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Found 21 results

  1. I am currently in dispute with a builder over a patio - there have been several attempts to remedy the situation over the past 12 months the patio has been re-laid but there are still significant issues. Last time the builder was on site I unfortunately swore about the situation not directed at the builder. The builder became very aggressive and intimidating - shouting and swearing at me. I asked him to leave the house and he continued. Fortunately, at this point my wife came home with my daughters and she could hear the builder shouting from outside the house. I managed to get the builder into the front garden where he continued to shout and swear at me in front of my wife and 5 and 3 year old daughters. My wife asked him to stop multiple times. We got the children in the house and then he eventually left after a final tirade. In the evening the contractor sent a text to my wife rather than me acknowledging his behaviour had been inappropriate. He is offering to carry out further remedial work but we are obviously reluctant to have him back on site after this situation - he is a big guy. Where do we stand legally if we don't feel comfortable having him back on site?
  2. This seemed like the best forum for this question, mods please move it if it should be somewhere else. Fraudsters obtained access to a friend of mine's online bank accounts and stole a lot of money. They did it by first stealing her mobile phone number. They submitted a fake PAC request to my friend's mobile phone provider and managed to convince them they were her. They then moved my friends mobile number to a different mobile provider, then managed to gain access to the online bank accounts and reset passwords. The bank sent verification codes to my friend's mobile number to check the requests were genuine but of course the mobile number was by that time under the control of the fraudsters. What I've learnt from all that is that PAC theft is a real weak link in online banking security unless mobile phone companies are as rigorour in ID verification for PAC requests as banks are. I don't think phone companies are. that's just background. After much time in meetings at the bank etc the bank has refunded all the money stolen without any quibbling and the phone company has apologised and offered (a small amount of) compensation and has closed down the stolen number. My friend now has a brand new number and as added security has had her account with mobile phone co restricted to say that no PAC code can be issued unless she goes in person to one of their stores with appropriate ID. I've advised her that she ought to check with the three Credit Reference Agencies to make sure the fraudsters didn't try to set up any fake accounts in her name during the time they were in control of her phone number. To find out what credit searches have been done on her will it be sufficient to just to get the statutory report from the three CRAs? eg this one from Experian https://www.experian.co.uk/consumer/statutory-report.html She doesn't particularly want to pay for wider access to her CRA information - she isn't interested in knowing her credit score for example - if the statutory report will tell her what she needs. (They used to cost £2 didn't they? I see Experian's is free now under GDPR) She's also changed her passwords on her email and every online site she uses. Anything else she should be doing? I've told her the fraudsters probably harvested a lot of the information they used from what she's posted on social media so to be very careful about that.
  3. Not sure if this is the correct section to post in,but could only find this to be the nearest to my question.Mods,please move it if needed. Basically,the workers rejected the company pay offer,and were balloted for industrial action.The management imposed the wage rise and included it in each persons wage this week,going against Union protocol. I have a copy of the companys financial report covering the last 5 years.Would it be illegal to put this report in the union cabinet/notice board?.Would a data protection breach happen?.
  4. Hi I have the same problem with Argos, bought Hart of House Salsbury tan sofas, 100% "top"quality italian leather, delivered in december 2015, so only 15 months old. One of them blistered and peeled off on back rest, They sent castelan and told me that report proves that it is not manufacturing fault, I asked them to explain what the test was and this is what they said : " In simple terms, a rub test is the application of heat on the fabric (in this case leather), to check the prominence of natural oils (headoil) in the fabric/material. The lack of these oil can cause the cracking/blistering or flaking of the material. As this was not found to be the case on your sofa, there is no manufacturing fault.". I told them technician did not apply any heat on my damaged sofa, he only sprayed something and wiped it, that was all what he did, I also told him that I regularly apply leather protection cream on both sofas and only one has peeled off . I have send them letter under the Consumer act saying that the item is not satisfactory quality and they mislead me by selling them as "top quality", they still refure to pay for the repair. I am getting independent report from furniture reports £260, but worth it to take these sorry people to court. Please can you let me know if you have problem with the same sofa or any other Hart of house lether sofa? Many Thanks!!!
  5. Hi We are currently in dispute with a builder. We have taken all appropriate pre-court action steps and are now at the point of submitting an N1 form to kick off a claim. Could someone tell me if any supporting evidence is supposed to be enclosed with this claim form? Or will this be requested later? We have quite a file of letters and expert reports and we are not sure at what point these come into play. Also, (maybe a silly question but I want to do this right). If there is not enough form for the particulars of the claim in the space provided, can you use this space plus another sheet or are you only supposed to use one or the other i.e. it does give the option of 'attached.' I reaslise these particulars are supposed to be fairly concise. Thanks in advance.
