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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, My daughter has been working for a relatively small firm for 8 months. In all this time she has felt as if she was being bullied by one of the managers. It got so bad that she raised a grievance against him. In her letter documenting this she included examples of bullying and she also got statements from other members of staff which showed she was being treated differently/unfairly. She received a letter on Tuesday saying the grievance wasn't being upheld. No surprise there, the manager doing the bullying has been there a long time and is friendly with the owner. She was advised she had 7 days to appeal the decision which she was going to do. She went to work this morning and was told 5 minutes before her finishing time that she was sacked. She has to wait on the official letter stating this but was told it was because of absences and arriving late. She was spoken to about the lateness in December and was told if it didn't improve she would be disciplined, she hasn't been late since then. Another reason given was the sending of joke emails to her co-workers but everyone in the office did this. They were all spoken to about it and nothing has been sent since. Can she just be sacked on the spot or should they have to go through a disciplinary process? Is it a case of her only working there a short period of time so they can do what they want? Any advice welcome.
  2. Rebecca, lives with her mum about 8 miles down the road from me. She will turn 13 soon & always, I have seen her as my real Daughter ever since she was born. HOWEVER somethings become apparent to me as I try my level best to do the best I can by her always. I'll outline the situation... When my ex was carrying (from around Jan 2002) we had recently, amicably broken up but quite possibly there was a conception there with me as the logical Father... buuuuut, also another person was apparently also a strong possibility. Now this had played on my mind a lot during that time right up until Rebecca's birth. From that moment on I felt she was mine & it was generally agreed upon by all concerned that this was so. My ex however, did not name 'anybody' on the certificate (ive since found out she could have put anybody on the certificate anyway, & if she had know this was ok to, would have named me on the BCert. The other chap previously a contender as father, was actually someone I'd known for some years, albeit not closely, just from seeing around. He had already conceived a son (now 20'something) who lived with his mum (my ex). And he has since had problems of his own, his son Stuart has hardly ever seen him & he has been in prison, had serious drink problem, generally fell on hard times but abandoning any role as father to Rebecca's stepbrother & indeed not making any claim as Rebecca possibly being his. (sorry this is going on a bit but i think the details important). So for years nothing more is thought about who might be the dna proved correct father but as i'm 99% convinced she's mine, life goes on. Now... The last coupla years has raised some questions... I have ms & I am closer to 50 than 40 for my age so the thought of leaving a will had been circling my mind & even suggested at by family (as the sensible thing to do, not due to any impending fatality particularly). I have some savings to leave to Rebecca & should the worst happen, my Family agreed, in fact it was suggested by them, that anything of monies should go to my Daughter, which quite surprised me at the time. As I said earlier I was never named initially on BCert way back then, but I have paid (since Sep of 2014) a voluntary stipend of money to my ex to help her out & to give Rebecca (via the same monies) five per week pocket money. Twenty for Rebecca then & forty also for her care but managed by her mum. Sixty per month all in all. So with quite a bit already paid out & with Bec heading to an inheritance of any monies saved all looks pretty good. It is driving me crazy though lately, that a small% chance could exist whereby she is not actually mine but this other chaps. A small but increasingly an 'I need to know' percentage. It's got to the point where I have clearly stated, that for the sensible obvious legal reasons & for peace of mind, a swab DNA is needed & that I didn't feel I could pay her the usual monthly money until this was settled, but have assured her of saving it as a 'backpay' for her when we know for sure one way or the other. You see, if the worst came to the worst, I wouldn't, could not, love Bec any less, I'd carry on to do my best at being a 'stepdad' cos it's gone this far & she's a great (albeit very very rebellious girl of late lol) but the fact remains of this one indiscretion at the time of Bec's conception casting a shadow on it all & without DNA confiming I just cant feel at peace about this third party (npi'd) support for which up to now I have constantly provided to her mother. End of facts as I know them *phew*! I've talked to Bec's mum about it & said i'd willingly pay for the test as well. Once I knew who to see, where to go etc. So please, please, anyone... if they can outline next steps to take & reputable source for the tests, or indeed any protocols which would help speed this process up I would be extremely grateful. The mother, is on long term benefit, I am aware that maintenance may be involved once I am placed on the Birth Certificate offically (only it seems, by way of the DNA test I think can this be done this far down the line??) I just want to help anyway i can but not throw the lot away if this 1% doubt ive in question of who father becomes a proven 100% that she is NOT mine. Thanks in advance any caggers who respond & thanks for your patience, reading through all that!
