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  1. It sounds as if the money was available, but you left it in the executor's account until you were ready to buy your house - sorry but this means you did commit fraud as you did not declare the money available to you from the time it was in the executor's account.
  2. I never had any instructions from my nursing home manager not to call an ambulance if needed, and I worked in a couple of places - but then again, I wouldn't have paid any attention anyway. Pretty worrying if the residential side had those types of instructions.
  3. White vinegar - lots of cleaning uses, particularly for cleaning the fridge, or a couple of capfuls on a boil wash in the washing machine. Buy bulk spices, coconut oil, bulk rice, various other bulk foods from indian food shops - much cheaper. cheap hairspray to deal with flying insects - spray them, they stop flying then hit them with a slipper.
  4. Obvious incorrect advice posts should surely be challenged - in my knowledge area I'm happy to correct or even be corrected if I'm not up to date on something. Regarding political debate - I enjoy debate BUT there are people who post who have no idea how to debate, they just want to ram their views home and will belittle other posters, engage in personal attacks along the way. They don't explain or back up their points. I'm curious and interested in how people who have views different to mine come to hold those views and what sources they use etc. But this is not how debate happens on the forum.
  5. I have no issues with cameras in public spaces just in bedrooms. No, I wasn't a care home manager, I was the nurse night manager responsible for staff and care on night shift. I like the idea of 'not for profit', but as many homes are private, it would decrease the incentive to own or build homes and I can't see the current government picking up the slack. To improve care a combination of better staffing levels, better training, better shift management and care policies and better wages. No sadly compassion can't be trained, but I think having care staff involved in decision making, understanding why things are done are certain way and learning the history of their clients, meeting family members etc. all does help.
  6. Is it possible the banks make a profit from the money being in neither the pyer or payee's accounts for several days?
  7. So true. The money disappears from the account of the person paying the cheque, but doesn't get to the payee's account for days. Since transfers aren't physical any more, and funds don't need to be ring fenced anymore, why such an antiquated 'system'? I get peeved by the amount of time allowed for debit card payments to be presented by the business to the bank - I've been caught out a couple of times by ring fenced money in my account then being released back to my account (without my realising it) only to then have money go out days, weeks, or one time several months later. It's the digital age - banks really need to keep up!
  8. I don't think this charge will make much difference. A small number of people who like to moneysave will ensure they bring their own bags, but many will just pay. I'd rather there was just no plastic bags provided at all. Have fabric bags for sale at the till at whatever they cost. People would soon be bringing their own bags.
  9. Agree, and also from what you've said, eskimoman, it almost sounds like you're punishing her for her behaviour as well - she's playing up and you then want to confirm if she's really yours. I'd have been devastated as a kid. You're not just withdrawing money from the mum, you're withdrawing money, and probably by her perception, love too from Rebecca. You say she's no different from your real daughter, but evidently she is. This whole blood is thicker than water stuff is rubbish. My view from what you've written is that you don't want to support the girl any more, either financially or emotionally, and if that's the case why not just say so? If you don't feel you're lying to us about this, then you may well be lying to yourself about your motives. You can leave your money to who you like - blood means nothing. You can choose to financially support a child you love regardless of being a father. Think carefully before you make your next move, you could permanently destroy your relationship with Rebecca, and cause trauma to her at a difficult time in a girl's life. Poor kid must feel like you're rejecting her, or saying that she's only worth something if she has your blood - another way of saying that you don't value her for herself.
  10. Corbyn puts his views forward - I don't want trident, I won't press the button, and explains why. People who disagree say what they believe - I want Trident, it's important to be there with finger on the button when needed and why. The public listen and decide who they think makes the best points and whether they want someone who'll press the button, or someone who won't, and how important it is to them when stacked up against pros and cons of other candidates. That's what there is to discuss.
  11. Er, he states his opinion, others state theirs, public then decide who to support - what's difficult to understand about that?
  12. You could pay for a private consultation and report from your consultant and set specific parameters for the report. You could request through the GP to see a behavioural psychologist who would be able to give you very relevant information, and may also be able to assist with behaviour change. If you pay for a consultation and/or report there is no guarantee of a favourable report or outcome, even if you can afford a report in the first place.
  13. If you believe that the only point of a discussion is to convince people partaking in the discussion that they are wrong, then you have a very narrow view. Political debates often take place between people of set opinions, and the purpose is to allow the public, the viewers to decide which of the presented opinions they believe. Corbyn's 'discussion' doesn't have to be about whether his opinion can or can't be changed.
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