  6. ThePain

    ATOS reports

    Morning has anybody used passed ATOS reports in present ATOS medical's I have medical in few days and was wondering if it would help if I took my past medical reports from ATOS to my next medical They are all positive Ca
  7. Many regular posters might be interested in reading up on the latest benefit fraud and error reports issued (11/15) for the years 2014/15 by type and date you can follow this here >> https://tinyurl.com/j36owu3 or here https://www.gov.uk/government/statistics/fraud-and-error-in-the-benefit-system-financial-year-201415-estimates Final estimates of total overpayments and underpayments across the benefit system in financial year 2014/15. This report provides estimates of fraud and error levels in the benefit system in Great Britain for the financial year 2014/15. The main points from the report are: 1.8% of total benefit expenditure was overpaid due to fraud and error (the lowest recorded rate of overpayments) the estimated value of overpayments is £3.0 billion (a fall from the 2013/14 estimated value of £3.4 billion) the net government loss, after recoveries, is £2.1 billion, or 1.2% of benefit expenditure 0.9% of total benefit expenditure (or £1.5bn) was underpaid due to fraud and error, both unchanged from 2013/14 Next release: May 2016. Also it may be worth reading up on the other links within this page its full of useful statics and information.. Like the methodology report from here >> https://tinyurl.com/h5ramaq I hope you find it useful..
  8. Appologies if I have asked this previously ... I am living in SE Asia and now wish to take out a small loan as we need work done on the home. The company that I have applied with is a big multi national company with offices in most major cities throughout the world and have applied through the local outlet. (The company is not attached to any UK bank, it is a mega American company located in SE Asia) Having a really bad credit record in the UK due to my thieving and obnoxious ex partner (now deceased) I finished up with a lot of debt on Credit Cards, Bank Overdrafts and one loan which are currently on my Credit Report Can this company that I have applied through use the UK office to obtain my Credit Report and if so are they/will they be breaching the DPA. Many thanks for help in advance
  9. Under section 68.1 of Schedule 12 of the Tribunal Courts & Enforcement Act 2007 it is a very serious offence to obstruct a bailiff. Last week yet another debtor was found guilty of this offence but even more seriously, he was also found guilty of assaulting the bailiff (the bailiff required stitches to his nose). The debt was in relation to an unpaid penalty charge notice. Bailiffs attended the debtors property to request £422. It would seem that previous visits had also been made and on one of the visits, he had sworn at the bailiff before driving off. It was on the 4th visit that the incident occurred. During the one day trial the debtors solicitor claimed that his client had suffered a stroke before the incident and this had led to him being unable to raise his left arm. Unfortunately for the debtor, the medical papers handed to the magistrates did not bear out the stroke claims stating only that Mr Gara had complained of 'weakness' in his arm. After deliberating for 45 minutes, magistrates convicted Mr Gara of assault by beating on March 3rd and also of obstructing a lawful enforcement agent on the same occasion. The presiding magistrate has requested pre sentence reports to be prepared before sentencing at the next hearing on 17th September. http://www.newburytoday.co.uk/news/news/15681/Bailiff-attacked-by-Thatcham-taxi-driver.html
  10. It is difficult to believe that the BBC, which once was held in great respect as a truthful recorder of world events, is now a biased corrupt service dedicated to the manipulation of public opinion. Yet the official reporting of the migrant crisis is so obviously a biased form of emotional blackmail that one simply cannot avoid this conclusion. The BBC constantly shows us close-ups of migrant women and children, yet every time the camera moves back it becomes obvious that about 85% of each and every group consists of young males, who appear surprisingly well fed and well clothed considering their claim as refugees. Indeed we are occasionally shown huge crowds which are entirely male. And these males are prepared to resort to whatever force they have available, as the stone throwers and fence wreckers demonstrate at the Hungarian border. One migrant grabbed a woman, presumably his wife but who knows, and threw her on the railway track to prevent the movement of a train. Ate such people likely to benefit any community into which they move when they have already demonstrated their contempt for any rule of law which does not match their plans? Yet our media continues to demand that we should feel a moral duty to “welcome” these people, who are almost always referred to by the media as Syrian families fleeing from Assad, when it has now been acknowledged that the vast majority are from quite different parts of Africa.