  3. I raised 4 important issues with the Chief Officer during the redundancy process on procedure and suitable alternative employment but she chose to ignore dealing with them so I followed it up with a grievance during the redundancy process to her boss. The day after i raised the grievance I was made redundant so i put in a second grievance to say i had been unfairly dismissed. I was told that if i raised the grievance before the end of the consultation period and my my notice period which was one week after my dismissal notice letter they should halt proceedings until my issues and grievances were dealt with - is this true? and where will i find the info in print for my ET case. On my termination letter they made a presumption and said they assumed i was going to take redundancy without calling me in for a final consutation meeting, they did not put on my letter the date i was to be made redundant and they did not put i had the right to appeal. 6 weeks after the grievances were raised they said that i had to treat it as an appeal against selection for redundancy but these were never my issues - i was only advised of the change of title 1 working day before the meeting- i saw a free solicitor and had advice from ACAS and everyone said it was a grievance because they were raised prior to me leaving the employment - i am now going to a tribunal and need some advice in writing to back up my claim as ACAS do not keep notes and the free solicitor also doesn't unless you decide to employ their services which i cannot afford. Everyone legal i have spoken to say i have got a good case
  4. Hi all am looking for some advice on raising a grievance with regards to the conduct of my line manager This is particularly awkward for me as my line manager (before promotion) was a good friend however I am getting really down in the dumps with his behaviour Since June this year he has treated me with very little respect or regard resulting in my being signed off for 3.5 weeks In June I started to get really stressed and deperessed due to some personal issues, I spoke to my GP and also to my line manager and HR to request support etc HR, I have to say, were very good and therefore despite my GP wanting to sign me off there and then, I continued to work of course my performance was affected (not to the detriment of my results you understand) but I wasnt my usual dynamic and pro-active self My line manager, however, despite paying lip service to the support program that was set out for me, continued to place me under increasing pressure resulting in the worst PDR grading I have ever had (despite having some of the strongest results in the company) and was told that my grade had been pre-determined giving me the impression that using the appeals process was a waste of time. When I highlighted the strength of my results I was told this was due to my having an "easy job" and that (depsite having no evidence - there is none!) people were "carrying me" Shortly after that I went back to my GP for a routine check as he was monitoring my mental health (and my soaring BP) very closely, he took one look at me as I walked in his door and promptly signed me off for 3.5 weeks, I looked that bad! On my return to work I was offered a phased return, which I turned down apart from a request that exta duties and extra monitoring me set aside for a few weeks so I could settle back into being part of the team and regain my confidence in the work place, this was agreed by my line manager and HR Within days my line manager had scheduled me in for non-routine work reviews, had people monitoring me and I discovered that depite me only telling one person (apart from my line manager) the exact reason why I was off and for how long, the whole office seemed to know (they were actually very supporting apart from 2 people who dont like me anyway so not bothered about them) now to whats happening now we work in an open plan office and my line manager is constantly leaving confidential information lying around (appraials etc) where they are viewable by anyone, in fact this morning they are in such a place that the cleaners could easily read them let alone anyone else He is always leaving his desk unattended and his PC unlocked (contrary to the company IT Policy) with personal info showing on screen, not just mine but everyones. I have complained about this to HR in the past and all line managers etc were given privacy screens to use but he refuses to use his and to cap it all, he has had a go at me (in front of the whole team) about "looking at his screen as I walked past his desk when he was sat at his desk", I was actually looking at something beyond his desk! I can only assume that when he did this he had realised that once again his screen was unlocked and there was personal info of some sort on it. We have also had hours changed with less than a working days notice He is constantly breaching data protection with peoples personal info by his refusal to lock his screen/leaving appraisal forms and documents on display, he is constantly demeaning my performance (I am actually doing a role now he has no idea about and the "usual rules" dont apply to it) and he is now either not doing my appraisals in a timely manner or doing extra! Does this all fall under possible whistle blowing due to the DPA stuff? or would a grievance apply as I am starting to get ill again and I really dont want to be going down the route of being signed off again, I just want to do my job and be left alone to succeed! I have kept a log of all instances and I have a co-worker who is willing to testify all I am saying is correct (I also have photographic evidence of the info being left lying around)
  5. He also claims drivers over 55 years old arent safe !! http://news.sky.com/story/955334/damon-hill-speaks-out-against-80mph-limit
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