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Found 6 results

  1. Hi , bit of a general enquiry - not sure where it fits really. Our tree company has been broken into and the chainsaws stolen for the THIRD time ! ( In 6 months ) On the second instance - I brought in my own saw to help out as replacements are not easily found on Day1 of a theft . All the tools were locked in a steel bin and lo and behold after coming back from holiday I discovered we had been burgled again ! - My saw had also gone from the locked bin. Now asking the manager would he be replacing my saw , he said no - as he said they are not covered for personal kit . Have I been too kind or is he mugging me off ? Cheers, in anticipation Q
  2. I should imagine there are a few Gardeners about in the Bear Garden. Well a little story for you. A possible nightmare for me,though i will live through it,i think. Last summer i planted two groups of Lupins,both the same type.About a Metre apart,a small path same distance between them. I have been watching them like a Hawk waiting for their colorful display. Slowly the flower buds have formed,suppose i could call them flower stalks really as when they flower they are large. Well two days ago i came down at Dawn to have a little talk to them,as i do,to tell them how well they were doing and how i am looking forward to their flowers.And put a transistor radio on low to keep them happy.As you do. Classical of course,seems to sooth them.Sure they move in time to the music,but could be my imagination. The next day i came down and they had been invaded by giant Whitefly,can you believe such a thing. Quick Google and it seems this is a difficult one to deal with.Believe originally they arrived from America. As many things seem to.Some good,some bad,same as everything,and everywhere,good points and bad points. Well what a shock i had i tell you,i nearly fell over and had to be revived by many cups of Coffee and tender loving care. And a smell of smelling salts applied on a cloth.A little roughly by she who must be obeyed. I think for a moment wifey perhaps thought it was Chloroform.I wonder many things sometimes with the looks i get. When i was fit enough to look at things again,i noticed over the next two days the Lupins only a Metre away were showing no signs at all from Whitefly which you must admit is strange.Not one of the blighters. The only difference i can see is that i have Two Foxgloves at either side of the Lupins keeping guard. And one Lavender plant. Do you think the smell perhaps of the Foxgloves or Lavender emit could be keeping the Giant Whitefly at bay. Now i used Washing up liquid diluted a while ago but believe it can contain salt and is oily. Although perhaps it can kill the Whitefly,but am not sure of that,i do not want to block the pores of the plants. Stop them breathing .Can you imagine if that happened.Slowly suffocating as i look on,the thought fills me with horror. Now who has the answer to my problem. Thanks. Tawnyowl.
  3. I am not in favour of stopping any debates and to allow freedom of speech. But there have been a number of threads where debates have become silly arguments. The threads then get closed after they have run their course. People are entitled to opinions, even if you don't agree with them. If you don't agree, then just post a counter argument or ignore. No point attacking someone for their opinion, as you are not likely to change their minds. I am not sure political threads should be encouraged on CAG. It is principally a consumer advice site. The Bear Garden was i think intended for general chat about interests, current affairs. There are specific internet forums that cover politics.
  4. HI all. I know that serious topics are allowed to be discussed in this subforum, but I wondered if it might be an idea to have another subforum where the more serious issues can be discussed? The Bear Garden could be left as it is, with the more lighthearted and social stuff in mind, but everyone could exercise their own judgement about what to post and where to post it. I can fully appreciate that some people might not really like seeing the more serious threads (war, politics, oppression etc.), even if they don't actively read them and they don't break any site rules, when browsing the Bear Garden subforum. Just some thoughts.
  5. Hello guys... Been very unwell again but things seem to be settling down... How are you all?
  6. hello! teddies? polar? grizzly? or: http://www.royalcourtsofjustice-events.co.uk/bear-garden why is this section called bear garden?
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