  11. Hi all, I am in need to obtain copies of many credit reports i have bought, using equifax. Over 5 years i was subscribed to them and nearly every month i was getting a copy of my report. The subscription i was paying stopped last month due to me not updating my card details. They tell me as soon as the subscription get cancelled, all copies of my credit reports in their archive gets deleted! I am in desperate need for these, which will show searches on my file and changes in my credit file. One part i am actually heading for is a time when a creditor (which i defaulted on) removed the default from my file, 2 weeks later added it back on but the name of the creditor had changed. I remember this clear as day because my credit rating shot right up and then when it was reapplied it came back down! How can i go about getting this information if equifax are telling me they dont have the documents anymore. I've even got a full list of my subscription with order numbers next to it. Thank you.
  12. A husband went to the police station to report that his wife was missing. Husband. My wife is missing, she went shopping this morning and hasn't, come back yet. Inspector....can you describe her...what is her height. Husband... No idea Inspector...slim or healthy. Husband...Not slim so probably healthy. Inspector....colour of her eyes Husband...never really noticed Inspector....colour of her hair. Husband....Changes according to the season Inspector ....what was she wearing . Husband...not sure probably trousers and top or a dress. Inspector....was she driving. Husband ....yes Inspector....what type of car and colour was it. Husband....A silver Audi AB with a 4.2 litre V8 TDI engine generating 321 horse power teamed with a 6 speed tip tropic automatic transmission with manual mode. It has full adaptive LED Headlights, which use light emitting diodes for all light functions. It has a very thin scratch on the front left door. At this point the husband starts crying. Inspector......DON'T WORRY SIR. WE'LL FIND YOUR CAR.
  13. I received a letter from Bryan Carter stating court proceedings will be issued on the 10th March 2014 - Obviously panicked but luckily found this site. I have looked up my credit report and Noodle shows a default notice for 17 April 2008 - this I believe is wrong as im sure i ceased payments (personal reasons etc) before this. However, Equifax shows no default notice - how can one credit report show one thing and another something else? Very confusing. Which one is correct? This would mean (i think) its Statute barred and thanks to this site have downloaded template and will post recorded delivery monday. Any advice re: credit report differences much appreciated Also according to the default notice date on Noodle ive around a month before its been a debt for 6 years - should i still send the SB letter? Thanks
  14. Article in today's Guardian http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2013/jul/22/disabled-benefits-claimants-test-atos
  15. Hi all I'm looking for advice on defaults / credit reports / scores as I'm getting totally confused. First a bit of history. Back in 2004 I got in a right mess with several different lenders totalling over 35K, all personal loans, CC's. I entered into a DMP with Payplan & although the first few years were a bit up & down, I finally finished that in May last year. During that time some of the debts were sold on to collection agencies, some were passed to other lenders when they were taken over, an Egg loan being one example. Because of the way the debts were handled, defaults were issued at different times, but the very last one has it's 6th birthday tomorrow. I have just done the free 30 day trial with Equifax & indeed only the one default shows, but they give me a credit score of 359. I read on here people with much more on their reports with higher scores, so I'm a little confused. CheckMyFile has my score with Equifax at 545. I am waiting for reports from Experian & Callcredit. Currently my report show's me up to date with Vodafone, Capital One CC, a new Capital One CC approved in the last couple of weeks, and no problems with my bank acc's, all this with no payments missed. It also shows one of my old debts with Northern Rock as 'arrangement to pay' but settled last year. Lastly it shows a settled loan with Co-Operative & a settled utility with BT. I am on the electoral register, havn't moved for 19 years so all good there. My red bits in Equifax score is the one default which reports an unpaid amount of £2200. This is all paid & done with & as of thursday no longer a part of my history, so should I expect to see a big improvement in my score? Many thanks in advance
  16. My husband and I have a couple of credit cards in default from 2008/09. Over time we have made arrangements to pay towards the outstanding balances with agreed monthly payments. Obviously our credit rating is rubbish due to this but we recently downlaoded our credit reports and none of the companies are reporting any contributions we have made to the accounts since they went into default - which makes it appear like we are ignoring the debt. Should we write to the creditors concerned and ask them to up date our credit files with the payments we have made since the default and our on going monthly payments? Surely if they did this it would present a better picture to anyone looking at our credit file. Any advise would be appreciated Thanks
  17. Evening, Just looking through my Callcredit/Experian paper reports and to no surprise I have a few defaults but trying to see any CCJ's. Where would these be mentioned as I see they have codes. Most of mine are 'D' If I did have CCJ's would they be under 'status'? Find it all confusing really. Thanks.
