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  1. Thanks for the link Bazzas. I think you misunderstand me. You see, as my own flesh & blood (if that being the case) there is not a thing I would not do for her, even if ultimately that would mean parting with every last saving i had, which as my own, yes would be hers, so come death or circumstance or however was necessary, my one and only child in this world would have whatever help necessary to get the best out of her life. But, if the news was that she had not been mine all this time then paying a monthly amount to her mum given that we are both on benefits & live apart &a
  2. Rebecca, lives with her mum about 8 miles down the road from me. She will turn 13 soon & always, I have seen her as my real Daughter ever since she was born. HOWEVER somethings become apparent to me as I try my level best to do the best I can by her always. I'll outline the situation... When my ex was carrying (from around Jan 2002) we had recently, amicably broken up but quite possibly there was a conception there with me as the logical Father... buuuuut, also another person was apparently also a strong possibility. Now this had played on my mind a lot during that time right up u
  3. It is very staggered it seems & has gone so completely out of proportion from it's original 'intended' function as to be just now a puzzle for our pockets & brains to chew over. Definitely needs some action I think but then it makes sense that if they are dividing locales/costs in such a way then not enough would be stirred up at anyone time to initiate such action (rather crafty, tactical gov move if looked at from that perspective). Well, I am at a loss with the whole CT issue, as many of us are it seems. If I had to define the enigma of politics & put it it in one s
  4. @worried33 - Yup it seems it's pretty much an open field to who pays what depending on locale & council policy. @Nystagmite - Yup I have the single person reduction taken off. I think this topic is pretty much done for my query now, thanks all for the help. Of course if anyone wants to add anything further please do. It is indeed curious though that a tax designed to assist in council budgeting & upkeep can be legislated so diversely in what is meant to be a fair system for the public in general. They should simply abolish this tax, we did without it before it came alo
  5. Thanks for clarifying for me guys. I figured there would be some easy explanation for it. I guess I was quietly kinda hoping it was a political coo & I could have stayed under the radar for a few more years lol. Perhaps not ): Oh well, at least I feel 'in the loop' now, albeit a little broker for it.
  6. Hi, I received a very unexpected letter from my local council just recently regarding council tax. I am a single father living in private rented property who has MS. I am on ESA (support group) & PiP (Enhanced mobility & Daily living component). The letter stated that as of now, due to council budgeting, the council could no longer afford to subsidize the council tax & I was henceforth required to pay approx £200.00 (with offer of installments) to cover my council tax & presumably each year that follows. Now, I am not disputing the money here, what I a
  7. I am just about to phone the number they gave me to ask for the mandatory reconsideration notice. I've kept all the info I need, including about the SSC1 form which I might need later. I really appreciate all the help & info CAG provides via you guys, so again, very much thank you to you all for your help.
  8. Yes, i didn't mean to confuse you, it was the 'middle rate care' that i was receiving through DLA which is now the 'daily living element' viz PIP. SO viz a viz, that is where the missing chunk of money has gone. They have deemed it that I can care for myself (which isn't always the case though I try very hard, MS can be very random as far as symptoms are concerned). I suppose by appealing I just prove them right, irony irony o.O Perhaps if I don't appeal they will see that I cannot manage my affairs & will go ahead & pay me the missing part! Not fancying the odds to much min
  9. Yes, it was the care component of dla i was referring too. The lady who did the 'one to one' interview admitted at the time that she was in a hurry & this was in the presence of my mother who was there as support so i shouldn't think the appeal will be a problem being as she literally 'rushed me' through the process. Thanks for the information anyways guys, I was not sure how to appeal since they had changed the system over so cheers again for that. Will request a mandatory recon first thing monday.
  10. I see. So it is as bad as i thought then. So being just two points off the minimum 8 for the daily living element I have lost all that money. I will indeed appeal. Thanks id6052 for clarifying that, even though it is not what I wanted to hear, it is always best to know where one stands so cheers for that.
  11. Hi. I've just gone from DLA to the new PIP & have lost £150.00 per month it seems. Just got the pip 'final' deciders today. Currently (till start of feb) on middle rate carers & lower rate disability I am/was getting about £369.00 per month. Now in the Pip letter they tell me I don't get the 'daily living component' as I only had 6 points (min 8 required). They are saying I will receive £56.75 per week for the 'enhanced mobility' component. So under the new PIP i'll receive £225.00 per month instead of £369.00? My question is this:- Will I receive a separat
  12. Oh yeh, having savings put in for a childs future, dumbest idea ever, what the heck was i thinking of! All i can say to you is I am glad I think this way and not your way, I would be glad for accountabilty by law if my childs future was all the better for it. Isn't accounting for the benefits/payments part & parcel of nearly every thread or argument to do with this subject? All I was suggesting was that it would be better that it was accounted for rather than argued over all the time. I Will not add any more to this topic.
  13. Thanks for merging those citizen B, not quite sure how I managed to create two of the same topic, I think perhaps was when editing my initial first post. Cheers for the very sound advice all. reallymadwoman:- Yup, the trend for electric gadgets I know well! She is into computers big time now, always on it at home and when she comes to stay, takes after her old man! Anything like that she knows I got it covered for her. RE the birth certificate, yes she should have put me on it from the word go & this is something that will be put right at somepoint and if something did
  14. Just a reply after reading the first page of this thread regarding fairness, ie the mum shouldn't be spending the money the dads paying out. They should simply make a law for accountability, ie receipts for what money is spent. If any left over it should, by law, go into savings account for the child/childrens future, withdrawable only by them & for when they become officially of adult status & have left school. Easy enough really, if the government pulled it's proverbial finger out & applied it to this.
  15. I should correct the mistake above i think. She is receiving child benefit (I thought CSA was child benefit). So replace CSA>CB in the above. Thank you. [edited the posts myself so ignore this reply] Also sorry for the double posting of thread, was by accident when first amending. I've notified the cag team=) Please all replys, perhaps to the other thread, thank you.
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