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  1. Hi You don't need to tell Samsung anything about dropping the phone. Just tell them about the charge issue and say the crack happened due to the bang. Regards
  2. Good evening fellow caggers, Finally, I have prepared a dummy copy of the witness statement. I know it is a bit long and lots of grammar mistakes. Can someone please read and advise what need to be corrected or if this is not good at all. The judge allocated 2 hours for hearing. Kind regards V RReply to defence from Currys CAG copy.doc
  3. Hi Cags.... Sorry for the delay in updating this thread... Had really busy few months due to the newly added member in the family (my Daughter) and workload. Now the time to submit my documents in court by 16/05/19 and hearing date is 13/06/19. Can anyone please advise what should be the title of my documents replying for Currys defence and how I should I end. I will upload once I have completed my documents for you all to read and advise any amendments. Kind regards Vicky R
  4. Hi @Andyorch, Thanks for the advise, will take your advise and definitely say YES for Mediation. It was @Bankfodder who advised @icemen to reject mediation. I can understand all cases are different and that may be the reason. Regards Vicky R
  5. Thanks again @Andyorch, Then it is YES for Mediation Service but I was thinking this will be always NO as advised in @icemen's case. Regards Vicky R
  6. Hi @Andyorch, Thank you for the quick reply. So to clarify few things: 1) I say yes to Mediation Service - In the covering letter with DQ form somewhere in 2nd line it says they think this is a good case for Small claim court. (Will it go against me if I select NO?) 2) Will send an update Authorisation letter with the DQ form to both court and defendant. 3) Don't send my argument with this and take it to court straight (or do I need to send this once my case is allocated to my local court?) Regards Vicky R
  7. Hi all, I have now received my DQ forms and the last submission date is 19/11/2018. I definitely don't want Mediation service so that is a NO. Now do I need to discuss this with Currys before I post DQ back to court or can just send a copy of the filled form. Secondly, can I send a new Authorisation letter from my wife and my reply to Currys defence with this DQ form or do I need to send it when a court is allocated. Regards Vicky R
  8. Hi @Andyorch, Sorry I missed that one and now amended, please approve and do advise what you think. I'll try to prepare my reply this weekend and upload once completed for you all to check and correct where needed. I'll use the same as you advised @iceman. All, please do advise what do you think after reading DSG's defence. Regards Vicky R Currys Defence amended.pdf
  9. Hi friends, Can you please read the defence I received from Currys today and advise. Regards Vicky R Currys Defence amended.pdf
  10. Good morning @Andyorch Thank you for the clarification. They can hide where ever they want I'm now not bothered about the time and more money if I need to put in this case, this more about my principals and some what EGO. They just can't do what ever they want and get away with it. To be honest I want them to delay this as much as they can then in few month the replacement TV I wanted will be out of shelf and then the newer model will be expensive and then they have to provide me the newer model which bring them more loss as in my claim I clearly asked them to exchange the TV not a refund of the price difference. I'm also ok to go and pay for as much hearings required. Will update once I received their defence. Regards Vicky R
  11. Hi All, Can you please advise what is the meaning of lines highlighted in the attached. Thanks in advance. Regards Vicky R
  12. Hi @Andyorch , dx100uk & @king12345 Thank you for your replies and tidying up this thread. I think I will wait till 03/11 to see if submit their defence and then request judgement. In future if they argue regarding me dealing this case for my wife then I will again counter claim that then why they allowed me to sign the agreement documents for my wife (I signed her name on new care plan agreement for replacement TV which will be in CCTV footage as she was not there with me at that time) when we bought this TV in the store. That will then go against them as they allowed/ asked me to do so. Regards Vicky R
  13. Thanks again @Andyorch for clarifying this. Just to make it bit clear, there is a button in MCOL's website below the claim says 'Request judgement' so if I click that then nothing will happen? Regards
  14. Thank you @Andyorch for the info. Can you please advise what can be done to continue this claim online without using Form N225? Regards Vicky R
  15. Thank you @dx100uk for clarifying. Than the date on claim form will be 02/10/18 I guess as I submitted claim on 01/10/18 and received an email of claim acceptance on 02/10/18 and this makes earliest date to request judgment is 03/11/18, please correct me if I'm wrong. I'll really appreciate if you can check my attachment and advise how strong is my case if it go in front of a judge. Thanks in advance. Regards Vicky R
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