks aren't up until tomorrow. Can anyone help/advise me please?
  3. Be aware Jesspos are likely to go into Administration possibly today, if you have any vouchers or any insurance vouchers etc etc get yourself down there today
  4. Oops, posted this in the wrong forum before but Be aware Jesspos are likely to go into Administration possibly today, if you have any vouchers or any insurance vouchers etc etc get yourself down there today
  5. Hi, I bought a Digital SLR earlier in the year which included a kit lens. After a couple of months I noticed some slight problems with the lens: There was some slight play in the lens, and when adjusting the zoom, it made a slight "grinding" noise and the field of view appeared to move slightly. Although I didn't notices this straight away, the lens was not dropped or mis-treated in any way. When I took it back to the store from where it was purchased, the assistant agreed with me and sent it back to Canon for testing. Canon have now returned it and said that they cannot find any fault with the lens. I have tried using it again to see if perhaps cleaning and/or reassembly had resolved the problems, but it is the same as before. Although I am not happy with the lens, I am not sure whether these are just features of that model, or faults, and if so, whether to take it up with the retailer or the manufacturer. Any advice would be most welcome! Thanks.
  6. Bought a Nikon D5000 with 18-55 and 55-200mm VR Twin Lens Kit from Jessops in Edinburgh today. Very pleased with it at £499 a pretty good deal. Got home and opened it up, all seemed wrapped up and packaged as you'd expect with a new camera. Unwrapped the body and discovered theres an SD memory card in the slot - hmmm theres not supposed to be a memory card included in the kit. take the memory card out and it has label on it with "passport camera" handwritten on it. Put the battery in to check if there's anything on it - there are 12 shots, some of the inside of the store and some of the street outside as viewed from inside the store. A bit put out by this. The Edinburgh Jessops store has a passport photo service. Have I been given the camera they've been using to take peoples passport pictures, packed up and re-wrapped as though new. Or have they perhaps just used this SD card to "test" the camera and forgotten to take it out? Either way clearly the camera has been out of its packaging and in someone else's hands and used before they sold it to me. Going to be a trip back to the store tomorrow - was hoping for a straight forward purchase as well - alas not to be.
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