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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Guys, I have received a few letters from Clarity which started with the usual we are trying to contact someone, which I ignored (why help them?) then came the "you owe us loads of money" letter, which I also ignored because I see why I should ring them or do anything initially. Then came the "we will send round the FieldCall people to discuss the fact that you owe us loads of money" letter. I was not too purturbed because a) I had been chased almost a year ago for almost the exact same amount by Lowell, who finally admitted they were wrong and appologised for writing to me (I had written a very polite "prove it" letter), and b) I recently came across these forums which are a revelation. I wrote a letter back basically saying, very nicely (I think) - prove it, and I don't want you sending anyone round to talk to me about it. Today I received the attached letter (suitably redacted), to which I want to reply in this way: Dear Clarity, If you don't know who I am, then stop accusing me of owing you money. Yours faithfully, etc. What do people think? I don't wish to fire flaming letters at them, because I feel that that sort of thing can later predudice things, if, for some reason it all turns sour. I am not worrying particularly, but would like to ensure that my response is measured and reasonable. Any advice?
  2. I'm currently working my way through old accounts and such like and closing down where applicable those I don't use but have not yet been classed as dormant. One of those accounts was a savings account with a well known retailer, almost 20 years I've had it, they periodically send me a statement, amount saved was under £40. I also had a cc with the same company, it went tits up around the same time as most other ones and it ended up in default, I wrote to them as I did all of my creditors, stated how it was and that I'd be making token payments and then came consumeractiongroup and I went from debtor with no hope to an alleged debtor that became empowered, I dealt with my alleged debts and helped others around me do the same..the cc debt mentioned here simply faded, I did for a time receive letters from dca's re the debt but I chose to ignore them as they ignored my plight in the first place. In any case, the cc debt mentioned has been stat barred for some time, maybe 6 years of stat barred, I know the debt doesn't vanish, so it's out there somewhere. My point (ok it took awhile) when I was closing the aforementioned savings account down they asked me if I wanted the money paid into an account they had on file for me, the account is still live so I agreed for them to do this. (all by phone).... However after the call I was putting paperwork to bed and came across a letter from the original creditor (well known supermarket) where they said at the point of default that they would collect any money they could from any other accounts I may have with them (my savings account possibly?) they never did, but I chose to leave the account alone just in case they went calling on it (for the small amount in it I shouldnt have bothered) So, had this been picked up on when I called them to close the savings account down, could they have diverted the amount saved and paid it towards the now long gone account stat barre CC account? and if they had done that would this then have reset the stat barred account? and all because of me not thinking? I should say that they did close/pay the money into the other not related account so the transaction is done and dusted....BUT...could it have gone so terribly wrong for me if they'd paid it off the original CC? as far as I'm aware they never assigned the debt to any collection agency, I did have some bottom feeding dca's trying to collect but they were simply ignored.
  3. Default Re: DVLA Lost details DVLA are still at it. My licence has been lost in one of the moves and I've had many. I had a couple of name changes after getting married, once overseas. when I ask the DVLA, apparently unless I can provide them with my 4 marriage certificates and 4 divorce certificates , plus dates of marriage and divorces, plus all the addresses I have lived (those I can provide in date order) and when I lived at them, they won't issue me with a replacement. I sent them reams of paperwork, plus photos, birth certificates and the like after spending a fortune on copies and writing to Canada for one lot, they simply ignored it and deny all knowledge of ever getting it. It seems they just don't *want* to issue a replacement. So what am I supposed to do now? Take my test again?
  4. Jeremy Corbyn has said that there will be a discussion about Trident. He has also said that he will not press the button under any circumstances. So if he won't press the button, what is the point of any discussion, he has pre-empted the outcome. On the same light. He has said he will nationalise the railways. While I am not necessarily against that, announcing it now will make any present company think again about new rolling stock and probably pull the contracts. What is the point of spending a shed load of money on new rolling stock if you aren't going to get any use out of them.
  5. Are secured loans all bad? I am currently on a DMP with Payplan end date 2020 (dependent on charges & int) and am looking into ways of clearing this quicker. I have posted on the DMP forum and am currently looking into sending out CCA requests but have also been looking into secured loans. If I can borrow a lump sump I can try and offer full and final settlements to my creditors this will reduce the debts and I will have a definate end date. My main issue with secured loans (apart from the obvious being secured on my home) is the interest rate, are there any good companies out there that offer fixed rates and can be trusted! Many Thanks (be nice lol)
  6. 12 Jaffa cakes for one pound or 24 for £2.39. Huh ??
  7. I am on ESA and HB. I do a sponsored walk for a local charity annually and this year the charity want to do a piece on me for the local paper including name and photo. I am on ESA for anxiety and depression so if this would to get back to people at DWP etc would I get in to trouble for 'socialising' and doing this event when I am on ESA and 'ill'? I know how the minds of DWP work - if he is well enough to do this and socialise and walk a long distance he is well enough to work - let's get him and sanction him then put him back on JSA! Silly question but would you decline the offer or am I safe to go ahead without risking benefit sanction? Thanks
  8. The Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) usually advises well, but they do make some really silly errors, this is just one of them, almost like opening your mouth without thinking. In there advice on buying a used cars, they say: I don't think any motorist would class a worn out clutch as a minor fault. Draft it up and get it proofread before publication CAB.
  9. Hi, I recently had costs awarded against me at a PHR. I had not been expecting this. I am picking up the pieces now after the shock of it all. A good friend referred me to this forum and to some recent posts about costs, in particular the fact that the employer is not allowed to charge more than £33 ph for preparing for the hearing. Mine charged £110 ph - this was not challenged by the judge. They also included external solicitor's costs on top. If I apply the £33 limit it works out that I will be paying more in costs than the employer was allowed to claim for. I am incensed by this! What can I do?
  10. We currently claim Housing Benefit and get a council tax rebate. I'm looking at applying for Child Tax Credit. I haven't applied so far because I didn't want our council tax bill to rise too much. I appreciate its difficult to judge, but on the whole does child tax credit balance out the decreased housing benefit and decreased council tax rebate? Many Thanks
  11. Hi all, We made a silly mistake (with hindsight) in bringing an online claim for a rip-off car in the company's trading name rather than an individual's name (sole trader not limited company) We exchanged letters with their solicitor at first, rejecting the car under the SGA. No reasonable offer to settle was forthcoming so we issued the claim. We eventually received judgment in default as no defence was served... only to find the company had disappeared from its premises, removed its online presence and (as I've discovered through lots of research) set up under a different name at a different address. My question is, if we can confirm the name of the individual and ideally a residential address, can we reissue the claim? This will be easier said than done as currently the only direct evidence linking he individual with the company is a 'Whois' web form showing the company's website as being registered as "Company XYZ trading as Mr X UK Sole Trader" and the original address of the garage. The amount of the claim is just over £4k plus interest from last November, so we don't want to let it drop. How can it be so easy for sole traders to disappear and avoid any liability? We know this company have stitched up many others, it wasn't a one-off, yet the police say its a civil matter and Trading Standards couldn't care less. Thanks in advance.
  12. well good morning all. just got up and found out i've got an alert from Equifax. so i logged in to find that Capital one have done a search on my file , shock horror, fire and brimstone the little b****** . why am i so upset the answer is I DON'T HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH THEM OR ASKED FOR ONE. so my question is how do i get this search removed as i've not given them permission to search my file. thanks
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