  18. Hi all. I'll try and write this out logically to make it easy to understand I moved house last month. I have just got a credit report from Equifax, shows me as at my previous address and contains all my current agreements, passed defaults and past addresses. I have also just got a credit report from Experian (credit expert). They show me as at my previous-previous address and a fantastic credit score, only showing an old mortgage, mobile phone and Halifax bank account, all in great green condition until closed years ago (the latter still monthly green though in reality its dormant). These 3 accounts are shown on the Equifax report mixed in with the rest. I have told experian my new addres, not mentioning my recent previous address (where all my bad debt is registered to). Experian don't even have me on the electoral register at this address, even though Equifax can see I've been on it for 3 years! All defaults are 3 years with no activity. Although one bank account has been showing as 6 payments missed every month for the last 3 years instead of defaulting! All but one default are all Barclays overdrafts (7) which they suddenly demanded instant repayment after seeing I'd switched bank accounts, can't they be combined? I don't know what to do for the best. Merging them seems correct, but I'm desperate for a clean credit file so I can put my adult life in order. All the recent things I've done are showing up on Equifax, but according to Experian I've done nothing in 4 years. The only place my bad address shows up with Experian is where stupid Lowel do a search (18 of them in the last 6 months!!) and a linked address to the mortgage, despite this being cleared before I lived at any of these addresses. Can I become the Experian person and pick up where I left of 3 years ago? Why is nothing from my previous address showing up there, when Equifax have got it all? Which one are the credit companies using? I can't even get a proper bank account because of my credit. Just have a £150 limit Vanquis. Should I give Halifax (who are showing on Experian) my new current address and start using that, or will that tie me all together as Equifax know about Halifax. What to do.... Any advice? Thanks
  19. Hello everyone im just looking for a little help / advice on my debt problem. Anyway i got into alot of debt when i was 18 and nothing has relay changed in the last 10 years, but i now have children and ive had enough of being in debt and want a good life for my children i have always tried to just ignore the problem and hope it would go away but we all know that it don't I have just taken the first step and purchased my equifax & experian credit reports both hold different information and as you can guess my score is very poor. What i would like to know is there is 2 ccjs on my file one i paid off 4 months ago yet its not been updated on my file and the other i never knew about but it is just over 3 years old and for £365 is it worth me paying this off ? it also states i have 20 credit accounts and only 3 of which are good the rest are defaulted at a total of £8787 most are from 2009 when i lost my job so again 3 years old again is it worth me trying to pay them off or will the 6 year rule start again from when i start paying ? one last question i have had car finiance to the total of £12k i made my last payment yesterday yet there is no mention of this on any file should this have been ? im sorry for the long post but i hope someone could give a little advice so thanks in advance
  20. Hi, been a long time since I last posted in CAG... I have a coupe of quick question about my credit file I'm hoping someone can answer. I have a default marked on my CR from December 2006, which was settled in May 2011. I understand the default period ends 6 years after the date of registration, in my case, December 2012 but I wondered how it would show on my credit report, as Equifax states: "The information will stay on your Credit Report for 6 years from the date the account was ended." - does this mean the date of default or the date of settlement? I really don't want this hovering on my CR for another 5 years. Second, I have a settled account from June 2011 that was never defaulted, but was operated 4 months in arrears for several months prior to the settlement. I know this has a bad affect on my Credit Score (which is gubbed atm anyway, thanks to the default!) but how do lenders view this as time passes and the arrears age? Do they still take them into consideration, even though they're over 12 months old and the account has settled, or do they lose potency over time until they are a non-issue? Thanks.
  21. Hi all, I've been scrutinising my Noddle credit report and will be comparing balances to what I've paid off over the last 12mths or so. What I wanted to query was about some high street payday loan lenders, such as H&T, Albemarle & Bond etc. I have standing orders set up to repay such loans but there is no sign of any of them on my credit file. I am going to stop the SO to Albemarle & Bond as they sent me a statement recently in which the balance is growing, not reducing. But, whats the deal with the other lenders?? I know morally I have to repay them and I am but what is the legal stand point? I ask because dx100uk often talks about debts not being on cra's and so being a 'cash cow'. Maybe I've grabbed the wrong end of the stick and it is strange that some of them havent even contacted me about outstanding balances. Just wondered what the dealio was with this situation.......
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